Charlie Clips Does the Unexpected ft. Sky of Black Ink Crew 😱 | Wild ‘N Out | #TalkinSpit

– Alright Sky come on. Lets do it. (audience cheering and clapping) – [DeRay] Alright red squad wild out. (audience cheering and clapping) – You sexier in person. You know what, if you gon let
me show you what I do to you after the show, just leave
that water in your mouth. (audience laughing) Oh, I got a chance huh. (audience laughing) I see you later (audience laughing) – What about me? Can I have some sex? (audience laughing) – [D.C. Young Fly] The way
you spit that out, damn girl. (audience laughing) Stop! – I’m sorry (laughing) – [D.C. Young Fly] Aww they
not giving a (bleeping) (audience cheering and laughing) – Hey Nick, remember the other day when I asked you about your
team and who was real. Keep the water in your mouth
if you think Justina is real. Okay cool, keep your water in your mouth if you think B Simone is real. Okay, Topnotch come here baby,
come here real quick please. Come here look at this Nick. I want you to keep the
water in your mouth, if you think everything
about this is real. Alright go ahead he just isn’t, You see Nick this is my whole thing. (audience cheering, clapping and laughing) – You shut up! Sit down! It aint funny, sit down! – Wow, was not expecting that. (audience laughing) (audience cheering) – Boy, boy, boy… Sky what’s up girl? I’mma ask you something real. Everybody up here
playing and we watch you, we watch every episode
of black inc and we fans. So everybody in her told me to ask you, why don’t nobody ever get
a tattoo on the damn show? Y’all just be in the shop
fighting and arguing, cussing and drinking wine. When y’all gone do some
work at that thing. (audience cheering) – I am Sky’s thoughts. Sky why you just be like,
one of the world sexiest (bleeping) God damn. Nick, do those turbans come in one size? Like… Do they got baby size turbans? (Bleeping) that, girl you hair look like the green power puff girl
(bleeping) wrong with you? (audience laughing) – I like your green hair girl. – I do too and everything nice, (shaking voice) power puff girls. (audience cheering and clapping) – I’mma just be real. I’m Nick’s thoughts. I don’t know why I came out here dressed like the pregnant thots
that be in highschool. That was the joke, but forget all that. Am I ugly that’s the reason
why you has spit the water out. That’s why you gonna do it there. (audience laughing) Gotta say not true. No , you will have sex with
me, you will have sex with me. (bell ringing) (air horn) I’ll catch it for you, I’ll catch it. (audience laughing)

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