CAN ROBOTS EDIT PHOTOS?! – Artificial Intelligence Photo Editing

CAN ROBOTS EDIT PHOTOS?! – Artificial Intelligence Photo Editing

23 thoughts on “CAN ROBOTS EDIT PHOTOS?! – Artificial Intelligence Photo Editing

  1. I use Photolemur 3. It's similar but has fewer options which makes it super simple. You can add styles in Photolemur so you can customize it a bit. For me it's a great start for my RAW photo processing. Cool video!

  2. I hope it these machine-learning AI never progress 😂 idk but I love experminting with editing and ruin my photos and then come up with a perfect edit after my fifteenth try.. I love it! Even if it is a pain in the royal area.

  3. I don't think it's worth 30. This feels like an expensive phone app. It seems to oversaturate the blues, and I do that on my own already.

  4. AI still has a long way to go… But if we're not looking to edit/grade our images with an artistic style, I guess this software does a pretty darn good job at colour correcting💯👌🏻👌🏻

  5. Honestly this seems like a great option for those who don't have enough time or skill. But, Lightroom still takes the cake for being the best option to edit shots. Been enjoying your IG feed lately man!

  6. 1:13 so I assume … whoever reached out to you didn't take the time to tell you how to pronounce it buahahahaha .. classic. Thank's for the review but I don't see where the fun is when it's automated .. I mean .. isn't that what make s you unique as an artist where you edit your own stuff and create it with you own influence and touch of your own style ? .. or is that jus me lol

  7. Interesting concept, though, who defines what a good picture looks like? You're kinda losing your own style with it. That being said, I also find editing photos to be half the fun of shooting pics!

  8. Still think you're better off just getting LRcc and hitting the auto. Might cost a bit more but I feel it's auto is better than that one and it does give you the option to do more like you said if you so choose.

  9. Looks like there is no lens correction for ARW files when trying with online version. Is it the same with installed Gemia?

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