Catch And Cook Maine Lobster Day 3 of 8 Maine Wilderness Living Challenge /Catch And Cook Survival

Catch And Cook Maine Lobster Day 3 of 8 Maine Wilderness Living Challenge /Catch And Cook Survival

100 thoughts on “Catch And Cook Maine Lobster Day 3 of 8 Maine Wilderness Living Challenge /Catch And Cook Survival

  1. Hey Guys I wont be able to watch todays video with you since im already up in the Canada with Greg getting ready to head out for the 30 Days !!! So enjoy and ill catch you all in August !!!

  2. What’s the point of your challenge how do we know your not swinging by Wendy’s or McDonald’s every time you drive around?

  3. Just a heads up. Dont ever eat food in a newspaper. The ink has been linked to cancer. Its considered a carcinagen. I couldnt tell if you dipped the clam meat on some spice that was on the newspaper or what but Just watch out.

  4. You are awesome… Enjoy your humor, creativity and bushcraft skills…

    Have you ever been to Western Washington State? Should come check out the Gifford National forest between Mt St Helens and Mt Adams.

  5. Your a Godly Man and the Lord will supply all your needs . Think prosperous and see what he will do our God is a big God and he can do and give you anything. Thank you Jesus

  6. Probably a stupid question but did you add the remaining lobsters to the porcupine or was it all just the shells of the ones y'all ate? Also how would you preserve them if you were just there by yourself?

  7. this doesnt feel like a wilderness challenge or what id expect. I get hes only eating food he catches but it feels kinda city slickerish lol

  8. So does every little town require the licensing for clams and such there? Is that how your hunting licenses are, too? In Indiana, you have a state license.

  9. I love this hut man friggin cool. I hope to do this kind of stuff with my boys when they are older. God bless you and your adventures!!!!

  10. Me and my cousin used to have a hammock hitch in our rooms and kept an extra one in outperform rooms for each other, but never the less we are hammock people through and through

  11. Why is this a living challenge? Its more like a fun show in the wilderness. Only real survival is that asian guy Survival Instincts

  12. Why not make like a place to store your s sticks outside make sure rain can’t get to them and make a storage spot it would reduce the chance of an extreme fire in your shelter and make it slightly more organized

  13. I go through a lot of depression and loneliness and watching the show it takes away my stress thank you guys may the Lord bless you and I'm a believer Jesus Christ but I struggle a lot..☕

  14. The Bible stuff is whatever.. Except when you actually prayed to God that your. 50 cal air rifle wasn't damaged by a jam. Lol that was lame as fuck.

  15. A tip with the clams is if you leave them in freshwater they will spit out most of the sand. My mom does that all the time when she cooks clams

  16. I love your video make me so much better from surgery’s 😄😄😄😄😄😄🙁👍👍👍👍👍👍

  17. can I have to do it again and I will go back and get it back 55inches and a half hours later and then I'll get a 5AM to do something else to make it easier and more to do so if it does work

  18. Your the bees neez when it comes to anything out doors and I love ya editing especially when you do it with your socks and boots LOL Tj uk 🇬🇧

  19. Considering 2 of u are feeding 4 people your results will b off, cuz if u lose weight and lose the challenge. Had u not had to feed the guy who didn't help at all u coulda had more food for each of u. Kinda lame it's not just the 2 of u since ur gathering all the food. Then 4 people eat what 2 gathered. It's annoying they r there mooching ur food.

  20. Are your aware that were close to the final 7 years before Christ returns..?
    I had an angelic visitation in a dream a few days ago, the message was pointing to march madness(college basketball). The playoffs are through march and the championship is played on April 6th I believe, and oddly enough I turn 40 in April as well. God has been preparing me for a wilderness experience for quite a while now, I didn't realize I would be 40 when it happens. then yesterday I checked my email and opened the Jerusalem post email to see these 2 articles(will post below). As I was reading them I started to read out loud so my dad could hear too. After I was just about to close the article, I looked at the time and it was 10:10am, 1010 is the pg number Daniel 9:27 is on in my Bible. The 70th week of Daniel, the final 7 years before Jesus returns to reign in Jerusalem and will restore all things new.

    Here are some links of prophetic words given if America divides the land of Israel(land for peace in the deal of the century)…
    I would also like to mention that I asked Jesus why Trump would be the guy in power when this peace plan is implemented which will bring devastation to America. Honestly, regardless of what any person may believe about Donald Trump, I've been given clear messages that he belongs to Jesus. I'm not saying I'm right, but that is what Jesus has been showing me. And when I asked about why this would happen to America, because I was really confused about it. Jesus Spirit put me in remembrance to when Darius(Daniel 6:8-9) was tricked into signing a decree without realizing the ramifications of it. He didn't want Daniel thrown into the lions den, but the men working for Darius did. But in the end, those men who tricked king Darius were thrown into the lions den. The difference was, they did not have Jesus to shut the lions mouths for them..

    P.S. If anyone thinks they may be in a battle with the spirit of jezebel please watch this. Jesus helped me in a big way through it..
    And if the rapture does not happen in the expected timing, this may help you also…

    I love you you brothers and sisters in Christ, keep pressing on soldiers. The battle may be hard, but the Lord Jesus promises to finish the good work He started in you, and will be with you to the very end of the age(Philippians 1:6, Mathew 28:20). And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord Jesus will be saved (Acts 2:21).

  21. I had to break down 1,000 lobsters in 2 hours one year when I worked for spago. We’re talkin shelled to meat and shell in stock! I love having the culinary challenges like that. No waste… when I was done cooking them it was like 3 trash cans of lobsters I cooked off and cleaned.

  22. Bro when can i come out on a challenge with you? I love your channel. Im not a you tuber my self but I love and appreciate the videos and all the hard work that goes in to them. Do a fan challenge. And pic me of course…lol For real though.

  23. I like your videos you do. some awesome videos. I like how your building stuff and cooking off of the Wild. God bless you Fowlers.

  24. Maine is beautiful man .my grandfather was from Maine . I think I still have family in Maine .love the videos. I watch one every morning since finding the channel .

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