Borse ZANELLATO. Quale modello iconico ho scelto?

Borse ZANELLATO. Quale modello iconico ho scelto?

Hello everyone, welcome or welcome back on my youtube channel. In this video I want to talk about a bag and a brand that I love so much and I hope one day to be able to collaborate: Zanellato! I’ll show you the bag after the initials! As I promised you, soon I’ll show you the Zanellato bag that I bought online it’s a bag I care a lot about because Zanellato represents an iconic brand for me, for a price range still affordable. I bought it on sales unlike the bags I usually buy as hobo bags shoppers etc. it’s a new kind of bag because I’m experimenting I think is cool because of the color and of the pattern I discover the brand online it makes iconic products that many of them copied Initially this brand underestimated this issue but then they denounced several brands for that The brand was born in the 90s designed by Franco Zanellato who is the administrator He started with the Postina, which many of you had advised me, but I bought another model but I have no doubt that one day I will also buy the postina Actually, the iconic models are four I bought it online and it has this package also because I’m recording a few days before my birthday so it was a self-gift The box is beautiful, on the front there is the logo the bag is contained in a flannel remember that these are the first impressions so there’s enthusiasm, I’ll use it and I’ll let you know also if is useful there is no plastic It’s a backpack. The reasons why I chose it are 2: the first is because it is a backpack with a particular kind of leather very soft. Backpacks are usually rigid also zanellato makes ones. This was in two versions in this color moonstone and then in red I have a terrible memory so I have to take a look sometimes The bag originally cost 545 euros but I paid 381 euros on sale, it’s not cheap but you can take advantages on sales and make nice purchases these shoulder strap are padded, so I think they are quite comfortable but I think they’ll make you sweat if you wear a shirt with bare shoulders but I’ll test it and I’ll let you know On the front it has a hook covered by this now let’s look inside In the meantime I’m already giving a glimpse It is very light, it is something you often ask me and unfortunately I usually forget It has a bag closure which is a cool thing because one of the reasons why I don’t like backpacks is because usually they are complicated to open with a lot of zips or the female ones with flaps so I think that this closure is good and I like also the contrast of this color which I would call London smoke All accessories are in light gold It is completely empty, there is only this pocket with the logo and the writing Made in Italy another very nice thing is this front pocket divided into two. With the zip that opens up here and on the other side I think it’s a stylistic choice more than practical even if you can put the cel phone lipstick, lip balm sprays to hydrate etc because I’m starting to have wrinkles oh well.. I don’t want to digress I love this dye. nothing is left to chance Beautiful this stitch usually on bags they are always very small like these or even closer instead look at this, there is a lot of study behind it and every detail is good because when there is the artisan, the designer.. even the simple seam becomes detail and it’s a really cool thing because lately they are all the same I’m only afraid that this material gets scratched unless it is treated with products that avoid scratches, I will try it and let you know below there are these feet Let’s give grades. For the seams my vote is 5 For the details my vote is 5 I have not found crooked seams, smears … but I want to see if over time will give problems. For dyeing my vote is 4, 5 I never vote 5 for dyeing because you can always improve it Price/quality: 4. At full price: 545 euros mmm.. let’s talk abou it! But it’s a nice brand I want to use it to see if the votes will be reconfirmed Utility: 3, 5 due to size because it is a bit small and I want to see what I can put inside As you can understand, it’s made in Italy, it’s a well made bag, so for me it’s promoted I hope you enjoyed this review press the like button, follow me on facebook, on instagram let’s keep in touch and subscribe this youtube channel so we can talk about original bags Zanellato is promoted! see you on the next video! Bye from Ornella

12 thoughts on “Borse ZANELLATO. Quale modello iconico ho scelto?

  1. Ciao Ornella, il colore pietra di luna e' spettacolare, di Zanellato e di questo colore prendero' sicuramente non lo zaino(a me gli zaini non piacciono , neanche quando frequentavo l' universita' li usavo).Prendero' un altro modello piu' classico.Grazie per averla presentata.Sei molto professionale.Ma dove hai le microrughette?Sei giovane e bella!Fidati! Un abbraccio !😃

  2. Mi dispiace ma x me questa nemmeno in saldo, costa troppo. Preferisco prodotti meno costosi altrettanto validi.🤑

  3. Mi piace di più la postina però è vero che è molto copiata….non sono tipo da zaino ma questo è carino soprattutto il colore

  4. Il pellame sembra bellissimo! Non amo molto gli zainetti, però, e il prezzo è alto. Aspetto aggiornamenti sull'utilizzo 😊
    Tu sempre bravissima ❤️

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