Can YOU Guess Your Country’s Candy? | Guess That International Candy

Can YOU Guess Your Country’s Candy? | Guess That International Candy

– Oh, that’s disgusting. – That’s something I’ve
never experienced before. – I’m just going through
like 200 countries, like no, no, maybe, no. ♪ (upbeat electronic intro) ♪ – (FBE) How big of a sweet tooth
do you have? – Oof, I have a really, really bad
sweet tooth. – I know all of the desserts. – I used to have a huge sweet tooth,
and then I worked in a candy store for a year and a half, two years. – (FBE) Well, we’re gonna be
giving you some unwrapped candy, that originates from different
countries around the world, and you’re going to have to guess
which country each one comes from. – Oh, how cool.
– Cool, okay. – I’m so bad at that,
but I’m so excited to try it. – Yeah, I don’t care about losing!
(laughs) – Oh my God, I know.
You don’t lose, you just try everything!
– Exactly! – (FBE) So for each round, we’re gonna give you a piece
of unwrapped candy. You’ll each write down which
country you think it originated from on the whiteboards that
we’re gonna give you, and then on the count of three,
we’ll see who got it correct. The person with the most
answers correct wins! – Okay.
– Alright, let’s do it. – The hard part is kind of just like
what specialty that country has. – Hmm.
– I think like the biggest thing though
is textures in chocolate is really different
from country to country. – Alright.
– Ooh! – I think I know what these are. – (Mikaela) I think I do too. – It’s a green tea Kit Kat.
– Yeah. Hmm, I’m not a big fan of green tea.
– Yeah me neither. – But I’m kinda interested. – Oh, mmm, mm!
– Mm-hmm. – We seen this.
– I think we have too. – We’ve seen this! – I feel like I already know.
– It’s matcha Kit Kats isn’t it? – Oh, already know. – I feel like this
is the green tea Kit Kat. That is the green tea Kit Kat.
– Mm-hmm. – It’s good, but I don’t think
I’d eat it like on my off time. – No, I definitely wouldn’t have
like a whole pack of it. But it’s not as bad as I thought.
– Yeah. – I already know.
We sold these in our work. We actually sold like
a huge variety, it was kinda nuts. There were some weird flavors,
and you’re just like why is this a flavor of Kit Kat? – I’m trying to remember the wrapper,
and I know it’s like some sort of Asian writing on it, and I don’t know if it’s
either Korean or Japan. – I think we both know
where this is from. – I think so too.
– (FBE) Pretty confident? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – (FBE) Okay, let’s see your answers! – Japan?
– Japan. – Alright. – (FBE) So this was actually
a matcha green tea Kit Kat from Japan. – (FBE) So Jeannie got it right!
– Oh, okay. Yes, good job Jeannie!
(bell rings) – I feel like everyone always goes
to Japan and like brings these back. That’s like the thing.
– Yeah. – That’s the only reason I know. – They have a Kit Kat store
in Japan, so I think that’s the only reason
I knew this, because we actually got to
go to the Kit Kat store, and I got this one too,
it was really good. – I remember seeing these, and like,
there was a whole, all over Japan,
there’s vending machines, like coffee vending machines,
and candy vending machines. – Yes!
– I remember seeing these a lot too. – I’ve seen these in like the YouTuber
eat all the candy videos. All the mukbangs or whatever. – Not my cup of tea,
no pun intended. – (FBE) Alright, where does this
candy come from? – Ugh, this is hard. – What are you?
– I don’t… – (Mikaela) Look at you. – (Troy) So there’s probably
something inside. – Yeah, I have to assume
it’s a chocolate covered something. – Cheers.
– Cheers. Look like Duds?
Is it Duds? – Yeah.
– The movie candy. – I know which one
you’re talking about, yeah. – What are you from?
– Like some sort of animal? I don’t know, it looks like
a little pellet. I can’t make out
what the taste in the middle is. – It tastes like a better version
of Buncha Crunch. It’s very rich.
– A little thing. – Really good chocolate. It makes me think Europe. It makes me think
something like either, like England or Germany, ’cause
they have really good chocolate. – God, I don’t know,
what country likes chocolate? All of them? – I feel like there might have been
a little malt in the chocolate. The chocolate itself seemed
a little waxier, not as creamy. – I’m feeling European,
for some reason. – Yeah.
– I don’t know why. I thought these were American.
– ‘Cause it’s very sweet. – Yeah, yeah.
– That’s why. – I’ve had candy from Ireland once,
and I’m trying to remember if like that’s something
that was there. It tastes like a Whopper.
– Yeah, but better. – You ready?
– Yep. – Three, two!
– (laughs) Is it Belgium? – Germany, yeah.
– Germany’s a good one. – What’d you say?
Australia, okay. – I did. – (laughs) I didn’t have
an educated guess, so I made an uneducated guess. – The thing itself reminded me
of Maltese, or Maltesers. It’s like essentially the Whoppers,
but the UK version. – (FBE) So these are
Violet Crumble Nuggets from Australia. – Are you [bleep] kidding me?
– What!? – Are you [bleep]?
– How? Oh my gosh!
Jeannie’s playing me. She’s like an expert on candies
from other countries, and she’s just pretending
not to know, wow. – Oh, it’s Violet.
I hate myself right now. – Wait, I still don’t know the answer. – Violet Crumble is
an Australian candy. We didn’t sell ’em in the nugget form,
so it threw me off. We sold the bar,
and there wasn’t a lot of like the crumble nougat
that was on the inside, so it was throwing me off. – I like the name of that,
Violet Crumble Nuggets. (laughs) – Oh my. – Those are good though,
I really like those. – Really good. – Hmm, like I could see myself
eating the whole bag on accident. – Honeycomb, ooh.
(buzzer rings) – Honeycomb double dipped
in milk chocolate. Okay Australia.
– I would eat that whole bag. – You are so much experienced than me.
– Bro, I worked in a candy, in a candy store that pretty much
specialized in international candy, so I’m frustrated
with myself right now. – (FBE) Here is our third candy.
Do you know where it’s from? – Wow, it looks like a log.
– (Chelsea) Yeah, that’s cute. – It doesn’t even look real.
Like, this doesn’t look real. – This is a cool little design on it.
– I have never seen this. – Neither have I,
it looks like a milk chocolate. – Oh, it’s kinda like a Kit Kat. – Yeah, but it tastes like
a broken up Kit Kat on the inside. – This is interesting.
– Mmm. – It’s like a Kit Kat bar.
– Mm-hmm. – It’s so familiar, but I can’t…
– Do you know what it tastes like? – Ugh.
– Crunch. It’s that same type of chocolate.
– Mmm. I feel like I’ve definitely tasted
this particular chocolate before. – I’m just cycling through
this library of candy in my head. – I’m just going through like
200 countries, like no, no, maybe, no. – You ready?
Go! – Ook. – Ooh, Italy!
– We both have Is. – Yeah!
– We’re both thinking Is. – I said Paris.
– I said Sweden. – Oh, Sweden’s a good one.
I just thought it looked bougie, so I was like Paris.
– I think Paris, but that’s not a country.
– Holy [bleep] I meant (laughs) Wait! (laughs)
– It’s okay. – (FBE) These are Ferrero Duplo,
and they’re from Germany. – No way!
– (FBE) So Mikaela you got that right! – Really?
(bell rings) Wow, that was totally like
a shot in the dark. – (Troy) Damn, good guess.
– I was just like eh, a little tree. (Ethan yells) – This doesn’t seem that long. – This was really good.
(buzzer rings) – I’m going to Germany.
– Probably my favorite so far. – I gotta get some of this. – (FBE) Okay, we’ve got some
sugary goodness for you. Do you know where it comes from? – I have a couple ideas. – (Mikaela) I do too.
– Off the bat, but let’s see if
it’s like spicy, sour. – I used to eat these
in high school all the time. – That’s not fair,
he already knows the answer! – Oh, that’s disgusting.
– Mmm! – That tastes like I just took
sea salt and threw it in my mouth. – This is my favorite.
It’s, what’s it called? Tamarind? – It’s like a, yeah,
sweet chili type sauce. – Yeah, or like a chili paste.
It’s like a chili paste, wrapped in like a watermelon
or mango flavored lollipop. – The ones that I’m thinking of though
tend to be spicy. – I usually eat off brand ones,
so I don’t know the official name. (laughs) I used to eat really [bleep]
off brand ones, but they were good. – Dude, I love it.
– You bit into it? – Yeah.
– See, I wanna try that part. – And then you get a mix
of the sweet too. – Yeah, I wanna try it. – (laughs) All the salt comes down.
– Mm-hmm, that’s better. – Mm-hmm!
– It’s not the best though. (laughs) – I love it! I don’t know, I like salty.
Oh my God! (laughs) – Alright, you ready?
– Yes. – Let’s go! – Okay! – (FBE) Both said Mexico.
– Yeah! – (FBE) Okay, so these are
Rebanaditas from Mexico. – Yes, nice.
– Yep, oh yeah. I literally used to eat these
til like my mouth would start to taste like blood,
like, I just loved them. – Oh my.
(Mikaela laughs) – We actually sold these
by the strip, so there would be hanging
in strips of like 10 of these. – Ooh!
– Just in one strip and the strip would be like
maybe three bucks? – All this type of candy
is like super popular. They put that like powdered chili
on everything. You can get like mangos
and like fruit. – Yeah!
– And fresh fruit, when they put it on it.
(bell rings) – It tastes like Tajin. Tajin is like a very like,
they put it on top of fruits, and it’s supposed to be
the shape of a watermelon, tastes like watermelon
when you bite into the hard candy. But I feel like growing up in L.A.,
you see this all the time. – Mm-hmm. – (FBE) Here’s the next one. So where do you think
this comes from? – Mmm.
– It smells funky. – Oh, they’re like hollow.
– Yeah. – I thought there was
cream inside. – Oh, they smell funky,
not funky, but, not what I expected
them to smell like. – This just looks like a cookie.
– (Eric) That’s what I was thinking. – But a sugar cookie.
Wow, that is crunchy. – It tastes like ceral
that’s really bad for you. – Yeah, I know exactly what it is. I don’t know what
country these come from. – I like the taste though.
It tastes like Christmas. It almost feels like it does have
like a cherry filling, but it doesn’t. – Oh cherry, that’s what it is. – It’s an almond cookie, for sure. It could be anywhere
from like, anywhere in like France.
– Mm-hmm. – To again, going back
to like Asia area. I don’t know. – You ready, three, two, one!
– Yep. – What’d you say?
– You’re doing Paris again? – [Bleep]! (laughs) – So I believe they’re called
Amaretto cookies, something like that. I said it in my head
with a French accent, but then before I wrote it down, I was like oh,
it could be Spanish, actually. – (FBE) Eric, you were right! – I told you!
– Oh! – You surprised? – (FBE) These are Amaretti
Cookie Snaps from Italy. – I could feel it in my bones.
– (laughs) Interesting. – I thought it was leaning slightly. – Italy!
– Okay. I’m so bummed that
I knew what they were, but I still got the country wrong. – Anything you can dip in coffee,
I’m down for it. I’m going to Italy.
– Mm-hmm. – Let’s do it. – Ooh! – (FBE) Alright, from which country
does this candy originate? – (Danny) Very, oh, oh! – Yeah!
– What is this texture? – Smell it.
– It’s like moon sand. – It’s like if a Rice Krispie Treat
was made of tofu. It’s weird, ’cause you like
bite into it, and it’s semi-solid, and then as soon as it hits
your saliva, it just kinda melts and coats your throat. – Feels like I’m about to eat chalk.
– That’s what it looks like. – Oh, it’s good though. (Brittany coughs)
She didn’t like it. (Brittany laughs) – (FBE) You both look
very unsure. – Oh, what. – I liked it
and then I didn’t like it. (laughs) – It’s kinda peanut buttery. – It’s like if peanut brittle
was soft. – I know what this is! I tried this for the first time
the other day, and like, me and my friends got it
because we thought it looked gross and we’re like
let’s just try it, and it was actually really good,
to our surprise. But I forget where it’s from! – I’m thinking more like
Indian or like Central American. – Alright, you ready? – Yep.
– Let’s do it. – Is it Thailand? – Sorry. – (FBE) These are actually Halva,
and they’re from Greece. – (Troy) Oh!
– Oh! – Halva, that’s it, Halva!
(buzzer rings) – (FBE) The main ingredients
are tahini and vanilla, but you guys were mostly
mentioning peanut butter. – Oh, it’s just ’cause it tastes
a lot like peanut butter. – That’s so gross. – That’s something I’ve never
experienced before. But I just think it’s interesting
that we are like no, that’s so gross, but on the other side of the world,
they’re like wow, we love this. Like it’s a candy they eat. – (FBE) Here’s the last candy,
where’s it from? – Okay, this looks like Tamarind. – It tastes like an all natural Dot.
Remember the Dots? – I like Dots, yeah.
– Like that candy. It kinda has the same texture. – Oh yeah, that consistency
was immediately different. – It’s a lot gummier
than I thought it would be. – Yeah, I thought it was gonna be
more chocolate consistency. – Mmm, they taste like those
like natural fruit bar things. – Yeah.
– Like the fruit bar things, but covered in sugar.
– From like Trader Joe’s. Kinda almost like a rasin.
– Mm-hmm! Like a big raisin.
– Like a date? – This could be a lot of places. – It definitely tastes like a date. I feel like I’ve had this
at a relative’s house, so I’m associating
Asian countries with this. – I really, really, really
liked that one. This one, I’m getting like,
very like… – I have no idea.
– Tropical vibes. – Ooh, I see where you’re coming from. – I’m also trying to picture
parts of the world that we haven’t covered yet,
’cause we’ve done a lot of Europe. I feel like, I don’t know,
what’s something outside. – Yeah, I’m leaning really strong
South America right now. – Alright, let’s do it.
– Ready. I said Brazil. – Brazil. – I wrote Puerto Rico.
– Oh cool, okay. – (FBE) So these were
dried mango tamarind balls from the Philippines.
(buzzer rings) – Mango! – I frickin’ knew
it was an Asian thing! – That’s what that is. – If I had picked up on mango,
(buzzer rings) I think it would have been
easier to make the transition to Philippines.
– I mean, that’s part of what like, was messing me up, ’cause I was like
there’s tropical fruits that show up all across the globe, specifically trying to narrow it down
to one place is hard. – I’m not a big like fruit person,
like in my desserts and stuff, or like my candy,
but that’s pretty good. – (FBE) So with the final score
of 2-2, you tied! – Yeah!
– We did that [bleep]! – Love us, like I’m happy with us! – (FBE) Jeannie you won!
– Yay, good job! – It’s really cool to see
that there’s so many different flavors across the world that aren’t similar
to like our own home country, so… – Yeah, that Greek one.
– Oh my God, yeah! – Dude, so gross but people love that.
– They like it. And they probably taste our stuff
like “what the hell?” – I like seeing how chocolate is done differently
throughout different countries. ‘Cause it’s the same basic concept, it’s just like little details
that are different. I’m a big candy fan overall,
so I’m just happy that I’m an international
candy fan now. – Thanks for watching us
Guess That International Candy on the REACT Channel. – Huge shout out
to our SuperFam for telling us about
your favorite international candies. – Subscribe for new shows
every week. – Deuces! – Hi, React Producer Lindsey here. If you like this content,
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Bye guys!

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