Cat Power – What’s In My Bag?

Cat Power – What’s In My Bag?

Hey it’s Chan from Cat Power and this is I have a couple of my favorite records of all time. I have a lot of favorite records of all time, but my first two… Is this… sorry, it wasn’t funny. Ok, ok? Just kidding. And I have another record that’s really good. This is called ‘Crescent.’ My favorite song on this album is called ‘Lonnie’s Lament.’ And for some reason everything that I really love, that y’know, whatever, sneakers or cheap socks or whatever they always stop making it. So I’d recommend this one, because it’s got ‘Lonnie’s Lament’ on it. It’s one of the most beautiful songs of John Coltrane. I believe he’s from North Carolina. I heard on the radio somewhere, an interview with him and oh, he’s a gentleman, such a gentleman. And they were asking him these very academic questions And he was just so southern, and just hearing him be southern and relaxed. It was amazing. Do you remember who first introduced you to Coltrane? I was in Cape Town when I was 24 and I went to this… I was like where is a fucking… sorry, where’s a late night music place? And walking around. This is back when you had a phone book. You had to find it. Anyway, so I walked in this place, me and my friend Appaloosa, Anne-Laure. We walked into this jazz club. We were the only women in the club and we were the only… there was one more white dude on stage playing alto sax. He’s really good, the young guy’s really good. He’s from Sweden. Go talking with him after the thing, the guy comes and sits with us the guy next door comes and sits with us, we’re having a nice time. Start hanging out with him and he turned me on to this record. And it’s awesome. So I had Billy Idol sit in today because Chan’s still putting her makeup on. Trying to look 39. And this is record number two. ‘Ascenseur pour l’échafaud’ starring Jeanne Moreau. It’s a soundtrack recorded and composed by Miles Davis in 1955. I’ve never seen the movie, but in America they printed it and they called it ‘jazz track’ on side A, and it has the whole record on one side. And side B is something else. But they’ve been reprinting these. I have the original of this and that, and I’m just trying to ship it to Jay-Z as a gift. Maybe there’s a picture of him Have you ever read his autobiography? No. Whew. Thank you so much for talking with us today. Thank you, that was fun. I love Amoeba. Lucia turned me onto Amoeba. At the barbecue last night, Sasha was playing your music. Bullshit. Yeah, and I was like, this is Chan’s song. No way. She was like, yeah I love it. No way. It was so awesome.

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  1. Dampened but not saturated, because women who listen to Jazz may accept that term. It is nothing a tam and a clove cigarette cannot solve. After a night of Albert Ayler listening, anything is possible.

  2. Screw it – she can wear her hair however the hell she wants. She can smoke as many cigs as she wants. She can crack bad jokes. I don't care. She's an amazing artist who continues to throw listeners for the best types of loops with each release. 

  3. It's amusing how some people like to exhibit that they are "true" fans by always referring to her as Chan rather than her stage name, which she chose herself.

  4. I had no idea I was about the same age as Chan. This might not be her most flattering look but some people get bored & like to change their look. She's interesting but she does seem on something. (Whatever, to each her own but generally people can keep recreational drug use in check.) And most smokers can get through an interview without smoking…
    **If she wears contact lenses…that could be why she's blinking a lot. Cigs bother your eyes more if you wear contacts. They feel dry & cause blinking.

  5. wtf happen to her? this is obviously the first video you've seen of her. She's the same way in all, and yes people do fucking age.  

  6. Oh Chan…when are you going to run away with me and just become the jazzer you have always wanted to be?
    bebop lives Chan…
    …much love.

  7. One admirable feature of Chan Marshall is she has never presented herself as any sort of ego or glamour. So pop comments about her looks or perceived eccentric behaviour are redundant. as for "what happened to her" , the answer is she made better and better music and you would be rolling shit uphill to find a more dynamic musical existence than her.

  8. Give her a break, not sure if she's an addict that was in recovery that may've relapsed. Or is just spazzy. Either way she is a great artist and don't judge unless you are perfect. Love you,Chan.

  9. she is a spun out artist, if your gonna make art you have to live on the edge. I bet when she is talking, her mind is racing and she finds it hard to put all she feels and thinks into words. I love this woman

  10. why does everyone seem to associate a short haired blonde whose skinny w a cig is a crack head? and i hate it when people talk crap about what they don't know anyway. love that free song from her btw 🙂

  11. Yes, Coltrane was a gentleman…and Chan Marshall a Lady… And such great artist she is! She is from my generation and we are good cats. Hey, that shirt is Icy, man! Like Jim Morrison once said: "pretty neat, pretty neat; pretty good, pretty good; alright"

  12. Two things, the first is that Chan is always fucking sexy and the second thing is that I cant believe shes wearing a Goat shirt, shes gotta be tight with someone from Baker/Deathwish

  13. The reason why you guys say she looks like shit in this, she looks great, but her skin tone does not go with her hair color and her hair cut is not sympathetic to her face shape. Otherwise, she looks amazing in her 40s there.

  14. The bananas were the best thing I've seen on What's In My Bag…what a great lady. Impeccable taste. "Lonnie's Lament", one of John Coltrane's finest. Two records, both brilliant….she's one of a kind.

  15. was this around the time just after her problem with sleep paralysis? if so that could be an explanation to her physical state? that shit really takes the wind out of you

  16. Cat Power was so beautiful when she was young, Now she has this bizarre blonde hair, I think she's a feminist !! But it was so beautiful young !!

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