Buy A Can Of Love? — LÜT #37

Buy A Can Of Love? — LÜT #37

Put on your two hundred and seventy eight thousand dollar Hello Kitty
pearl necklace. And say cheese for the camera……slicer. Because LÜT is back! Check the time with Blub, a modern retro tube
clock that uses nixie tube technology to blend vintage and contemporary styles. But if that’s not retro enough use a Cuckoo
clock instead. This Etsy page features handmade modern cuckoo clocks with a retro twist. Now that you know what time it is you may
have realized Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. So grab one of these State valentines for
your sweetheart because like they say in Louisiana, “I wanna be loved Bayou.” If love isn’t in the air for you, just buy
some canned love air. And make sure to pick up some canned New York City air that’s 20%
Empire State Building air but may contain traces of the Bronx. If fake love from a can won’t impress your
valentine get them this fake Kitten Bouquet instead. That’ll help you say those awkward
three words I love meow. For the dudes, ditch the chocolate and pick
up some Beer-flavored jelly beans. Or maybe this fancy Barrel-aged Sriracha. If you’re willing to wait for a gift there’s
this incredible Planetarium watch from Van Cleef And Arpels or if you need one now check
out one of their other creations like Midnight in Paris or The Poetry of Time. Giant realistic agate skull. Commemorate your love with a Custom drawing
of yourselves. Todd Borka makes affordable, personalized drawings of you and your loved
ones that can be made into prints, necklaces, and even candle holders. And then say goodnight and go to bed in this
couples sleeping bag. But if you’re in the wilderness you might
need this USB mask for allergies, to protect you from pollen. Start each day like a ninja with this coffee
mug that has a black insulating ninja mask and is armed with a deadly spoon sword and
secret throwing star coaster. Now that your’e energized strap these wheels
onto your shoes for instant skates. And light them up with LED programmable light
strips. Then relax in the shower with some whiskey
soap that also comes in bacon and coffee flavors… I mean scents. Go nuclear on dirt and grime with nuclear
soap instead. And never lose any of this LÜT with bringrr,
tabs that keep track of all your most cherished items. Using the accompanying app you can
track your pets, your keys, or if you forgot your phone before you drive away. You won’t need for this all in one kitchen
bottle that keeps eight essential kitchen tools in one place. But you may want to attach one to your pirate
corkscrew so that you’re never without this all purpose buccaneer bartender. That likely has a spot on this periodic table
of swearing magnet set that you’ll use so no one messes with your grub. Maybe this Table of Thrones is more your style
that includes the codename, region, and house color of each character. Then play Ozobot, a smart robot meant to bridge
the digital and physical worlds to re-invent the classic boardgame. Be sure to get your cat some armor to protect
you from other humans. Because after all cat hair is lonely people
glitter And as always, thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Buy A Can Of Love? — LÜT #37

  1. I think the cat armor would be great for my 11 month old kitten, Olive. I swear, that cat is a teleporting ninja………

  2. Hey I make and sell my handmade nerdy art and one of my designs is the scientifically inspired rain drops that Vsauce (Michael) talked about in one of his videos. Please check out my shop for all my items. I want to end up on a LUT. I love all the Vsauce channels.

  3. I find it quite saddening that when I watch LUT I end up finding more stuff for my dad than for myself. Ugh.. Guess he's gonna get that lonely people glitter shirt for Christmas this year..

  4. Hey doesn't the blub retro clock numbers look just like the numbers from black ops when mason is in the chair

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