BROOKLYN and KAMRI Get Asked to PROM 2018?

BROOKLYN and KAMRI Get Asked to PROM 2018?

(pop music) (laughs) – Let’s go. – This is like a dream come true. (pop music) We told our mom we’re
going to bed but we’re not. (pop music) – Hi guys, welcome back
to another episode of – [Both] Behind the Braids. – This week’s episode is
brought to you by Amazon, you can check out all their Echo products by clicking the link in
the description box below. – In this episode Kamri and
Brooklyn both got asked to prom. – Yeah and we bagged up all the scrunchies that you guys helped us sell out twice. We bagged them all up so
we can give them to you. Super exciting, so let’s
get on to the vlog. Hey guys! We are packing
for another work trip. (airplane taking off) I do not like packing that much, I swear I spend like half
of my life either packing or unpacking from these trips, and so Bailey and I are packing right now. How’s it goin’? – It is going good, I’m just trying to get these
cute shoes and things to fit. But, it looks like we’re gonna do alright. – We are desperately trying
to get mom to let us wear one of her shirts on these trips – Yes. – She’s stingy about it ’cause we sometimes don’t give
it back after we borrow it. – So we’re gonna see if I can
get her to give me this shirt, so we’re gonna find out. Alexa, drop in on the kitchen. Hey, can I, um, borrow you’re
black and white T-shirt? The one with the ruffles on the collar. – Yes!
– Obviously. – Hey mom, did you get
snacks for the trip? Okay, thank you. Alexa end call. We have to have snacks on the trip. – That’s the best part of traveling. – Sitting on the plane, eating
my chocolate and everything. Alexa, add snacks on my shopping trip– on my shopping list. – [Alexa] I’ve added snacks
to your shopping list. – Yes. – Ready to go. We’re ready for our trip. – Yes. (“Stranger Things” theme music) – [Boy] I need you to come inside, over. There’s something really
odd going on here, something really strange going on here, I need you to come inside now, over. (static) (laughs) – This is so cute. – So, did you wanna, like, go
to prom with me or something? I mean… – Yes, yes I do. It’s about time you asked. – Right? – [Camera Person] Awwwww. – I was like why is he? What’s the walkie-talkie on the phone when you have a cell phone? Why does he need the walkie-talkie? – [Boy] Why doesn’t he make any sense? – Wait I didn’t even read the sign. We have stranger things to do
than wait around for season 3. Prom, will you go with me? Cute, oh my gosh this is so cute! Am I allowed to eat these? – [Boy] Yeah, go for it. (film rolling) (laughs) – We’re seniors, and
we’ve never snuck out, and our senior year is coming to a close, so, Cameron and Kenny are in town, I just got asked to prom, and– – It’s– It’s 11:30 on a school night
and we’re going to IHOP. – We’re sneaking out! – Sneaking out the window,
and we’re going to IHOP. And we told our mom we’re
going to bed, but we’re not. (evil laugh) Children, don’t follow our example. – We are rebels. – This has only happened once, and I am already feeling anxiety about it. – It didn’t beep. (laughs) (playful music) – Go, go, go. – [Brooklyn] We popped the
screen out of the window, so we’re ready to go. (playful music) (laughs) (shrieks) – [Boy] Come on! Oh my gooord. – How many children can
we squeeze in a car? (laughs) – I left the window cracked a little bit so we can get back in easy. (whispers) (giggles) – [Brooklyn] We successfully snuck out. – My heart is pounding so fast. – [Brooklyn] Gonna shut the window. (playful music) – [Girl] We’re safe here people. – Hey Brooklyn and Bailey, I’m just here to tell you you should never
underestimate your mother. I knew exactly what was
happening when you left, when you came home, and where you went, so good luck next time sneaking out. – I didn’t get dressed this morning, but we had a surprise visit who’s currently walking up to the door, ’cause Kamri is about
to get asked to prom, so I’m about to film it all. – Hi. – Get ready for some excitement. – Hi. (knocks) (dog barks) – Kamri! (laughs) Let’s go! – This is like a dream come true. – [Girl] Open the door. – Hey Kamri. – [Bailey] Awwww. (laughs) – Give me a hug? – Yeah. – [Bailey] Say hi Brett. – I got asked to Prom. – [Bailey] What does the sign say? I hope your vacation was
fun it seemed really long I waited all week to ask you to prom. Awwwww.
– That’s so cute. (laughs) – [Bailey] So now Kamri
gets to go to prom with us! – I get to go to prom. I don’t have a dress. – [Bailey] Well we’ll find one no worries. (camera shutter clicks) (pop music) – [Camera Person] This is what
a product shoot looks like. Got all the product, working away. Taking our pictures so they look amazing. Piles of miscellaneous
items for all of the shoes and shots that we’re
laying out for options. Printing, printing, printing. – These are the last two, I just packed the last two. – [Girl] Oh my god.
– [Camera Person] Yeah. – I’ve been trying to fix this
stupid label thing all day! – [Camera Person] Tell us
how you really feel Sana. – Let me just tell you, Shaun’s over her taking
the credit for all the work that’s been going on right here. – [Camera Person] We’ve
got boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of
the scrunchies going out. And Ari just sitting
over they lookin’ hot. (laughs) – Sana brought her brand
new puppy to work today. He’s only– It’s her first day with him or second day. So, she’s bringing him to
work for the next couple days to kinda keep an eye on things. And Ash and Brady are
not digging this at all. They are going crazy. (upbeat music) – [Camera Person] What do you think? – He’s so cute. – [Camera Person] He’s so tiny. – Tinier than Ash. – [Camera Person] Yep. – What’s his name? – [Camera Person] Doesn’t have a name yet. What should we call him? – Dandelion. – [Camera Person] Dandelion. – Or lion? – [Camera Person] Lion. – Lion cub. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] We got
Youtube’s biggest stars, Brooklyn and Bailey singing
our national anthem. ♪ What so proudly we hail ♪ ♪ At the twilight’s last gleaming ♪ ♪ Whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ (techno music) – Thank you guys so much for watching, and make sure you comment down below who you felt most excited
for, Kamri or Brooklyn? – For promposal (laughs) – Yes. – And if you wanna see some
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will see you guys next week. Bye. – Bye.

100 thoughts on “BROOKLYN and KAMRI Get Asked to PROM 2018?

  1. My sister NEVER snuck out NEVER went to prom because she always focused on her studies she NEVER had a bf

  2. I’m the one who might get asked to prom by a lot of my guy friends but won’t say yes because I don’t want to go…. hehe

  3. Brooklyn was so mean to the guy who asked her out though. Like he made posters and stuff and Brooklyn was barely into it.

  4. My mom would know because I would be screaming because I would have jumped out of my window and that is really far down.

  5. At my high school only junior and seniors can go to prom. But if you get asked my a junior and senior then u can go to prom

  6. Camry I felt most excited for Camry but both of them are very beautiful I hope you all know how lucky you are please keep on making more lovely videos😘😘😘😘😘😘😗

  7. I HAVE my "Under the Sea" Scrunchie set
    And they r AWESOME!!!
    I'm wearing one right now
    Also I LUV u CGH family!!!!

  8. In my opinion if its the night before the last day of your senior year of school it makes sense if you've never snocken(⬅?) out before and you don't wanna end your childhood and never snocken out

  9. Brooklyn:it’s about time u ask

    Me:😱😱SHIP 😏😏I know what’s gonna be in the future☺️

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