Co mnie irytuje w Turcji? | Kawa po turecku

Co mnie irytuje w Turcji? | Kawa po turecku

Merhaba! It’s Magda from the Turkish coffee channel! And today, as I am a real Polish woman, I will complain. There is a stereotype about Poles here in Turkey,
that we like to complain, like to moan. There is some truth in it.
I like to do it too. So today we’ll have such an episode. I would like to tell you today about things
which constantly annoy me in Turkey. But before I get to the point … One small remark. I want to say something you before
you start writing comments like: If you don’t like Turkey so badly, why are you there?
Get out of there girl! What I will tell you about today are really small things. Of course they are annoying, but not that much
that I can’t stand it and that … I don’t know … … make me feel bad here … I am aware that I came here
as a guest to a foreign country. A country with its a culture, traditions and behaviors. Which are sometimes completely different
than those to which we are used to in Poland. It all results from cultural differences
and I can’t change it. I can complain about it, but I have to accept it. And that’s it, and … no country is perfect. There are pros and cons in every country. In every country there is something that someone
will hate, and someone will love this country for it. This is a very individual matter. So take all that I have to tell you
today with a grain of salt. And also remember that I will generalize a little,
because obviously as I say in this video, that Turks do this or that it doesn’t mean,
all Turks are like that and everyone behaves this way. These will be very general observations. So remember that and also … There are a lot of things that piss me off in Turkey. But there are also a lot of things
for which I love this country. Thanks to which I feel good here. I am happy here. Thanks to which I can feel at home here. And I will tell you all about it in a week.
So today it’ll be a little bitter … But in a week we will sweeten it all. So stay tuned. In a week it will be definitely on. Okay, enough of blabbing. Let’s get to the point. The first thing that annoys me in Turkey
is that there is no organization whatsoever. Everything is done spontaneously.
Everyone has time for everything. This can be considered a plus, but at the time when you have to do something important
this can be annoying. There is no plan. You never know who to go to and
when the case is going to be solved. Everyone sends you from one person to another. Chaos just chaos. And it can take place in every field of life. Recently, the thing that annoyed us the most was … connecting natural gas to our flat and I told you about it in the video where I showed you the flat. It lasted terribly long. We had to go to the office every day. Ask, beg. Every day we heard the same answer
that everything would be done tomorrow. Everything will definitely be done tomorrow. Tomorrow came and nothing really
happened over and over again. Chaos. I have the opportunity now
to apply for Turkish citizenship. And I decided to get ready for it lately. So we went to Van to find out
what documents are needed. Again … We went to the “Information” place. The gentleman who was sitting in this window,
somehow couldn’t understand what we meant. Then he said he has been working not
very long there and he doesn’t know who deals with these matters
and where he should send us. Then came the thing … The second thing that also irritates me a lot in Turkey. God … See? I already feel such emotions
they my tongue tangles up. The second thing – push into a queue. This man does’t give us any specific information. And people are pushing into a queue from each side. They ask him questions, and i he instead of telling them: “Sorry, but there is a queue. Please wait.
I’ll talk to this lady first.” He answers their questions and we stand like that. I don’t know, for me … It is like out of space. Nothing can be done.
And this pushing into a queue is everywhere. It doesn’t matter … In the supermarket or while
getting on the bus or even at the doctor’s. It annoys me so bad. I’m at the doctor. I’m sitting at the doctor’s office. Other patients come in. They knock and come in. They don’t wait for
the doctor to say whether to come in or not. They see that I am inside, so the doctor is busy. Maybe I wouldn’t want to talk
about my illness next to a stranger. And this person stands and waits until
I don’t know … this doctor … I don’t know … He will say that I am about to leave or he
will examined me and this person at once or ..? No idea. The same in the supermarket,
they are pushing into a queue. Even at the airport in the check-in line. This is unbelievable and the worst is
that even if you tell this person something they don’t feel ashamed.
No embarrassment for doing so. It is all natural here, that whoever
has more strength, the one who pushes in more … … he or she rules … And this is also very visible on the road. You can talk for hours about traffic. And I talked about it from a pedestrian’s
perspective in this video. So I won’t come back to it here.
I will just say that as a pedestrian … You’re the last in this street “food chain”. You mean nothing. And to somehow survive on the street, cross over
or so you have to fight for your life literally. But now, since we got a car with Nuri
and we drive with Nuri often I can see it all from the driver’s perspective. And it is not better at all. And again I have the impression that
who has a bigger car or who is more eager to push in somewhere
this one has the priority and that’s it. Shock! There are the same traffic rules here as in Europe. And they began to give the same high fines here too. But that doesn’t change anything. I don’t know.
I guess many years may pass until anything changes and such absurd things happen on the road! First of all, I have the impression that
using the direction indicator… doesn’t matter in Turkey, nobody uses it. Whether overtaking or changing lane, whatever.
Why should we even give a sign on this matter, no? You must know that he want’s to change the lane. And push in front of your nose. The second thing… Often in Turkey, roads are constructed in a way that
there are few lanes to one side, few to the other. You could actually see it in this video. And sometimes we have such situations that we drive,
and someone overtakes us from the right side. It is so irresponsible! After all, this person puts our lives
and their lives at risk … How can you do such a thing? The driver doesn’t check the right mirror
to see what’s going on, only the left one. Is the driver, Nuri in this case, a fortune teller to know
that someone will be overtaking on the right? I don’t know … And the same thing for example … Nobody thinks about safety and responsibility
for the life of the other person. I have such an impression
that it’s a lack of imagination, I think. Because … On most roads there is that emergency lane. For an ambulance and so. And often when there is a traffic jam,
Turks simply use this lane, they drive on it. And then we have a the traffic jam on that lane too.
Everyone is standing. There is nowhere to move. What if the ambulance was coming? If there was a patient for whom every
second is important to save his life? And this ambulance cannot pass, because the idiot
stopped and blocked this lane and can’t go anywhere. I don’t know if these people even think about it. How would he feel? What would he feel if because of
his stupidity and selfishness somebody lost his life? Because the ambulance couldn’t pass by. Sick! This is sick! And I’m not even talking about such … You know … Understanding for strangers. But even your own children. Listen, how many times I can see … I don’t even say that nobody uses a child seat. The child just sits but they
don’t even fasten the seatbelts. Or after all a great idea is also to put the baby on your knees when you drive, no? Great idea! I don’t know if people are aware of
what would happen to this child if suddenly an accident happened and
this car would hit somewhere. They would kill a child! I don’t know… Recently there was such a situation, a friend told us. Nuri’s friend from work.
He was dribing in a town here in Erciş. And in front of him there was some bigger car. You know what? I don’t know anything about cars.
I can only tell you the color. Well, a big car like … minibus, something like that. And our friend behind him and suddenly … The back door of this minibus opened and something fell out of this car straight
under the hood of our friend’s car. He braked. Luckily he wasn’t going
quickly because it was in town. In a moment this family realized
that they had lost something. So they also stopped. They got out of this car. And it turned out that what they lost, what
fell out of the trunk in front of the hood was their child, about 4 years old. Probably sitting in the back there on this extra armchair. I don’t know, maybe the child was bored.
Of course not fastened in a seat belt, nothing. The child got up, maybe opened the door,
I don’t know … and fell out. Can you imagine? After all, he could kill this child if he didn’t stop. And this family was behaving
as if nothing happened at all. They took this child and packed it back
to the car and drove on. Nothing happened. For me it is indescribable, unimaginable. I hope this will change. I say, they give these fines more and more. I know that it used to be like that in Poland once. Before we joined the European Union. Before they started giving fines at every turn. People used to drive completely irresponsibly. I also load children on the back of
car and didn’t fasten seat belts etc. Then somehow all this changed in Poland and
I hope it will finally happen here too because … I really feel the shivers down my back. All right, but let’s not babble about it anymore. What’s next? What else annoys me? It also annoys me that Turks …
they are not honest in some matters. I mean, they don’t say what’s going on. Such senseless beating around the bush. Such talking about Mary’s ass instead of
saying straight away what’s going on. It irritates me so bad … Tell me what you mean!
Why are talking about bullshit? Whatever you want ask someone a favor, even a friend. First you have to talk about the weather,
about this, about that. Before you even tell what you mean,
and what you want to ask for. For me it is a waste of time. I don’t know, maybe it’s because
as I recently said I’m an introvert. And I don’t like senseless talking. And here you have to do it everywhere and … There are two situations associated with this,
which annoy me a lot. First one – you have to have a chat
everywhere, “small talk”. It doesn’t matter if you want it or not. It doesn’t matter if you see this person only
once in your life, you’ll never meet them again. Or if this is your neighbor, doesn’t matter. There must always be a small talk. And I don’t know … I get in a taxi,
1500 questions at once. Where are you from? Why are you here?
Do you like Turkey? The neighbors the same. I has a situation like… I’m going out. I’m locking the door. A neighbor is doing something on the stairs.
I don’t know … watering flowers. She turns to me and says: You are from Russia, right? I say: No, I am from Poland. Oh. Because here everyone in the block says that you
are from Russia, I’ll tell them that you are from Poland. Ok cool… But… You will probably say in the comments: You are a foreigner. People know you are foreigner,
because it shows so they are interested. No, because Nuri has the same situation. Everywhere just … They came at last to mount us this natural gas … We will never see them again in life.
Of course, big talking again: What do you do in Erciş?
And how do you like Erciş? The weather, and so, and it got cold,
and frost and snow … Everywhere. At every turn. There is no possibility,
that you interact with someone … Where it would seem that you don’t need to talk
and that there will be no talk. There is always talk. Always. About bullshit. I hate it. And what also annoys me with
this beating around the bush. That nobody will ever tell you directly what they think. And these are even trivial situations.
Let’s say I invite friends for dinner. And I would like to know who will come. I have to prepare stuff.
I need to know how much food to cook, etc. I invite you so I expect you to tell me:
Yes I’ll come. / No, I won’t come. No. Turks even as they know that they
will not come 100% they will tell you: I will try to come. And I, as a Polish gril, hearing “I’ll try to come”,
I think that this person will actually try to come. So I prepare stuff for this person, and this person
saying that already knew that he or she won’t come. And even more of it. He or she won’t
even let me know that they won’t come. And I’m just waiting … and this person is not there. I don’t understand if Turks think that as they say
“No, I won’t come” I will be offended? I am more offended because … he didn’t tell me, he didn’t let me know
I made it all and he didn’t come. Come on, man! I don’t know … Weird behavior. I don’t know. I like to speak directly. Be honest. But because of it they think I’m rude. Because I say things directly. I’m really excited. I’m sweating even. What’s next? Next… Smoking. Smoking cigarettes everywhere. Of course, again there are also fines introduced. That you can’t smoke in public places,
but nobody cares about it. Everywhere they just blow in your face and … Zero. Again zero awareness about … You want it, go ahead, poison yourself at home.
I don’t care. But maybe I don’t want to inhale it.
Why are you blowing to my face in the street with this? And also zero awareness about ecology I think. They introduced paid shopping bags. I was so happy! In the end they won’t give me
plastic in the supermarket! No. This is not how it happens. No. At all. You enter the supermarket. You have a greengrocer and it starts there. The greengrocer bags are free. So you can take 1500 of them and pack everything in
them so that you don’t have to pay for the plastic bag. But I don’t want it! I take one bag. I put carrots on weight and ask to weigh them,
put them in this bag, stick the sticker with the printed price, then
weigh me cucumbers, add to these carrots, stick another sticker etc. etc. I have everything in one bag and
this bag is covered with these stickers. I don’t need to have everything packed separately. Good… The man who weighs these things and puts on
these stickers agrees to my request and … … and he just goes with it, right? And then I came to the cashier and the cashier
was outraged that I was hindering her work. And she just threw all of the vegetables
and fruit out of this bag there. Because she couldn’t handle to turn
the packed bag around and chip it all out. It was easier for her when the bag was empty. So she threw it all out and said: Next time I would prefer
you to pack everything separately and had a separate sticker on each bag,
because how is she supposed to work like this ..? Whatever. There are also private supermarkets
not belonging to any network. And there the owners of these supermarkets thought that if they make shopping bags
free it will attract customers. And they give you those bags. I come with my bag and I’m happy
that nobody will push this plastic on me, but they still do. Do you want a plastic bag?
No thanks. I don’t want a plastic bag, I have my bag. But it’ll be easier if you take a plastic bag. No thanks. But our bags are free. Please take it. I don’t mean that. I just don’t want plastic at home. I want to take care of the planet. I don’t know…
I don’t know what to do with this plastic at home. They look at me like at a UFO.
They just don’t understand. Why don’t I want this plastic bag? It’s free, I can take it. Why don’t I take it? And the same goes unfortunately with the trash. I have the impression that nobody teaches
kids at school that they shouldn’t trash around. I have the impression that nobody is ashamed of it,
that they throw the trash in the middle of the pavement. In tourist resorts you can’t see it. It is obviously cleaned to make it nice and pleasant. I am also very proud of Nuri’s hometown – Burdur. There, the mayor really pays attention to it and
recently some sort of incineration plant was created. I don’t know exactly how it works, but the point is
they burn the rubbish and electricity is created from it. Great solution. Cool!
Something is going on but still not enough. And here especially in the east as we are in
a small town, there is rubbish everywhere. I think that everyone just wants
to have it cleaned at home, but what’s going on outside the home is no longer
important. You can just throw the trash around … And I don’t know if people think it will break down? That it is like a banana peel and it will
soak into the ground? I have no idea … and … I witnessed the situation … I went to the shop in the city. A man was drinking … The man working there was drinking
some coffee or tea in a plastic cup. He knew he had to serve me, so he said:
Wait a minute, I’ll just finish it. He took the last sip. He opened the door
to the street and threw this cup onto the pavement. Same thing in the public bus. A woman sitting. She had a child on her lap.
The child was eating a lollipop. He ate a lollipop. The bus stopped. The door opened. The child threw this lollipop stick
through that door to the pavement. Mother didn’t react. I try to get people’s attention, but … People look at me like at UFO again. They don’t understand why this is something bad.
They are not embarrassed, they are not ashamed of it. Somewhere out there, we’re trying to fight it a bit. And Nuri as a teacher can have
some influence on kids at school. At school… Recently he did such an experiment. He told children at the lesson:
Listen up kids! Starting from today throughout the week
after all you eat and drink we will throw away the packages here
in the classroom to the floor. What do you say? And the children were like… What? To the floor? But the classroom will be a mess,
there will be trash everywhere. It will accumulate over the week. Why should we do this? There will be mess in the class. You don’t want a mess.
You don’t want to walk on the trash. So why do you throw rubbish
on the pitch and make it a mess? And the children actually started thinking about it. And next time Nuri brought gloves,
masks and trash bags to school. And the whole class cleaned the school grounds. And they were really proud of it. So I hope that such actions
will change something in their minds. You have to start from a small age. Children should take it from home and school. I hope that there will be such actions
more and more and that this will change because … Really… It’s awful. You walk down the street
and there is rubbish everywhere. It can’t be like that. Oh God … What else can I say? You know that … meddling … like … Everyone must know everything, no? Like … All the neighbors know everything about everyone. And they are surprised that I don’t
and that I am not interested. Recently, a woman knocked on my door. I opened and she asked me why
my neighbors don’t open her door. Are they at home? I said: I don’t know if they are at home.
Why should I know that? And she: What? They are your neighbors next door!
How can you not know if they went out? Maybe I’m weird. I don’t know…
Let me know in the comments. And that’s it … Aa! One more thing!
God! I almost forgot! It’s also so … [strange sounds] … annoying. And you as tourists in Turkey can also notice it. Stop people by on the street. Both by restaurant employees and
clothes stores, souvenirs stores, something. I know they are paid for it. And that maybe they don’t even want to do it,
but they do it because they get a bonus from it. But man … Why are you yelling at me
that I should enter this place and eat? If I am hungry and want to eat what
this place offers, I will enter it myself. You don’t have to yell at me. Same … I go to the clothes store, I ckech around. In Poland, a shop assistant will come and ask:
How can I help you? I say: No, I’m just looking around. I don’t need help. And she will just say:
If you need something please tell me. And she goes away, she gives me peace of mind.
But not here. I say: No, I’m just looking around. She goes on following me. I just feel like a potential thief, I don’t know like … She looks if I won’t load any shirt to
my backpack maybe, I don’t know. Again, I know she is paid for it.
So that … I am well served. That she stands there just in case
I needed help with something. And she tries to advise me, but it annoys me so much. I just want to look around. I don’t want her to follow me and
show me things that are on sale. And choose me the size and advise
me in which color I will look better. If I need her help, I will ask her for it.
My Goodness… Yes … Okay, that’s enough! Enough! Listen … that’s enough! These are the things that make me the most
annoyed what was evident in my emotions. Let me know if any of you live
in Turkey, or come to Turkey often. What annoys you?
What type of things did you observe? Remember that it’s all just small things. It pisses me off, but somehow I’m trying to live with it.
I won’t die cause of it. And there are a lot of things that I love here. And I will tell you about it in a week. And now that’s all for today. If you liked it, leave your thumbs up. Share the video, comment. Subscribe to my channel because I upload new videos
every week, this way you won’t miss anything. See you next week! Görüşürüz!

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  21. 😊hepsi doğru.başka videolardada söyledim darbeler nedeni ile çok geri ve fakir kaldık .bu sorunların kaynağı şu >> ( şuan anne baba olan insanların %80i ilkokul meğzunudur) kendileri eğitimsiz anne babalarından eğitim görmediği gibi kendileride cocuklarını eğitemedi bu durum bi kaç kuşak sonra anca düzelir 🙂

  22. Cześć, niebawem czeka mnie spotkanie z "przyszłymi, tureckimi teściami". Jestem ciekawa jak wyglądało Twoje pierwsze spotkanie z rodzicami Nuriego. Obejrzałam zdecydowaną większość Twoich filmów i nie przypominam sobie, abyś o tym opowiadała. Jestem ciekawa jaka jest Twoja refleksja na ten temat. Czy masz może rady w tej kwestii? Albo Nuri? Oczywiście słyszę od Lubego, że rodzina pokocha mnie taką jaka jestem. Mimo wszystko posłuchałabym rad koleżanki, która takie atrakcje ma już za sobą 😉 Pozdrawiam, Magda

  23. Pamiętam dobrze taką Polskę. Na zmianę zwyczajów potrzeba minimum jednego pokolenia i to pod warunkiem, że uczy się młode pokolenie odpowiednich zachowań. W Turcji te zmiany będą trwały chyba znacznie dłużej, o ile w ogóle nastąpią, bo za bardzo nie widać chęci do zmian. Jeśli chodzi o bezpieczeństwo, to odnoszę wrażenie, że w Turcji życie ludzkie, jako wartość, ma niewielkie znaczenie. Chociaż jest to tylko moje subiektywne odczucie, bo nigdy w Turcji nie byłam i znam ją tylko z seriali telewizyjnych.

  24. Nareszcie!Witam i pozdrawiam moje Anioleczki!!!!Wszędzie są lajzy, stojące przed samym ołtarzem w kościele , szczególnie katolickim! ale głowa do góry.!a gdzie jest Nuri?????

  25. Dziękuje za super spostrzeżenia ale ma pani racje myślę że to o czym pani opowiada to dzieje się w każdym Państwie psycholi nie brakuje pozdrawiam

  26. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Uzun bir yazı olacak da besmele çekeyim dedim 😂
    Öncelikle Polonyalıların yorumlarda neyden bahsettiğini çok merak ediyorum. Biri bana özet geçebilir mi?
    Anlattığınız şeylerin hepsine harfiyen katılıyorum. Küçük kuzenim yere çöp atıyor annesi görüp de tepki vermeyip ben uyarınca utanıyorum. Geçen gün dondurma alacaktık arabayı dükkanın önüne park ettik. Arabada çöp vardı atalım dedik baktım etrafta çöp kutusu yok sonra atarız dedim kardeşime. Daha sonra çöp kutusu görmüş herhalde tam arabadan çıkacak kendi dükkanın önünde oturan adamlardan biri aldı elinden çöpü. Sonra adam bize çöpü yere atmadığımız için teşekkür etti. Şaştım kaldım ben. Adamın davranışına değil teşekkür etmesine… Bu konuda küçüklerin eğitilmesi hususuna katılıyorum. 13 yaşındaki kuzenimi ayda bir kez mahalledeki çöpleri temizlerken yanıma alıyordum o da alışsın diye. Yere atılan çöplerin ekseriyetle çikolata, şeker, sakız, cips vb olduğunu farkettim. Bunları büyükler yiyip atmış olamaz- ki zaten bizim buralarda cips mips yemez büyükler- değil mi?
    Söylenecek çok şey var ama benden bu kadar. Son olarak yeğenlerinizi, çocuklarınızı, torunlarınızı ya da öğretmenseniz Nuri gibi öğrencilerini yere çöp atmama konusunda bilinçlendirmenizi rica ediyorum bu yorumu okuyan herkesden.

  27. Polska kiedys tez byla podobnie dzikim krajem, pamietam a dziecinstwa, no. rodziny wiejskie przyjezdzajace w niedziele do kosciola jednym traktorem I inne egzotyczne ciekawostki.
    Zmienily sie obyczaje po przystapieniu do EU, mlodzi ludzie wyjezdzajacy do pracy w EU powracali z nowymi zwyczajami.
    Z twoich opowiesci wynika ze Turcy nie znaja ppdstawowych pojec na ktorych oparte sa kultury zachodnie: prawa I obowiazki pojedynczego czlowieka jako czlonka spoleczenstwa majacego wspolne cele.
    Poszanowanie prywatnosci, swiadomosc wspolzycia z innymi ludzmi z wzajemnym poszanowaniem praw, itd.
    Mala samoswiadomosc.
    Czy Turcy organizuja sie w jakie grupy, robia cos wspolnie, np. grupy samopomocy na wypadek trzesienia ?

    Filmik swietny, jak zawsze :-))

  28. Najbardziej mnie denerwuje to wpychanie. Dobrze, ze nie bylam jeszcze u lekarza… chyba za każdym razem będę brała "teściową" jako rasowa Turczynka z krwii i kości zawsze broni mnie w takich sytuacjach jak lwica. 🦁🇹🇷
    Nawet w Polsce czasem wole juz komus odpuscic niz robic dramat na cały sklep czy autobus…. Ale w glowie same przeklenstwa!
    Niestety tego typu cebulactwo zdarza sie i w Turcji i w Polsce… Czasem na inne sposoby- ale powód jeden- brak odpowiedniej edukacji i ignorancja 🤦🏻‍♀️💔

  29. Antalyayı görüp Türkiyenin çok gelismiş harika bir yer olduğunu düşünebilirsin ama malesef doğu ile batı arasında dağlar kadar fark var evet insanların yere çöp atması beni de gerçekten çıldırtıyor diğer insanların haklarına saygı göstermemesi sadece kendi yaşıyor gibi davranması çok sinir bozucu malesef eğitim seviyesi bazı yerlerde oldukça düşük Avrupalı birisi olarak senin için daha zor olmalı Tengri kolaylık versin Polonyalı gelin 😀

  30. Madzia wiem, że nie taki był zamysł tego filmiku, ale w paru miejscach uśmiałam się – słuchając Ciebie, bo dosłownie widziałam siebie i to jak mnie by denerwowały takie sprawy. Ta sytuacja z dzieckiem, które wypadło to jakaś porażka. U nas w PL od razu by odebrano prawa rodzicielskie rodzicom.

    Bardzo ciekawy filmik, bo podawałaś wiele przykładów. Dzięki! 🙂

  31. Hej Madziu. Miałam dzisiaj bardzo trudny dzień, poprawiłaś mi trochę humor tym "narzekaniem" 😉 Brawo dla Nuriego, że próbuje edukować tureckie dzieci. I pomyśleć, że w Polsce, jeszcze nie tak dawno, można było wszędzie palić… Patrzcie jak to ludzie mogą zmienić swoją mentalność. Muszę Ci jeszcze Madziu powiedzieć, że pięknie wyglądasz 😊

  32. Jesteś mega. Usmialismy się z mężem, nie z tego co cie wkurza, ale w jaki sposób o tym mówisz, a to sztuka 😀 i nie, nie jesteś dziwna ale normalna i naturalna. Pozdrawiamy 🙂

  33. Coś za coś. Może rzeczywiście, edukacja by się przydała w przypadku ruchu drogowego, ekologii, śmieci. Macie misję.

  34. Magda as a Turk living in Istanbul i totally agree about things you said but dont forget east of Turkey is a bit different thn rest of country

  35. Myślę że jesteś mało stanowcza , wystarczy podnieść lekko głos czego ludzie się boją. Wtedy będziesz widzialna jako petent. To działa w Polsce i tam również. Powodzenia !!

  36. Fajny odcinek, chociaż chwilami jak triller (ten fragment o dziecku). I bardzo się wczułaś – ta mina zbolała, ten ton. Super wyszło ☺👍I wcale się nie dziwię, że te rzeczy, o których mówiłaś, Cię wkurzają. U nas też się z tym czasem stykam i mnie to drażni.

  37. to jest zwyczajnie troszczenie sie o drugiego człowieka 😀 przynajmniej beda wiedziec kiedy sasiad umrze , a nie jak w Pl po pół roku:D

  38. 🇵🇱 Piszecie, że słabo słychać. Nie mogłam tym razem podłączyć mikrofonu to dlatego. Mogę polecić podłączenie słuchawek lub włączenie napisów 🙂
    🇹🇷 Sesin duyulmadığını söylüyorsunuz. Bu defa mikrofonu kullanamadım o yüzden. Kulaklık kullanabilirsiniz 🙂

  39. Nie bardzo rozumiem dlaczego Turcy wpychają się w kolejki skoro mają taki niespieszny tryb życia i na wszystko mają czas?

  40. Podczas tego co opowiadałaś parę razy się uśmiechnełam 🙂 Mieszkam co prawda w Szwecji ale mój chłopak pochodzi z Syrii i mam wrażenie że pewne zachowania są poprostu charakterystyczne dla bliskiego wschodu. Z opowiadań mojego chłopaka i przebywając często wśród osób z tego regionu widzę masę podobieństw do tego o czym mówisz. Pozdrawiam serdecznie 🙂

  41. Hepsini doğru açıklamışsın aslında bizlerde rahatsız oluyoruz çoğu anlattığın şeylerden, 3 yıl Polonya'da yaşadım ve tarafiğini çok beğendim yaya yolunda beklemen yeterli arabaların durması için

  42. Mnie krew zalewa z tym olewaniem zasad bezpieczeństwa w ruchu drogowym. Najchętniej nawrzeszczałabym na tych wszystkich rodziców z dzieciakami na kolanach w samochodzie :/. Mam bzika na punkcie zapinania pasów i dzięki Bogu, bo gdyby nie pasy to wyleciałabym z samochodu jak nam suv z pełnym impetem wjechał w tył samochodu… 😡

  43. Magda , zgadzam się z Tobą w 100% ! Nie nie jesteś dziwna 😄
    Po prostu są ludzie , co nie potrafią logicznie i sensownie myślec ! 🙄
    Naprawdę , słuchając tych rożnych sytuacji , nie do wiary ,ze mogą być tacy ludzie bez żadnej wyobraźni i
    taktu ??? Pozdrawiam 😍😘😍😘

  44. Dla mnie Turcy są dobrymi miłymi i bardzo uczynni. Ale to krótkie wakacyjne spotkania. Film jak zawsze bardzo ciekawy, pozdrawiam serdecznie ❤️

  45. Geçenlerde haberlerde görmüştüm.Tıka basa dolu olduğu için şoförün kapısını kapatmadan gittiği dolmuştan bir kız fırlamıştı.Bu nasıl şoför? O kadar yolcu almış ki kapı kapanmıyor.Bunlar nasıl yolcu?Balık istifi doluşmuşlar,bir ayak dışarıda bir ayak içeride kapıdan sarkarak yolculuk ediyorlar.İnanılmaz bir şey,tam bir zır kara cehalet.

  46. Nie byłam w Turcji, ale przez te ich niektóre wady przestałam oglądać tureckie seriale. Szczególnie denerwuje mnie to "owijanie w bawełnę" i nie mówienie prawdy czyli brak szczerości, a także takie zachowania ludzi uchodzących za mądrych, które są idiotyczne, składanie tzw. skarg na policji, które są podstawą do aresztowania i jednocześnie tragiczna niemoc policji.
    Dzięki Madziu za bardzo ciekawy film. Pozdrowienia dla Nuriego!

  47. Świetny filmik …no tak inna kultura .po mało też się uda to zmienić .ale to wszystko jest mega inne i ciekawe 😀

  48. Ciśnienie mi podniosłaś haha czuję się, jakbym właśnie z Turcji wróciła. Do tej listy dodałabym jeszcze skorupki z pestek słonecznika czy dyni. Skubią to i rzucają pod nogi, na chodnik, przed ławkę, no wszędzie, gdzie popadnie. I to nie tylko młodzi ale również osoby a zwłaszcza kobiety (!!!) starsze. No dla mnie zgroza, mam ochotę to pozbierać i wepchnąć im do kieszeni.
    Na mnie też się patrzyli jak na wariatkę, że kupując dwa drobiazgi nie biorę tych reklamówek( wtedy były jeszcze za darmo).
    O ruchu drogowym nie wspominając, zawsze ale to zawsze trzymam się kurczawo tej rączki nad drzwiami jakby była moim hamulcem haha. To nie na moje nerwy. Nawet rondo to dla nich czarna magia, mimo że pod znakiem "ustąp pierwszeństwa" jest jeszcze dupny napis "yol ver!"
    Aaa dodałabym jeszcze hałas.

    Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  49. I was in Poland like more then 30 years ago and I can say in Poland there was no such a thing like a child carseat and we did not put any seatbelt either. Now I can not think about transporting an infant or child without childseat but back then it was normal.

  50. Yere tüküren, yere çöp atan, eğlence olsun diye (asker uğurlamada, düğünde) silah sıkan, arabasını daha çok ses çıkarsın diye modifiye eden, yine o amaçla ses sistemi takıp bütün mahalleyi inleten, ve tabakhaneye bok yetiştirirmişçesine şehir içinde hız yapan herkes benim gözümde vatan haini birer orospu çocuğudur. Az bile söyledin yenge. Almasınlar bizi Avrupa Birliği'ne zaten. Bu millet onu hak etmiyor. Bu topraklarda insana ve insan hayatına maalesef değer verilmiyor. O yüzden onbinlerce genç her sene ülkeden göç ediyor. Ülkenin hâli içler acısı.

  51. I think they just trying to be polite that's why they do the small talk all the time to make the impression they're friendly. They don't want to say directly what they want because they don't want to come across like they're rude. In Poland people more to the point and that is why foreign people think Polish people in stores are rude not smiling not asking how are you they don't do any small talk.😂😂😂😂

  52. And it's funny but in United States now that you're starting with the bags and I hate it because I'm not used to carry any bag with me I always leave it at home or car and they always ask me for the bag. So I always tell them I have it in the car I'm just going to put it to the shopping cart and take it outside and put it to the bags in my car or if I don't feel like doing that I just tell them to charge me for the plastic bags.

  53. Magda fajny filmik. Zapewniam Cie, ze jestes NORMALNA, tylko oni sa dziwni ludzie. Dziwia sie dlaczego ludzie z Europy ich nie lubia?????? wlasnie "dlatego". Ja mieszkam w Calgary od ponad 40 lat. Ostatnio w mojej dzielnicy mieszka  85% muzulmanow, bialych ludzi na lekarstwo. Z ladnej  zadbanejj dzielnicy zrobili smietnik. Tak jak mowilas wszystko wyrzucajana ulice. Na nieszczescie merem mojego miasta jest tez muzulmanin. Chyba nie musze Ci juz nic wiecej mowic.Mnie pozostalo tylko sie stad wyprowadzi do innej dzielnicy. Zastanawiam sie dlaczego ja, przeciez nic zlego nie robie?Poprostu brak slow. Jestes w sumie lucky women, because….masz meza ktory Cie wspiera I przyznaje Ci racje.Pozostaje Ci ignorowac "TE" wszystkie rzeczy ktore Cie irytuja na codzien I myslec o sobie:  To ja zachowuje sie wlasciwie I onimoga sie odemnie nauczyc……Problem jest jednak w tym, ze oni nie chca. Nawet nie wiedza ile traca. Pozdrawiam Cie glowado gory.

  54. Z Anglikiem tez trzeba pogadac o dupie Maryni zanim powie o co konretnie chodzi. Tez mnie to wkurza… a ja jako Polka jestem "niegrzeczna" ze od razu wale o co chodzi…

  55. Co kraj to obyczaj. Polacy też śmiecą, chociaż nie w takim rozmiarze. Kilka lat temu byłem w Wiesbaden na jednej z ulic zamieszkałych przez Turków i miałem tam możliwość poznania ich systemu utylizacji.
    Co do gadulstwa Turków, jest taki dowcip; (akcja dzieje się w kraju nad Wisłą) facet mówi do kolegi: moja żona kiedy wraca z pracy do domu to mówi, mówi i mówi. A o czym mówi, pyta kolega? A tego nie mówi.
    Ciekawe jak długo trwały oświadczyny Nuriego, wokół ilu tematów krążył zanim przeszedł do konkretu?

    Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  56. Trzymałam się za głowę, jak opowiadałaś o kierowcach, ale ten "small talk" to coś dla mnie, bo ja jestem gaduła nr 1 😀 Właściwie to jakbym słuchała o Polsce sprzed 20lat. Nie było może zbyt wielu jeszcze wtedy samochodów, za to pijany kierowca był codziennością, do czasu, gdy nie zaczęto zabierać za to prawa jazdy. Śmieci było pełno, może nie tyle na ulicy, co w lasach wokół wiosek, horror, nie dało się przez las przejść, pójść na grzyby, że nie wspomnę już o negatywnym wpływie na życie leśnych zwierząt. Zmieniło się to u nas, więc tam może też się zmieni za kilkanaście lat, mam nadzieję. Pozdrawiam serdecznie. 🌞
    PS. Czekam z niecierpliwością na następny film. 🙂

  57. Magdo mnie sie wydaje,ze ja lepiej Turkow w Wiedniu obczailam niz Ty kochanie w Turcji…dalej uwazam,ze Turcy sa cool❤

  58. Magda możesz zawsze udawać, że nie rozumiesz po turecku XD chociaż to też nie musi być przeszkodą XD pozdrawiam Was serdecznie:)

  59. Kesinlikle haklısın. Sizleri seviyoruz. Markette yaşadığın olayla alakalı ufak bir tüyo vereyim. Eğer manav ürünlerini tek bir poşette taşımak istiyor ve kasiyerin o poşeti darmadağın etmesini istemiyorsan, manav reyonundan tek bir poşet al ve içine hiçbirşey koyma. Sadece etiketleri üzerine yapıştır ve kasiyere o poşeti ver. Aslında diğerlerine göre çözülmesi en kolay sorun. Ancak kasiyerin saçma bir uygulaması olmuş. Diğer konularla alakalı ben de şikayetçiyim ve düzeltmek için elimden geleni yapıyorum. Bir tane de tavsiye vereyim. Bundan sonrasında Nuri ile Polonya' da yaşayacak bile olsan Türkiye' de misafirim demekten vazgeçmelisin. Ülkemize yengemiz olarak geldiğin andan itibaren misafir değil, mekanın sahiplerinden birisi olduğunu düşünmeni tavsiye ederim. Çünkü biz de yenge olmuşsan bizden birisi olmuşsun demektir. Bu arada pardon, komşuların gibi konuyu uzattım. İnsanlarla konuşmayı sevmemiz dışındaki konular için kesinlikle haklısın. Sohbet kısmıyla alakalı da haklısın. Biz sohbet etmeyi seviyor olabiliriz ancak sen hoşlanmıyorsan bu biraz zorbalık gibi oluyor. Bu arada Nuri ve seninle karşılaşmış olsam emin ol, Polonya hakkında bende çok fazla soru yağmuruna tutabilirim 🙂 Video için eline sağlık. Bahsettiğin konular utanç verici ve çevremde elimden geldiğince insanları uyarıyorum…

  60. jeszcze w tym kraju nie jedno cię zdziwi dobrze że nie miałaś jeszcze przyjemności być w szpitalu bo u fryzjera jest super ale nie w szpitalu

  61. Jak słucham to co mówisz, to teraz już wiem czemu tak zachowują się za granicą. W Holandii to samo byłam w 7mc ciąży i było już naprawde widać brzuch a jak poszłam na bazarek to dosłownie się na mnie pchały tak jak by zaraz mieli zamknąć czy coś. Nie raz dostałam w brzuch od Turczynki bo z wózkiem na zakupy się pchała 🤦‍♀️ Wszystko chcą wiedzieć, takie ciekawskie są. Tak samo z jazdą autem. Nie wiem kto dał co nie którym prawo jazdy, ale jak jeździć nie potrafią 🤣

  62. Bazılarına katılıyorum kültür farklılığı olabilir ama bizim yaptığımız hatalarda var tabi Türkiye'nin batısı biraz farklı. Türkçe videolar gelecekmi?

  63. Yaşadıklarınızı anlıyorum hanımefendi size bunların sebeplerini söyleyim
    1 Türkiyede çevre bilinci ve sorumluluk pek gelişmiş değildir ve yozlaşma başlamıştır. İnsanlar ailesinde gördüklerini uyguluyorlar kaldırıma çöp atmak, ön koltuğa çocuk oturtmak, sıraya kaynak, insanların yüzüne sigara üflemek, trafikte yaya ya önem vermemek gibi
    2 Anadoludaki insanlar genel olarak aşırı sıcakkanlı ve duygusal oldukları için her şeyde sorumlu olmasalar bile yardım etmek isterler ve bunu çoğunlukla kötü niyet güderek yapmazlar ve sizde polonyadan gelmiş olduğunuz için bu ilgi 2 katına çıkıyor ülkemizi sevdinizmi sorusu en duygusal sorudur beğendim sevdim demeniz insanlar için çok büyük bir gurur kaynaği ve sevinc oldugu gibi tam tersi bir söz ise nefret, moral bozukluğu, üzüntü kaynağı olabilir
    3 Anadoluda komşuluk çok gelişmiştir bu dinimiz islam sayesindedir ki peygamberimiz Hz.Muhammed (sav) hadisi bile vardır bu konuda hadis aynen şudur " Komşusu açken tok yatan bizden değildir " bu yüzden o kadın size sormuş kapı komşunuzu çünkü siz ondan o sizden sorumludur bugün sizin Allah korusun başınıza bir şey gelse uzaktaki burdurdaki polonyadaki akrabalarinizdan önce ilk koşacak olan komşunuzdur çünkü hemen karşınızda oturuyor hatta Türkiyede komşuluga o kadar onem verilirki bu konuda atasözleride vardır komşu komşunun külüne muhtaçtır, komşuda pişer bizede düşer

  64. Merhabalar benim nacizane görüşüm mümkünse annenizi, ailenizin diğer üyelerini yada kendinizi mutlu hissettiğiniz yakın arkadaşlarınızı yanınıza bir süreliğine getirmeniz. Bu sizin en azından yaz ayına kadar biraz nefes almanızı sağlayabilir. Sonrası zaten bir yerlere gidersiniz..

  65. Çok önemli bir konuya değinmişsin 👏👏👏 ve sen anormal değilsin anormal olan bizimkiler.. 🤦🤦 ya inanır mısın anlatırken gözlerim doldu nihayet beni anlayan birileri çıktı diye.. bende kendimi anormal zannediyordum acaba pskiloga mi gitsem diye bile dusundum.. senin gibi ben mi anlamıyorum insanlari dedim ama yok.. en basitinden bir seferinde bende sigara icilmeyen bı alanda sigara içtigi için birisini uyardim (astım hastanesi önündeydi birde.. ve oraya gelen hastalar hep solunum sıkıntısı çeken hastalar) bana teşekkür edecegine beni dövecekti neredeyse bı bayana nasıl davranması gerektiğini bile bilmiyor baktım anlayacağı da yok bende gittim güvenliğe söyledim onlar da oranın yasaklı alan oldugunu söyledi adam morali bozularak bana da bir sürü laf söyleyerek ayrıldı oradan.. her neyse Türkiye de ciddi anlamda sevgi saygı empati ve anlama sorunu var çoğu zaman bende çok sinir oluyorum ve seni cooooooook iyi anlıyorum.. hani dedin ya komşunun nereye gittiğini bilmiyor musun diye sormuşlar benim de öyle bir komşum var bütün herkesin ne yaptığını biliyor.. evlerinde nasıl yaşıyorlar acaba diye merak ediyorum bütün gün komşuları mı izliyorlar kapı deliğinden boş bos?? 😱 gerçekten bu kadar bos bilgiyi neden öğrenmek istiyorlar? Bu hic sağlıklı değil.. ve birde o insanların konuşma malzemesisin.. herkes birbirinin hayatına karışmayi o kadar çok seviyor ki çok rahatça senin hakkinda konuşabilirler acımasızca arkandan konuşurlar.. varsayim yaparlar.. hakkinda olan herşeyi kendi kafalarına gore yorumlarlar seni sinir ederler ve sonra eğer sinirlenirsen de arkandan "bunun çocuğu olmuyor da ondan dolayı böyle sinirli" bile diyebilirler Dikkat! 🤦🤦 birde sana bir tavsiye vereyim bu ülkede kibar olmaktan iyi insan olmaktan anlamıyorlar seni saf zannedyorlar salak zannediyorlar eğer dışarıda bı işin varsa işini yapmak ve hızlı halletmek istiyorsan kendini ezdirmeyeceksin , kendini göstereceksin ve bu "üstünlük" yarışın içine gireceksin yoksa seni hep oyalarlar yapmazlar arkandAn gülerler kandırılar.. bla bla bla.. sen düşün.. bu çok kötü bir durum öyle birisi olmak istemiyorsun ama mecbur kalıyorsun kendini olmadığın birisi olarak yaşamak zorunda kalıyorsun.. çünkü anlamıyorlar baska türlü çok üzücü cookk.. neyse çok konuştum çok dertliyim bu konulardan biraz uzun sürdü yazım ama bu ve buna benzer konular benim için de ciddi bir yara

  66. I am terribly sorry that what you told in the video are 100% percent true. I feel and act same like you here and they look at me like I am an alien. So my wife calls me as european Turk 🙂 You can't see someone throwing rubbish outside in izmir, but you may see someone who is throwing rubbish out of the window of a bmw car in anyother cities. Yes, the subject is about education, not about how rich you are. I don't want to classify people as eastern and western, but lets say uneducated people, they are not cautious about how they pollute nature, they do what they saw from parents. Education should start in family and should go on in schools. I congratulate Nuri of what he did in the class. He teached students how to think to find the proper behaviours. We need more teachers like Nuri in this country. You also can't warn someone who throws rubbish outside so easy, because you will probably find yourself in a fight. If you can get that risk, you can warn. But there is no guarantee that he will understand you. Because this is normal for him, his parents were throwing too. When you ask about why he did like that, he will probably say "1) non of your business 2) everyone do, you see only me? 3) who are you? …" He will not accept his fault. I am sorry of that, this kind of people went europe somehow and living in there and representing Turkey very bad. Every where we have this kind of people but it's very hard to educate them. What about neighborhood 🙂 in istanbul or in other big cities, you don't know who is your neighbor. But in east of Turkey or in villages, you know eachother. Yes, i think it is cultural to talk 5 minutes about unnecessary things before entering to main subject 🙂 I can say Turkish people are more friendly and warm than europian people so they can ask you private questions. Finally I want to say, we may come to visit you guys after newyear but be relax we will inform you when our visit will be certain 🙂 I know we will have lots of things to talk about. Görüşürüz. Papatki 🙂

  67. Rozumiem Cię doskonale bo mnie też by to bardzo wkurzało .Ani jena sprawa nie byla na wyrost.Powiem więcej ,ja bym aż taka delikatna nie byla ,jakby tak mnie słownie molestowali.

  68. bu dediklerinin cogu dogru.. ama aslinda senin ruh halinde yanlis anlama cok saglam degil.. gulunecek bir durumu sen yasayarak anlatiorsun.. cabuk ruh halin bozluyor.. bunuda anliyorum doguda kucuk bir ilcede yaisyorsun.. ve esin den baska kimse cevrende yok.. buda seni karamsarliga sinirlilige yol aciyor.. aslinda yasadigin yeri kabullenebilme vasfin olsa ercis dede cok mutlu olursun.. senin karekter yapin cok farkli.. konusurken titriyorsun bir gerilim var .. sanki yanlis anlama psikolojini bisey bozuyor.. bence mutlu olmaya calis.. yada cocuk yap biran once.. yoksa hayat kararmaya devam ediyor goukuyor

  69. Wybrałaś Turcję, to się dostosuj do obyczajów i kultury tureckiej. Zintegruj się z Turcją i nie narzucaj swojej kultury i obyczajów. .Koniec kropka. Przecież my też się wkurzamy że obcokrajowcy się nie asymilują.

  70. Co kraj to obyczaj Mieszkam w STANACH u Nas wszystko na luzie,a z kulturko tez roznie bywa,😄ale nie narzekam ❄️❄️❄️Pozdrawiam.🙋

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