Checking cool VBIGER 65+5L hiking backpack

Checking cool VBIGER 65+5L hiking backpack

Three good reasons why this backpack
could be your best choice: ease of use,
it is ultra light, and it has the best value for money.
Let’s take a look and see why! Some numbers!
Size: 4.4, 12, 15.7 inches 65 litres 1 kilo this VBIGER hiking backpack for camping,
trekking, mountain climbing housewife running away *housewife running away* belongs to 65 lt category, that is is an extremely competitive category for backpacks but it holds comparison with other
because of its special technical features I was actracted by some of them,
let’s check it out! This central pocket is very helpful for things that you need all the time like power bank, The lower compartment is very spacious you can easily put inside a camera for example, on the right and left side we have two long compartments useful for cylindric items like umbrellas and two large pockets to store bottles I really apreciated these two pockets usually you can find them only on expensive backapack very good for passport or ID card On the top another big compartment to store some food, tissues or knives or whatever All zippes have these hard yellow rings :
you can carry extra staff just hanging it on them or… using these bottom strips down here It is ultra light
just something more than 2 pounds and just like expensive backpack it has breathing fabric for shoulders,
back and belly here on the left and here on the right too Then look, this backpack has a surprise for you 5 extra liters! It means that we are talking about
a 70 liters backpack! As you can see you will find a lot of space
to put your things and if you need to separate them you can do it because it has a hidden second pocket inside when it is empty you will be so impressed by its weight. By the way, let’s test its capacity! Guys brace yourself 35 dollars! Well, actually it’s 35.98 dollars but I hope that is not a problem for you. No other backpack has this value for money No way! Its strong materials make it shock proof but it wasn’t tested with Myke Tyson so please don’t go out with him when
you bring with you this backpack It is cut proof too, on each part here on red side here on black side here on black side too here on black side again and on breathing fabric I really like this part because you see it’s real waterproof rain cannot come inside your backpack And even beer proof Yes, I tested it! My consideration about this VBIGER hiking backpack
is very positive available in three colors: available in three colors:
green, available in three colors:
green, blu available in three colors:
green, blu and red $35 on Amazon!

6 thoughts on “Checking cool VBIGER 65+5L hiking backpack

  1. I just ordered this pack in blue. There were some pretty concerning reviews about in regarding its durability and workmanship, so i also got the 4 year protection plan, and still only spend $34.48. Thanks for this review. I have more confidence in my decision now. I am glad to have the extra warranty but still would not want to have to return if and wait for a replacement if I can avoid it 🙂

  2. This was a very entertaining review and you’ve gotta teach me how to fill a backpack like that. I’ll play the Mario music and everything.

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