I have a very very stressful two days and today I’m gonna make myself happy by going shopping I decided to wear my favorite color as usual A white dress. This dress is from many years ago It’s an Alaïa, one of my favorite brands And I feel like this design never go out of style I have it in two colors I decided to pair it with my new Gianvito Rossi shoes Cause they are quite low, 85mm Since I’m gonna be walking quite a bit, doing my shopping Wanna know why I’m not getting enough sleep? so, I’ve been sleeping quite late at night And early in the morning, I get woken by this crazy renovation that Calista is doing to the house To her room, to be exact Look at this My god! It’s driving me crazy It’s just so dangerous I gotta get out of the house! Can i try this on? Flat 7 for boots How tall is this? I wanna make sure I can walk when I travel I think we have this at home right? I’m so happy to see you again You always have the best event This is Olga She organizes the best events in Singapore always She’s sweet, she’s sweet I’m gonna eat this because it looks so good Amazing, what is this? This is Mochi Hi guys, today we are going shopping for our upcoming safari trip I don’t know what you think of this color bag for Terance But I say he looks like a Centrepoint kid Re-living his Centrepoint kid days Terence: It matches the watch Let’s put me in-front It’s terrible, it’s gonna go out of style tomorrow! Don’t buy that color! Found a perfect bag for my outfit today It’s big enough to hold everything I need, to run away from home I really like the bump bag on him, I don’t know if it can fit my camera inside This is not Dior You should get the white one, because I wanna use it We always have difference in our opinion If he says yellow, i say blue Oh! We finally agree on it We agreed on that Let the Instagram people decide Just get the yellow if that pleases you okay, I dont care Just get the yellow, it’s fine Whatever rocks your boat I think the other color are gonna match more with the bag I am getting today So exited to see my bag that I’ve ordered two months ago And it’s suppose to be for my safari trip Waiting…waiting… Are you guys ready to see what I’ve bought from Dior today? It is not usually a very Jamie style bag I’ve been contemplating for awhile, whether I should actually get this style of handbag But when I found out When I tried it One of my friend had a different print And it was so light I gotta have it in my life plus I am going to safari And I could only bring one handbag I think that this is the handbag that is gonna tied me through the whole trip So, no HERMES, no BIRKINS, no KELLY, just DIOR So, let’s have a look at it I really like this print because it has all the pastle colors And it’s a flower kinda vibe, which is very unique And it’s pink! So I could put anything I need in there And it’s light as a feather I could hold it with two fingers Can have two cameras, maybe three Sweater, water, water bottle Important to stay hydrated Hi guys, I’m collecting my new handbag today Guess what handbag I’m collecting today Yay, can’t wait to see the new bag I’ve been waiting for this bag for awhile now Finally is here I know, that’s why we ordered it So, I’m gonna do a bit of unboxing video here This is my Easter present! And my new egg bag is home I’m gonna just put my handbag back to the right position Take my new baby out Welcome home! I have found you a spot You shall live here Hey guys, I hope you have enjoyed this video Do let me know in the comments below what else you would like to see in my upcoming video And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! Till next week, stay beautiful and good vibes only!


  1. The colour of that bag he chose is awful white is so much better. And is that even yellow? It looks like green imo

  2. Jamie you are beautiful and I love watching you! You are so poised and delightful to watch while interacting with others. Ahhhhhh love it! Love from Texas!

  3. Goodness me…. She is 45 years of age. I thought she could be in her late 20s at the most….
    Only Asians can get away with dressing and style of this sort at this age.

  4. no one is gonna talk abt the fact that they let her film inside louis and other luxury stores cuz she looks more expensive than nicolette gray or other youtubers???

  5. Jamie is lucky to have a multi millionaire husband fact after being a flight attendant.. I want to have that job and maybe try my luck to spot my millionaire husband… very inspiring…

  6. Who wass that woman pushing her away. …hmm your luckyjamie even said hi. …jamie acted like a boss..and a ladythru the whole thing🌹

  7. ohhh lady u are so sweet ! i wanna send you gift from india..but i don't know how .. some luxury bags with handmade craft..i am in really love with u sis 😍😍
    plzz i would like to see your daily routine of full day ..

  8. Some people I look at and I get mad cause they brag but she doesn’t do that. I really like how she is positive and it makes you aspire to doing more things with your life.

  9. 🥰👍🏽Jamie can you PLEASE come to Colorado and take my very good friend and me shopping with you!! I love your style👍🏽🥰


  11. Hi Jamie you are so sweet and patient 🙂 Love your style and closet. You let me take a peek of what it would look like to shop at those luxurious stores! My daughter and I love your videos!!! (p.s. If you would like to donate any wallets just let me know 🙂 It is. dream to own a bag like yours!!!)

  12. Much love from India 🇮🇳 Jamie😘😘😘 love to watch the luxuries you own…I wish I could be as rich as you 🤪

  13. Nobody can't be jelouse on a person who doesn't mean anything to the whole world. Only buying all with husband money, can't earn own Yen. And that's pretty sad. Useless woman

  14. It must be really safe to live in Singapore. Here in America somebody is always trying to rob you & she’s one of the rich people in Singapore & she just shops with no security guard. Even though I’m not rich I would consider living in Singapore.

  15. Hi… greetings from Indonesia.. wanted to ask u how come u didn personalise ur dior book tote ? … wud have been cute

  16. Can we bless English money aka pounds…….we need English millionaires and billionaires in London…….(walthamstow)

  17. I'm smiling while watching. I can't afford to buy expensive things but I'm happy seeing someone who is happy. Thanks for sharing. You are genuinely down to earth person with a positive aura.

  18. It would be a dream come through to meet and have a small sit down session with you. Such an amazing lady to look up to.

  19. Whoever is editing your film needs to work on the audio, properly mix it & also the music is waaaay to loud I can’t hear you.

  20. This looks like so much fun Jamie.I can't wait to do this with my friends 😭❤Sending love from South Africa

  21. I really really like your video, all your videos. and i was dreaming to see you also in person and hopping for you to give me one of your birken bag😂😂😂😂😂…

  22. She knows Heart Escudero as well. They're both socialite with a good charm. But she's richer though 😊😊

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