Big Agnes Insulated Double Z Sleeping Pad

Big Agnes Insulated Double Z Sleeping Pad

This is the Big Agnes insulated Double Z sleeping
pad. This is the insulated version of the award winning Big Agnes Double Z inflatable
pad. It features all the same innovation and comfort as the regular Double Z, but you have
got a 4.5 R value. So that is going to extend warmth and comfort into three season back
packing and camping. This is a fully inflatable sleeping pad, so
you do have to inflate the entire thing, but that is what makes it pack down to be so small.
With its incredible pack size you do still have four inches of padding here. So once
it is fully inflated you have got excellent clearance from the ground and excellent comfort.
The other thing that plays into the comfort is the Big Agnes stabilizers that you can
see here. So rather than your traditional long baffles that feel like you are sleeping
on a pool raft, this feels more like a bed. It is almost a quilted feel. So it is a lot
more comfortable than the traditional baffles of an inflatable sleeping bag. The other stand out feature is obviously the
insulation that is in here, the insulation that gets you up to that 4.5 R value. You
have got prima loft silver insulation in here and it is really durable. So, you know, even
after packing it down and blowing it up after long periods of time, it still is going to
retain that loft and it is still going to give you insulation from the ground. This is considered a three season. If you
are getting into some really cold temperatures, like I said, it does have an R value of 4.5,
but this is going to get you through most of the year even in chilly temperatures. This pad does come in three different sizes.
Right here I have got the regular size. It is 21 inches wide by 72 inches long and very
standard sized and it is four inches thick. The regular weighs in right at 21 ounces and
that is pretty good, pretty light weight for an insulated sleeping pad that is four inches
thick. It comes in a wide version which is 25 inches wide and it is 72 inches long and
the long wide version. It is 25 inches wide and 78 inches long. So you have a couple of
different sizes there. A really innovative feature that I notice
about this sleeping mat is the valve. So you have a dual valve here where you have a top
portion that screws off and then a bottom portion. To inflate the sleeping pad you screw
off the top portion—and this is a one way valve. So you can see that valve is open.
This is fully inflated and the air isn’t escaping from the pad. All you have to do
is blow into this part, like I said, one way valve so, you know, if you need to stop and
take a break in the middle or once you get to the end and really have to inflate it,
it is not going to deflate on you and work against you as you are inflating it. This
bottom portion is a really easy to use deflation valve. So in the morning once you have gotten
a great night’s sleep, you want to roll up, pack up camp and get out of there, it
deflates really quickly. And you can see how that just deflates on its own. It doesn’t
take a whole lot of rolling, pushing out of the air. You know, it is fully inflatable
sleeping pad. So you just have to let it do its thing and it deflates really fast as well. When you have got the pad deflated and you
are ready to pack up for the day it does come with an included mesh stuff sack here. And
for an insulated sleeping pad, it does pack down to be pretty small. So this is the stuff
sack here. I want to note that it does come with a repair kit included inside the internal
pocket, inside there. So in the unlikely situation that you do get a hole in it, you can patch
it in the field. And all in all the insulated Double Z by Big Agnes is a great option for
anyone looking to do three season back packing and camping when you want something that is
light weight, easy to use and really comfortable. The Big Agnes insulated Double Z sleeping

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  1. How is it as far as noise level?  I tried out the non-insulated double z but it felt fragile (reviews showed that it had durability issues) and I was wondering if the insulated version is quieter and tougher?

  2. Backcountry Edge : Thanks for a well informed presentation on the Big Agnes Insulated Double Z Sleeping Pad ! Thanks S.S.S./*Tom

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