Budget Laptop Backpack for Back to School 2019 (Inateck)

Budget Laptop Backpack for Back to School 2019 (Inateck)

hi lovelies it’s me simply Cherie helping
you stay organized and savvy while traveling in this video I’m going to
show you this initech backpack it’s for a 15 point 4 inch laptop it also has a
USB port for charging the dimensions for this backpack are eighteen point five
inches high by 12.2 inches long by six point seven inches deep in centimeters
it’s 47 by 31 by 17 this backpack is dark grey there are four other colors so
five colors in total and I just really like the look of it it has this kind of
Sheen to it here’s the name of the backpack and then it has a handle here
that you can carry like that and very good thick straps that are obviously
adjustable it also has a loop here where you can hang it on a hook then it has
this mesh to make it more comfortable and breathable this is cushioned so it’s
nice on the back and it is breathable mesh there’s also this strap here which
is great for travel so if you travel you can definitely use this backpack you
don’t need an extra bungee or whatever to strap it on to your carry-on suitcase
onto the metal handle it just slips on top of it like this and then on both
sides there are pockets that are expandable so or they stretch there’s
like the stretchy fabric here on this side and it’s the same on the other side
and then there’s a mesh pocket there so this is where you can put like an
umbrella this is my travel umbrella and then you can also put a water bottle so it’s nice that it expands the other
nice thing about this backpack it has this USB port charger with the cable
that’s inside here and it does have a pocket where you can actually put your
charger I have this charger by faust hour you can just put it inside there
and hook it up and then attach the plug to your phone here and use it while
you’re walking so next to this mesh pocket there’s another mesh pocket this
is where the rain cover was when I got the bag and this is great so when you’re
like out and about it’s raining it’s nice to have a cover for extra
protection and it is a nice cushion here and then also here so here is a velcro
strap like attaches there and you could put a smaller tablet here or even your
phone and this is where the laptop goes so in these two front pockets they’re
this size each so the zipper is nice you can put stuff in there and then here’s a
second one you can put stuff in there so this is nice that it’s divided into two
because sometimes when it’s one big pocket up front it’s too big and you’re
looking for stuff in there so this is nice that it kind of compartmentalizes
it more and then when you open it up it looks like this so you could put
something here there’s a pocket here this is for a pen like another pen here
is a mesh pocket that has a zipper and then there’s a pocket behind it and
then there’s another pocket in here it’s nice you can use this for going to
school for travel for a weekend my favorite parts of this backpack are the
color and look of it the USB charging port and that it has a luggage strap
here which makes it easy for when you’re traveling through the airport this is my
MacBook throw the 15.4 inch I can go in there and I strap it this is my vertical mouse and this is
the carrying case for it I use a vertical Mouse because it’s easier for
my wrists this is my tech accessories bag so this is what the bag looks like when
I put all my stuff in there thank you to initech for giving me this
backpack to review you can check out their website or their link in Amazon in
the description box below the great thing is that it’s under $30 I hope you
enjoyed this bag review and if you are going back to school welcome back to
school enjoy your school year and I’ll see you in the next one bye

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  1. You've been away awhile, glad to see you're back.
    Disappointed in these new videos, you seem to be just flogging merchandise 😯

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