7 thoughts on “Businesses could see fines for not following plastic bag ban rule

  1. As usual..the Albuquerque City Council accomplishes nothing. ( Ice Cream, Milk, breaks through.)( The paper can't hold much.)( The reusable are going to spread germs from peoples homes into the stores.)( Good for the Environment? Now more tress wilk be cut down!)( The plastic bags long ago, started to be manufactured to break down quickly!)( I am old enough to remember WHY we left paper bags behind.)( Mentioned above.)

  2. Be careful with those paper bags- before plastic bags were made, you had to be careful about cockroaches hiding in them and jumping off once you had them in your home.

  3. Hey KOAT, paper bags are petroleum by products. You use paper bags you are killing the trees that give us oxygen. Does KOAT and all New Mexico Democrats not have a basic education into science? Not to mention expecting visitors to understand your just as moronic ART system. Just push away visitors.

    You are also violating our rights by passing laws “THE PEPLE DID MOT VOTE ON”. You are violating my rights as a disabled person to not have sturdy bags to carry my items in.

    So keep killing tress New Mexico. Good job, good “STUPID” job.

    Bet KOAT does not address killing trees instead of a petroleum by product that is already there. So where dies thus by product go? Straight to the trash.

  4. To add “WHY ARE YOU NOT BANNING FRUIT AND VEGETABLE BAGS”. Why are you allowing all the items sealed in plastic? They account for much more than “plastic bags”!

    So New Mexico, why are you really banning plastic bags? You never think things through. STOP KILLING TREES NEW MEXICO!

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