Chris Redd – Trapped in Atlanta – Uncensored

Chris Redd – Trapped in Atlanta – Uncensored

I love Atlanta, man. I was in the airport
for five hours ’cause they got
two inches of snow and shut the whole city down. That shit was amazing
to me, man. People left their cars
on the highway. They saw two inches of snow
and said, “Fuck this,” and got out of the car. “We’re walking.
Come on, kids.” That is not how you deal
with snow. And they don’t have snow
all the time, so they’re not walking
confidently in snow, so it’s a whole highway
full of cartoon characters, “Oh, ho, ho.” That is stupid. But I was in the airport
acting a fool, man. I was smacking people.
“Y’all don’t know what cold is.” “Like, why you smack me?” “That’s what Chicago wind
feels like, bitch.” Turnt up. I like to say turnt up
after things I do wrong.
It’s great. I was– I met this–
I met this lady though, man. I was waiting there
about five hours, you know. And I was– I walked up
to her and I was like, “Hey, um, Tanya, yeah,
we been waiting, like,
four hours, man. You got any kind of updates? Anything you could
possibly tell us at all
when we’ll get outta here?” Yo, she doesn’t answer me
at all. She jumps right
on the intercom. ( exhales deeply ) “Thank you for choosing
Delta Airlines. This is Tanya. Now I know some of y’all
got questions. I got questions, too. But right now we ain’t
boarding the plane because we can’t find
the captain. I don’t know.
I don’t see him,
so I don’t know. So if you got any other
questions, I’ma need you to be
like Superman lifting a Mustang
and hold your horses.
Thank you. I don’t know why everybody
so mad about these two inches shutting the whole city down,
because I shut down every time I see two inches.
You hear me, bitch?” And we are Facebook friends,
’cause that was some
gangsta’ shit to say at your job. She was at work. Her manager, Todd,
came out and was like,
“Excuse me, Tanya. Uh, yeah, Tanya,
you can’t say that
on the intercom.” And Tanya turned
with no hesitation
and was like, “Todd,
I been working 16 hours every day
for seven days straight, and I ain’t got
no goddamn bonus. I say whatever the fuck
I want.” ( cheers and applause )

100 thoughts on “Chris Redd – Trapped in Atlanta – Uncensored

  1. It's like this guy is doing a Hannibal Buress impression. The way he walks, talks, and even the way he holds the mic is similar. I saw some of this last night on demand and it was hard to watch. The whole flight attendant story was so fake it made it unfunny. Comedians Embellish their stories all the time but this guy pulled this one straight out his ass.

  2. Lol, it was icy for days
    Everything was shut down. ATL was not ready for those 2inches. I enjoyed being off those couple of days.

  3. Really funny, but honestly, I dont believe that happened. he didnt make it believable enough (whether true or not)

  4. I'm from Atlanta. What happened was the state didn't pay for ice preparation (and it never does…still doesn't)…salt trucks, etc, and the ice on the streets was so bad that it caused a bunch of car pile ups on the highway, and the police didn't do enough to take care of it either, so THOUSANDS OR MORE people were literally stuck on the highway in deadlocked traffic for 48-72 hours. People were abandoning cars and waiting so long they ran out of gas. It was apocalyptic. And that flight attendant story..the part where she says that to her boss sounds very likely, in my experience.

  5. I love how people who aren't from Atlanta think that flight attendant's bit was fake…that shit was a spot-on SWATS accent lmao

  6. Watching 3 videos of this guy I didn't notice who he is until this video it just hit me like I know him form disjointed hes actually good

  7. When you work longer hours but your attitude is bad and your not the best worker then no you don't get to say whatever the fuck you want only the good workers

  8. i live in atlanta and the flight attendant bit was PERFECT. i went to public school and i swear to god EVERY SINGLE WOMAN talks like that it’s amazing

  9. 2 inches of snow and 7 more inches of ice under it (literally every snowfall in Georgia) so driving is hell, like always, whenever it snows here.

  10. 0:20 unless you’ve lived in the southern United States, you don’t understand how magical snow is, it only comes every 10 to 20 years and most of Louisiana

  11. I'm from Louisiana and we get a tiny bit of snow we shut schools down, roads down, work is closed. I busted my as$ back to back tryna walk to my car, broke my car door handle. I called and told my job I couldn't get out the house. Apparently just as I was calling they were calling me to say "don't come in. It's too dangerous to drive" Walked back inside to safety. It wasn't even 2 inches of snow.

  12. Two inches of snow ain't s*it. Try 72 inches and my job still expected me to come to work. Get it together, Atlanta.

  13. its just confusing to me because for over 12 years i've dealt with 400-700" of snow annually and when I moved to Vermont, 150" annually with -25F sometimes. But I'll tell you right now, if I felt Georgia humidity I'd probably die.

  14. I hope y’all know, schools were closed in FEAR of snow. There was no snow, it was just really cold and they closed schools bc of it. Good Shit…

  15. The only way a smack is like Chicago wind is if there feces and used needles in his hand. Good set though.

  16. I love living in Atlanta and that accent and attitude is spot on….

    ….I can’t f*ckin stand it tho. JS

  17. Ty! I've been working sixteen hours everyday for seven days straight, and I ain't got no god damned bonus! I'll say whatever the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuq I want!

  18. "I'mma need you to be like Superman holding a Mustang and hold your horses."


  19. It's not the 'SNOW'…its the ice…we as ATLiens DO NOT find the need to do unnecessary damage to our vehicles just to prove something to 'northerns'..who by the way DONT have vehicles in thier OWN perspective cities of Origin, so don't value the understanding on having a vehicle and NOT..North, no vehicle you take the train to work ALLLLLL over…Here no vehicle…No job!…Don't hate on my city… it's not necessary to prove…what we WILL prove is that we will take them 2 days off like a champ..and Chill..

  20. 0:40–0:50 He aint lying. I work in the Chicago a street away from Michigan Ave and that wind beats you down, breaks your phone by slapping it out of your hands and even mugs you for a few bucks on the way past you lol.

  21. Yessssir, that sounds just like what someone would do and say to you at the Atlanta airport. I've lived here a year now and the customer service on the SW side of town (Camp Creek, Princeton Lakes, and Airport) is horrible. It's really sad that we treat our own people this way because if we went into an establishment with people of another race and they ignored or dismissed us, we'd be on the news hollering racism. However, not all areas of Atlanta are this way.

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