BRITISH ARMY ARCTIC TENT / Canadian Army sleeping bag / Cold Winter Bicycle Camping / -15C

BRITISH ARMY ARCTIC TENT / Canadian Army sleeping bag / Cold Winter Bicycle Camping / -15C

Welcome to wintry Finland! I believe Public Health Finland is designed to surgically remove the joy from everyone’s life.

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  1. The best part of winter is if you deal with the snow, you live far enough off the equator that summer doesn't BOIL YOUR BALLS for 6 months of the year!!!

  2. Did you use the inner and outter CAF sleeping bag? I use a liner + 1 bag for most conditions. Anything below -20C I take 2 bags. I think a combination of both bags are good to -40C.

  3. SOO good to see somebody smart enough to use a hatchet instead of pounding a knife through firewood!!!!!!

    NICE tent to! That trap door for a stove is great!

  4. Long time no see glad see your okay and back on the trail again .as for your English outstanding here in the states we have kids graduating from so called high school who can not read there diploma. Very sad I did see where your the happiest country in the world hard to understand that after seeing the suicide rat about 10 years the highest in the world . But what news can you believe today . Sad to here about the medical issues take care stay safe . Happy Trails

  5. I don't know what is in the water in Finland(apart from ice) that makes you be able to sleep on the snow in -15 but big respect from me to you, mate 🙏

  6. Nice to see your back and pain free, can't beat a Siberian fire for multi purpose use. Looks a fine sleep system but a bit of a tank to lump around.
    Take care Pops

  7. cool your using some Canadian gear…very few on youtube do…i actually just got that sleeping bag cover (ECU) yesterday…great video as usual.

  8. That tent is proving its worth. Would you say that the cod livers and rye bread are among the reasons that Finland was just rated "happiest country in the world"?

  9. Hello mi friend. Great views, we had snow only for two days ha ha. It was so bad could not get too the end of the street. The new kit looks great, bet you was warm. Happy to see you. Thanks for sharing an ya time. ATVB

  10. Oh thank God you are back! I thought Finland had fallen into a black hole. I am happy to hear that this pain has left you! The thing I love about you is that everything you say is filled with observation, meaning and a dry sense of humor. Can’t find that everywhere! No California smoke in your eyes brother. Just the cold Nordic light that see everything. 😉

  11. It's sad about the suicide rate in Finland. If I'm correct it is a common problem in counties that are far north. The long dark winters effect some people very deeply. The problem gets worse when people try to self-medicate with alcohol, which is aa depressant. The line between happy and depressed can be thinly drawn sometimes.

  12. Great video as always. I have both the US MSS and the Canadian Sleep system and much prefer the Canadian. I'm working on a video with a comparison of both systems. The British arctic tent is awesome and hard to find for sale :/ – Keep up the good work! Michael

  13. Good to see you again dude
    Two weeks ago it got down to minus 5 and that was cold for here
    Peace and love from Bristol, England

  14. I'm glad to see you back on track again! I was really wondering why there were no videos in the past two month

  15. Thanks for spring us English speakers the Captioning. And yes, winter hiking is truly one of the top 3 ways to lose weight. Even standing still in freezing temperatures the human body burns about 100 calories per hour.

  16. Good to see you again HP, another Guns and Roses fact, Axel Rose was once a M1 tank crew member at the 3rd ACR stationed at the Fulda gap.

  17. Nice video. I hope you get your hands on a British 4-man arctic tent. They are really worth the price since they can be split to 2 pieces weighing 5kg.

  18. Another excellent viedo, keep up the good work. That British Arctic tent is much better than G.I. pup tent, I used years ago.

  19. Thank God you got back Pops i missed your videos and your survival camping..Keep it up with an amazing work and with good video material..Best wishes from Serbia 🙂

  20. What is the weight and bulk on the Canadian bag compared to the full MSS system? I like my MSS because I can use it all year long (just the gortex bivy and a bed sheet or thin blanket works great in the summer). The US mess kit is only good for frying. I used mine once in 8 years in the US Army when the mess truck arrived one day without cardboard trays to serve us with.

  21. Yesterday I read an article that Finnish people are rated the happiest nation in the world (UN survey). Btw I always enjoy your videos, I live in Australia so it’s very different weather here.

  22. You should be a priest in the church of reality. I should however recommend you a newer bicycle. A very fine video once again.

  23. Glad you didn't die. Finland seems like an interesting and strange place to this guy in Alabama were the temperature drops to 5°F once every 80 or so years.

  24. Haha good to see you back

    Its finally getting cooler here in new zealand, cool enough to wear my norsewear hat and socks. Which is funny, because norsewear is made in dannevirke, new zealand, on the east coast where its rarely very cold haha!

  25. Welcome back and glad the tooth pain is gone, it's the worst type of pain

    Love your dry humor and interesting facts on Finland I had assumed it was the happiest of the northern country's! Complete shock to hear about the depression issues.

    Going to have to get myself a Canadian bag they look roomy and cosy.

  26. Moi Pop, nice to see you 'out and about', Kiitos. Respect from the "Finnish Triangle" USA. BTW I ate some Blood sausage with Buckwheat, purchased from a Polish Shop whose neighbor is a new 'Halal' grocery in 'Nordeast' Minneapolis MN. Curious indeed.

  27. See the TV through the thick Forrest fire smoke LMAO…. very funny……and a deserved reply…… Oh and by the way lets have less excuses and more videos please 🙂 👍 😀

  28. ……"I believe the next step will be 50 Euro bill"……. Now that's funny right there! I don't care who you are…….

  29. The only place on the Earth that you can escape from the Bat Shit Crazy Middle Easteners is in a tent in a Finnish Forest at – 15 C. I'm going to get me a tin of those Cod livers to try👍

  30. I am from Pakistan and living in Finland. I am loving your videos and I watched it all together today lolzz. actually I am into wild camping and you inspired me more. and ofcourse lots of learning from your videos. I will keep in mind all the things what I watched and learned from your videos. keep it up.

  31. "I have two cars but i am not really a car guy", lol, that is Finnish mindset for you right there, lol. You train hard and fight easy mate. Kiitos. Moose.

  32. Just seen your video. I think you need to arrange a meeting of all the people with the British military artic tent. 😂 I'm in .

  33. I would LOVE to be rigged out like that,te t and sleeping bag both,awesome,good tip on the handwarmers too. Thank you.

  34. I think my eyes are a Bulls. Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind.

  35. Found a book in Germany, title-kuolleisuus kuuhun, Filer is the road on my drivers license. I’m tired.

  36. Love your videos, cultural commentary and general views on random stuff. Are there any traditional 'outback' stories or folklore from Finland that you could share, true or otherwise?

  37. My skill level is about 30% now. I’m from Amerika and in Germany right now, wild camping is calling me back, i think when I was a kid my skill level was high because there were no stresses of trespassing then, the farmers were kind to let me roam there lands with my surplus gear, now if I can get that level of skill back, I consider to die a happy man. Btw I know wild camping is prohibited here.

  38. Fun to watch as usual. That tent is impressive for cold weather. I was amazed that there was no condensation overnight. I do feel claustraphobic in a tent, but would certainly overcome my claustrophobia to enjoy shelter from the elements.

  39. Nice the winter gear ..where can I get something like it..surplu military Brittan ??? Thn sir

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