Campamento Zombie (Español Latino)

Campamento Zombie (Español Latino)

Summer 1972 Guys, where did you guys go? Tommy? Come take it off. Where did they go? The children do not leave cupcakes at the stake. This is an island. They have to be somewhere. Everything has to be somewhere, but we need to look in the forests. Did they never play hide-and-seek in the camp? Yes. So far, these children are pretty good at that. IN THE PRESENT. Five cupcakes per day, Max. Hey, can you show me how to make one of those? I think it would be better if you two get away from the fire this summer. Come on, mom, we apologize, okay? “Sorry,” is not enough when they burn the garage. Well, technically, the rocket set fire to the garage A paid rocket, with whose credit card? – Mom’s. – Exactly. So you blame us for leaving your card in your bag carelessly? – No, obviously.
– It was a pretty impressive rocket. But you need to learn your lesson. – No, we do not have to. – Why do you say that? Look, I love you guys. They are all my world. But at this moment, I need them a little less in him. The rising and falling of the sun. The pull of the earth at your feet. The gurgling of your digestive tract. These are just some of the things that I rule in my world. Let’s go there? This camp is for children with behavior problems. Have a great summer. Camper 29 and 30 and try not to make that guy angry … okay? Are you taking a look at me, son? Are you that crazy? Dad, it was not our intention to do it. Derek, we have a plane to take. I’m sorry, guys, I have to take a plane. We did not want to decompose the car either. – Listen, dad …
– Dad? – Dad.
– Dad? One one. One! Form, sticks of meat. I’ll take care of you in a minute. Yes, we will not go there. Not in any way. Well, everyone on board for the Bushwhack camp. Well, welcome again. Yes, get on board. Bushwhack camp … here we go. How do you know they have room for two more people? Not two more people. We are going to change with those two. Hi. Welcome to Bushwhack Camp. It seems that bus two is complete, so let’s move them to bus number three. – A much more father bus. – Much more. Also, I do not think they need the name tags. those are for nerds. We will keep them. – Thanks for the warning. – No problem. And they gave us some great numbers for you. Take Is it easier or harder to remember names? It’s more … safe. – Good. – All right. – Well done, Delroy. – Sanjay. – Twenty-nine and thirty.
– I’ve been waiting for you. Do you think I like to wait? Here a tip. Get on that bus and give me 50! You say you know the Heimlich maneuver. Could you show it to me? Well, ma’am, we should know if he’s faking his choking, because that really helps my approach. Mrs. He has nothing to worry about. We are fully trained professionals. Unless it’s mutilated by a bear. In that case, what could we do about it? We do not have any bears in Camp Bushwhack. Lady in the camp we take the child, and simply … … we throw it into the lake, just to see if it can swim. Wow! That was a metaphor. Actually we do not throw any child anywhere. In nothing at all. Trust me. Your son will have the time of his life. Bye, Mom. I love you Give me, I’ll take it. Go up there. I take it, there’s no problem. – He already has it? – Yes. Heavens, what are you wearing? Needs Delicious needs – Delroy. – Sanjay. We belong here. Yes, it is true, they are the new counselor and assistant counselor. Kumar Sanjay, Barfield Delroy? Yes, it is us, transferred from Coochie camp … ahem … chingwa. They thought they were from the Coochichangwa Camp. If that… yes. – All right. – Totally happy to be here, and ready to do whatever work they put me, so … Come on! Say Bushwhack camp! – Camp. – Bushwhack! – Camp. – Bushwhack. And Camp says, and Bushwhack says. – Camp. – Bushwhack. This is a joke, right? I thought we were going for an eye for summer. Ojal is a spa. They need real, regular kids there. But they have a water slide, and a waffle station. Look, it’s not your fault that you’re a spoiled child. You were raised in Hollywood. But my friends and I had the best summers of our … … lives in this camp, and I know you will too. Good dad. I get it. – Come back here! – I do not want to go! This is so unfair. Dad, dad, come down! – Good. – All right. I say Camp, they say Bushwhack. – Camp. – Bushwhack. Oh, really, Reilly? His file says they burned his parents’ garage with a rocket. Yes, sir, but you see, it was not us, we are not even brothers. So does not the family mean anything in the Reilly house? We do not know, sir, – because, as I said, we are not family. – Stop talking! Give me those push-ups! ¶ Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily ¶ ¶ Life is nothing more than a dream ¶ Two new guys to meet. I ask for the stop. Wait. Hold me there. I thought I had asked Wookie. I like to cover my bets. Hi, I’m Alice. Are you new here. Yes, I’m super new. This is going to be a great summer. Yes. A great summer. Oh, I’m sorry, brother. I need space for my genius. Do not you dare. I’m sorry, I’m awesome. I need more space, I’m sorry. I am sorry. It’s okay, I’m coming. Quiet. So … Did it hurt when the angels fell on you? What? I mean, when you fell from heaven, not the angel. That was terrible. Just horrible No no no. I’m still awesome, go away. Come on, please, friend … Still impressive. No thanks. Still impressive. Get off the bus. Well, campers, they look good. Welcome to the camp, everyone. Hey, Sanjay, Delroy. Three rules here in Bushwhack. Have fun, respect each other, and mother nature, and if they see a spooky hut in the forest, Do not enter, because we are not very sure that it is not haunted. All aboard for Camp Bushwhack. My name is Crawl, and I am the camp director. You can call me Wookie. And I am your chief advisor. And we are waiting for another summer with a frozen lake, burns from insect bites, and a lunch menu that … … can be better described as high risk, high reward. And there are no bars, here there is no signal. Reception is not a problem, my friend, because cell phones are not allowed on the island. Do you even know in what year we live? Social media replaced fresh air, as it has always done. I can see that? That is your telephone. Hey! It’s a 500 dollar phone. And I only jump twice. They ripped us off, boy. To the boats. Willy, when everyone is on board, we will enter a summer of fun! Everyone grab your life vests, please. Campers, a boat defeats the canoes always. Out of the way. Shout to some children. They like. Good job in getting us this camp. It’s going to be sweet. I told you. Out of the boat. If you want to give me your life vests, that would be great. Hey, little one. You’re not discouraged by the phone, right? Look, give me two days and you’re not even going to miss him. You have a phone. That is not fair. Yes, well, this phone is the only means of … … communication of this camp with the continent. Look, we may need it in case of an emergency. You know what, though? You’re right. Fair is fair. Well, great Willy, thanks for bringing us. See you on September 3, not a moment before. It does not matter that. Excuse me Hey, new guys. Excuse me Listen, listen, wait. They will be in charge of the squirrel hut. I guess it’s the most father cabin, right? They are not going to have many parties. Um, but they’re good guys, really. Oh, I should give you your rule book. They are going to need it. A whole book? Crawl said there were only three rules. Did he tell you something about fire or water? Do not. No. Well, you should probably read this, then, okay? Have a good time Attention, new, newbies and people who … … they hardly follow my step in sports. This is Brogan Van Skioh, – And that … – Look at him! It’s the nameless cup, Awarded every summer to the cabin with more points par excellence. The question in their minds is, What cabin has won the cup for six consecutive summers? It’s weak you have to ask. The answer is the Badgers. Come on, Badgers! Friend, the badgers do not growl. If they do it. Not really, they whistle. They snarl, squirrel. It’s more like … It’s good. Actually very nice gift. It is right. The most beautiful No wait. Come on, badgers. This is the summer of the squirrel. We, uh, hate that guy, right? Yes. Yes, we do. Let’s find out how impressive our … … squirrels to generate all the rivalry we need. – Are you the squirrels?
– Yep. And you are our counselor and your assistant? Can you return those five now? Well, surprise test. What is a counselor assistant? You do not know? – Um, I said it was a surprise test. – Pop quiz. He is a counselor in training. Am I your boss? Oh, no, Delroy. Mr. Sanjay is a difficult man to please. – My name is- – No, no, you’re cheeseburger. Here we go. Hollywood The genius Bar, sure. – Twilight. – Ugh. It seems fair to me. Well, twilight. Yes, and you… Do you always smile like that? Most of the time, yes. Life is great. You, my friend, are Grinsberg. Do your part. Whats Next? You are supposed to tell us what to do. I hope it’s something fun. True. What do you think we should do? Well, everyone is going to take pictures of their cabin. Pictures of cabin! Exactly what we were thinking, right, Sanjay? Who? True. Yes, me, Sanjay. Yes. Pictures of the cabin. Come on, and let’s go. Oh, hello, squirrels. I think they dropped this. They have to be more careful- – Hey, what are you doing?
– Come? We have to catch this guy. Yes. Whoa, you just launched the rule book. Can you do that? That is the way we do it. He just left me hallucinated. Well, squirrels, wait. These camp rules are important. You have read them, right? We have done this before. Camper, I mean. We are counselors. It’s not like the Lord of the Flies is going to plan on us. We are bigger than them. We can beat them. Yes, it’s to protect them, not us. Thank you. Okay, campers, move. Is it too late for him to change camp? Yes! Everything they do is wrong! You can not make me happy. But if they try, I will not be sad. And you know what? When I get sad, I make them work harder. Three, two, one. It is perfect. ¶ I will light everything around me ¶ ¶ I will scream and laugh ¶ ¶ I will make you feel so proud ¶ ¶ I gave my name ¶ ¶ I gave my name ¶ ¶ I gave my name ¶ ¶ I gave my name ¶ stop moving. ¶ I will light everything around me ¶ ¶ I will scream and laugh ¶ ¶ I will make you feel so proud ¶ ¶ I gave my name ¶ ¶ I gave my name ¶ ¶ I gave my name ¶ ¶ I gave my name ¶ Hey, come back! Oh, yes, you can run but not hide! ¶ I will light everything around me ¶ ¶ I will scream and laugh ¶ ¶ I will make you feel so proud ¶ ¶ Say my name ¶ Attention, camper-inos. Even if you have no choice, we thank you for having … … chosen our dining room for your food needs. Today’s special is careless Joes, neglected cabbage, and sloppy jelly. If you want the three flavors combined, for the ultimate careless experience, I can suggest the careless tracking. Is there garlic in this? Only gelatin. It is salty. I will not eat any of this. Well, you do not have to. Do you have something good to exchange? Yes Yes. These are, uh … You probably do not know the brand. Well, no. They never made us eat something sloppy in the chess camp. I miss the chess camp. If you ever want a girlfriend, never say that again, okay? What else should we know? Well, if you like a girl, ignore her completely. Also, take advantage of any opportunity you can to show off your muscles. I call my own Terminator and Thor. Well, better call the plumber, because these tubes are going to explode. Excellent, Grinsberg. Me, squirrels Hi, Brogan. They look wet. How is the water? They can do all the little pranks that … … want, nuhuevos, but they will never hold the cup. Well, we do not want your boring cup. What they say. Well, I want that cup. Do you think we can win it this year? Who said we had to win it? How far do we have to go? Enough so that Brogan never finds where we hide this thing. He will kill us if he finds out that we take it. That’s why he will never find out. Also, how much can you really love her if she does not even give you a name? Come on, let’s hide this thing. Do you have any cheesies? Do I have cheesies? Do you want baked, fried, with jelly? Uh, fried. – You got it. – Thank you. put them in my account. NO PASSING. That’s where we hide it. That place seems maybe haunted. – A little dangerous.
– Uh, exactly. It is perfect. It was your idea. Did you hear that? There is no wildlife around here. It is so calm If she’s so calm, how can she hear you, Count Einstein? Uh, Sanjay, my idea was to hide this thing in the forest, Do not enter a creepy old shack to which Crawl told us not to enter. Are you coming, guys? Yes, we will only wait here. Man, this is creepy. It stinks, too. I do not hear stabbings. They are fine? We are fine. Guys, you need to relax. Well, let’s find a place and let’s go. Not here. That room is spookily prepared. Wait! Dane … uh, Sanjay, where are you? Friend, this is not fun. But that was it. Were they stabbed? Is not safe. Man, it’s almost hilarious how much it stinks here. Disgusting. I thought our bathroom at home was brutal. Here. Hide it here. And the last? Bath rules, friend. always use the one furthest from the door. If Brogan comes to check, he’ll look at that, and he will not … … to find her, because we are smarter than him. Yes, you are much smarter than him, entering a chilling … … old hut and sticking your hand in several dark and smelly holes. There is something else here. What? Come on, it’s a boy’s backpack. Well, you caught me this time. It’s just an old teddy bear. Yeah, well, it’s scary, okay, and it smells bad Little cupcakes? Oh! They stopped doing them in the 70’s They barely and had something nutritious. Only chemical products You could probably still … … eat them. A book of ancient stories. Creepy stories In manuscripts. We should read at the campfire tonight. You do not look at me, okay? And the one who urinates in bed tonight He sleeps on the porch. – That’s you. – Who me? ¶ We are all sitting by the lake ¶ Bushwhack camp. ¶ And your nightmares always hit us ¶ – ¶ Until we woke up ¶ – Camp Bushwhack. ¶ And your bed will splinter you ¶ ¶ And the water will give you chills ¶ ¶ And the dinner will give you quivers ¶ – ¶ I can not stand it ¶ – Camp Bushwhack. Hey, hello, squirrels. Here, take a seat and grab some cupcakes. – Serve alone, huh? – Yes, I love cupcakes. Well, this bonfire could use some scares. Who’s with me? Um, we can not tell scary stories here. Camp rule. Especially if you … Especially if Broga will be too scared, we probably should not. I’m not scared, nuhuevo. I say we do it. Rules … whatever. You are a troublemaker. OK, it’s OK. Maybe only tonight, huh? Who wants to start? It turns out that I have a book of stories right here. There was once a high school girl whose mother … … he said never go to bed without washing his face. And then, one night, I was so tired, that he did it anyway. And then, the next morning, I had a mustache. In your face. Well, um … We really should not do this. Especially with such weak stories. I mean, come on, guys, we’re breaking the rules here. So back off a bit, huh? So … my story was awesome. Well, I’ll count one. Although I’m not sure. I do not think they are capable of handling it. You’re talking to a guy who drives a motorcycle. For your information. Sometimes, your first trip to summer camp may be the last, not because you never come back, but because you never leave. Ask the new camp counselor Anson Minor. Whose initiation was not according to the plan. Sure, sailing in a canoe blindfolded at midnight sounds like fun … ,but the next thing your friends knew, is that Anson was under water. by the time they reached the shore, they barely had life. They knew Anson needed a quick doctor. but the nearest hospital was not the kind that cures people. It was an old animal hospital, guarded by a dog. with a strange metal necklace. The door was open. and they found the doctor inside. I’m not very familiar with human beings. But I will try… He said. But he could not find a heartbeat. Anson was gone. My best friend died recently, and I could not continue without him. So I brought him back. They must have seen it outside, with your little cute necklace. I can bring your friend back, too, put it in some way. What he did not say was that Anson would not be the same. the serum brought Anson back to life like a bloodthirsty zombie. It will not be your friend without the necklace. But the doctor was not fast enough. Anson continued feeding, and the outbreak began. And how did they stop him? Well, without the doctor, they barely discovered the antidote in time. But then everything went well later, right? The antidote worked on everyone except Anson. He had been dead too long to be saved. So what happened to him? Some say he is still in the hospital with all the other dead things. Others say that it wanders through these same forests. At night, he can be heard tumbling looking for living brains, your hunger is never satisfied. Oh, my God, you just He urinated on himself. I did not do it. Yes, I just, uh … so ew. Whatever. Yes. Ew. We should not be telling scary stories. I’m going to charge me for this, Kumar Sanjay. Good night, Brogan. The story is not real, is it? I mean, zombies are not real. Guys, come on. There are no zombies, obviously. Does anyone want to sing? Yes. I love torturing lice. It’s more fun than torturing normal people. Whats Next? I’m starving. We’re going to raid the kitchen. – Yes!
– I can always eat. Whoa, wait. The coast is clear. Ew. How disgusting I know. Duck, crouch. She is really upset, man. Should we scare her? I see you guys. – Hello, Lauren. – Hello. Are you trying to scare me again? The jokes are against the rules. It seems that we were caught by the fun police. I’m not the fun police. No, no, just the patrol of the rules. I think I saw a rule against the swaying of tires, If you want to keep track of it. Hey, look, I’m … We will only make an incursion into the kitchen. You do not have to come, yes, you know, You’re a weird or … No, I can break some rules. Yes, we are going to break some rules. Yes, let’s break some rules in half. – Lauren, keep the pace. – I’m going. There is no pressure, but you’re going to have to learn to break some rules. Break some rules. It’s okay. There is someone outside. Something is always outside, guys. Keep a positive attitude. I want my mom, or any mom. Where are our counselors, should not we be protecting ourselves? Yes, yes, the worst advisers of all. They had better not make a foray into the kitchen without us. Incursion to the kitchen! Whoo! Hot fudge, come with mom. I have the bread and that is, like, two thirds of a sandwich. I’m doing my work. Meat. I got some meat. Marshmallows Let’s go for some ice cream. Cookie dough. No one in my house allows me to eat this. Who wants a little tuna salad? – No no! I found the whipped cream. Well, throw it at me. They are going to give you worms. This is the best idea we have had. Frankly, I’m disappointed. If they are going to assault my kitchen, Why not make some when meatball sandwiches, huh? Yes! – Awesome.
– I love this guy. Hey, do you want to go to the pier and look at the stars? I suppose. Yes, totally. Um, let me go for a blanket and … Try not to vomit. I’ll see you there. Alone. What you say… Good morning, Camp Bushwhack. Sanjay deejay k, comes to you live – from the radio booth. – Oh! Damn. time to start of music, lovers of the field. Forget bedbug bites at night because it’s morning and … nothing rhymes with tomorrow. Well, moving on. Hey, for now. You are not authorized to use that system. And I know you drank the nameless cup. Well, also, please, keep in mind that there are a couple of … … underpants of adorable animals on the tip of the flagpole. Uh, you can download them right after breakfast, but probably they will have laughed. Look at them, Brogan. Also in other news, I would prevent the wind from bringing me the smell … … of those puppies because someone peed in their pants last night. – We’re going back after this. – You’re toasted, Sanjay. Do you hear me? I really miss our first drill instructor. I am not a very orderly person. I leave a mess wherever I go. There is no place on earth more disgusting than my bathroom, and you have to clean it with your tongues if those canoes come down. Yes, sir, ma’am, yes, ma’am, sir. Good, Wookie. I love your nice hairstyle in the morning. It’s always Alice, Alice, Alice. You left me planted last night. Wait at the dock for an hour. Dock? No no no! – What’s going on? – Has a mustache. No way. Did you see that? A mustache grew on her. His face looks weird. Stop. For. R st uv … w- xy … z. Well, genius bar, dig deep, okay? I want you to shake those loose flesh. Come on! Well, it’s a start. Me, I heard you woke up with a mustache this morning. Even that does not happen to me. Yes, a mustache. What did not you tell exactly the same story about the mustache on the campfire last night? Yes. It’s weird, huh? You make it look so easy. Well, what’s on the agenda today? We have to make friendship bracelets. Wonderful. Arts and … ugh, arts and crafts. And then, uh … ooh, let’s jump to dodge the ball. – Well, no. – No way. Do not. Left side, one, two, three. Motivate these guys. I’m going to play mental games. Come on, badgers! We are dead flesh. The most dead flesh. You’re going to fall, jaws. Last minute news, you are the one that will fall. Ooh, this has just arrived. I do not think so, brother. Oh, breaking news in Spanish. You’re going to lose, bro. Well, yes, this has just arrived … In the news of this night you will see us, “Yes, we are the best, we won,” and you, “Oh, no, they’re so handsome … I wish I could be him. ” He did not look at the news. Well, get together, Little warriors boys and girls. Welcome, welcome, welcome, to Bushwhack, whack, .. whack, whack, to dodge the ball, ball, ball … … athon Remember, heads up, balls down. And the chances of not being … … unconscious forever are in your favor. That the game begins! Take a breath. Good bustle They are burying us. Have you had enough? Because badgers can be much harder than this. I bet they can. Still a little fuzzy with the rules My stomach hurts. Everything hurts. They almost hit me a couple of times. Come on, guys, they’re doing very well. – Seriously? – Here, drink some water. Good job, badgers. Do not relax yet. We can still hurt these children a little more. I know they have given 100%, and I am proud of you. But they still have 40% left. Well, go for a little water. They have to be hydrated to win. Well, we have to take advantage of their strengths. Hamburger with cheese, your shot is terrible, but you’re lucky. Close your eyes when you cast. Genius bar, when you receive the ball, Please, give it to cheeseburger. Grinsberg, you’re fast. I love your footwork. Now try to tire your arms by throwing. – Twilight.
– I let them hit me? Exactly. My dad said the camp was fun. This is not fun. I’m furious with him for sending me to this crap. All right. Channel all your anger towards the ball, as if you were channeling a battery of rage. Come on, walk. Stand up. I think we’re ready. Good. Let’s do this. Dodge the ball! Come on, Hollywood, let’s see what you have. We can still win, guys. We are still five to one. – Wait for it. – What? OK, here we go. What happens badgers? It feels good? This tag says fast action. I was not kidding. Let me in! Call the dogs and put out the fire. It seems that badgers have lost the game, Which means that squirrels win! We’re going to finish off those squirrels Although it is the last we do. Badgers this toilet is forbidden for the next hour. Well, guys, welcome to medieval training. What, like calculation and Shakespeare, it will be absolutely no value to you – in your daily life.
– Yes, but it’s great. Also, it was this or making bracelets, so … It’s your turn, braggadocio. In the White! – Nice shot, Hollywood. – Thank you. Taking. Give yourself pleasure How many private schools in Beverly Hills … … would you allow them to play with those bad guys? I’m starting to like the camp. Nerd Alert What’s up, mom’s boy, nostalgic? Go home, geek. I, twilight, you turn. No, it is not. As you like. – What am I supposed to do now?
– Let it go. – With what hand? – No no no! Grinsberg, friend, that’s not right. Bara of genius. Hey, genius bar. – Colleague, where are you going?
– I’m running away. What? You can not do that. Guess who you fire if you disappear. I do not want to get fired. It’s just that I do not fit in here. My mom was right, I’m not made for the camp. Forget about your mom. What do you think? I never held a bow and an arrow before. I can not throw things. The only thing I’m good at is dodging things. That’s just because people like to throw things away to gifted children. I have no choice. Hey, it’s not like that. Because trying new things is what life is about. Is it the best you have? Well well. I have never done this from the camp before. Me and my brother lie to get here, and we do not belong here either, but we are having a great time. Go! This can be an incredible summer. It is true? Have they never camped? Yes. That really explains a lot of things. Ashley spilled iced tea. Now I am angry. Go scream at him. Good. Hi. Hi guys. Stop screaming and go tell Ashley that you still like her. Good. Uh, then we’re fine? Yes. I will stay. Thank you. I knew I had never been to a camp. But do not worry. Your secret is safe with me. Why? Because it was a good save. It is not easy to convince to return a fugitive. Believe me, I know. I tried to escape once. Fortunately, I had a great counselor. You could be too, Delroy. Personifying camp counselors, huh? Brogan van skioh is going to expose them. Curse. If you want to be a good camp counselor, You have to know how to make a cake. First, you have to toast the marshmallows. Just do not burn them. Does not the campfire have to be on to do this? Yes, we really can not make fire without approval. So … camping rules. Do not laugh at me. Well, well, let’s say I toasted my marshmallow perfectly. And now that? You have to have your Graham cookie ready with the chocolate. Then just slide the marshmallow inside. It works best when melted. – Did you see that? – What? It looked like a zombie. Uh, a zombie? What, like Anson from last night’s campfire story? Stop fooling around. Well, we also read the history of the mustache and you grew one. – Thanks, Delroy.
– I’m not good with girls. Well, Crawl. What happens? Simply measuring some jerky. Why? To know how much we have. Hey, what if I counted a couple of scary stories … … last night at the campfire, and maybe, they came true? I would say that you broke the “no fear stories” rule. Why no scary stories? Charming tradition of camping … … based on a pretty scary legend. I guess, a while ago, something pretty terrible happened here. Some campers disappeared. They just disappeared. Nobody knows what happened. They just stopped telling scary stories around here. You know what, there were no scares since then. Crawl! Crawl. Hi, Crawl, can you give us some bacon? Wookie is very hungry. You know what? I do not care how hungry I am. Just do not forget your manners. Well, I’m going to find Sanjay. He took your campers down the old road to … … find the cheerleader camp. Give me an “eww”. I’ll go for it. Yes cool. Hey, wait. How long did that fool say he was? If the cheerleaders talk to us, what should I say? Did not your dad teach you this kind of thing? No, he’s always in the studio. Mine is too busy trying to refute string theory. Well, the strings are real. I have two in my shoes right now. And you really do not talk to the girls more … … they listen to a conversation they have with themselves. Sanjay! Dane! Sanjay, guys, look. We all have to go back now. No, I promised the kids to go see the cheerleaders on the other side of the lake. What? We are on an island, so we have to go over the water. One step at a time, friend. Guys, the stories from the campfire last night are coming true. First, Lauren and his mustache, now Anson minor. I saw it in the forest. – The zombie boy? Really?
– Did you see a zombie? Dude, it’s just Brogan trying to make a joke, okay? – Come on. – What? The joke is working! – I told you I was a zombie. – I believe you now. Where is Grinsberg? Come on, run! He just entered that ancient creepy building. It is not a big thing. We have to find another way out. Why did you run here? I asked for there. Now I am fine. – We should never have gone to that hut. – Or open that book. Or break the campfire story rule. Do you want to ruin your whole life? Friend, they are right. Okay, guys, move this. Come on, fast. This is good. There is no way to enter. Neither to enter nor to leave. We’re trapped. Old man, are you done? Yes. I will look for weapons. Well well. Guys, get in the closet. Come on. Come on, come on, come on. – What?
– We are going to die? – Probably.
– No no. What? do not. You will not die, okay? Is this going to take a lot of time? I do not know, cheeseburger. Because there are no places to sit, so … What? What? Is it too late to change my vote for crafts? Well, think. think My story of fear came alive. What happened in the story? The zombies destroyed? No, all of them are cured except for the first victim. – True. Anson
– Yes What is patient … oh? Patient zero, friend. A term given to the first victim of a major outbreak. The necklace. This was the hospital of history. This is the necklace that was supposed to be Anson’s. This remote must control it. Here, remove the batteries to this. Maybe we can put this necklace on Anson and use this remote control to calm it down. How do you know it’s going to work? We do not even know if it’s him. Hey, Anson. Have you heard that? The zombie knows its own name. Big Deal. Also my dog. And he can catch a ball with his eyes closed. So stupid! Do not destroy our plan, okay? We need that. If you open that door, he’s just going to come in and eat our brains. I’m too attractive to die, Dylan. We’re just going to wait here and die, right? Good. I’ll put the necklace I can do this. This is up to the older brothers. …Cute. No, it is not. You, silence- Ready? One two… – I dropped the remote control. – That does not seem like part of the plan. Maybe the zombie will eat them and leave us. Viejo, what did you have for breakfast? What are you doing? A little help here, brother. Hi, guys, what’s up? Anson? That’s how they put me. Great. This officially just got weirder. Wait. You’re good now, right? I feel good. Dead, but good. Who are you? We are counselors of Camp Bushwhack. Great! I used to be a counselor at Camp Lake Whispering. So, what do you do for fun? Oh, do you know what I have not done in centuries? Break dance. Check it out, the moon walk, The six phases, the backward turn. I think I really like this guy. We must take him back to the camp to pass the time. Excellent. Anson, I’m just going to talk to him about something. Are you crazy? It is a zombie. Yes, a funny zombie break dance. Do not be so loud Also, it’s under our control, remember? It will be OK. Greetings, campers. It is scaring me. I am sorry. It’s just that I remember you as … … the zombie that chased us, like, a minute ago. I get it. Then let’s start again. I’m Anson. It’s just a hug. Nice to meet you. Well, well, let’s go back to the camp. Anson, it was great to meet you. But, uh, you’ll have to stay here only. Yes cool. Well, go back to visit. I have the space. This is our secret, guys. No one should find out about this place. Hi Boy. … I mean, hello, hello. What can I do for you? You can give me the cup. I know they hid it here. Friend, what’s wrong with your skin? You look like a zombie. For all the right reasons. They already tried the zombie trick on me, So, uh, you’ll have to work harder. Did you bring tuna salad? Now if you like tuna salad? I mentioned the tuna salad last night. You looked at me like I was offering you dog food. Now you look at me like I should know that … … the tuna salad is a picnic thing. Alice, look at her skin, it’s gray. So should I just finish with him? I am the girlfriend of the chief counselor. I’m not going to cut with him, just because he’s a little pale. Whatever. Tuna salad is not a picnic thing. Mayonnaise is heated in the sun, hot in the sun, and then, everyone throws up. That is what happens. “Bunks” . Okay, guys, move those asses. Come on and move, move. We have to? Can not we sleep with our clothes? Do not! Delroy, can we sleep in our clothes? – Insurance. – Seriously? They can sleep in their clothes, but bring – a zombie mascot, and nothing?
– He looks like a great guy, but what are we going to do, give him a bunk and see if he does not bite someone? I do not know, maybe we can trust him, and his electric shock collar, okay? He was just looking for a place to fit. I totally know how that feels. – I also. – The same. Well, look. The next we find, we’ll keep it, okay? Thank you. Because I? He can smell your brain, genius. Everyone get away from the windows! Get it out, take it out! Close the door, close the door. Good shot, Hollywood. – It was not him. – Twilight ?! It’s not like I wanted to brag before. I just did not need practice. Good shot. We have to warn everyone. Then they can send the army or something like that. No, they would not risk contamination. They would probably invent a story to cover it up and then they would eliminate this island, and us, – from the face of the earth.
– How do you know all this? My father made a movie like this one time. And two zombies will infect the place quite quickly. Eduardo Manosdetijeras is right. Cullen. Edward Cullen. As in the movie. If they do not contain this, Things will go bad fast. If Brogan is a zombie, it means that there is probably more. Is right. You stay with him, I will tell the rest. – Oh, and uh, plug that window. – I do not argue with that. I like him, but he was being an idiot today. He kept making noises, and I kept trying to touch my head. Oh, and it started to stink. What should I do? First, tell Wookie that you will not stand your attitude anymore, and that your head belongs to you. I mean, he’s a good guy. It will straighten up. As for the smell, Yes, that may persist a little. I mean, I stank for most of my twenties. Thanks, Crawl. Can you give me advice? I do not understand why the boys always want the same, although it’s actually a bit boring, And there could be something probably incredible standing right next to you that you have not even noticed. Like, hello, probably amazing. Yes, I can not help you with that. But I have a story. It’s a bit strange, but stay with me. No, Crawl, no stories. Sanjay and I read a zombie story last night, and it came true, and there’s a zombie over there right now. and Brogan has already been bitten. This is not a campfire for stories, friend. This is a bonfire to share. If you have something to share, go ahead. Crawl, please. You do not believe me? – Nobody believes me.
– And now that? We stay here until tomorrow? We can still sleep on our clothes, right? I do not see anyone. Me neither. No one. I’m going to see outside. Good. Will not you offer to come with me? Do not. Go brother I’m not your brother I’m Sanjay. I have to maintain my character. Well, go, fast. You can do it. Good luck. Lauren, behind you. Delroy, I’m still upset, okay? Come on, run. Do the zombies knock on the door? You can not smell my genius brains now. Everyone, calm down. Just calm down. I say we open the door, and we kick his zombie ass, all right? Well, one, two, three! – It’s us, guys. – Stop, stop! Stop, okay? Guys, we are not zombies! What’s going on here? Like it’s a long story. Yes, so … possible zombie apocalypse. I think she’s mad at you. And it’s all his fault! The zombie, my mustache ?! Bad counselors! What’s wrong with him? Were you scratched? Were you scratched last night? Guys, I’m fine, okay? You will not be. The training camp begins to sound very good. I’m going to shout at them. They are going to cry I’m going to smile at you. What makes them believe that we are friends? They will be wrong! I’m going to shout at them, And they will cry! I can not stand this anymore, old man. Look, over there, are you thinking what I’m thinking? I dont know. Tell me what you are thinking. If we get to Camp Bushwhack, We will take revenge on the O’Reillys. Okay, so, at least there are two zombies out here, And Sanjay could become one. There is nothing in the rule book about it. Do not worry, we throw away the rule book. Attention, Bushwhackers Delroy Barfield and Sanjay Kumar Please report to the director’s cabin, Crawl, immediately. That’s me. Crawl. It is not exactly a warning of zombie apocalypse. Maybe it has not spread yet. We should try to tell him again. I’m going to check the rabbits. Let me know what the plan is, okay? It can not be so bad if someone is on the trampoline, right? Hi, Crawl. Before you start- No, before you start. The good news is that I found my phone in the lake. And this bag of rice works totally. He left it well he quesito. The bad news. Somebody called Sergeant Williams from the Camp … … for kids with bad behavior called. Does it sound? – No – It does not ring. He said he had two fugitive campers. Two campers who claim to be Sanjay Kumar and Barfield Delroy. Well, listen, what I know you’ve heard, It’s Dylan’s fault. What?! Chavos We have a small problem here. Actually, I think we could have a serious problem here. Old people, zombies! Yes, I tried to tell you at the campfire last night! Nobody listened to me. Whoa, Dane! Stop. He was going to call mom and dad. Yes. We needed it to call the Ferry guy. Yes, he probably should not have hit the phone. I do not feel well. Those canoes on the dock. Maybe we should use them to go for help. It’s good, it’s fine. We can not leave the camp like this. If we go for help we will never come back on time. We will have to do it ourselves. I do not want you to be fair, Dylan, I want you to be bad, so that I can get out of here with my head without being bitten. – But, yes, you’re right. – And we have to heal you. Thanks for that, Dylan. Thanks for not letting a minute go by … … reminding me of the fact that I’m going to become a pile of dead skin. Hey, look, I will not let it happen to you, okay? You put everything tender. What you say. Let’s go. Let us in! Who? We are. Let us in! It’s Sanjay and Delroy. Open the door. What is the password? They did not give us any password- Right, um, wait. They are all over the camp. We have to stop them. Twilight, what do we do? – I? – If you. The basis of any operation is intelligence, and you have … … read more monster books than any of us. Zombies are hard to kill because they are already dead. The best bet is to hit them in the head. They have an insatiable hunger for human brains. I am sorry. But there is usually a cure. Uh, in the story, there was an antidote that cured everyone except Anson. He came from the hospital. Maybe he’s still there. Someone has to go look for it. – I will do it. – What? – Your? – Yes Who has to know how to mix the solution … … with the right proportions to metabolize. – Huh? – Huh? Exactly. You need to make science happen. I will go too I’m fast and I can keep the mood of genius bar Look at squirrels. They are making me feel so … so proud Before, they were useless, but now, I mean, look at yourself. Here, take these and find out how much antidote they can get. We will do it. Grinsberg, an extra one for you. – Bara de genio, you too. – Thank you. Good luck guys. Be careful. Well, well, guys, I think he’s getting hungry. I do not think it’s safe for children to go out. I’m tired of hiding. If this is the end of cheeseburger, Then I will go kicking and screaming. Your name was not even Hamburger with cheese until two days ago. You refugee here. Let’s go to the country house and get some weapons. How are we going to get there? Act like zombies. If they are convincing enough, they could leave them alone. I could teach them. My dad has given me acting classes since I was three. Loose arms, loose arms Imagine that life has gone away. Eyes without life. Empty as your soul. Yes Yes! I like arms, Sanjay. Now pretend you’re dead. Commit yourself. Release more arms, more loose! Something is super bad with him. No longer. I talked to him, and he’s going to change. Is not that true, honey? Now how about we tell another story? You like the sharks, right? Under the lake- Friend, what was that? Uh, it’s called a impersonation of a zombie and it came out to me fregón. Die, zombies, die! Again! – We are! – For! We are! Sanjay and Delroy. Not really … but we are not zombies. How can I know that they are not zombies? Because we are talking to you. Good. What’s the plan? Control ourselves as best we can until we die? No. We sent two of our guys for the antidote. We are mounting an attack. We need weapons. I got this. I think we are ready to do this. – Yes! – Yes! Do you want to pick up those tennis balls? Use them all in you. This is. If I can alter the mix, it will work on the contact. We will not have to use needles. Well, the needles are scary. Now hurry up. You can not rush science. Can you speed it up? ¶ Row, row, row your boat ¶ come on … ¶ gently into the stream I wish the zombie story had a backpack propulsive. We would have returned. I just hope this antidote works. But yes, the backpacks are great. Where are you going in such a hurry? It is a long and impossible story. We will let Sanjay and Delroy tell them. That’s a good idea. This is not the kind of thing you get used to. Attention, disgusting zombies. We would like to thank you for choosing our pile of dried meat for your food needs. Without doors to cross, without children to pursue. Nice and easy So come and look for her! They are going to bite the bait. No, they are ignoring the bait. I guess they do not like dried meat anymore. Full disclosure, I do not like it either, I guess they found something more appetizing. What is our plan “b,” guys? The antidote. Yes! Well, guys, how was the training camp? Fun? We’ll talk later. A real talk. Come on, squirrels Do you want to live forever? Die, zombies, die. Hold them! Old man, you’re supposed to use the antidote. I know. I really wanted to hit Brogan with the oar. Well, I have to go help Lauren. Secret weapon time, zombie garbage. Alice, Jem They look thirsty. Take me! Really? Come on. Come on, please, please. The face of someone who looks weird, huh? Wait wait. I got this. A $ 500 phone! Behind. – I think we have everyone.
– Sanjay, we did it. I think I can call you Dane now. Dane? Dane! Dane Did I just bite them? I’m all gross if I did it. The same said. What’s going on? What happened to me? Do not notice it Well, I feel like I’m going to receive some letters … … of anger from some very angry parents. O’Reillys. We need to talk. O’Reillys? Yes, that is probably our fault. Everything about camp Uh, how about we wash your clothes for the rest of the summer? It’s a good start. It’s Anson. Melt it Is not working. In history, the antidote worked in everything … … the world except Anson. It is the patient zero. What do we do? Uh, hello, guys, what’s going on? I found him in the hospital and I fixed it. You know, just in case. I guess there’s no chance of … … give me a job as a counselor here, huh? I’ll tell you what, friend. Leave me your resume and I’ll call you. Goodbye. Good morning, Bushwhackers I fell asleep a little more today, So they are on their own for breakfast. Also, we just survived the zombie apocalypse, Well, live for us. as a special gift for being alive, We will have a super fun tropical luau this afternoon. I’m looking for some volunteers to cook some pork and some apples but nothing of snacks. Oh, too, before I forget. A new policy of the camp is that all the … … world needs to be good to run away from things, so please report to your instructors Barfield and Kumar for training I am a zombie. If I catch them, they will be eaten. Your mom is going to cry. Take it easy. Are you kidding? I am good vibes. I said to drag yourself for your life. You’re not even crawling for your lunch. I swear you’ll pay for them, Sanjay Kumar. Pay you? Will you make me pay? You’ll pay Sanjay how you pay for the flu. Lying on your bed, sobbing! Hey, uh, we thought you should have this. I think we should call it the squirrel cup. They came back for her. Yes, but they did not really tell us they put her in a hole. Yes, it must have smelled pretty bad. Hilariously bad Thanks guys. This is great. Are they going somewhere? We’re going to look for the cheerleaders after dinner. You know, to make sure they’re safe. Excellent, do it. Are you sure we should be teaching them this? Do not you think there are other outdoor activities you could learn? What other outdoor activities … … apart from finding girls with a compass? – Makes sense.
– I’m going with him. Yes me too. Yes, as a high-level counselor … it’s my duty. Are you going to go for cheerleaders? That is all? You bite me, and we’re done? It seems you put me on a leash. – I forgot about him. – You’re above him. Take a look at the new counselors. Do not tell me. You ask both of them. Yes. See, this is the reason why you are the smart one, and I the super pretty. O’Reillys. How are they going with the washing of our clothes? – Sponge, folded and stored. – Excellent. Now they are much more intimidating now. Really? Thank you. I feel more intimidating. Yes me too. I would totally endure a scary story by the campfire. Great. I can read you one. No no no no! Hey, what are you doing? What was that? Just throwing a book of scary stories. before reading another zombie to existence. And let Lauren get another mustache. So, was it the book? Everything here when we read about it, becomes a reality? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Books are bad and TV is good. Boys? Yes! I think Crawl mentioned something about some things … … rare that happened in this camp a long time ago. I wonder if the book was part of that. Good thing we never read all the stories out loud. You have to be very stupid to do that. Now, what if we read another story? You will like the sharks. And what do we do? Well, I propose that we have an awesome summer because the zombies are gone. Who follows me? – I. – I agree with the Dane. – What? – You just had a good idea. – Yes.
– And I voted for it. That scares me.

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