Concealable Backpack Precision Sniper Rifle | Multi-caliber, Ambidextrous | Tactical Rifleman

Concealable Backpack Precision Sniper Rifle | Multi-caliber,  Ambidextrous | Tactical Rifleman

KEITH: I’m Keith Gipple with tactical we’re here at t1 g training facility and
i’m here with david ives for nemesis arms and he’s going to tell us about the
Valkyrie ambidextrous precision rifle DAVID: thanks for having me Keith appreciate it
this here what we have here is our Nemesis arms Valkyrie fits in a
backpack it’s a world-first ambidextrous bolt gun
and I’m going to go ahead and take it out of the pack this pack can house everything in it from suppression to forints to bipod it also could have ballistic
armor in it so as we pull the rifle apart or out to assemble it we can take
the bolt out it has a packing instrument inside for all this including
suppression and then below we have the rifle with optics on it so everything is
compact pull it out set up the bipod right here extend the sock out and it
has two locations for shooting application it has protective caps on it
so you protect your receiver and your barrel KEITH: and this is a 11 pound system
DAVID: right this is an 11 pound system and it’s actually multi caliber as this
barrel goes on we can swap calibers from 243 to 66 5 3 more and 308 all housing
the same mag and same bolt you just switch the barrel KEITH: excellent DAVID: and ammo of
course KEITH: it can use any magazine? is that right? DAVID: well we we can our magazine
our current magazine right now is a is a standard 10 round mag double stack
single feed and so this is the magnet comes with this rifle system for all of
those calibers right ok so when we do this and we just put it in then we’re
good to go there with our bolt system here we can introduce the right-hand
bolt system so you have a right hand functioning rifle and if you remove this
this is the key with this rifle system is now you can put a left-hand
bulb in it and for different applications for law enforcement
military or hunting applications the rifle being able to switch from one bolt
to another actually gives the shooter the opportunity to stay undercover
wherever they’re at KEITH: and it’s that fast DAVID: and it’s that fast it to do if we want to
take this from this application process most rifles are dragged around to track
a target with our system right here we have two knobs on the bipod and if we
loosen the bottom knob we can actually track from the bipod itself put it
forward which is a front load on the bipod system which now makes it the
ability stiffens it up for your shot no matter where you are at KEITH: It’s locked in forward mode DAVID: that’s correct
the bipod will move you pull it back and rotate it and lock it back in right so
the nice thing about this too is with this application we can do several
things most bipods are made to go up and so you
have to find a higher angle if you’re going to go in on a target with ours if
we come down we can actually put the rifle down on a flat area and even if
it’s an adverse thing where we have something like a rock or what-have-you
your optics are off it’s a bad shot if you loosen the top knob you can actually
put the rifle at an odd angle yeah you’re back on so you’re back on target
so now you can go up to different angles all the way up to shooting off of a high
elevation and then so you can track into wherever you’re at or follow the target
for wherever you’re at nice its arsenal the rifle system will
hold to wherever you’re at if you want a long-range shoot the rifle for more
stability we can take the actual front bipod off and then this device right
here which is our four end it’s a free-floating four inch so it goes over
the barrel nut and the bipod pin and it allows you to put it here now this is a
retention knot here as this Wiggles and moves of course you don’t want any of
that because that’s going to KEITH: mess with your accuracy DAVID: that’s correct so you push
this into the the front here turn it down it’s very simple it’s all hand
tight so it tightens down you snap the bipod back on the front you have sent
all the same articulations with a bipod now but now you’re rusting it out
further forward right so your triangle is wider
your stability is better KEITH: that’s awesome and that’s almost the entire weapon
assembled right there except for our suppression DAVID: that’s correct now if we
spin this nut off right on the front which is just a thread protector and the
neat thing about our rifle system is everything that we have we also do have
muzzle brakes but everything you can shoot through so you’re never limited to
ok this won’t allow you to function the firearm okay so and then with the
suppression system we put this simply on the front here and of course this
threading on the front we can also put on any quick-release devices or anything
else it’s all five eighths twenty fourth right on all of our barrel KEITH: okay so one
thing I noticed it’s unique also is we used absolutely no tools to assemble the
rifle DAVID: that’s correct our this is a truly tool-less rifle where a lot of people
say it’s to list which means you only mean an allen wrench or some type of a
spanner wrench or what have you our rifle is all assembled by hand it
loses no accuracy it repeats every time and it’s the way we’ve engineered it
KEITH: that’s awesome because we all know that when you need that tool it’ll be missing
DAVID: that’s correct KEITH:and in the field that’s no good DAVID: that is correct and what’s even
worse is if you’re running and and you’re you’re everything’s apart you
can’t assemble it so hey that would be tragic and with our stock assembly here
the nice thing is is this will collapse in for for packing away but if we want
to take this apart we can also take it apart we have a bracket that goes on the
back that will allow you to put your favorite AR stock on it so we can put
Magpul vltor or anything you have we have a bracket that goes to it as it goes to
a buffer tube that’s great yeah so it just it makes it very portable and
pliable a lot of times what we like to say is it’s a big boys lego set how do
you want to build yours today KEITH: that’s great I also notice that there’s two red
marks here on the stock DAVID: and what this allows you to do is adjust the stock for
shooting positions the second red line here is the normal standard length of
reach for for normal folks shooting the the front one here allows people to
collapse it in for restricted areas as far as a compressed areas and allows you
to shoot and then the two rear lines are to push
the stock all the way in through for transport and packing so the next thing
that we need to do with this is tear this rifle apart put it back in the
backpack let’s head to the range and then reassemble it to show you that
there’s no loss in zero when we take it apart and put it together DAVID: time to go shoot what do you think KEITH: let’s do it
DAVID: alright

100 thoughts on “Concealable Backpack Precision Sniper Rifle | Multi-caliber, Ambidextrous | Tactical Rifleman

  1. The intense music definitely doesn’t make that seem any faster to disassemble. Also there was no real proof of accuracy at all. Not even a discussion of it.

    I may be missing the point of this rifle… but it doesn’t seem very good at all. I mean I can take my AR completely apart in about the same way and shove it in a backpack if I absolutely want to… doesn’t make it worth $5300. Folding stock, hand tightened barrel, few thumb screws and it would function about the same lol. I even spent too much on parts for it…

    I feel like the host was unamused. I just don’t see this worth more than $2500… there’s no way.

  2. The guy on the right is an excellent salesman, great marketing. He could sell a hairbrush to a bald person.

  3. If someone is shot by a sinper on the street , the police can not find the person that they are looking for , he is just a guy with a briefcase .

  4. I wonder how much zero’ing you’d have to do every time to break it down and set it back up again. In a hunting situation and even more so in a combat situation shot placement is critical

  5. Dear Santa
    I realized after 3 decades that lambo I always wanted parked behind Taj Mahal with models from around the world in every room is on back order. I ask you… if you can change my order and just drop THIS bag over? I will have milk, hash cookies, pipe and a bag of purple haze on the table.
    P.s. I always believed in you since I was a kid but could never find your church!

  6. Lol don’t all rifles allow you fo fire through the thread protector? That’s not anything new but that’s a cool rifle but I don’t even wanna see the price haha the bag is probably $500

  7. That would be really cool for hunting. Would be cool on a boar hunting trip. It's cool that you can put your AR stock on it

  8. It's not semi-automatic? At $5k it's like a regular bolt action rifle except in takedown mode. Switching calibers is nice, still, I wouldn't pay $5k.

  9. Super cool piece of kit. Basic cost is around $3500 then you add on big time with your personal config…which caliber and length bbl you want, muzzle brake or suppressor or both, LH or RH bolt or both, bi-pod, extra mags, thread protector is extra $40 and we haven't even discussed optic and mounts for optic. I did not see if the pack pack was standard w/purchase of basic rifle but I did see they also offer cases for the system. They're pricey too. This system will very rapidly run you up above $8,000

  10. Sweet but not $ 5000+ SWEET being …multi usable handed can I not 👍…i know anbi..but so many spelling comments ..thought this was appropriate…..

  11. lmao the ad before video of bullet safe backpacks. anyway these are the people who blame the guns and not the bullies and also the mentally ill fucks who are students there and because they were mentally ill before or because of fucking bullies they explode and those kids suffer the consequences. it's their own dam fault! if kids would be less assholes to one another this shit wouldn't happen and soccer moms wouldn't look like retards trying to blame the gun because the gun has a mind of it's own apparently

  12. Didn't Remmington make something similar a few years ago that also had interchangeable barrels so you could change caliber?

  13. But how accurate is it… will it shoot moa or sub moa.? There was no accuracy test, that's why I thought they went to shoot it.?

  14. Why does everything have to be that "tacticrap wannabe soldier" bc.
    Why on earth does every single video involving any type of "tacticool" firearm always have some ReTiReD MaRiNe standing in front of some beat up decommissioned military vehicle. It gets old pretty quick

  15. But the fatal flaw with that setup is it takes forever to deploy. When you have to assemble the entire gun in a "tAcTiCaL" environment you're completely defeating the purpose,
    Just get a Remington 700 with a 10" barrel on a Pork Sword chassis and a folding stock and Boom!!
    Fits in any backpack and deploys in 5 seconds flat. It even comes in left handed actions.

  16. Amazing rifle and the guy really knows his weapon. Quick question… what's with the camo? The expert looks more relaxed. ACUs aren't that comfortable. That guys trying to be too hardcore lol

  17. Because a concealable sniper rifle is definitely what you need for self defense. 😂 The founding fathers wrote the Constitution to be a dynamic document that would be changed or re-written every generation. (Thomas Jefferson even wrote that fact down.) I doubt that they would agree with our handling of the Constitution or the ability of the average person to carry a weapon that surpasses the firepower of battalions of soldiers in the 18th century.

  18. It's an outstanding rifle. I bought one last month and have been really impressed by it. I'm not easily impressed.

  19. Now make that black tactical bag that screams take down rifle into something more public friendly, like a Nordstrom, Swissgear, Zappos, or the like.

  20. Thats an awesome bipod. ..But can it really retain zero after barrel dis + re-assembly? What was the distance+ size of the target they hit? Demoing minute-of-man at say 200m may not be enough to convince me it holds zero.. I want to see the steel rung on a 10 inch target at 800.. Not trying to troll or anything… I have money but before i shell out 5k I'd need to know that.

  21. Am I the only one here who wants to put the rifle into a briefcase, carrying it around while wearing suit and a tie?

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