Camping Can Be Fun sleeping pad leisure sleeping system self inflating sleeping pad memory foam two layers of foam about four inches thick. dig a shallow indention in ground under tent floor for you hip. choosing the right sleeping bag for the trip is the most important detail sleeping bags have a temperature rating if you are a warm sleeper, pick a cooler rated bag. if you are a cold sleeper, bring a warmer bag. a sleeping bag liner adds a few degrees to your bag, and helps to keep the bag clean sleeping bag liners are made of cotton, silk, or synthetic material. expansion tubes add more space, but may make the bag cooler. down bags does not dry easily most synthetic bags are hydrophobic, and dry quickly. many sleeping bags are mate-able, and zip together creating a double bag, they must be a left and a right zipper never sleep on an air mattress without a closed cell foam pad on top to insulate yourself. most people have trouble sleeping in a tent, but with proper preparation, you can be completely comfortable. remember to bring a camp pillow sweet dreams………………are made of these..

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