Hello everybody and welcome back to
another episode of Vagabrothers’ winter adventures in Europe. This week we’re exploring Budapest bath culture so bring your bathing suit. …and a towel, because they’ll charge you if you don’t. After a week of feasting and drinking in
the Czech Republic we decided it was time for a change of pace. We edit a lot of our videos on the road and every once in a while we need inexpensive and relaxing place to get some work done. Budapest fits the bill perfectly. Budapest is a crucial stop on any central European trip It’s actually two cities – the hills of Buda and the plains of Pest – divided by the Danube And it’s been part of the Roman, Ottoman, and Austro-Hungarian empires where it was an imperial seat until the end of World War One. But this trip was inspired by Budapest’s baths. There’s over a hundred and twenty
thermal springs that bubble up into beautiful bathhouses, and for these
two weary travelers there was no better place to escape the
winter winds. Now I’ll be honest, I love a good soak, so I made it a priority to make it to the spas of Budapest But first, we had a train to catch. We’re going to Budapest, and once again, we’re late! Ok, one minute to get the train, let’s go! When we arrived, I was a little disoriented So as you can see there’s a beautiful
little ice skating rink and a castle behind us here in central Prague Try that one again… Sorry, central Budapest. We’re like a rock band, don’t know where we are… “Good morning, Springfield!” Wait a second, we’re in New York! Anyways our first stop was Széchenyi Bathhouse which is one of the most recognizable in the city. The bathhouses embody the many different cultural influences and architectural styles the make the city so cool. The Széchenzyi Spa was built in the “Modern Renaissance” style in 1913, during the last
years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire However, I spotted some interesting
design details in the statue in the main entrance. I think he’s going pee… He’s like “Oh, shit! I’m peeing all over the place!” I wonder which artist designed that
one.. Anyways before we could get into the
water we had to get some shots for you guys which was also pretty interesting… Guys if you think vlogging in public is awkward try vlogging in a public bathhouse But eventually, we dropped our stuff in a cabin and got ready to take the plunge. Honestly, sitting in a thermal bath with a cold beer was the perfect way to relax. After a beer, we messed around a bit… from a bit of exercise …to attempts at synchronized swimming… We watched some old guys play chess I went spa surfing and Marko thought it would be a good idea to put his face up to an underwater jet IDIOT!!! Ugh! I got so much water up my nose! It was really relaxing…almost too relaxing… Because that night we had plans to do something we’ve heard a lot about.. A Spa-Party, known as a “Sparty” Wow! That was awesome. I feel refreshed like a new person and now it’s off to get some dinner a
beer and then the pool party tonight. [Alex making club music] Behind us is the sparty. So we’re on the
Buda side of the city of Budapest We are at the Lukacs spa, and this is actually one of the more historical spas in Budapest But this is about the most modern way you could do this. I don’t think the founders of the spa would have envisioned people … bumping and grinding… A Euro-techno dance? I think gonna be either really awesome or kinda weird. Well, we’re going to go find out. Let’s do it! Ok I got changed, we’re ready to go… but I’ll be honest… The ratio is really great – if you’re a girl. There are about three guys to every girl in there So hey… we’re going to have some beers and see what happens. Maybe it was just the night maybe it was the low season, or maybe it was just me, but the ratio was more like and 10 to 1 And there was a lot of fratty grab-assing going on GoPro! Woooooooooo!!! In our experience, there are certain things that young single guys are more excited about than young single
girls… Such as foam parties, nude beaches and apparently, Sparties. So if you go, guys – take it easy! Girls, stick together. And everyone bring a towel. Because if you don’t, they’ll charge you. Still, we did our best to have fun and go with the flow. [Drunk dudes screaming] Put this on YouTube! We will! Get me out of here! The next day we decided to stick to something more traditional so we went to one of the oldest spas in Budapest – Rudas. Alright guys, well as you can see
it’s now snowing but that’s a good sign if your gonna go soak. Oh yeah I mean we’re now on the Buda side of the river at Rudas spa, which I believe is one of the oldest in town and it’s definitely one of the most Turkish. Last time we had a Turkish massage things got weird fast. Yeah, but the Turkish were the ones who brought Ottoman-style bathing here to the city and so we’re gonna go see what it’s like. I’m ready. I was born ready. Let’s go Apologies for the quality of the footage, it
was really dark and super steamy, and although we enjoyed it, the GoPro didn’t! The waters here are slightly radioactive… but in a good way…I guess… and full of minerals that are good for your body. On our last day in the city woke up early and hiked up to the top of the hill in Buda to get a view of the city. Good morning. Well, it’s a bright and sunny day in Budapest we just climbed up Gellart Hill and I think we’re gonna go back down to Gellart Spa. Yeah, Gellart Spa is supposed to be a masterpiece of Art Nouveau architecture I don’t even know what Art Nouveau is, but it’s a pretty building. Basically, we’re going to soak in some style The Gellart was built in 1918, right after World War One. and it’s a masterpiece of design. It’s basically like swimming in a museum Gellart Spa is beautiful. This is definitely the most beautiful. Ifeel like it’s like a spa from The Great Gatsby Super intricate, there’s details everywhere you look. There’s these pillars and it’s all
symmetrical, and there’s beautiful fountains. A lot of people look like they were born about the year this was built, so we’re kinda out of place here. It is a Tuesday morning though, so I think that most people are… Most people our age are not in spa-mode right now…vlogging in spas. It’s a beautiful place though and now we’re going to go take a dip in the main pool. It was a great way to wrap up our time
in Budapest and after three days soaking in the spas we’re ready for next adventure –
snowboarding in the Alps That’s right, next week we’re going to
Austria so make sure you subscribe to this channel follow the adventure, and of course if you like the video give a thumbs up and
share to your friends so you can help grow this channel. Also don’t forget to download the new app Storie and add us @ “Vagabrothers” We’re posting daily videos for behind the scenes. Okay that’s it, we’ll see you guys in the Alps! Later! It’s been so stressful! Trying to find a place to film here today in Budapest. It’s been so stressful! There’s noise, there’s little children, little wee toddlers running around and we can’t find a good spot. We’ve ended up settling on this little pedestrian street but now there’s a car behind me and Fuck, mate, we’re screwed! We don’t have much time, at all. Budapest… Pest… Pest… Alex, stop being such a pest… Pest city ever!

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