Borse FAKE e borse INSPIRATION. C’è differenza?!

Borse FAKE e borse INSPIRATION. C’è differenza?!

Hello friend welcome or welcome back. In this
video I want to talk to you about a topic that I care but it’s
undervalued and exploited by many crafty people. Theme song! The beauty of the original bags is that you can
exhibit them, always buy original! What is the topic of this video? We talk about
inspiration bags and fake bags I talked about it with my daughter of this important topic and I want to read excuse for the
beautiful cover you send me messages continuously in direct and on facebook highlighting a lack of the system but before talking to you about what’s wrong with that I want to talk about the difference between an inspiration and a fake bag. I do it because unfortunately in the youtuber and influencer world
there is so much ignorance or ‘cunning’
because many youtuber not to be reported because they show
fake products, use the word ‘inspiration’ or they say: they sell it … it’s not my fault! Let’s start with a concept … if you see someone selling drug you don’t have tu buy it, it is
an illegal thing, it’s something that you don’t need to do and we all know it. There is not enough control so that
certain penalties can be imposed and certain people be protected, but this does not mean that you have to use them it’s not true that if you find it on the internet
then makes it lawful. So what is the difference between
inspiration and fake? Let’s take the Birkin as an example or Kelly .. I’m talking to you
of the most famous models but there are so many of iconic models
that are copied by brand changing the buckle,
color, the strap, the handle etc. some make these variations, others don’t but without the logo. The fake instead has the logo because it is the same of the original one with
the logo so completely fake. also the fake itself has some differences In the inspiration bags patterns are usually subscribed, so they are legal even if I think that the could create new bags
and not only copy the others and this is a criticism that I make to brands, but in this case anyway we find models with story and sudy behind, a factory that produced them,
families that can live with this honest job and you are giving money to one who
make invoices and pays taxes if you are thinking: oh well but they are all thieves .. these are nonsense sentences.. things you’re telling yourself to justify that you buy fake. If you buy fake you are giving money to crime. Fake means
feed a sick system that makes the companies close . Buy the artisans’s bags ! With only 50 euros you can find a lot of original artisans bags? Can’t you buy them at full price? Buy them on sale There are many solutions instead of buying fake because it damages your image and
everything around you It is important that you understand that the fake bag they don’t give it to you .. you are still paying for it giving your money to an illegal market ..
with that same amount you can buy an original bag making a double investment let a healthy economy, and the artisans like me, live we live with this honest job instead of giving your money to people who exploit their “workers” people who are convicted Is it clear to who you are giving your money? Moreover you have to know that when you buy a fake bag you are buying something with no value and throw 100, 200 euros away or maybe you can buy a bag from a craftsman today and in five years that craftsman could become
the coolest one .. and there are many stories like that artisans who suddenly had luck and you may have one of the first
bags he made Report all youtuber and influencer that promote fake stop using counterfeit products
to get the thumbs up because in the end this is what it is about let’s signal them to the SIAC to the finance police anonymously take screenshots and send links let’s
close these people’s channels that emphasize fake.
Let’s try to feed a right economy that helps people
like me and like you to grow up and learn
what’s behind the bags and more … always buy original bags, do not
buy fake products Sorry if I was like this
but it’s a topic I really care. Text me here in private, wherever you want and continue to report all these things If you enjoyed this video press the like button, share the video and make it go around See you at the next video. Bye from Ornella

12 thoughts on “Borse FAKE e borse INSPIRATION. C’è differenza?!

  1. Ciao e buona domenica anzitutto.
    Condiviso ogni parola che hai detto, ma posso dire che non ho molte speranze?
    Sono cresciuta negki anni 80. Borse false ad ogni angolo di strada e io che passavo per fessa perché ad una cartier tarocca preferivo una artigianale vera. Certo, dopo anni la tarocca è sparita e un paio di artigianali mie sono ancora nel mio armadio ma qst è un altro discorso.
    Purtroppo amici e conoscenti conyinuano a prendermi per scema perché continuo a rifiutarmi di acquistare falsi, non come ai tempi perché pensavo "non posso comprare un originale, ok, compro qualcosa di diverso ma cmq VERO', no oggi compro originale proprio perché ho capito lo sfruttamento dietro il mercato dei falsi. Insomma son cambiate solo le mie motivazioni. E' difficile farlo capire a certa gente, la stessa che si lamenta di condizioni di lavoro e sfruttamento ma poi lo finanzia pur di sfoggiare qualcoda che, cmq, si capisce che è falsa e rendendosi ridicola.
    Scusa il papiro ma l argpmento merita

  2. Complimenti per la tipologia di video e per i bei messaggi che continui a mandare. Colgo la palla al balzo per suggerirti di inserire,tra le tante proposte,borse di una range di prezzo più basso.Magari non tutti possono permettersi la borsa artigianale in pelle ma sono sicura che tu sarai in grado di proporre alternative validissime a un prezzo minore😗un bacio Ornella #lesercitodelleauzine #letsfightfake 😁

  3. Come si chiama ? Siac? Io di solito commento sotto a queste " furbette/schiocche" . Una di loro di una certa età mi ha anche risposto male 😁

  4. Ciao Ornella, complimenti, è un piacere seguirti. Cosa pensi delle borse Cromia? Non ne possiedo, ma guardando il loro sito web, mi sono innamorata della Galaxy 🥰

  5. Ho iniziato a seguirti da pochi giorni e ho visto alcuni dei tuoi video. Condivido ogni tua parola!!! Tutte le borse che ho sono originali, se posso permettermi di comprare un brand bene, se non posso, aspetto di avere il budget, ma mai false!!!!
    Volevo chiederti cosa pensi delle borse Maison Martin Margiela: ne posseggo due, della linea 11, ma mi sento fuori dal mondo perché nessuno sembra conoscere il marchio.
    Grazie e buon lavoro ❤

  6. Senza differenza di 'dimensione' 😱 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 scherzi a parte quanto ti adoro…come ci asomigliamo, ci parte un embolo ogni volta che parliamo di fake…diamo di matto 🤣🔝🔝🔝

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