Canada Goose Parka Jackets Review – Is It Worth It?

Canada Goose Parka Jackets Review – Is It Worth It?

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette in
our series is it worth it? Today, we discuss Canada Goose jackets and
if you’ve missed it, we also did one on Moncler jackets which you can check it out right here. In recent years, Canada Goose was transitioned
from a smaller brand focusing on functional wear to a very stylish brand that became extremely
popular. As a consequence, their flagship jacket which
I’m wearing here right now costs around $1000 and so we want to know, is it really worth
that money and how does it compare to other well-known jackets such as the Moncler ones? So before we talk about the jacket and its
features, let’s look at the brand Canada Goose. Just like many others, it started out as a
very functional brand for outdoor gear. It was founded by the Polish immigrant Sam
Tick in 1957. Interestingly, it was not named Canada Goose
but Metro Sportswear. They started producing down jackets in the
1970s but they were primarily focused on jackets for rangers and the police. By 1985, they decided to produce jackets under
their own brand which at the time was called Snow Goose, not Canada goose. At the time, they also manufactured private
label jackets for companies like LL Bean or Eddie Bauer. They were growing slowly and in the early
90s, they expanded to Europe. Unfortunately, someone else was already using
the term Snow Goose so they switched their branding to Canada goose. Even though they were forced to change the
name, it proved beneficial because of the positive association with really cold Canadian
climate. In 2001, Dani Reiss took over as a CEO from
his father at Canada Goose. At the time, a lot of companies were still
shifting production overseas but he said “no we’re gonna produce in Canada”. At the same time, he began pushing the products
internationally and especially in Europe, people didn’t question the high price tag
because they associated it was a luxury high-end product. Ironically, the brand Canada Goose flew pretty
much under the radar up until about 2010. The brand undertook an agressive product placement
strategy using celebrities such as Daniel Craig. Of course, that was also reflected in their
revenue. The company went from 18 million a year to
a multiple of that, selling a 70% share for a quarter billion dollars in 2013. By then, Canada Goose had become so popular
that model Kate Upton wore a jacket on a Sports Illustrated cover swimsuit edition. Today, Canada Goose continues to focus on
quality and domestic Canadian production. Because of the relatively high price tag,
it’s a with higher end department stores regularly sell out of these jackets. The Canada Goose product lineup has steadily
increased and now includes lighter weight jackets as well as pants and other outerwear
things. Of course with the popularity of the Canada
Goose brand, also a lot of counterfeit jackets pop in the market just like with Moncler. They also use an authentication system making
sure that if you pay top dollar, you get the real thing and not a knockoff. Just like Moncler, Canada Goose is now a status
symbol and so we really want to look into it whether the jacket is actually functional
and worth your money. So I’m wearing here the Canada Goose Emory
slim fit parka jacket with a coyote trim. In terms of colors, they are less flashy than
Moncler and I chose an olive green. The first thing that distinguishes the jacket
visually from the Moncler one is the genuine coyote fur trim. Canada Goose claims that it has a functional
purpose in the sense that it creates more turbulent air around your face thus preventing
frostbite more than a jacket without the trim. The company claims that the coyote fur is
ethically sourced and trapped in Canada. Now, trapping is always difficult and painful
for the animals so I know a few people who would question that claim. The next thing that stands out is the material. It is matte and it’s a lot thicker than the
Moncler jacket. Also and I find it quite unpleasant, it makes
a lot of noise when you walk, just listen! The material is made out of 85 percent polyester
and 15 percent cotton, it’s water-resistant, durable, and hard-wearing, as well as wind
resistant. It’s not quite gore-tex membrane material
but it’s definitely thick and much stiffer than what you get from Moncler. That being said, nylon is typically a higher-end
artificial fiber and polyester. In my opinion, the stiffness of the fabric
is directly felt to the entire jacket and other people would have compared the jacket
to wearing that x-ray vest at the dentist’s office. The other difference to a Moncler Jackets
are the ribbed cuffs which I find quite useful because they prevent cold air from coming
in. The jacket features an abundance of pockets,
has lots of Zamak metal snap buttons that are plastic covered. Of course, all branded. The zipper is an injection molded plastic
from YKK, ironically it’s the same one used at the Moncler Jackets. For some reason though, I find it a lot harder
to close. So for a jacket that retails for $1,000, I
would’ve expected a higher-end zipper made out of machined metal and not just an average
YKK product that I can get on Amazon for about 6 bucks. Even though the brand is called Canada Goose,
the actual filling of this jacket consists of duck down feathers which are inferior to
goose down. So what’s the difference between goose down
and duck down? Well, goose down comes in larger clusters,
usually traps the air better which means you get a higher fill power and more insulating
with a goose than duck. Because this jacket uses duck down, it’s not
surprising that there’s a fill power of 625. Again, low end fill power would be 300, high-end
fill power would be 900. So this jacket sits right somewhere in the
middle. It consists of 80% down and 20% feathers which
is not as good as the Moncler jacket which is 90% goose down and 10% feathers but both
are not as good as other jackets in the market that have 93% goose down. To learn more about down quality levels, fill
power, and ethical issues, please check out the Moncler video here. Unlike Moncler, Canada goose has warmth grading
method which is called TEI or thermal experience index. That will help you to find a jacket that is
best suited for your needs and your environment and the level of coolness you experience. For example, this Emory slim fit parka is
rated as a four out of five and it’s rated to negative five to 15 degrees Fahrenheit
which is quite cold. Personally, I think it’s not quite as warm
as the Moncler jackets we had but it’s a lot heavier. It is also much stiffer to wear, it is longer
in the torso meaning, it keeps you a little warmer making up for a bit of the inferior
fill power. Also, if you compare the jackets visually,
it’s a lot less puffy and you don’t look like a Michelin Man in a garbage bag, unlike with
the Moncler jacket. So now the big question, is the Canada Goose
emory jacket worth $995? Well, let’s look at the pros and cons. The construction of the Canada Goose jacket
seems more rugged and sturdy. Frankly, I don’t wear these jackets enough
to really figure out the difference because when I go skiing, I layer up because that
allows me to get exactly the right heat level for the temperature outside. This arctic tech fabric is definitely more
sturdy than the nylon one from Moncler and I think over time, it will wear better. Unlike Moncler, Canada Goose comes with a
lifetime warranty, however, that sounds better than it actually is because it’s just a warranty
against manufacturing defects. It’s definitely a quality parka, it has a
real fur trim, it has a fill power of 625 and it keeps you warm and is well thought
through. At the same time, the jacket also has a bunch
of downsides. One big one for me is the sound it creates
and the noise it makes when I walk, I find it simply unpleasant. Secondly, it’s heavier than the Moncler jacket
which is not so great in my opinion but more importantly it’s simply too stiff for my tastes. Also keep in mind that you can find warmer
jackets with a higher fill power for about half the price of this Canada Goose. Overall it’s pretty expensive even though
it’s twenty dollars less expensive than the Moncler jacket but at the end of the day,
I don’t find any of those jackets really stylish because this one is very shiny and puffy,
this one is less puffy but it’s so stiff and just makes me feel like a very unstylish person. So if you really care for style go with a
heavy overcoat that will keep you just as warm in the city at the same time you will
look a lot better. That being said, I think this jacket is overkill
for most people out there unless they live in extreme conditions and even if you live
in extreme conditions, there are better jackets out there that are better suited for you for
a lower price but they don’t come with a brand cache of Canada Goose. so it’s definitely not worth the money for
people who want a super warm jacket or something that is a lightweight and puffy and stylish. if you enjoy this is it worth it video make
sure to check out the other ones in our series I’m sure you’ll like them as well want to
be notified about new videos in the series? just hit the subscribe button and then the
little belt so stuff like this comes right to your inbox. in today’s video I’m wearing of course a Canada
Goose Emory slim fit parka and the zipper really sucks it’s hard to get it closed especially
if you’re in a hurry I’m pairing it with a blue pair of jeans and brown insulated fur-lined
boots from Allen Edmonds I chose those because I’m just a very loud person that day unlike
with the Moncler jacket the hood is permanently attached on a Canada goose and it’s a lot
more functional you can really tell that the hair keeps your face warmer than without the
trim In terms of value one could argue that Canada Goose is better because it has more
details it’s more functional and will likely wear longer than the Moncler jacket that being
said the increased weight the stiffness of the fabric in combination with a pain in the
ass zipper I don’t think $995 are a good value for this parka. So what are good alternative brands? please check out our in-depth guide on the
west side here

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  2. Bought Canada Goose's Chateau parka when I moved to Chicago and was especially thankful for my parka when we had a week-long stretch of temps in the single digits, not including windchill. Canada Goose is certainly expensive, but it's an investment that will last you years provide you treat it well.

  3. For a guy who says in a lot of videos that you appear like you don't know what you're doing if you don't tie your shoe laces the right way … he can't even do a bit of research on how to say kai-yo-ti, kai-yote, or koi-yo-ti the right way in neither NA or BR English.

  4. Sorry Canada Goose: there’s NO SUCH THING AS HUMANE TRAPPING!!!!! How is there anything humane about a steel trap around an animal’s leg?

  5. In your video as you fumble with the zipper, I noticed that feathers are poking out. I find that one feature annoying. Maybe a video on the difference of fiber filled vs down.

  6. I take issue with your claim that trapping is always painful for the animal. There are various non-clamping traps that painlessly catch the animal.

  7. Coyote is pronounced Kia-yo-tee
    Sorry, I know its a dialect but I wont knock you on anything else
    If you know what I talking aboot

  8. Wear and buy what you want, but for crying out loud, it's not -40 outside. Even in our beautiful spring west coast temperatures, i see this jacket. It's literally 20 degrees outside and I see people wear this…with shorts. I guess that -40 might jump up on you any time! Gotta be ready lol

  9. Du ehrenmann! Die Moncler Jacke ist auch auf einen ganz anderen Style angelehnt. Und ja die CG Jacke sieht sehr unstylisch aus.

  10. NO jacket is worth killing over 15 animals for. Plus coyotes are in the same family as dogs. If we did that to dogs, people would be furious, yet no one cares about these coyotes. They are trapped in the wild, many of them are mothers who are desperately trying to get back to their babies. The trap instantly breaks bones, leaving them to suffer for days in the freezing cold. Their pups will die from starvation, and predators and the mum will die from blood loss, dehydration, starvation and frostbite. Then to make it worst, the trapper then comes to collect the bodies and if they aren't already dead, they stomp on their heads or bludgeon them to death. All of this is STANDARD PRACTICE used by Canada Goose, despite being banned in many countries (namely in the EU). Please do NOT support this violence. The future of fashion is animal-free and fur free. When there are literally countless alternatives that keep us just as warm, if not warmer, why would anybody choose to pay for this suffering? Also forgot to mention that the down feathers come from ducks and geese who are live plucked, and then ultimately sent to the slaughterhouse where they are stunned, throats are slit and then dropped into boiling water. This has all been confirmed from undercover investigations, and there is a lot of evidence for this. Please BOYCOTT.

  11. Walk around downtown Chicago and I see everyone in Canada Goose jackets but I’m perfectly fine in my $99 Northface 🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. Thank You! I'm convinced and will now never buy a Canada Goose Coat. There are better coats, more stylish and less expensive out there. Canada Goose is not worth the money IMO Also, Claiming that you 'ethically trap' animals is laughable. Canada Goose could use synthetic fur but chose not to do so. It's cruel.

  13. NO F*@*KING WAY! they are going out of style and their practices aren't humane… If people need to wear a jacket made in sweatshops because a stylist put them with popular actors and royalty, then then we've become losers!

  14. Definitely not worth it. I have a jacket from a German company, down feather, designed for arctic conditions, I have worn it in minus 30c conditions, it was so warm and comfortable. It is also very well put together. Cost £150. You are just paying for the name with CG

  15. Most comments are from people who have know idea what cold is , and when cold is dangerous you need the proper tools to survive.

  16. Definitely worth it. This is my 8th year with my goose jacket and still keeps me super warm during the cold winters. Amazingly the quality is top notch. Most of my other winter jackets only last 2-4yrs before loosing its warmth. High quality and looks so good. Definitely worth it. I can see my goose jacket lasting another 8yrs.

  17. Lifetime warranty, i returned mine after 7 years and they changed it for a brand new 1. Not a bad investment id say.

  18. FYI: Canada goose does NOT disclose what fill weight (in grams) they inject into the jacket. Transparency apparently is not something they care about.

  19. Heavy overcoats won’t work with the wind and sleet in NYC The fur is a 250-300 charge Not worth it Get a hat and a face mask instead

  20. You literally picked two of the worst examples of Canada Goose & Moncler. Canada Goose has some very stylish bombers and while I don't know the model names, I have seen tons of better looking Moncler jackets

  21. Great video! Thank you so much. 😁👍🏻 I’m deciding on which brand to buy this winter and this was an awesome tip.

  22. Canada Goose products are $300 for the product and $700 for the label. You can get a significantly better jacket for a smaller price tag from dozens of other brands.

  23. fill power of 625 fill power duck down for $1000….LOL
    Even my Karrimor Sub Zero down jacket has 90/10 Goose down 800 fill power, which was £50 in a sale a couple of years ago.
    I use it to zip into a £80 Laksen Mouflon Jacket.

  24. I Lived in Canada back in the day and owned one as I worked outdoors in the Northern terratories in extreme weather I can say with some authority that Canada Goose was simply a good quality properly warm winter coat that charged a reasonable premium over cheaper jackets reflected by the quality of materials and cost of manufacture .
    Fast forward to today Canada Goose is a "brand " that charges a MUCH bigger premium simply because it is highly fashionable and no other reason .The manufacture and quality is in some cases less than it was .
    Go figure ……. sensible people should pass on Canada Goose products it's only feeding the Greed of the makers now…and their shareholders and there are PLENTY of good quality winter wear coats on the market …be a little different buy one of those instead ! .

  25. You don't need waterproofing if you are wearing down. The temps will be way too warm if the snow is wet or it's raining.

  26. So i bought a Canada goose parka for $1300 here in nyc at the store near soho. after finding out about the abuse that goes to make it I had to return it. When asked why I was returning it I said because you abuse animals. I’ll just stick to my old north face ice jacket parka instead. I wanted a red coat which is something northface doesn’t do. I can’t keep supporting the animal abuse in 2019. I instead bought another guitar lol I got a musicman cutlass with the money that was for this jacket. don’t support animal abuse.

  27. HAHAHHAAHAH a Michelin man in a garbage bag EXACTLY!! thats y I never liked the other jackets.. too shinny also lol

  28. Anyone else get the feeling this guy can't afford a Canada Goosecoat? That is one of their cheaper c oats he is wearing, and I am sure he needs to return it before the bill comes due.

  29. I once had a London Fog down jacket very similar to what he is wearing. It was soooo warm, i got overheated on a very cold day. It was $85, and was made very well. CG is not worth 1k.

  30. This is an outdoors jacket , superior build to moncler if you are traveling in the artic and doing outside work such as wood working in Canada or Ohio in the winter.

  31. Bought my Canada goose a couple of years ago and I still like it a lot. Thought I was smart and ordered it online but it was taken by costums so had to pay way more than 1000dollars 😒 still the best winterjacket I have had

  32. There's no way these $1,000 jackets cost more than like 80$ in raw materials and like $50 in labor. Even with extremely generous estimates for other assumed business costs, these jackets are like at least 70% pure profit

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