[CC/FULL] The time we were not in love EP12 (2/3) | 너를사랑한시간

[CC/FULL] The time we were not in love EP12 (2/3) | 너를사랑한시간

Mr. Park Young-soo
passed away… Thank you for coming. You guys are graduates of
Dong-bang High School, right? Yes. Would you write down your graduation
year and your names, please? Oh, I remember you.
You’re a flight attendant, right? Yes, how did you know… My father was happy to meet a former student of his while
traveling abroad a while ago. If you have the time, can I invite
you to ‘A Day with Alumni’? I’m also teaching at a school. Yes, of course.
Call me anytime. It’s good seeing you often but it’s a bit uncomfortable seeing
you in these kinds of places. It’s been a while since
I’ve visited him, too. I feel sorry. Won, I heard you met
him on the airplane? Yes, while he was
traveling with his wife. He was fighting with
cancer for ten years. It must have been
really hard for him. Now that I’m in my thirties, there are so
many weddings and funerals to attend. Fortunately, the only funerals of
acquaintances that I’ve attended are those of Dae-yoon from high school
and Mr. Park Young-soo from today. Oh, Dae-yoon.
Right. I remember.
You guys were close. Yes. From Mr. Park’s belongings, there
are things for his former students. You guys should go get it. Hey, Ha-na.
Do you remember Dae-yoon? Dae-yoon?
Yes, well, Barely. Barely?
He liked you a lot. Really?
I didn’t know. I was pretty popular in
my high school days. Mr. Park’s family was disappointed that not a lot of his
former students came. Well, everyone is busy with their
lives after they have graduated. Former teacher? They’re already busy taking care
of their friends and families. Let’s get out of here right now. I’m Kang Na-young. Hey, mine’s not there! What? Did you take it? You weren’t that involved
in club activities because you were
busy dating Jung-mi. Chang-soo, you’re here. Mr. Park must have already known
that you guys would get married. Let’s see yours. Yes. What were you looking
at with a blank stare? Oh yeah, you wanted to
be a movie director, right? You said you have an
appointment with someone? Yes, you? I also have somewhere to go. An unexpected visit
is not welcomed. It’s the same as three years ago. It’s so boring. Same girl, same decisions. But still, the fact that
I came here is a change. Oh, did Cha Seo-hoo’s
fame change as well? I would like to end our
contract peacefully. You came to Top Classic for power
but after you gained power, you think I’m the obstacle for
your love or something? I made the promise with
you for Oh Ha-na. Then, if I get rid of
Oh Ha-na from Cha Seo-hoo, will you be able to keep our promise? What do you mean? The actual reason why you couldn’t make it to your engagement
ceremony 3 years ago… What if I tell everyone? Will you leave?
This is my personal space. Oh Ha-na. Why her? Well, I did like you for that kind
of your immaturity though… Seo-hoo, I’m almost there. I’m glad you came. Did something happen? I was in a bad mood, but I feel
better after seeing you. What happened? It’s nothing. Let’s go in. Okay. Do you want something to drink? Never mind, since you practiced
for over two hours, why don’t we go out and
grab something delicious? No, I don’t want to go out.
I don’t want to do anything. Did something happen today? Nothing happened.
I’m just a little tired. Do you want to rest
alone today, Seo-hoo? You didn’t even ask about how
my teacher’s funeral went. Did it go well? Yes. Did you give the
letter to Oh Ha-na? You do it yourself
from now on. I’ll give up after trying
ten more times. But wait, do you like
Oh Ha-na by any chance? Are you out of your mind? I’m counting on you. I’m going to leave it
on your backpack. Hey! I’m not going to feel sorry anymore for not handing her your
letters back then. Finally, I’m able to be
honest with my feelings. I will leave the childish
and immature boy who couldn’t confess his feelings
back then here with you. Take care. It’s annoying seeing you so
lethargic from the back. Choi Won, does it look obvious
that I have no energy? Of course. Your posture isn’t straight,
but you’re leaning 30° forward. I truly commend your
observing skills. It’s nice having someone
leading me from the front. What do you mean? I don’t have to show my tired face. There are those days when
you have no energy. Like having Mr. Park’s funeral
and having a bad day at work. Yes, I also like having
you walk behind me. Aren’t you glad that no
one can see your face? Yes. Did you talk it out with Cha Seo-hoo
without any misunderstanding? Yes, I did. That’s good.
I shouldn’t have worried. Seo-hoo is busy these days because
he has a lot of work to do. That’s why you’re back early. Show me the scenario
that you wrote. What are you doing?
Why did you stop? There’s nothing special. Since there’s nothing, show me. If you don’t show me,
I’ll be more curious. Values in life get greater
as you hide them. If you don’t want to
show me, then fine. I’ll show it to you. But you can’t say you want to buy
the copyright and make it into a movie or use it as a marketing
tool after you read it. I’ll analyze it critically, so wait. Where was I looking at? When did Mr. Park
take this photo? $50, $50… Why are there so many events
that I have to spend money on? Next month it’ll
be at least $200. Try getting married. $200 is nothing. It can get to the point where you spend
your entire living expense on that. After I broke up with my girlfriend,
there’s nowhere to spend money. Is this a good thing? For your mental health,
look at it from the good side. Choi Won’s birthday is coming up. Won, you should treat us out.
How about we go to a club? We should dance and find
some new relationships. It hasn’t even been a long
time since your break up and you’re already thinking
about meeting someone else? You’re so old-school. It is said that one love is
forgotten with another love. Anyways, I’m good with anything, club or street vendor so
just tell me the specific date. I have to get permission
by my wife beforehand. I’ll just treat you guys out.
You guys can choose the date. This is yours. Thank you. Iced coffee. Americano.
I like it… What was that? I paid for it.
What is he doing? Why did you call me again? I told you I’m not going to see you. But you came out, like this. You’re dressed like a pianist today. There’s someone I want
to introduce you to. Over here! You two know each other? Excuse me for a moment, please. We meet in a place like this. You feel uncomfortable
because of me, right? Why, because of Won? I’m his so-called cousin. Don’t you think I know
what his feelings are? I’m sorry, Mi-hyang. What is there to be sorry about? I understand both Won’s
feelings and your feelings. Because I was worried about Won, I was thinking about not
seeing Jong-hoon, but I saw myself going to him
again after one phone call. I can’t even control my feelings.
But I like him so much. Thank you, Mi-hyang. What is this? What are you so upset about that you
would do that to an innocent machine? Does it look obvious that I’m upset? Yes, of course. The angle of your arm when you pulled
your arm back was this much. If I get punched with this,
I’ll pass out. Will you get punched
for the machine? No. Everything seems to be going smoothly,
but I feel anxious about something. Maybe it’s because it’s hot. Isn’t it because there are
only good things going on? Sometimes ridiculous situations and ridiculous events make
you feel relieved. I know. Even though I’m very busy and
I’m also getting a lot of stress from everyone from top to bottom,
but my heart is at ease and I feel good. Because we had
our teacher’s funeral, it reminded me of when
my dad passed away. He was on the bed for a long time and
around the day before he passed away, he stared intensely into my eyes. Like that, we were just staring into
each other’s eyes for a long time but I really liked that although, he immediately passed
away the day after. Yes, I remember. You cried for a long time
without making any noise. Do you remember? Of course. Yes, even in those days,
you were there. It’s the legend of
our strong friendship. You’re right. As compensation for those
days of strong friendship, do you want me to get
hit by you once? Are you being serious? Yes. All right then.
Be prepared. Where are you going to hit me? Hey, it’s not fun if
I tell you that beforehand. I don’t think you should do this.
I don’t think violence is right. You’re not allowed to hit my face. Hey, Choi Won. It really hurts. Were you actually
going to punch me? Of course! – Of course?
– Of course! Wow, really, Oh Ha-na.
This doesn’t make any sense. You’re so cheap. How can you do that to my face? Thank you. Won, I have something
I want to confess to you. What is it?
Did you cause trouble again? Earlier today,
I met with Cha Seo-hoo, Ha-na, and Jong-hoon. Really? Their relationship
must be going well. Yours, too. People’s feelings are so weird. When I first found out he is
Cha Seo-hoo’s teacher, I thought, ‘Never mind,
I shouldn’t. ‘ something like that But because I wanted to see him, I was looking for an excuse to
see him, thinking, ‘Who cares?’ Don’t think about the name Cha Seo-hoo,
and just look at what you want to see. If you’re happy, then it’s good. Won… Oh yeah, and introduce
me to him some day. If he’s dating you, he must
be having a hard time. I should at least buy him
a drink to cheer him up. Thank you.

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