Comedian Mike Birbiglia thought he might be a loser

Comedian Mike Birbiglia thought he might be a loser

100 thoughts on “Comedian Mike Birbiglia thought he might be a loser

  1. I feel nervous seeing people walk that trail .
    It looks like a perfect murder spot . 🏃🏼‍♀️👀
    I'll visit America one day

  2. Mike seems like a nice guy to be around. He does look like Bill O Reilly, but, he's a much better looking version of him. That is how people should be saying it, because it's true.

  3. Ah man! I really wanted that dog Kevin! Now what are you going to get me for Xmas? Why didn’t you make a higher bid?

  4. Mike Birbiglia came up as a topic during conversation over Thanksgiving. Hope he considers this random comment an honor.

  5. I love BirBigs, but I don't love mispronouncing hus name. Isn't "gl" a dipthong in Italian? I think the sound one is supposed to make when saying it is kinda akin to, "glee". Whatever, beside the point, I once went sleepwalking in Montreal when I was 12, on a field trip with my grade-school French teacher, Madame Hulzizer.

  6. KEVLON, like the bulletproof vests, was my not-so-original idea for your nickname. Now that I think about it, if no-one’s nicknamed ya by now, probably just not meant to be…This hike, with one of the best/funniest “Confessional Comics”/ storytellers we have, Mike Birbiglia, was better than all the ASMR videos on YouTube put together; and I’m too tired to explain why. (Mike is nothing like Paul Rudd, except for the AD/H/D. But now I’d love to see you go toe to toe with the talented Mr. Rudd).
    I noticed his weight loss right away, and reversing Diabetes is impressive…As was his ACTING in “ Trainwreck”. I recall the improv Amy (over-rated) Schumer did with put-downs of him, and love that he shared his reaction; part of his appeal is his willingness to laugh at his vulnerability, instead of trying to hide it. My only kvetch is that this Hike With Mike went by too fast. Sigh…Thankyou, Mr. Kevlon, I mean Nealon, and thanks to Mr. Birbiglia for not begging off, because of his cough!
    One more invasive nickname thought: Hike-Meister, and/or The Hike-Meister…(It beats Spanx-Meister)!

  7. Kevin ~ Is there any part of your act that you've written? I'll give you $200 for your dog right now! 😂😂😂
    CLASSIC! Best sarcastic dry sense of humor ever!!!
    Always have my helmet on (even though you didn't say it this time), and of course I take my protein pills daily. RIP ~ Bowie…💔
    Thanks for another great hike Kev!
    Tiina 😊❤🇨🇦

  8. Just checked out Nealon's 1984 set on The Tonight Show, funny how his joke about Mama Cass dying from choking on a ham sandwich was based on a ten year old lie then, people still believe it to this day, feels a bit cruel to her memory.

  9. These hikes mean more to me than you know, thank you Kevin. Today’s guest especially great to boot. To hiking boot. 😏

  10. Welcome to Fern dell..Griffith..n Franklin Hills..L'chaim from Jacova 11..Gevurah born March 11…in Bethlehem

  11. Can't watch these videos, I feel Kevin is going to drop dead any second of a heart attack with all his huffing, puffing and panting. Very hard to stay focused on what they are saying, I'm always looking for my phone ready to dial 911.

  12. Weird how Kevin won’t move right on the trail when there’s plenty of room and mike’s ducking low hanging trees. The ultimate question with inconsideration: is it stupidity or selfishness?

  13. Mike Birbiglia, Great Comedian. Great Writer. I Don't see him often enough. Yes do ever show like a Hollywood production

  14. Kevin Nealon to Mike Birbiglia: "What is your vice?" I'd venture to say Birbiglia's vice is magenta walking shoes (15:42).

  15. Hey Kev. I would like to know what you are using for your vids., camera, phone, gimbal stick etc. Love your hikes!

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