Çin Falı – Aksiyon, Macera ve Komedi 1080p Türkçe Dublaj Film İzle

Çin Falı – Aksiyon, Macera ve Komedi 1080p Türkçe Dublaj Film İzle

Building of the Old Summer
Palace started in 1709.
Took more than
150 years to complete.
Its magnificence awed the world.Envoys called it
The Garden of Gardens.
Haiyan Hall was its
largest Western mansion,
where the 12
Chinese Zodiac statues stood,
each majestically
spouting water at noon!
Foreign armies breached
Fort Dagu in July 1860,
shattered the
Empire’s feeble defence.
On 6th October 1860,the invaders stormed
Old Summer Palace.
Imperial treasures including
the 12 bronze statues
were pillaged or burned.The fire lasted for three
nights and days.
This 150-year-old
architectural masterpiece
was razed to the ground.One, two, three!Going once, going twice, Sold! Next item. A case of 24 bottles of
Chinese Maotai perfectly preserved, forgotten in a farm cellar for over 55 years. Maotai’s starting bid: 2 million euros, bids in increments of 100,000. Ladies and gentlemen, there are only four in the world. The Chinese ambassador. A pleasure to meet you. Please forgive my lateness, I’m sorry. We should be the ones
to ask your forgiveness. Take a look at the edges. All those years ago, because of the war, my ancestors brought back things
that did not belong to them. And every time I look at that bronze, I feel guilty. It’s part of the common
heritage of mankind. It shouldn’t belong to
one or two individuals. That’s why I chose
to donate it to a Chinese museum. Sir it’s my humble opinion, that if everybody thinks like you, the world would be a
better place to live in. I wish you every success in tracking down the
rest of the bronze heads. 8.8, and sold! 7 million! Sold! Congratulations, Mr. Morgan. MP Corporation is now the proud owner
of the world’s four rarest stamps You’re wrong. Not four. Now, there is only one in the world! Hey! Check it out!
MP Corporation is all over the news today. Oh! The boss is back. It’s the only one of its kind left. Its values go triple overnight. Father’s idea. Genius! You want a priceless antique?
I’ll make it for you. Next! Percy’s called, questioning our painting
Morning Light. Questioning? Well then, they don’t even know to do that. Buy it back, like we always do,
for an elevated price. Because fake things tend
to become more real once they’ve been bought
and sold a few times Next! The 5th bronze head did very well.
It was a surprise to us. Recent buyers this auction season
were all businessmen who just love their country. That’s because they’ll do anything
for their own relics. Their patriotism equals our profit. Genius! These bronzes, each one higher than the last. How am I going to get my hands
on those bad boys? Names, give me names. Throw out names. Let’s get the Vulture. Feels like it should be someone closer to home. What about JC? He hasn’t even found the Roses painting yet. Roses? Don’t worry about the Roses. You tell JC, if he can get me all the remaining heads, there’s a massive bonus in it for him. As long as the money’s right, JC will get you anything. You tell him it’s one million euros each. If he gets us the dragon as well, I’ll add another zero. Genius! Your car cannot pass! I want to pee. She’s gorgeous! Please. Come this way. Thank you. Dad, that’s brilliant. You know, it’s the Year of the Dragon. – We’re going to make a fortune.
– Go fool around with your girls! You go find JC, then No problem, I’ll find him. Right, where is he now? He’s probably on vacation. What’s going on? I don’t get this. What happened? There’s a breach. Be alert! What is it? Someone has broken in! What’s going on? Stop him! Stop or we will shoot! Get him! There’s a breach, don’t let him get away! Where are the keys? Get him! This way! He’s under the car, get him! He’s here! He’s here! Get him! Shoofl Hurry! I can’t see him. Can he out-race us? I can see our cars but nothing else. Where is he? I thought you’d cut him off. What is this? Get him! What’s that? He is there! Oh my poor backside! Shoofl JC, okay? Go! Let’s go. Hello? JC, it’s Jonathan. Did you find the Roses? I am on vacation. I have a new assignment. Interested? How much do you pay? Know the 12 bronze heads from Old Summer Palace? Chinese Zodiac? Chinese ZodiacProfessor Guan.Martin is from National Geographic Channel.This is Professor Guan.How are you, sir? How do you do?National Geographic Channel is very respectable. We need plenty of support for our work. Especially support from credible media like yours. We’re doing a feature
on the 12 bronze heads. You are an expert on them. So we’re here to learn from you. The pyramids of Egypt, the Parthenon of Greece, and Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, are just like China’s Old Summer Palace, where numerous treasures and relics were pillaged, destroyed, and stolen. How are you, sir? Good day, all. These students are
from all over the world.They’ve been working here for years,repatriating relics
to their own countries.
We need everyone to work hard.It takes centuries to create a miracle,but a bomb or fire can
destroy it in an instant.
After much detailed research,we came up with almost exact replicas. You are the first reporter to see them. No pictures! Sorry. Five of them have been auctioned. What about the rest? There are rumours of their whereabouts. One of my students in Paris, she’s an expert in antiquity, has recently examined two auctioned heads. Which two? Rabbit-head, and this Rat-head. Can I get in touch with her? I’ll contact her for you now. Thanks. Can I touch them? Certainly. Thanks. No need to be so serious! I must, I must It’s coming. The Rat-head is finished. Is it very valuable? Depends on what you think is valuable. For 10 euros, you can have them both. This is your document. Welcome to Paris! Thank you. We are here for peace. Peace! Peace in your heart! Peace! Everybody! Okay? We will voice our concerns peacefully. You sure it is here? According to the GPS Then wait here. Paris! What? Are you kidding? It’s your size! It’s not your size! If it’s not,
it was the seller who made a mistake. Get lost! It’s over between us! No! It’s not over! I love you, Coco! I love you. Love Love my ass! Okay! Okay! If that’s how it is, give me back my keys! Who are you? Who are you? Professor Guan sent me. Just wait! Who’s this fellow? Your new boyfriend? Yes! Thank you for catching. You’re welcome. You don’t have keys? She says it’s over between us.
I just want my set of keys back so I can give it to another girlfriend. Sorry. I missed You missed… Let’s go. Hurry up. You are Shangguan Ma-ding? Yes. But my research told me. Shangguan Ma-ding has passed away. That was my cousin.
I am Martin Shangguan. Oh, really? Follow me, then. Boys and girls, Martin is from National Geographic Channel. He is here to do a feature on the bronze heads. We need all the help we can get from mainstream media like
National Geographic Channel. I’ll do my best. A common goal among us young people is to retrieve lost relics
for various countries. Of course, they include the 12 bronze heads. These are the two in France? Yes. They belong to Count Marceau. I examined them. Professor Guan verified their data. They’re authentic. He lives in that chateau? Sorry! Occupational habit. Guys! Over here. What’s going on? What’s wrong, guys’? I was walking with Wu Qing,
we were keeping surveillance on a cargo No battery no memory card. Which we suspect of being stolen antiques. Suddenly,
all these guys started beating us up! They only stopped
when I tried to call the police. It’s too risky. I’ve told you many times,
we only protest in peace. Why didn’t you stop him? No, listen… No, guys. Listen to me. I’d like to remind all of you about
the principles of our organization. One, we don’t give the police any trouble. Two, we don’t interfere
in the lives of the people. And three, we don’t disturb social order. Absolutely! You have my support. Producer from National Geographic Channel. Reporter? Yes. Chinese? Yes. You must help us to expose MP’s crime, make them look bad! No. As media, we can only report the facts. We cannot exaggerate and make things up. I have taken photos. You sit down! Be careful. I’m sorry this happened on your first visit. We’ve got nothing else for you, goodbye. Can I have a word with you? Sure. Over here What’s the matter? These people, these big corporations You and your students must… Okay, thanks, stay in touch! What on earth? He’ll crack their code. Sure. When the time comes, I might be there. You’re responsible for my getaway. The Chateau’s landscape is flat. There is only one low-lying area. You meet me at the low-lying area. Follow me. Monsieur Pierre,
during our phone conversation, you said you wanted more information
about our bronze heads. We’ve brought you this portfolio. I’m sure you’ll find everything inside. Madam, I beg you to pick up the phone! Are you sure of their authenticity? Yes, of course. Indeed, there are many replicas
on the market now. Even experienced
collectors have been fooled. If you have doubts,
you’re free to test them. Okay, let me keep the book. I will contact you soon. Call me back. He used his hands
to flip through the album. I think he’s heading to the vault. Their surveillance systems
are installed outside, for fear of damaging the relics. It seems that we are spot on, the owner is
obsessed with tidiness! Just like you: a mysophobic! Now we can only wait. Let’s wait, then. They’re all seeing their boss off. I am watching. Tell me when you are ready. We are ready! In five seconds I can see the fingerprints. Hurry UP. They’re coming back. Found it! It’s behind the bookshelf. Same old trick. Damn it! What’s wrong? Three sets of combination
of 46 letters each! It’ll take eight computers two days
to crack it. Weird! What has the boss been up to? Why would one obsessed with tidiness misplace his books? Should be put.. Here. Here. That’s how he reminds himself
of the combinations! Marion. Yes, sir? Some coffee, please. Very good, sir. Let’s go. Okay. I know how to open it. It’s opened. Found the bronze heads yet? Give me a minute. The Rat-head, the Rabbit-head. Do they look like our replicas? To me… they’re all the same. Is there anything else worth taking? They’re all junk! You know what I’ve just seen? What? The Pharaoh’s sceptre
and the Czarina’s staff, the Golden Eagle Box, and the Star of Arabia! They’re all lost national relics! Now, they belong to us. Guess what else I’ve found? What? A painting that we dreamt of stealing. The Roses? BifigQ! I’ve been looking all over for you, Now you show up by yourself. Lucky me. Just look at this photo.What are you doing here?Who are you? What are you doing? Guards!Hey! Stop!We’ve a situation!He’s upstairs! Go get him!They saw me! What’s going on? I am still inside, being chased by dogs. Give me directions! There he is! Look! He is on the roof! Go get him! Go that way. Catch me if you can! More of the same? I’m southeast of the chateau, tell me where to go! There’s a maze ahead of you, stay out of it! I think I’m already in it! Can you take the high road? No room for a take-off! I’ve to give it a try. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe… I’m coming your way!It’s no time
for nursery rhymes!
Cut the crap and find me an exit!We can’t see you
unless you’re airborne!
They stopped? Maybe they are short-sighted There he is! He’s airborne! He’s gone down again! The runway is too short! It’s a dead end! What’s that noise? I am mimicking a dog! Want a bite? Lie down! Nice! Nice dog. Stay put! Good doggie. Beat it! Speaking Chinese to a French dog? I’m surprised he could understand. We’ll call you later. Okay. GuardsGo check it out right now!I am out, finally! Call Simon and tell
him to handle the rest. You do it. We’re not on speaking terms. Martin? Martin! What are you doing? Do I know you? Was that you in the chateau? Coco, it was someone else. Someone else? You can address me by name! It was you! Watch out! It was you! Let go me! How could you steal? I don’t know what you’re talking about. We’ve been had! They knew each other! Good Lord! Go! Let go of me, and drive carefully! Are you still in denial? Okay, it was me. Why did you do that? This is not the time to explain. Watch out! You alright? I’ll meet you at the boat house. Simon, I’m at your 6 o’clock,
9 o’clock above! Perfect! Where is the other head? Coco’s got it. You’re no reporter. Who are you really? Me? I have double identities. I am president of the non-profit making International Foundation of Relics… Metals, Porcelain and Paintings What? I’ve never heard of this organization. You know every one by heart? What should we do with this head? Return it to the Chinese government. Good idea!Be careful, guys. Let’s go!It’s here! Let’s go!Go, go! Let’s go!Hello. Oh, no. Not this. Hello, is this the police? What’s going on? Don’t come out! My power cable! Police! Don’t move! Police! Police! Don’t move! I swear that they are accomplices! It’s not true! The Marceau family’s reputation is impeccable. Impeccable reputation? We’ve watched these tapes, and we saw nothing. There are customs documents, and a witness who saw nothing at the chateau. She was estranged
after her uncle rejected a loan request. No, I was three when I last visited him. Do you really think I’d remember? I swear to God that Shut up! We will keep the statue for two weeks. If no one claims it, you can have it back. If they bother you again, let us know. Now, you are free to go. Thank you. But that’s not true! Shut up! I swear they stole the heads! You’ve other things to worry about! How did it go? Everything went as expected. I still want to thank this honest and beautiful
citizen of France. You’re welcome.
All I did was tell the truth. My name is Catherine. You seem interested in
those bronze heads. I have something at my house
you might be interested in. Well, think about it. Drive on, Bruno. Chateau Sichel. We’ve always wanted to visit this chateau. Welcome! I’m sorry. There are some routine
security measures here. The bank has taken
possession of everything. Nothing of value is
permitted to be taken out. It’s okay. Beautiful castle! Please, follow me. Follow them. Our family went bankrupt
in the financial crisis. Still nice to be able to live here. Thank you. Your ancestors may have been the last people to
see these beautiful creatures. Yes, I know what you mean. Thing are only treasured
after they’ve disappeared. Yeah, you are right! Rooster? It’s the reason I invited you here. Is that real? It’s been here since I was born. This is stolen property, right? What did she say? She said beautiful staircase. Thank you. Let’s go. This is my great-great-grandfather, her grandfather. Years ago he came back from overseas. He always wanted to set sail again
to find his second command but never had the funds to do so. Later his son, my grandma’s father, put together an expedition and went to sea in
search of the Indestructible. But he never returned. He just disappeared mysteriously. I heard you have the animals’ heads. Maybe you would have clues
about my great-grandfather? I don’t give a damn! Bronze heads, scepter, diamond they can never be made public. The one I really want back is the painting. The value of what they’ve stolen
is over a billion dollars! If you’d installed an infrared
security system, things would have been So it’s my fault, then? No, no, no… I’ll make you a promise. If you don’t recover that painting, I will strangle you myself! It’s a rocking horse
I had when I was a child. My great-great grandfather painted this
after his return. It’s the view he saw
after his ship was damaged. Why don’t you have a look around?
I’ll go get some tea. Thank you. Over there. Sorry, we need to talk in private. How can we steal the Rooster-head? Best is to stay here
for 2 days, steal and go.Not possible.At least replace
it with a replica.
But we need data
to produce a replica.
Professor Guan has them. Talk to Coco. Never mention steal in front of her, otherwise she won’t help. What should we do? Guys, look! Castiglione’s Emperor Qianlong’s
Autumn Hunt! Is it valuable? All antiquities are valuable. My granny’s chamber pot
must be priceless, too! So this painting does exist! I thought it was destroyed in a fire. In 1860, my great-great grandfather
sailed to China on Indestructible and
won a great victory. This was one of the spoils of war
he brought back. You must mean
the ransacking of Old Summer Palace. That was during the
Second Opium War, remember? That depends on your point of view. Yes, she is right. The killing of British
and French diplomats by the corrupt Qing Dynasty
was an excuse to start the war. Is that a legitimate reason for two
industrialized nations to invade country? In the eyes of those industrialised nations, China was a superpower. True, we even called
ourselves Celestial Kingdom Whose side are you on? Yours, of course. Then? Sorry? What’s next? On the way back, they met a storm, and the ship was damaged. I bet it was overladen with loot. Served them right. What did she say? Could you speak in English? I don’t speak English. She said that’s unfortunate I didn’t say it was unfortunate. I said it served him right! Served him right? What a cruel thing to say! He went to China on orders of his country. It was his duty as a soldier. Fortunately, he was picked up
by a passing Chinese ship. The God of Justice must be blind! What did you say? She said thank goodness he came back. That’s obviously not what she said. But, thank you all the same. You’re welcome. What are you doing? I’m taking it back to China! This is my home, you can’t just take anything you want! Just like over a hundred years ago, your ancestors didn’t ask for permission
before taking this Coco Coco These things happened so long ago. Back then, if a woman wore too little clothes, someone might throw a stone at you, no, at her. Oh, sorry. Sorry for what? Don’t be a bleeding heart. She should be the one apologizing. What did she say? Did she say something? I don’t need you to translate. Did you all forget? They came to our country a century ago, burned, raped, murdered and pillaged. Over a century ago, you came to our country to rape, pillage and murder. Even a hundred years later, these memories still hurt the Chinese! It’s true. I studied history. Whatever the excuses I studied history. Whatever the excuses used, these things did indeed happen. Sometimes we can only explain
such things with invalid reasons, such as That was an era in which might makes right. We cannot use today’s civilized standards to judge the mistakes of the past. Even now, it’s the strong who comes up on top. You must have power
before others will reason with you. Never mind. I’m beginning
to understand her point of view. Sorry. Anyway, all of this now belongs to the bank. They’re worthless to me. I’d give them to you if I could. Didn’t you want to visit this castle? Now that we are here, let’s stay for a couple of days. Come on, have some tea. Since you’re so fond of each other, have fun yourselves! She is going to the bathroom. What is it? Come take a look. Catherine! Yes? Your great grandfather, the ship… did it sink, or was it grounded? Who knows? You know what? We’re interested about recovering your great grandfather. If we stay another couple of days, start an investigation, more information, we might be able to help. Thank you so much! It’s wonderful. We have plenty of rooms here. You can stay as long as you wish. I’m going to make the preparation. But he may not be alive. It’s okay. Coco. Thank you. I will call you later. Thanks for your help. Thank you. Let’s stay and steal the Rooster-head. No stealing! As guests here, we mustn’t steal. Who says we can’t? They stole from us. We’re just retrieving, not stealing. Good point! We need a replica to do the switch. But we don’t have data to make one. Professor Guan has them. I’ll ask him. Great! Hurry up!Here!Data?Hello.Wee wee This way, Madam.Thank you!Thank you!Bye!Genius!What are these fools doing here?Launch picnic?They’re now our lunch!Mom and dad, when can we go on holiday?Look!This is the data captured by our mini-plane.How is it? No wonder it’s not on the map! Binggo! He was here when he drew this. You guys are amazing! No, technology is. What shall we do next? We’ll camp here. Voice mail? Oh, forget it Martin. News said three heads were auctioned. Impossible! Why not? I’ll show you. No signal. They must be fakes! We’ve got the real ones. Right? If fakes could fetch a fortune, how much will the real ones worth? They must be priceless! And now Now a word of advice. Don’t change with the lights on. Why not? Look. Just now I was I didn’t see anything. Honest! We saw nothing. Don’t turn on the satellite receiver. What? Lizard! It’s just a lizard. Where are you going? I’m going up. But JC But JC told us not to move. Do as you like. Wait for me! How long? NOW! Look at you. What? It’s just my make-up bag! Whatever. What’s wrong with you two? Still in a stand-off. If it is not for my child,
I’d have left him long ago. What about you? She is still not answering my call. I was only three days late for her birthday. Why so mad about it? Where are you going? This way. How do you know? Instinct! Whatever. Oh my god! The trees on this island, must be kept secret from those lumberjacks. If not, none will be spared. Now you’re very happy. Know how hard I’ve been trying? Have you considered other options? No one could tolerate her tantrum! See who leaves first. What’s with Valentine’s Day and the rest? Where did they come from? Does it matter whose idea they were? It’s important you’re there when she needs you. Then who brings home the bread? You men just don’t understand women! Over there! It’s Coco!I told them not to run around.Catherine!Coming! We’re coming!Help us!Hold on!Look at yourself! Help me! Didn’t I tell you to stay put? Hold on! Trouble! What happened? They fell down a chasm! I told you to stay put! It’s her fault! Say something I understand in English! Purple Panty! Hold tight! Purple is my favorite colour! You came dressed for a picnic? Don’t tell me how to dress! What happened to your instinct? Girls, we haven’t landed yet! JC, where’s your hand? Under your purple. Let go! You’ll fall! Let go! I can hold on myself. You sure? I’m sure! Okay. Madam, you’ve landed. We’re fine. But Coco is missing! JC is okay, but we’ve lost Coco. Give us the coordinates. This way. Okay. Coco! Coco! I am over here… I found Coco! Ask captain to bring the first aid kit. Understood! Are you alright? My foot… Which foot? Don’t move! What happened? It’s nothing. Your foot! Nothing, nothing. Snake! Where? Done! My foot… You dislocated your ankle. It’s okay now. Over here. Simon. Look at these trees! Hacked by men.I just saw cannons and cannonballs!This vessel looks like it’s from that era!Could this be the Indestructible
we’ve been looking for?
Very likely.What are you looking at?This chain rode…What is it doing here?It goes all the way into that tree!The Indestructible!You’ve found it! No, we fell on it. How lucky. No way! It’s for real! It’s okay.Just a tarantula.JC, I found my great grandfather! What? You can tell from the bones? No, no. This ring. It has my family crest. I found it here. There are two! Which one? Instinct! Quick. This one! Good! Are you sure? Sure.I’ll stuff your great grandfather
in my backpack.
His arm.Oops Sorry!JC We’ve found the Indestructible!Who could’ve imagined, at a place like this!How did you find it?Brilliant!We stumbled upon it.Almost broke our legs.Found the bronze heads yet? We found one. Bonnie, I have the medical kit!Go around! There is an old path!Just follow the marks we left!Okay, I’m on my way! Thank you! This is the Indestructible? Yes. How did it end up here? typhoon? Typhoon that powerful? Tsunami? Everything was possible. On our way here, we saw graves and skeletons. Those outside the cave
must belong to the crew. Judging on the decomposition of those inside, they’re different from the others. Some were stabbed, too. They must have fought before they died. Probably men brought by her great grandfather. They didn’t die from natural causes. They killed each another. Didn’t her great-great grandfather return home? Then what was his son looking for? Whatever the reason,
it doesn’t matter anymore. You are right. It happened 150 years ago. Right? She understands Chinese? I told her the same thing just now. They killed each other? So his son came back to look for the spoils his father left behind? Right? Right? Right. We need to take a leak! Right. Where are you going? Bathroom! All of you? Yeah! Wee wee My grandmother’s going to be very happy. How is your foot? It goes downhill, with logs lined up all the way. No wonder so many trees had fallen. Don’t do that! There is more.Look over there!An enormous anchor!But why is it being hung on a tree?It’s a very clever lever device.When the anchor descends,the chain rode will ascend, and sends the trunk downhill via the pulley. No wonder there isn’t a single pulley
on the ship! How we benefit from our ancestors’ wisdom! You don’t seem excited. I am wrecking my brain on how to take this trunk back with us? If this trunk… There are no ifs. Money! Money! Money! JC, the medical kit and your friend is here. Hey. JC! I’m very happy to see you again. My friend, it’s a big surprise. Pierre? Catherine! Address me as miss! You’re ridiculous! Shut up! You’re not in your castle anymore. I knew you were working together. I’ve been following you
since you met Catherine. Give me the painting
and the other things you stole. You think I’d bring everything
to this island? It’s a great place! There’s no one else. Just us! I could kill you now, and nobody would know. Ready! Pierre! Are you alright? Idiots! These guns are not loaded! It wasn’t us! We didn’t do anything! It’s okay! No bullets! So who fired? You guys are impossible Don’t move! Or I’ll blow your heads off Pirates? Yep! Bingo!If you don’t do what I say,I’ll kill you all!If we work together, we can beat them. We’ve been here for a long time. Only now do we know this place. Welcome to my island, my friends! We’re reasonable men. All we want is your money. Squat! Hurry up! Understand? Don’t do anything stupid and no one gets hurt!The ransom is $500,000 each.Do what you need to do.Bravo!Or we can feed you to the sharks!Bravo!I don’t mind keeping the women, though.Bravo!Let me tell you something. We are not with them. My boss would be happy to get you
any money you want. He’s very rich. Those guys want to fight you but I said no! Take them away! Thank you! So what are you doing on my island? It’s my hat! Tell me. What are you doing here? Don’t understand. Mandarin? Boss asked what were you doing here? Barbecue. What did you say? This is a metal detector. Barbecue? With this? What were you doing with this? Mini microwave. Do you think I’m stupid?! This is a metal detector. What are you looking for? You don’t want to tell me? I’ll find out. Take the girls. Hands off! Lie down! What the I didn’t pull the trigger! Take care of those at one o’clock! Okay! Boss! Are you okay? Don’t move! I forget to tell you. No bullets. If we stay calm, nothing will happen to us. Yes! Stop him from getting the gun! Okay! Captain! Hurry! This way! Come on! Twelve o’clock What should we do now, boss? Let’s get out of here! Mother of Mercy, I’m scared! Snake-head? Catch it! My foot! My great grandfather! No, no, no! My great grandfather! No, no, no! No! My great grandfather! No, no, no! Sorry! It’s okay. My great grandfather! Thank you. Girls, let’s go! My foot! My shoe! My great grandfather! Go! Come on! Hurry! Run! What’s up? It’s okay. It’s okay. What are you doing? Over here. It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. My foot… Run! You first. Okay. Go! I’ve lost my shoe! Go! Let me help. My foot! Come on. Put this on! Catch it! It’s the Snake-head! You go with them first! What about you? Meet you by the trunk! OK! There’s something in the shoe. Take it! Catch it! Any more? Don’t move! This gun has bullets. Quick! Help me! Come on! I count to three! One! Two! You’ve only found one? I’ve only lived once! Are they all dead? Run! Don’t move! Hands up! Don’t give it to me! My hat I’m done with being reasonable! Barbecue this, smart guy! Don’t move! Are you okay? None of your business. Go! This way! Hurry UP! Go! Are you alright? Hold this! Sheep head? JC Come on! We are so lucky! My foot… it really hurts! A bone Coco! Are you okay? Gold! How do you know about the gold? It fell out. You knew about the gold in this trunk? I didn’t say trunk! Let me see. It’s from my boot. Is there gold in this trunk? Say something in English! I’ve found it! Pack it! It’s changed! Where is the Snake-head? The Dragon-head must be in there! You go! Forget it! English! How can we get out of here? One Way! Sit tight! What are you doing? Don’t move! Watch out for my hand. I am super accurate! Accurate what! I’ll do it! Watch out for my hand. Captain! Go southeast! The road ends here. This way! It’s almost done. Get ready! One, two, three It’s stuck! What is going on? No time to explain! Here they come! You’ve got nowhere to go! Come on, don’t shoot! Come on! Scarf! Scarf! Hurry! Put them on! Put it! Wear them well! Simon! Put this on! Treat them honey! I told you! Fire in the hole! Can you manage? You do it! I’ll do it! The bees are homing in! Smoke bombs! Quick! Get on quickly! Stop! You stupid! It doesn’t matter! Let ’em go! We still have five. The bees are not so friendly. Why You guys are okay? No!No!No! Call your boss! Yes! Yes! Yes! Everybody okay? Okay! Money! Everybody okay? Okay! Everybody okay? Okay. You lost your great grandfather It’s okay! It’s okay. He loved the sea. Here! Here Hey guys! Here!The trunk is 1.3m in diameter and 7m long.Its cylindrical volume is
about 9.28 million cubic centimeters.
Based on its relative weight,and the fact that it still floats,
about 1/22 should be gold.
Divide that by the size of each gold bar,inside this trunk… My butt hurts!There are 2,900 pieces of gold.Multiply that by the density of gold,There are eight tons! So much? A ton of gold each! What about the two excess tons? Divide them into eight parts. What about the two excess parts? They are yours. Why him? I just feel like it. This is why they
slaughtered one another. No way, we don’t even quarrel! What’s the result? Eight tons! Maybe more! Let’s celebrate! Let’s go outside! One word for this journey: romantic! Thrilling! Rewarding! Intriguing! Satisfying!Leave your message after the tone.I know you are there. Stop sulking on your own. Pick up the phone and bawl me out. Got to go. Can’t you ever have a proper conversation? We start off nice and calm every time, but always end up having a row. Morning! Morning! Thanks for your help last night! Don’t mention it. Your medicine Don’t you guys have a confession to make? Like what? Good morning, everybody! Stay here! Last night I wrote a poem to thank all of you for what you’ve done for me. Coco, can you translate? Okay. The oppressed rescued by brave knights A bunch of lying scoundrels in real life What? They set sail for a hazardous journey Driven by greed they embarked on a stealthy voyage with hearts pure, righteous, fearless and without self interest. Heaven will be yourjudge. Stealing national treasure is despicable. Their generosity will be rewarded. You may evade the judgment of law, but never escape your own conscience. God bless you. Ask yourselves every new year’s eve, did I steal next year’s zodiac animal head? Even all the riches in the world, won’t buy you any peace of mind. Wow! Chinese is so long! That was God bless you? Yes. Are you sure the translation was correct? Was I right? We like it. I like it. We like it. What are you trying to say? You always meant to look for gold. You even brought metal detectors. Gold or bronze, we need metal detectors. Liars! You’re gunning for these gold from day one! How could you rummage through my room? Stop being a jerk. I saw these
when I helped you back to your cabin. Oh, dolphins! Whales, too! Crocodiles! Crocodiles in open sea? Let’s go. They swim, don’t they? You really work well as a team! Okay, then. Fire away You’re not even Martin Shangguan. Correct. You weren’t looking
for Catherine’s great grandfather. You came for the gold and the bronze heads! You could say that. You’ll auction off each recovered bronze head. Right. What do you plan to do with these? Someone will pick them up
when we reach port. I thought they’re for the Chinese people! You’re just a mercenery! There are relics all over the world. Why can’t we profit a little from them? You feel no shame? It’s a matter of national dignity! These battered heads… have nothing to do with dignity They represent centuries of
our cultural heritage! What’s the big deal? China is thousands of years old. What we could achieve then,
we can do better now. What’s going on? Boy-girl problem. Come on. If you like,
I can get someone to make you a dozen. From every dynasty Scoundrel! What, me? From your first day with Professor Guan, you have been using us! Young lady don’t pretend you’re holier than me. We didn’t ask you to come along. And if a fish doesn’t open its mouth,
it can’t take a bite! It’s take the bait! Being a cheat is nothing to be proud of. Your victims are those who trusted you. We’ve been doing this long before we met you. I don’t care what you do. But if you wrong your family
and fellow countrymen, your children will forever live in shame. Stop the boat! What is it? The gold! What’s wrong? Nothing! Stabilize the boat! How could this happen? It was alright just now. The gold is too heavy, and the trunk has been soaking for too long. They just fell off. I thought you had it all worked out! You didn’t do it right. You tied the rope to the wrong end! It’s your fault! Me? Shut up! It’s your responsibility! It isn’t the fault of any one person. We could return and salvage it later. Right. Salvage my ass! Everything belongs to the pirates around here! Consider this travel fee… Pirates in this area are from seven nations. Enough! Knock it off! If this is any consolation, I still have one here. Whoever needs money can have it. You are luckier than her great-grandfather. At least you won’t go home empty-handed. True. Someone did once try to take them home. Still these gold remain on Mother Earth. Seven groups of pirates now watch over them. Safer than in a bank vault! Let’s leave them here undisturbed. Mark the coordinates. Hurry! L’I’S gone! What? What?! Where has it gone? Get into the water? You can’t get into the water to get it? You go get it. Professor Guan, Professor Guan, please come
and assist our investigation on the theft of the bronze heads’ data. Just follow my instructions,Today, the sale of a bronze rams’ head
and a bronze snake’s head
has set a new record
at an art auction in London.
The last one, the dragon,
is expected to sell for even more.
The sale of the bronze heads
has provoked much controversy.
Calls for repatriation of relics
are intensifying.
We don’t want our patriotic sentimentto be hijacked by others.We appreciate the young
for expressing their views.
The auctioning of historical relics
from illegal sources,
will only encourage more criminal activities.Those who plunder relics are worse than thieves!Yes! The golden mask of a pharaoh’s concubine and the secret smiling Buddha
were passed in an auction today, affected by the increasing international uproar Police. Do you know these people?In breaking news, MP Corporation has announcedit has won the right to
auction off the bronze
the piece will go to market as soon as possible.I’ve called you more than 7,000 Just say the word. From now on, in future, forever and ever… I won’t call or bother you again. We know where it is! Where is what? The Dragon-head! MP will put it up for auction next week! They’ve had it all along! We could never have gotten that bonus. We’ve been fooled. We behaved like amateurs! Jonathan lied to us. He has conspired with MP. I figure they beat up those students, too. Is it true that
two students from your organization were badly beaten up? Sorry, we cannot comment on this. Okay. Thank you. Sir, care to comment? No comment. Madam, pleaseOh! These reportersto demonstrate their discontent
with the sale of these relics
The crown jewel was originallyan Indian national treasure of India.Why is it that our historical relicsare on permanent display in foreign museums?!In time for the Chinese Year of the Dragon,I present the bronze Dragon-head.Starting price 60 million euros.National heritage, NOT FOR SALE!Cultural relics from many countrieswere pillaged and ended up abroad.They include the star of today’s auction,the renowned bronze Dragon-head.Hello. Are you sure? I will come over right away. Tell my sister I will be back soon. What? I will be back soon. Ladies and gentlemen, are there any bids? Ten euro! Pass!Any comment on the Dragon-head unsold?Will the Dragon-head re-auction again?Do you think the unsold affect
the reputation of MP Corporation?
Take more at different angles! Michelle, send this to Coco. Quickly! Take a few more with this. What interview? – I don’t give interviews.
– An important call. Hello. Boss. We caught three students. What now? What did they do? Same as previous two. They took photos again. Lock them up first. Is there really no other solution? I don’t want it to drag on forever. I’ve been thinking about this all morning. Thanks! Johnny, Tommy Please give this letter to… Take it easy with women. Be cool, just like me! Hello I know you! I recognise the voice. Your calls finally returned! No, I’m not busy They’re gone. Good. Anything, whatever you say Chinese, Japanese, Italian or French Fine. Love ’em all… Eh, sure. Okay. I agree. Good choice! I agree. Great! I’ll wait for you, until the end of time! Good. Yes, bye bye! Yes! Yes! I knew you’d call me back! As a man sows, so shall he reap. God helps those who help themselves. Coco is here. Who? Coco. She’s looking for you. What does she want? A letter for me? Are those students okay? Three more are missing. What? My brother,Lily’and Michelle.I grew up with my kid brother. Before my father passed away, he told me to look after him. He’s my only family now. He is also our family’s future. We’re all passionate about each making our own contributions
to our countries. But now, two of us are lying in hospital beds, and three of us are missing. And we don’t know if they are still alive. I beg you. Pull yourself together. Have you contacted the police? I’ve tried everything. You are my very last resort. I’d love to help whenever I can. But these people I’m sorry for being a nuisance. Professor Guan is detained by police for giving me those data. Why are you crying?Mom & Dad, do you really have ti do this?Coco said her brother disappeared while spying on MP after the aborted auction. MP must have something to do with this. There are only trees, nothing else. Where’s the proof? Let’s check it out! Aren’t you a compassionate person? I feel more for you. Is this what you really want? He insist on it! It’s over between us! We can’t tolerate each other. What does that mean? You stink,
he disgrace himself in public, or what? Don’t give up until you’ve really tried. Two grown-ups behaving worse than a child. At least your daughter wrote.
What have you done? We are destined to fail. Failure? Those who fail look for excuses. Those who succeed look for ways. Stop patronizing me! Lives are at stake! Or it will be too late! It’s easy to make rash promises. But how? Like you said, until you’ve tried you must not give up!Hey JC!Jonathan!What’s up?I’ve just found the Roses.Good! I’ll come right over.That’s my way! Speak! I didn’t lie about MP’s address. Why would I lie about it? Sure, I believe you. But you knew all along MP had dragon-head,
didn’t you? We’d never get that bonus, would we? How would I know? We’re old partners, why would I lie to you? You’ve never lied to me? Of course not! Why would I? What are you doing? This This is the world’s most powerful acid. I formulated it specially for you. Have you ever lied to me? Yes. I lied to you from day one. From day one I’ve told you everything. Why did you do that for? Fruity Fruit salt? Genius! You came all the way to see me, just to cut out the middlemen? They are all blood-suckers. Jonathan lied about the Dragon-head. Can’t blame him entirely. We had the Dragon-head all along. I just forgot about it. Never mind. In our line of business, we’re used to conning each other Where is the Roses? We wouldn’t have brought it
if it’s a fake. I still have to examine it. It cannot leave our sight. Sure. We are ready to begin. Just go ahead. Check this out for me. I can’t clone one so quickly. Verify this. Wait here. Mind if we look around? Be my guest. An authentication centre
underneath a vineyard? A hub for counterfeiting, actually. Billions of dollars of turnover each year. Everything is under their control. Wasn’t that stolen
from an European museum earlier? Almost an exact replica! Artistes here are all masters
in their own right. But they won’t be famous in their lifetime. Keep an eye on upstairs. What are they doing? Sandblasting a porcelain vase, which will then be treated chemically,and ends up like an age-old antique.Layers of Chinese Xuan paper can be separated.This is an original.Peel it apart and you’ll get two originals!You can make 5 or 6 copies out of it!But each copy would be too thin.What about that?That’s silk, which cannot be peeled off.So they slice it up into 8 parts for sale.How imaginative!Fragments of excavated relics,can be perfectly restored,by forging with a replica.So it’s partly real partly fake.When it is exposed to X-ray, a brand new vase can become 1,000-year-old. They are so resourceful! Is there anything real on the market? 9 out of 10 are fakes. Pity the rich and famous! This way. JC Who’s that? Probably one of Vulture’s men.What is this?This oneA special furnace to emulate carbon emissions.Designed to fool antique experts.Its technology hasn’t yet been perfected.Fuel and catalyst can only be added manually.I can’t believe they dare to go this far.It looks crude. Is it dangerous?Deception is always risky.Nice to see you, JC! Did you lose your tongue? I don’t want to see you. Oh! Come on, man. Who’s this guy? This is JC. A big name in the business. Reputations can be deceiving. Competitor? We’re not the same. We’d never do what he does. What? Don’t be so cocksure, alright? Whatever you do, I can do better. Vulture, you stole a Buddha
from a Southeast Asian temple. That’s right. They thought it was the work of a neighbor. It sparked a border war,
killing thousands of people. People die. That’s their business. You’re the scumbag of our business. You know the last person who called me that is no longer breathing. Uh yeah? S- C-U-M-B-A-G! Scumbag. I can kick your ass
without leaving this couch. Show me. You lose! Still Touching. Touching.Stop!You can go now. Have a good vacation. Good night! What are you guys doing? Just checking the furniture. Cheap imitation. Hey boys, take it outside. Not here. Okay? It’s the real thing. Be careful with it. Wow, The Roses! – Your eleven o’clock.
– Leave them here when you’re done. We’ll clear them later. You’ll be paid tomorrow, as usual. Your price is too high. Let’s wait for Dad. I can give you a discount. But I want three people. What? Those you locked up upstairs. I don’t understand. Let me show you. That confirms my suspicion. Prove it if you can. I will.Stop him!I said stop!Don’t move!Don’t let him get awayStop!Stop him!There he is, let’s go! He’s down there!Open the door! Hurry! JC, what have you proved? Stop him! Don’t let him get away! I’ve been looking for a punchbag all day. You’ve just hit the jack-pot. Vulture, do something. No, it’s girl-on-girl time. Oh. yeah! Show me what you’ve got! He’s over there! Get him! Is he still going? Vulture, take him out! That’s not a real fight, man! Only pretty little sissy
with no balls fight that way. Now, that is a fair game. Oh! So ugly!What are you waiting for?Get him!It’s gonna blow!Get out of there, it’s gonna blow!Run! Quick!Wu, are you okay? Martin! Katie! You alright? I’m okay Michael! Dad! Bonnie! Here, I’m fine. Lawrence. JC, finally we meet. Daddy! JC did it! Shut up! You idiot, I’d kill you! What did I teach you? We don’t kidnap people! We make fake things! Boss, I think we need to leave ASAP. Is that real? It is real. You had it tested? Yes, I have tested it. JC, I wish we could’ve met
under different circumstances. I wish you’d make real things. Well, you certainly took care of that. And for your trouble,
I’m going to keep this free-of-charge. Now, I certainly hope you’ll escort these nice, young people home, safely, and that you and I
can resume our relationship. Is that a deal? Deal. Get ’em out of here. Oh. Sorry about the dragon. I guess it just disappeared. No extra zero. Enjoy your Roses. Dad, you’re letting them off too easy. Interpol’s onto this place. We have to destroy it anyway.
He just saved us the trouble. Salvage anything that’s worth anything, then get the hell outta here. Make sure Frankie takes the blame. Okay, Dad. I have a job for you! Yes, sir! The antique market has tanked because of these whiny hippies
and their protests. I want to teach the world a lesson, starting with the Dragon-head. How? Time for the dragon to fly.Vulture!What a pity!Auction houses have
come under pressure
after protests broke
out around the world
calling for the return
of national treasures.
MP announced that
if the sale of the Dragon-head
is affected by the protests,
they will be forced to act.
Let’s begin our private auction!For the precious Dragon-head,Thank you so much! Great news! Chinese businesses worldwide donated $50M! So what? The government won’t accept anything that is acquired from an auction. Tell them we will buy it first
and keep it in trust for them. No, whoever buys it will become public enemy.The second and last time
it will be up for auction,
with no starting price.Do I have any opening bid?With the international press waiting for answer,MP has threatened to dump the head into a volcanoif no bids are received before noon today.You can see the volcano behind me.The Dragon-head might be consumed by it.Ladies and Gentlemen,Our mid-day deadline is fast approaching.I’ve yet to receive an opening bid.If the auction is aborted again,MP will dump the Dragon-headinto the live volcano in front of us.At this stage,
I haven’t received any opening bid.
Fair warning.Fair warning.Last chance. This item is unsold. Boss! The Dragon head’s been
taken off the auction block. Dump it! Alright! Guys! Let’s do this!It’s really happening.They’ve started their mission.Looking at the three skydivers,we can clearly see
one of them is holding the Dragon-head.
They’re dumping it!For the whole process,MP Corporation has named this mission.Let the Dragon Fly!What is this? A 4th diver has appeared Check over there!Wake up!Wake up!Save her!Thank you!He just let go of the Dragon-head!It’s falling towards the volcano!They simply have to open their chutes now!But they’re still free-falling!Very dangerous!A moment ago,
we captured a picture of this 4th jumper,
but we still cannot identify him.It’s Martin! Martin! How could it be him?You are a condor without wings,don’t even think you can beat me.No! You’re crazy!The mysterious man has just lost his chute!Not even the Dragon-head can save him!It’s yours! You’re really something else, brother.In our special report, MP Corporation chief,Lawrence Morgan, and his son, Michael,were arrested after the stolen Roses,was found on MP property.Yes! Wonderful!And here’s a special story.Todya, four foreign consuls each received,unmarked packages containing
lost national treasures.
They include
the Egyptian Pharoah’s Golden scepter,
Czarina Catherine of Russia’s staff,an Incan jewelry box decorated
with a golden eagle.
And don’t forget the Star of Arabia.Now nobody knows who this mystery sender is.Quite amazing, isn’t it?In similar news, Japan has just announcedit will return five ancient books to Korea.Yes! Hi! My name is Anna I’m be happy on behalf of
the Association of Cultural Preservation, I give you this as
a token of our appreciation. Thank you very much. No need to thank him. He has sold more than he donates. Look, Professor Guan has been freed. Mr. Liao, your wife has just given birth! I am coming! I’ve got to go! You run along. I’ll go and check it out. JC, you’re the man!– You dated me!
– Said you’d show up for sure!
It’s loud! You listen to it.– I’m leaving!
– I’ve eaten every cuisine on offer here!
And still you’re nowhereCoco! BYE-bye! Catherine! I have something for you. Emperor Qianlong’s Autumn Hunt? I learned from you. I stole it! Bankers won’t know
how to appreciate it anyway. You Since we parted,
I’ve been learning Chinese. It’s wonderful! A present from my sister. Purple! How is JC? He’s come around. You can see him. I’ll go to see him now. Emperor Qianlong’s Autumn Hunt? Check it out! Try to settle your differences. Mama!Only the efforts of two
half-decent people
can give her a decent
environment to grow up.
If you are willing, we can start all over again. It’s a girl! Come and see for yourself! Congratulations! What’s her name? So lovely! Pax!Pax? It’s Latin for peace. JC gave me four names to choose Sis? Sis? Who is she? The voice-mail lady! Let’s check it out! I will be right back. Come over here! Who is she? He’s going to be fine.
In fact, he is healing quickly. He could check out of here
within a week or two. Thank you. I was just thinking It’s okay. That was an old message. Now I know what you’ve been up to. Get up!Action!Stung my palms!Get the dogs! Control them!Good boy.Not again!Get the dog!Don’t stand too close to the edge.
It’s dangerous!
I’m here when it explodes!You really slapped me!Stop it, it’s NG already!I’m very scared whenever
I have a dangerous performance.
I think a lot.It might be my last shoot,and the last one in my life.Was it okay?We are not the sameWe areWe are not the sameWe will never do what he does!Stay clearChubby, let’s have some smoke!Three, Two, OneMachine can understand me.Hold tight!

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