compagnon the backpack tutorial

compagnon the backpack tutorial

We’ve released a new product a couple
of weeks ago it’s name is quite literal,
‘the backpack’ We’ve stuck to our guns, our messenger bag
is called ‘the messenger’ so this seemed like the right way to go Why is this new compagnon
the definitive backpack? We obviously had a good think over
what a camera backpack should be like Considering how many there are we wanted
to create a backpack that is unique and different from the photo backpacks you
can find Honestly, we struggled with the demand for
a backpack because the messenger bags are where we’re coming from, we are
messenger bag type of guys ourselves that being said a backpack does offer some
significant advantages over a shoulder bag When we visited the Scottish highlands and
mountains while picking up our genuine waxed canvas from a traditional Scottish
manufacturer there, we had to admit that a shoulder bag is somewhat limited when
carrying 8 kilos of equipment for a hike of 6 hours or more, you’re gonna feel it
at some point. The compagnon team is a very sporty bunch but we still missed
the comfort and convenience of a backpack Now that it’s officially here, the time
has come to go over its features and introduce it’s special design on the
outside as well as the inside The bottom part is one of the first things
people notice. It’s all made from pure compagnon bull leather and since we
know how many of you love this leather we’ve used it for the back panel and the
shoulder straps as well so you can savour its feel and quality, of course everything
is beautifully padded for max comfort we’ve added these ridges for a reason,
not just to have it look cool but also for you to stay cool, these allow for
needed air circulation keeping you dry Let’s turn to the front. I enjoy having
people open and close the buckle as they check out the bag for the first time.
Their reactions are priceless. Just listen I know, right?! This buckle is made by
AustriAlpin from Austria, manufacturer for top notch professional climbing gear,
this stainless steel buckle COBRA buckle can take up to 18 kilo newtons of load,
easy and quick to open, just amazing Obviously we’ve got some outside pockets,
these pockets include little mesh zipper pockets in the inside so no small items
get lost and you can get to them easily The zippers are made by YKK, the best
zipper manufacturer in the world they are coated with a water resistant
compound. They are made for outdoor and sports so they are ultra durable.
Same goes for the side pocket, also with mesh pockets on the inside, it’s
perfect for filters, a smartphone or travel documents. On the right side
you’ll find the first tripod mount if your tripod is compact and light,
these two straps will provide great access, these two aluminium g hooks
are so nice to use if you need a big video tripod with a
multi way head or something you can add this marvellous thing,
called ‘the quiver’ and it’s a major redesign of tripod quivers you might
know, it attaches to one of these mounts an higher and lower option for all kinds
of tripod sizes, simply attach it you can obviously adjust the quiver
strap smoothly but what is actually the main idea behind ‘the quiver’ is
that you put the heaviest component of the tripod and attach it close to the
base or even lower than that this way the load is more stable, you’ll
be more agile and the backpack will stand for ‘the quiver’ it doesn’t matter how big
the head of your tripod is or what kind of handle or handles it offers, obviously
we’re not talking about cinema camera gear and similar kind of stuff here, it’s easy
to open the quiver up due to the amazing durable 550 paracord, there are infinite
ways to fit on your fluid head or even a thermos or water bottle or what have you,
easy to use, quick to attach these to straps will hold the legs of your
tripod so you can carry it securely Still we’ve added another mounting option
on the bottom of the backpack Also, considering the position of the
weight it’s also on the lower end and
right in the center splitting the weight on both shoulders
evenly It will also work great for sleeping bags,
mats, a tent all that stuff can go here Aluminium G hooks here as well,
of course This is an outdoorsy camera backpack,
not just looking like one Also optional is the waist belt for
the backpack, also with a COBRA buckle just like the main buckle on the front,
also metal G hooks to attach it to the backpack in seconds, giving you extra
comfort if you’re planning to go on a longer hike or be highly active while
wearing the backpack you can obviously adjust it to your size,
this is why the leather pads on it can be adjusted to as any user likes and needs
the stability and cushioned pad in an individual position we avoided a massive padding to keep
it light and compact but it does the trick of splitting the weight onto the hips so
your back has to manage less of the load the backpack comes with a chest strap
too, also fully adjustable, attach it with the, you guessed it, aluminium g hook.
And there is a little leather loop that will store the excess strap neatly, feels
really great and also looks cool we’ve decided to offer the waist belt and
the tripod quiver as optional extras as the buyers not needing these accessories
would have to pay the set price so you can decide if you need those items for your
photography or creative work if you’re that person who is always out,
always active, riding bikes, hiking, we’d recommend the waist strap for you,
if you’re into low light photography, timelapse, long expose work, using super
long tele lenses, the tripod quiver will be great for you to have. Let’s get to the inside now:
The backpack is loaded from the rear side this offers several upsides: it’s an
theft proof accessing solution nobody could get to your gear from the
front of the backpack, especially traveling in a country that is considered
to be popular with pickpockets why risk it at all? Second advantage of
this storage access is the fact that your front so once you put it on again your
shirt, jacket or whatever stays clean these strong zippers, just as with the
pockets, are water resistant and made by YKK, it’s important to open them fully to
access the interior and this side of the back panel. Everything is massively
padded, you’ll notice that immediately here’s the laptop compartment, for up
to 15 inch display size. Also secured by this belt leather strap and press stud.
People are really excited about these here, little pockets and our neat memory
card holder, all with velcro base layer so you can attach it almost everywhere in the
backpack or even in other compagnon products, if you’re switching bags for a
day or so. quick and easy, handy pocket sizes with
a zipper, use it whichever way you like as you can see the backpack comes with
a huge amount of pads so everyone can customize the storage compartment
just the way you need it these little leather straps are also
included, what they do is keep lenses, camera bodies, filters, flashes, you name
it, in their spot no matter how you move they have velcro on each end so you can
attach them anywhere. a whole bunch of them inclueded let’s take all the pads out now, this
might be interesting for you to see: two of the pads are quite large and can be
folded so they are super versatile they are easy to attach, there is no one
best way to do this, but there is one best way for you and your individual equipment.
Taking a large professional film camera or a compact mirrorless photo camera, you
gonna set the storage up differently the velcro velour itself is well known
from our other products, super durable and so soft and protective, it’s perfect
for lenses, filters, screens and other delicate things. Usually we’re expecting
the velcro to have a lifetime of at least 10.000 fastenings and removals. The
color is subtle but not too dark so it will be easy to find and see your gear
properly, looking in. Even in low light. Nothing gets lost, you’ll know where it
is immediately All the sides and the floor are seriously
padded, the floor even has a strengthening plate built in as well. People are asking us all the time what’s
the deal with the rolltop so we’ll show it to you now. Let’s open the buckle and
you can tell right away that the opening is huge, we’ve included magnets inside the
canvas so folding it up will be easy as it falls right into place, this little secret
compartment is extra secure perfect for cash, cards or other valuables the rolltop itself is ideal for a coat,
a water bottle, lunch box, all kinds of things you’ll need for a day out. But what
is important is this padded separator that can be put between the rolltop and the
main storage. Use it as camera backpack in here, while storing dry shoes or stuff
in the rolltop. Or you can take the separator out entirely and thus create a
huge space for large items, even if it’s a huge tripod you’d like to keep inside the
back, next to the camera gear for example Let’s put the separator in for now, don’t
be irritated if you hear the material working and shifting for the first time
you wear it. This fabrics have to settle. Customize it and load it according to
your requirements So why have we done this video?
We’ve talked to people on fares, or visiting our retail partners and the
customers there are always curious about all features, the function of each
part and so on so we’re happy to explain how the backpack
works and what it can do so you’re able to use it up to its full potential.
Enjoy your backpack! See you!

10 thoughts on “compagnon the backpack tutorial

  1. Very nice design and video. Like the design of the roll top. I just received the messenger from B&H, look forward to enjoy it.

    One suggestion for the backpack, when I go hiking, I usually have dirty or wet jacket and shoes. I hope there is a waterproof complete isolation between the roll top and the camera compartment. I think you can have some gore tex bottom for the roll top compartment and also make it expandable so it can extend into the camera compartment. Just a suggestion 🙂

  2. Bin ĂĽber Calvin Hollywood auf euch aufmerksam gemacht worden.
    Das sind wirklich tolle Rucksäcke und Taschen die Ihr da entwickelt habt.

  3. oook stativkopf unten find ich nicht gut denn wer nimmt nicht mal den rucksack und legt ihn auch mal unachtsam auf den boden. Schnellverchlussplatten nehmen schäden teure kugelköpfe unter anderem bekommen dellen und unschöne stellen… auch wenn ich mein stativ (gitzocarbon) ĂĽber 20 jahre habe ist mein kopf immer oben.

  4. I want this backpack!! The way you can adjust the interior of the backpack + the expandability that the rolltop adds is brilliant! Just one size smaller please!  Any plans on bringing a smaller size backpack with this styling&materials to the market?  Something for the mirrorless camera user which only needs to drag along a 13” laptop.

  5. Great bag. It would be nice to have a smaller version (just like ona the camp bay) with quick camera access on the side for street photography. Have access to 15 in laptop just like this version. Change the roll top to simpler cover but with extra pockets would be useful for sunglass, etc.

  6. Wow I think this must be the best camera bag I've seen so far! Very well designed, I truly love the light grey and tan leather version. I found your company trough a video showcasing this bag by Christian Mate Grab on YouTube.

  7. Servus zusammen,
    meine anfängliche Begeisterung für den Rucksack ist spätestens nach der zweiten Tour ein wenig verflogen. Ich betone auf "ein wenig" denn ich liebe immer noch das Teil! Der Kauf des Rucksacks war bei mir eine Herz- und nicht eine Vernunftsentscheidung. Es gibt einige Punkte wo ich etwas Verbesserungspotential erkenne. Ich unternehme gerne 1-4-Tages-Touren und dabei benötige etwas Verpflegung sowie Ersatzklamotten für unterwegs. Der Rolltop bietet im Grunde dafür ausreichend Platz allerdings kann ich es nicht mehr verschließen weil das Band mit dem Cobra-Verschluss zu kurz ist, d.h. ich kann nicht seine ganze Kapazität nutzen. Ein, um ca. 5 cm. längeres Band wäre optimal. (Vermerk: ich mache den Rolltop auch nie so voll, dass ich ihn nicht mehr zusammen-rollen kann). Genau soviel Zentimeter in etwa fehlen auch bei den zwei Gurten am Boden des Rucksacks. Meine Matten konnten ich nicht spannen. Musste ziemlich lange suchen bis ich eine ISO-Matte fand, die dünn genug war um sie dort problemlos einspannen zu können. Den Hüftgurt habe ich gleich mitbestellt und ihn schon drei mal verloren (zum Glück wieder gefunden). Beim Absetzten des Rucksacks ist der G-Lock einfach aus der Schlaufe heraus gerutscht (sehr leicht!). Hier habe ich die Schlaufen etwas enger vernäht, jetzt kann nichts mehr raus fallen. Den Stativköcher habe ich ebenfalls gleich mitbestellt. Die Fixierung des Bandes hält einfach nicht in die obere Position und, durch den Gewicht des Statives, rutscht immer nach unter in die Endlage. Das daraufhin folgende "Baumeln" hat nur genervt. Ich habe das Band mit einer kräftigen Sicherheitsnadel in die oberen Position fixiert und nutze seit dem den Köcher als Flaschenhalter, geht auch. Mein Stativ fixiere ich seitlich, ohne Köcher, das hält sehr gut. Der Zwischenboden vom Rolltop hält eher "suboptimal", das Klett löst sich immer auf der eine Hälfte zum Rücken hin, hier fände ich eine Lösung mit Reißverschluss oder Ösen + Fixierhäckchen besser. Gruß Sandrino.
    Nachtrag: die Schultergurte färben ganz schon arg ab, vor allem bei längeren Touren in Verbindung mit Körperschweiß.

  8. Tolles Produkt. Sehr gute Präsentaion. Danke! Aber was kommt entuell mit der nächsten Version. Ich "vergleiche im oment mit den Modellen von WANDRD und SHIMODA..
    Bei WANDRD gefällt mir insgesamt das Secure Fach auf der Rückenseite, und die gummierten RV. Bei SHIMODA das Prinzip mit dem Aufklappen des Hauptfaches (endlich mal jemand der das umsetzt) die Gurteinstellung und die Taschen am Tragesystem. Der Rolltop-Bereich aber am Compagnon ist unschlagbar. Man kann zunächst den Rucksack schlankhalten (für den Flieger) und vor Ort bekommt man dann alles rein. Genial

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