100 thoughts on “Bluesmart – The World’s First Smart Connected Carry-on Suitcase

  1. @Bluesmart so what happens if the TSA need to search your back but they cant because its locked ?? happened to me a few times and i wasn't carrying anything i shouldn't have been ????

  2. But won't you get in trouble in airport, when they'll see on the xray that there's some kind of built in electrical circuit and a huge battery that looks like c4 😀

  3. Isn't that an electronic device itself? I mean I can take my phone out from my suitcase but I can't take my suitcase out of… my suitcase. 😛 Looks fancy, but will I be able to take it on the plane without getting it disassembled by airport security? 

  4. $500??? You'd be better off buying a separate phone charger, a regular rigid suitcase, and put a smartwatch in it to track it's location and to alert you when you're far from it. Price on smartwatches: $300 now, lower in the summer. Battery pack: $50 for a really high-quality one. 10 seconds of googling – $150 Genius pack which ensures that your luggage isn't damaged. BTW I have never had my carry-on weighed so that isn't of much use. Good Ideas, but the pricing is insane.

  5. How much does all these extras add the the weight. How long is the warranty for the scale?  

    I like the Idea of an all in one.  Who wants all the separate components? Not I. This is not a mainstream product and will have an audience of the frequent traveler.  The same people who spend $250+ for a Samsonite. 

  6. The digital lock would be broken by TSA since they tell you you can not have a lock on your luggage.  

  7. I'm sorry but it doesnt seem all that useful to me. well other than the built in phone charger part, that could be handy sometimes.

    but i like to pack lightly and use a backpack anyway. i hate rolling suitcases.

  8. As a frequent traveler, this luggage would only be useful to me if it was a standard size and can be checked at the airport before boarding. Then the GPS tracker would be awesome in case the luggage gets lost. The carry on has no benefit as I already have a cordless phone/laptop charger.

  9. Nice I hope it has WARRANTY too 😉
    Big Question of Batteries & wire in bag at Airports around the World
    But it looks good,

  10. Very good idea, just think maybe adding some kind of suitcase battery recharge would be nice, preferably in the wheels, so that when you moved with the case, it would charge up the inner battery.

  11. Who would leave valuables in their check in luggage? All valuables should be on the carry on.
    Even if the luggage landed in Taiwan and you landed in Germany (happened to me). You still wont get your luggage back in time. And turning your underwear inside out to wear for 2 more days wont last… Gotta buy emergency clothes and hygiene supplies.
    Lithium ion batteries MUST be on the carry in bag. Directed by airlines
    Locked suitcases will be broken apart and forced in by airport security. Locked luggage is not allowed.

  12. Beside the "trip tracking information"… useful for what I don´t know.. I´ve never seen anyone interested in this info (oohh let´s see how many km did my bag so far just rolling towards and back the airports!) .. beside all these bullxxxx features.. Can you please explain me why a dangerous traveler must have an italian name? Or simply: "and even guys like this ..Pierucci.." don´t you think is offensive for the italians?!? Stupid preconceptions! Even more stupid than your stupid bag!

  13. Yes it wont look like a bomb at all. If it charged all my apple devices, it might be worth a look but even then, BOMB ALERT at the X-Ray machine is just what I need on a 7am international flight to the US. Yes, now I think of it, I will buy 2.

  14. EXCELENTE EL VIDEO!!!!! En un principio crei que el producto era del norte, je. Lo UNICO que me llamo la atencion fue el gesto de "The BOSS" en el 1:31 .Felicitaciones!!! Que onda Trunkster?

  15. I wonder if they could also add future like the barracuda in on the bluesmart lol. Now that would be even better! lol

  16. Make version 2.0 autonomous ;D. Bat bag duna nunna nunna. Or just follow feature. I plan on doing something like this with parallax sensors and what nots. I now like the idea of just starting with Bluesmart as a base as it's very pretty.

  17. The guys in luggage handling are tgrowing suitcases on top of each other. After a few flights it won't be functioning I guess

  18. Looks really useful! I'd definitely find this useful for my travels and would Love to review it! 
    Really cool.

  19. Over priced, too heavy and not practical. Who needs to track carry-on luggage??? We need to track the check-in luggage! What happens if you lose the phone? Then you can't open the luggage? What a waste of money!

  20. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00X5OUC1U/ref=s9_simh_gw_p263_d2_i9?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=desktop-3&pf_rd_r=0YJ14RC5QXKFECH9Y39E&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=2084660942&pf_rd_i=desktop

  21. Just wondering. Is the suitcase waterproof? With all the electronic components and the power bank, if it gets wet, then it really is going to have a chance of exploding.

  22. I got mine….do not buy!!! Not worth the $$$$ Wont charge, the app looks nothing like the video or web site…very buggy software…auto lock will not work. Don't fall for the sexy marketing, it's a crap product

  23. got mine, not great and definitely not worth the money! no auto locking , no distance alert, have to go through setup each time you disconnect from the app and not sure if the battery can hold its charge properly, dropped 20% in 2 seconds and no answer from tech support, bigger than specified so may get asked to check it in airports, dont think it would cope with heavy handling for very long, nice lining in the laptop pocket!

  24. it would seriously be a good idea to put actually instructions in the booklet. i just bought one and the instructions DONT EVEN TELL YOU HOW TO TURN THE THING ON!! its a very cool product but even after i found the on switch i could not get it to work. the bluetooth pairing is a bit sketchy(doesn't work well). the lock is odd in the sense that to lock it you have to push on it hard. but overall its a very cool idea just need to work out some major kinks. 3 out of 5 stars. would be 5/5 but again please work out the kinks.

  25. I see a few issues, first the luggage is 22"x14"x9", quite small to be of any significant use on long trips except as carry-on. Second, why not just get a portable charger, they sell 16,000mAh for $30 and a $25 Bluetooth tracker like Tile or Trackr. $400?! …I'd rather get those 2 things separately and just put them inside a bigger luggage or existing luggage. I feel sorry for the people who invested in this venture.

  26. Can you talk about TSA because some people who take this to the airport and the TSA officer think its a bomb so can gell us about it?

  27. not really smart, the scale isnt exact, the tracker only works from 10 metres. Just buy a suitcase with a lock and get a 20000 mah power bank Lol

  28. i have a question: how does the bluesmart locks itself when you go away? is it just a hand sensor? what if someone else grabs it?

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  30. How shock resistant is the bag? How water resistant is it? How does the bag communicate with the phone?

  31. brozz can I review this on malayalam
    I am taking the trailer of the product plzz don't copyright me
    It will help to know the product and to buy
    thank you

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