clipping. – What’s in My Bag?

clipping. – What’s in My Bag?

I can do Ronald Dreagan. This is my favorite Mac Dre album but they’re all amazing. This one came out actually I think right after he was killed but feels like one that they finished and just sort of hadn’t gotten to yet. This is 2004, y’know the hyphy movement in the Bay Area which sort of permeated down here too was unlike anything else I have experienced before or since. There was a kind of coalescing of a scene around local music celebrities was amazing. This stuff is actually pretty expensive-sounding, and kind of pristine in relation to all of that stuff. He was definitely one of the best people doing it. A lot of really funny pun album names, like Mac Malls my favorite is Thizziana Shrooms… ‘Thizziana Stoned and the Temple of Shrooms ‘‎ And the dual album between them that came out, the tennis themed album where they’re Andre Macassi and Mall Macenroe This is one of my favorite, most sort of influential kind of mind changing albums ‘Trance’ by Michael Gordon It was given to me by a friend, who described it like this is the music Philip Glass would be making if he were young and hip again like if he were young and cool all of a sudden again. It’s super kind of angular and jagged but has the same kind of trance-like quality of Philip Glass but it’s not nearly as continent and pretty. If we’re talking about classical music, this is my favorite composer in the world, Michael Pisaro. This is a piece he wrote for percussion and piano. My friend Greg Stuart plays the percussion on it. This is… well, if we’re talking about sort of classical stuff I’m a huge De Dee Bridgewater fan. This is actually her newest album which is a bunch of New Orleans jazz standards One of my favorite singers of all time, and I love all of her albums. Her range on this one is crazy too. There’s stuff that is very straight ahead and there’s these huge sort of scat solos that are incredibly impressive, and it’s all really fun but really technical. I got something jazzy. I got this Joe McPhee & Dominic Duval. They were in a group called Trio X together. Dominic Duval just sadly passed away two weeks ago maybe, so I figured I would check this out sort of in memory of Dominic Duval. I’m sure it’s great, they’re both such killer players. The only remotely jazzy thing I picked up was this Piero Umiliani record who I’m a big fan of. In this wave of synthwave reissues and old Italian film score reissues that’s happening right now the Piero Umiliani stuff is finally getting picked up his probably biggest claim to fame is that he wrote ‘Mahna Mahna’ that song that was used by the Muppets which was for some weird piece of Italian erotica The Unusually Experimental section of Amoeba Berkeley is the source of most of my music taste growing up You guys have the… underneath the experimental section, there’s an experimental clearance section which often has fantastic little gems of like a weird CDR like this one by Dakota Hogback, who was a really good harsh noise musician This is actually great. I used to have this. I haven’t seen it in a while so I’m going to re-buy it because it’s only a buck. Howard Stelzer & Jason Talbot ‎ Fun lightning fast trade off tape manipulation improvised, and then this three dollar Lionel Marchetti. Lionel Marchetti is a sort of contemporary Musique concrète guy and all of his stuff is really strong. I have more Musique concrète, while we’re on it. from the classier upper bins These are a little more expensive but this just happens to be the one that you guys have right now of the Recollection GRM series. It’s by Jean Schwarz, who I don’t know too much about but it’s sort of early computer music. and then this series of reissues is really cool too that I actually haven’t picked up any of, but I meant to get this Joan La Barbara Maybe her first record? ‘Voice is the
Original Instrument’ which I’ve never heard and I’ve always kind of wanted to. It’s hard to track down. Oh yeah, so we can get through all of the stuff of that area. This is wonderful. This Pauline Oliveros collection of her electronic music from ’61-’70. It’s all of the synth stuff and the tape feedback stuff from that time which is my absolute favorite music of hers and some of my favorite music on the planet. There’s a chapter in my PhD dissertation about one of these pieces that’s called ‘The Day I Disconnected the Erase Head and Forgot to Reconnect It’ which is about her getting yelled at by the asshole that ran the tape music center in Toronto that she was working in, who yelled at her for messing with his equipment. He said that she wasn’t allowed to use certain things it was like black magic when she touched it. These are both great. This is one of the reasons I make rap music. We were just obsessed with this album when we were kids. There’s still not really anything like this, I mean like the improvisational, super jazzy but incredible storytelling and these really solid hooks This is just like a really carefully made rap jazz album. And then this is Field Mob’s third album. But the thing about Field Mob is that they’re really good rappers. Oh they’re excellent. They’re like super technically good rappers, they’re really a lot of fun and, musically, the stuff is super funky and super good. I was just going to, very quickly… I won’t have to talk about any of them but in any sort of depth but this is a Shredded Nerve record. This is a Pedestrian Deposit record. This is a Puce Mary record. You would call it noise or maybe power electronics but it’s the sort of underground version, or the sort of homemade Musique concréte we were talking about earlier but with this sort of creepy horror movie noise vibe to it all. It’s very, very precise. I’m also a film music composer by day sometimes it’s a pretty exciting time to be collecting film music because there’s labels like Waxwork, who did one of my scores as well but are doing these great reissues. I’m super excited that they did this Altered States score by John Corigliano. One of the great real composers who also dabbled in film and this is really one of the best scores of all time. My favorite Ennio Morricone score has come out which is all choir and bass and guitar and it’s all these sort of funky disco versions of ‘Dies Irae.’ This is one of the weirdest ones. I won’t pretend to know how to pronounce the name in Italian and I’ve never seen this movie, but this is the best Ennio Morricone score. This is the one. I’ve done a lot of digging and this is my favorite. And then my favorite probably contemporary composer is Brian Reitzell right now who did ‘Hannibal’ I could’ve grabbed any of these, there’s a lot of volumes. All of his music has come out the best television music, probably that’s ever been written. Probably my favorite Jerry Goldsmith score that has not been reissued that I’m aware of ‘Under Fire,’ this movie with Nick Nolte. This is probably my favorite Jerry Goldsmith score, the theme from it is this weird little sort of rolling thing in five-eight, with this guitar solo by Pat Metheny it’s really some of the more interesting music he wrote. he was really good at a lot of ethnographic research and really sort of setting things on the proper instruments for the place and the movie and this is really one of the best examples of that. and it was sampled in one of our favorite Cam’ron songs Oh shit. This is a great, great score that should get a reissue in the way that everything else is right now. And it’s only $2.99 here. I have multiple copies of it already. Well thanks guys, we really appreciate it. Thank you. Sure.

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  2. Is anybody taking the time to consider that they were invited to film a video of themselves sharing music that they find in the store for viewers interested in that sort of thing? Like they aren't really just buying it for themselves… What are you expecting? Guys buying a bunch of top 40 or pitchfork albums everyone already knows? Invite a guitarist and watch them pick obscure guitar shit. All your anti-intellectual/music nerd hate is fucked and more pretentious than the shit you complain about. I thought they were chill af

  3. Mad props for that Hannibal mention.

    I would say the Mac Quayle Mr. Robot scores are much better, along with the Daredevil Season 1 and 2 scores, but those are def up in there in the top 10~

  4. As a long time clipping fan, all these picks make so much sense it hurts. Sidenote: what the hell with that Dakota Hogback one?! That was so intense.

  5. tbvh if you actually listen to the clippings (hah a i m funy) / samples given in the video after they say what they picked out, they're all p intricately made tracks and mixes, so they have quite good taste if you look at it in that pov

  6. oh no the black dudes talkin rap again better pull out some more pretentious experimental records

  7. Yeah, I pretty much figured I would hate their choices. If you're into it, fine whatever. I just don't get it.

  8. I find it funny that Daveed did some normal things and the other 2 guys had like "recordings of water remixes with improvised avant garde jazz solos"

  9. God, I want to check out so many of these albums now. Noise and experimental bullshit is my bullshit. Especially noise. Great video guys! Definitely one of the best of these series I've seen, personally. Clipping is super interesting.

  10. Man what did I think they listened to? Such harsh sounds, although I'm looking forward to listening to Dee Dee Bridgewater, I've never heard of her

  11. It's really interesting to see how people's brains process music. One's man's static and feedback and what sounds like noise, is another's motivation and inspiration to create music. Super interesting choices and can honestly say I didn't even know music like that even existed. Actually learned a lot from this episode.

  12. The guy picking all of the experimental/noise/electronic stuff would love beatdown records which is a shop here in Newcastle in the UK, they have so much of that stuff on tape/cd/vinyl. I pick up so much on cassette really cheap at times on gamble.

  13. Anyone know what Joan Labarbra track they played a clip from where her voice pitch is going up and down like a sine wave lfo on an oscillator?

  14. I talked to these guys backstage at one of their shows. They said they mostly just chose their friends. Probably most of the clearance stuff.

  15. i like how everytime diggs pulls something out huston and snipes are like "oh yea i got some of that" and then they just show the most off the most extreme version of that genre

  16. Boys, listen. The stuff they picked is probably not shit they listen to in their car, ok? They are musicians, so it makes sense that they pick things to sample or that they find interesting and inspiring, to find inspiration for their own music. Tyey probably listen to that stuff in a different way than most people do.
    Thabks for listening, boys.
    Say hi to mom.

  17. what is the exact point of noisy music? i understand the allure of music to tell a story, but beyond that i don’t see any use for this sound.

  18. oh yeah this was my favorite growing up.. SCHEREEEEEEECHHHHRATATATATATATATATATBBRRrrrrrrrrrrrzmzmmmmmmmmmmm…. I can still sing along perfectly

  19. This is one of the best episodes of "What's in my Bag". Absolutely. A real nice gem of a video and source of new material. Thanks guys!

  20. 11:02 I don't know how he does it but without fail Bryan Fuller always picks great musicians to score his shows.
    Jim Dooley (Pushing Daises):
    Stewart Copeland (Dead Like Me):
    Andy Partridge:

  21. my favorite episode. mentioning that Oliveros is all it took. love the dichotomy between daveeds tastes and the noise technicians tastes.

  22. Holy shit this comments section is two thirds « nOisE iSnT mUSiC It’S iN ThE diCTiOnArY » and one third death grips wtf

  23. Cool watching this now after TEAATB has come out. The Shredded Nerve, Puce Mury and Pedestrian Deposit albums all sound like they inspired the album pretty heavily, especially the horror aspect of it. Hell, Pedestrian Deposit features on Attunement

  24. Im all for finding beauty in chaos, but I find most of this noise stuff unlistenable and more than a little pretentious.

  25. Not gonna lie, my ego got rubbed real good when I saw a lot of shit I'm a fan of here, like Michael Pisaro, Puce Mary, Pedestrian Deposit, and even more when Snipes called Brian Reitzell's OST for Hannibal the "best music on television". I love this OST to death, god damn.

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