Chicago Med – Exorcism (Episode Highlight)

Chicago Med –  Exorcism (Episode Highlight)

100 thoughts on “Chicago Med – Exorcism (Episode Highlight)

  1. Technically the doctor at the bed who was talking to dr reese he doesn't understand. When it happens to a girl not a boy

  2. Reese must have been abused with all the fear she is containing from her past is effecting her more when she's older because she sees people who have been abused too. Great acting in this tho

  3. I love how everybody is going so harsh on the dad even tho this is all fake. But yeah if I was Dr.Reese I would of beaten that man's butt😁😡

  4. as soon as the camera kept panning to him and then talking about the book and how he couldn’t read it, i had a feeling that that guy touched her. Dr.Reese is way nicer than me .. i would’ve straight up punched him

  5. Intrested how the father denies everything about all this, like he was covering his sin or something.

  6. Just fire this stupid girl! Like in all the episodes she goes on this women stupid rampage just get her out what I mean by that fire her she doesn't have the emotional skills to work a job like that.

  7. I didn't understand, someone explain from the beginning, what is the point between the book and the harassment?

  8. We had to study that poem in grade 5 and we spent so much time trying to figure out and pronounce the words

  9. Tips to anyone in the uk: The whole Chicago series (pd, med and fire) is on the app sky go. I think it is available in other countries but I’m not sure

  10. It’s always the nurse that cares about the children and childhood things, wow… she must have had a great childhood? ;w;

  11. Yes I know I keep commenting but

    “He’s not the one who hurt you. He’s not the one you should be yelling at”

    Was she raped??

  12. My god a six year old girl possessed. Not only I'll people but bad people as well or getting forced by something. Body taken over. An adult I guess now is getting confusing. Her own father. Holy crap that is a scary and abusive twist.

  13. I know it's only a TV show, but I got goosebumps watching this. Somewhere, for someone this is their story. To imagine a father sexually abusing his own child? Makes me want to wish death penalty was a legal form of punishment all over the world.

  14. The mum is a wonderful woman and I can not believe what that man did and when I heard the no and her staring at the dad I was like duck him

  15. This scene gave out the same message like when Wilson chastised Cameron for being to emotionally involved with a patient she knew was having a terminal condition. Doctors needs to be objective. Dr. Charles and Wilson were right, it will wear someone out so it pays to be a little distant so that they could help more people.

  16. I feel like doctors should have the right to yell at and call people names when they discover stuff like this. That man is a disgusting stain on humanity and deserved any and all abuse Reese was going to throw at him.

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