Buying Your Hermes Bag In Paris 有中文字幕

Buying Your Hermes Bag In Paris 有中文字幕

hi everyone welcome back to my channel today we’re going to discuss something really really important that is how to get your first Kermit back in Paris so I’ve not been there yet but I knew somebody would sail recently and she’s successfully got one too and I have heard you today and she will show us how to do it probably give us a three or four tips and hopefully they’ll benefit you and me and a few solid okay so this is my Groupon journey for me so journey thank you for being here really my gosh so beautiful gently ah not anymore not anymore you can probably tell her hello she look amazing there’s no gel like on your face standing next to you my skin doesn’t look as good oh that wasn’t my good side okay we’re not talking about little fellow me or my fans want to know your experience they’ll be shopping at our mass in Paris and there’s a lot of different blog posts tips on tip and technique and I’m putting here for your own experience and your the most update experience huh so can you just share with us about maybe a four tips okay so I basically shared my full experience on how I got my bag recently in the Paris FSH store and and for those of you that don’t know FSH is the flagship store is the first or mess door and it was really a magical experience for me so if you want to read more about exactly what happened up to the point that I got my bag please head on over to my blog and we’ll leave it in the healthier the bar fat yeah but just found below lip we’ll leave that in the comment box below the posture number one it’s mystery to all of us I heard it’s a two door or three door which door did you in there how are they doing yeah so there are actually two doors oh okay to talk to the first door is on FSH that’s the main door and that’s what one that I was in and there’s a side door since Idol the side door is directly perpendicular to the store and that actually is a little closer to the leather Department where the handbag department is so how long did you wait in the line I know this was going to sound crazy but I arrived at 8:30 in the morning say thirty eight thirty I know hope door opens at 10:30 I can do the math how many hell is that – hour – Wow cool it was freezing absolutely freezing but for the bag I would do it do it I’ll probably do the same thing – so you would have a two-hour you get in there and then do you get to see salesperson right away or how does that work so the system is that you go in and they assign certain amount of sa sales associates to the first however many customers that have that day and once that’s done they will help you set up an appointment for you to return so that’s how most people have their appointments there yeah I don’t want to hear bothers longer you’ll help you you guys are so lucky so lucky okay so the number two question I mean I want to know is do I need to dress up all our necks when I go in there have a better chance to get it back I think it’s it’s a pair it’s a personal preference range one anywhere Chanel I wore I do not have any kind of branding print so my me I wore whatever I brought with me to the trip I had a Burberry coat and a dress mother Brennan and her okay but I just wanted to do the only coat that that I had on the trip with me and that was what I wore um it’s I will give you the picture to show I had some knee high store Weitzman boots broken and then just black jeans and a cashmere sweater that was was very little piece it is and I did not have any Hermes pieces with me I had a Chanel wallet on a chain and that was the only person I carried I did not have any special accessories with me or anything but okay so when you were you wearing there what about other customer do you see to really dress so like you know I saw some amazing closets up in there there were people all decked up in Hermes from head-to-toe where’s my wine I’ve seen people with exotic Birkins in line and there were just all kinds of beautiful beautiful people and their beautiful clothes and accessories there so I actually felt like I underdressed but that brings us to our second tip which is I do think it matters what you wear I mean I think that is because it’s more showing you care and it’s just a respect just where you go but I don’t think the brand name or the cost of your your garment will affect your chance but again that was that’s just my opinion but I did not dress in anything super special just for this for this visit okay if you guys been to our maze before and you have a success story leave a comment below I need to learn she doesn’t need to know we want to hear real I don’t wanna hear Arian oh my god I don’t like it in my video you look really great kind of makeup top seriously when you think when you talking to this I say in there do you have options when you can buy what do you need to do some pre-work yeah you pretty much don’t really have a lot of options it is really I it’s kind of counterintuitive how much money you’re spending and not having full control of exactly what you’re getting so that brings us to our third tip which is know exactly what you are okay with bringing home and what you’re not so study the leathers leather types the seasonal colors that are current right now which are likely to be in stock more likely to be installed the size that suits your body frame and your lifestyle and of course the type of bag that you want have a second third fourth and fifth choice so I’ll talk about my experience my first choice was a Kelly bag and I made it very clear I wanted a Kelly and Kelly I wanted it Kelly he says he chooses Kelly I don’t know what seeing will see and I told my fa if there’s no Kelly I would be okay with a Birkin 30 and I specifically said the sizes I told her the leathers different choices of leathers that I would be okay with and the colors Wow so oh one more thing hardware colors I think some people are very particular with gold or palladium and some are not so if you have preference you should definitely make that known you know study study study the last person when I asked them so now you study and I’m dying to know that witch that you got and I heard as a story about that right yes are you ready I’m so Larry told me okay I got the O’Malleys way she’s the Kelly 28 in the rhetoric shirt with both hardware and Togo leather and the color is Roush Granof this is a go beautiful I’ve already dressed her up with this little radio and mightily and it has a strap so I actually have a little story behind this if you want to read exactly what happened we’ll leave the links to my blog down below but this was not my first choice like I said do your homework because you probably won’t walk home with your first choice of every single element of the so my first choice was a Kelly I was okay with 28 or 32 sides and by the way that refers to the width of the person centimeters and the first bag that I was offered was actually a Kelly 28 in Russia tamati which is tomahto tomato tomato oh really donate oh my god I seen yet that’s the color this is the color oh and we’re a twinsies Jersey yeah so this is the color but it was an EPS on leather and Sally ate and it was gorgeous it was the first time I’ve ever tried on a Kelly in this store yeah so I it’s really hard for me it was so hard for me to say no because I read that if you say no there’s never going to see it again but actually that is another myth that’s not true because they really want you to walk away with something that you’re going to love really yeah we care take care take care I really got the sense that she wanted me to have something special and she wanted me to love it so definitely the fourth tip is know what you’re okay with walking away with and what’s not so had I been may be offered a yellow color I might have just said okay this is not meant to be and I’m just so lucky because this is the exact bag that I had wanted in the exact color hardware size leather and you know structure so I I’m just I’m so happy I feel very lucky I feel that I love you too to have this thank you so much see you later Wow that’s a lot of good information okay what’s the last thing you want to share with me in the fence I’m really cute together I know look at that that would be that’s on now okay so I know that this is definitely not a small purchase know it is an investment really so I decided to I did a lot of research before I went to Paris and made the purchase and I truly loved all of their pieces you know I don’t just like their handbags so my last advice would be know what you want do your research and truly truly love the bag that you’re going to get before making that commitment because this is a huge purchase big coming yeah well I truly look how pretty looks so good on you okay thank you I want to see you with it I’m not to do my own show okay we’ll see but we can’t wait to hear your story oh yeah mr. producer did you hear that so thank you so much for having me thank you for being here share with your experience and I know that not everybody will shut up personnel and I really appreciate you with me ah ha ha ha ha ha and if you guys also have a similar experience leave a comment below we love to hear because my goal is when I go there I don’t want to win in life I want to back to wait for me I said aha good good luck I hope that you enjoy this episode missus you know you want to talk about it getting amazing Paris ever my good friends me so Jenny and I cannot address more than Gmail fashion is not about just to follow people it’s about what did you and what make you look good and also fashion message alphas also inside you so no matter what you buy you have to absolutely love it just like Jaime say and do your homework before you spend money it doesn’t matter it’s or Matt or Louie Vuitton or even coach it doesn’t really matter do your homework and found what’s right for you and always check our video from me and other bloggers so you know you can see them with them I’ll help ok so don’t forget to follow me on my youtube channels right down here and all my social media right over here and I’ll tell them I’ll see you guys next week fine [Music]

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  1. Magnifique Kelly pocketbook. You both pair well in this exciting shared video. Most luxury high-end stores in Paris take care of the VAT for you. Was this the case with Hermes? Many thanks. xoxo💕

  2. I purchased a few things from Hermes in Hawaii. I have been keeping in touch with my SA. I was offered a Birkin 30 and thats what I purchased. Year after, I purchased a Kelly 32.

  3. Hi Jenny, when you turned down the first offer. The SA asked you to try and to come back later that day, does that mean you get an appointment time like via phone system and to come back and find her again or how did it work?

  4. Love your channel!!!! So here's my Hermes experience: I was in Paris March 3-9 and got my Birkin on March 7 at the FSH store. I too had to lineup. Got my appointment and returned later in the day at the scheduled time. The first bag I was offered was the size and hardware I wanted but, the colour was a dark green which I did not like. I asked the SA if there was anything else and she said no. I then said: if I go up a size is there anything? She asked me to wait and returned with the bag I ended up buying. I originally wanted a 30cm. Epsom leather black, with palladium hardware and ended up with a 35cm. Togo leather, trench with palladium hardware. You have to be flexible and willing to consider other options if your first choice is not available. Also, you have to have the budget. The 30cm costs less than the 35cm so I ended up going a little over budget because I went up a size.

  5. Loved the video steve! So very informative. Jenny is adorable and so sweet, so glad she was able to acquire her dream bag. Next it will be your turn, Steve! Fingers crossed that you will get yours also. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Congrats Jenny!!! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Love how you dressed her up <3 I recently got a B from Paris and made several videos about it too! I actually don't think what you wear to the store is that important, especially if you're lining up for hours. It's important to keep yourself warm with gloves and even heat pads 😛 My friend who scored the B was in jeans and super casual clothes.

  7. Love your rodeo charm too! Someone actually snatched the rodeo charm from the "secret room" when it was shown to my friend :O Now I'm debating if I should get another charm. Meanwhile, I think it might look a little "too crowded" with both twillies and a charm on a size 25 B.

  8. My first time buying a Birkin was frustrated. Second time was like a dream so easy and fast and got my dream color.

    First time on first day they didn't have any we end up bought some scarfs, clic clacs. The SA told us to come back tomorrow.

    Second day, same SA offered us B35 ugly color calls "covert" with palladium hardware the worst combination and it looks like a luggage on me. Turned it down and the american lady bought right away.

    Third day, came back again we were told our SA on vacation! but she didn't tell us they lied to her other costumers that she calls in sick lol.
    Was told by different SA there's no B today, then We went to the FSH the flagship store with no B.

    After today forward, we got inline every day at 2 different store for our remaining days in Paris which was 2 weeks!

    After a week inline with the same answer NO. It starts to sink in, did I made mistake for not getting the bag they offered?I got frustrated and tired of inline so was my husband and daughter.

    Close to our last days in Paris by then I was so hopeless that I come back with empty hand.

    This time when was asked by the SA what is my preference, I told them anything as long as it is gold hardware and size 30! she disappears for like 15mins or longer felt like she never come back or completely forgot about us! Than she walks toward us with a big smile with huge orange box in her arms! my daughter and I gleam with happiness hold each other hand so nervous!. The SA said Follow me please! she took us upstair!
    when she pulls the bag out I was so glad it's not that ugly covert. It's off white color with gold hardware which works great in the year round sunny state Cali.

    my second B was surprisingly easy in 2 hours I got my first choice. Etoup with gold hardware in sz 30. Next time we go to Paris, I Would like a kelly in rose sakura or pink bubble gum with gold hardware.

  9. Just got back from Paris a few weeks ago and the key is going early and getting in line. If you get to see SA, know your stuff and you will get one!

  10. My mom almost didn't at hermés in Avenue George, Paris for way she dressed, at the end she bought what she was looking for with no problem.

  11. It took me 3 days to get an appointment. It is important to come earlier before the opening. There are about 50 people in line. (I came early at 9 am and I was probably 10th on the line. You will be qued to return once you get an appointment. SA asked me top 2 choices. Kelly and Birkin are the most sought after bags.

  12. This is So 'blazer'. I simply went in a Hermes shop in Straatsburg and they helped me out as people do in commercial functions. No big deal. Just need the money on the account.

  13. heyy nice video! Here's how I got mine.
    so initially, as the story goes, my mum and her friends were refused in St. Honore store because they had made no appointment. Then the next hour I walked in with no appointment at all, with an adidas sneakers, longchamp bag, and a cap with my sister. we had no plan of going to hermes initially. told to wait for an SA for HALF AN HOUR!!! then they ask you what you want, da da da, then we bought an orange herbag. the next day my mother came back bringing the herbag and told the SA that her daughter was here yesterday and got to buy a herbag without an appointment, and she DEMANDS to see an SA. and she got a Rose Jaipur Kelly 28!

  14. Last week i got my kelly size 32 at Paris. The key is yes going in early morning. but i got lil bit surprised becoz i came at 8.30 and there was a few chinese guy selling a line to get in Hermes store, they set a price at 100 euros/appointment. And i buy it. I got the 11th on the line. and surprised again bcoz all people in my front line is buying that line too. so thanks to that chinese guy who sell the line to me >.< bcoz it a lil bit hard to get in line

  15. These videos are useful but to be honest there is no mystery to getting a hermes bag. I went to the London store and was offered a hermes bag straight away but they did not have the colour I wanted. I was wearing jeans and carried my longchamp small bag. Also I got there at about 2pm

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  17. I absolutely love your channel. New subbie, here.  🙂   I'm so looking forward to my first Hermes Paris experience.  <3

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  19. One can go online and reserve an appointment the day before your visit. Appointments are released online at 10am in the morning so you must be fast with your fingers! Otherwise, line up for hours before it opens up. And do dress up bec it really matters! Been to Paris four times but never made it to Hermes. I bought all my Hermes bags with Kelly classic wallets in SF (Birkin, Lindy and Halzan). Need one more Birkin and definitely a Kelly in purple with Epsom at 32cm. Buying in Paris is definetly cheaper but be ready to line up!

  20. What is the point of knowing exactly what you want, when the shops never have it? Everyone just settles for whatever the shop sells them!

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