Chrissy Teigen & Ellen Share Their Favorite Things for Day 7 of 12 Days!

Chrissy Teigen & Ellen Share Their Favorite Things for Day 7 of 12 Days!

My next guest asks that you
please don’t look at her feet when she walks out. Please welcome Chrissy Teigen. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] That is such a
good color on you. Thank you so much. I had to cover my tootsies. That’s– anyway, hi. Hi. So you– It’s so cold in here, Ellen. Right, comedy is cold. It keeps people awake. If it’s hot, people
get lethargic. And they’re like, oh,
yeah, that’s funny, Ellen. That’s true. Yeah. Oh my God, that is–
that’s a good point. That’s true. It’s– everybody knows that. Maybe that’s why I’m
so happy here, too. I keep my house too warm. Do you like to sleep
when it’s warm or cold? It has to be so cold. And I have a ton of blankets. Me, too. So does he like it cold as well? Because Portia
doesn’t like it cold. And I like it freezing. I’ve never asked him
what he likes ever. [LAUGHTER] Like for anything. He just does– Wow, that’s amazing. I know. He doesn’t give an opinion. No. Wow, that’s a good husband. He goes with the flow. That’s really sweet. Yeah. All right, so you helped us out. You surprised us during with
The Greatest Night of Giveaways, which was– Which was so
emotional and amazing. Isn’t it? It was just so fun. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) It’s the most
wonderful time of the year. With the kids jingle belling
and everyone telling you be of good cheer, it’s the most
wonderful time of the year. It’s the happ–
happiest season of all. With those holiday greets and
gay happy meetings, and friends come to call. Chrissy, you know I have a
quarterly subscription box, right? I do. Yeah, oh, I read
the wrong script. I love your subscription box. It’s called the BE
KIND by Ellen box. And the items inside
are worth over $200. For how much– for how much? $54.99. [LAUGHTER] I actually– you gave me one. And I loved it. Yes, thank you. Each box is filled
with must-have products that Ellen hand picks herself. The new holiday box includes a
Tribal Life scarf, ABLE Cuff, a 52-week BE KIND
planner, and much more. Subscribe in the next
24-hours to make sure your box arrives before Christmas. You’re all getting
my holiday box and a one-year subscription. [CHEERING] I wanted a chocolate
dipped almond. Chrissy, do you know that I
have my own clothing line? I did, Ellen. You’ve mentioned it
to me several times. Then you know that
I have a new holiday collection that you can find
right now on I sure do. There are luxe sweaters, hats,
scarves, comfortable slippers, and sneakers, plus this
amazing [INAUDIBLE] dog bed, soft, and comfy
home decor all to get you through the holiday season. That’s right. By the way, this is one of them. And the dog bed is just
exclusively for this right now. We haven’t started selling them. But today you can start
shopping with your $300 ED By Ellen gift card. [CHEERING] You’ve got to get one of these. I’ll give you that. [INAUDIBLE] Hey, Chrissy. Yes, Ellen. You know what else I love? What do you love? Those Illuminati meetings
you keep inviting me to? No, Chrissy, I’m
talking about cheese. I was way off. But Miyoko’s Creamery makes
delicious cheese and butter products crafted
100% from plant– I don’t know why I’m
doing it like that– using traditional cheese
making techniques founded on the principal of compassion
for animals and our planet, they only use real and
organic ingredients. I love this cheese so much. It is so delicious. You’re going to freak out. I’m excited that you’re
all going to get to try it. I want you to shop Mykonos.– Miyoko’s. Look what you’ve done to me. Told you. Look what you’ve done to me. Told You. [LAUGHTER] It’s Mykonos.. You’re going to love the cheese,
Miyoko’s, with your $300 Target gift card. [CHEERING] Taste it. [INAUDIBLE] Thanks, Ellen. All right, Chrissy, it’s time
to talk about you and Away. That’s very rude, Ellen. If you want me to
leave, I’ll just go. No, no, I mean, the
luggage brand Away. [CHEERING] Away creates products that
are thoughtfully designed to make travel more seamless. The Expandables are a new line
of soft side suitcases made from durable nylon that
expands so you can fit more into every trip. You’re getting the Away
Expandable Bigger Carry-On. [CHEERING] One more gift when we come back. We’re back with
Chrissy Teigen here. And tell everybody
about this next gift. Oh, set against this
spectacular backdrop. Ellen, stop looking at me. And they told me this is– the J is not silent. It’s San Jacinto Mountains. This incredible resort is the
perfect desert oasis getaway. You can relax by
their multiple pools or treat yourself at
their poolside bar Elixir with a $100 bar
credit, resort credit. Resort credit. You’re all– drink up. You’re all getting a
three day, two night stay at the V Palms Springs. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) It’s the most
wonderful time of the year. With the kids jingle
belling and everyone telling you be of good cheer– I want to thank Chrissy Teigen,
Dwayne Johnson, Michael B. Jordan. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be kind to one another. Bye. (SINGING) –of the year. It’s the happ–
happiest season of all. With those holiday greetings and
gay happy meetings and friends come to call. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel. So you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SCREAMS] [BLEEP] God! [BLEEP]

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  1. Hi guys. I am so happy and proud of myself and I thought I should share this with you!!! Today I saw myself on TV, when I turned it off.

  2. Those gift cards are an additional right? Or they get the gift card and they spend that amount on those specific products? Some1 explain dih

  3. This is great all these sponsors give a way stuff for maximum product placement on the Ellen Show !!! Kudos Ellen youre still amazing.
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