Condor Solveig Gen II | Backpack | REVIEW

Condor Solveig Gen II | Backpack | REVIEW

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button as you saw from the title and the little intro we’re gonna be talking
about a condor backpack today now I came got this got my hands on this
backpack about two weeks ago and it is the Solveig Gen 2 from Condor and it is
pretty amazing alright so we’re gonna break this down and I’m gonna tell you
my thoughts on it so far as to what I’ve been using it for and what I think about
it okay so the Condor Solveig Gen 2 is a 25 liter backpack retails for about a
hundred and ninety to a hundred dollars on Amazon I’ll drop links in the
description you can check out the accurate price but it’s anywhere from
ninety to a hundred dollars on Amazon this is I picked up this pack for the
purpose of carrying my camera gear and my review equipment for when I come out
here to film reviews for me that is phone and tripod and hammock more than
one hammock sometimes action cameras all that kind of stuff so it all fits in
here really nicely so we’re gonna do a little
breakdown I’m gonna tell you what I think about it where where everything is
so just on the exterior now I did put a picture on Instagram the other day and
I’ve modified it since then it does come with a shell piece on the outside that
has Molly attachments and you can actually flip that around and it has a
zippered pocket on one side and Molly attachments on the other that attaches
with these buckles there’s four of them two on each side and it also attaches to
the bottom it is removable I’m testing it out without that on here
because it just was a little bit much for me and I didn’t didn’t think I
needed it so what you have up front is you have a zippered pocket on the top
which is fairly deep it goes down to about here the standard pocket with a
zipper your next pocket here is felt lined so you can put your cellphone your
sunglasses anything like that it does have the rubber little stopper here for
your zipper to go on and to help waterproof it a little bit you have two
zippers here but they go to the same pocket so it’s just one one large pocket
upfront and that goes for the links of the bag now you do have these side
little nylon straps that you can add shot cord or anything like that to it
you also have some on the bottom with a right here you’ll see a drain hole so
that’s the that’s the front now the sides both sides are the same they have
a water bottle pocket here which is kind of an elastic spandex kind of material
here and you have side pockets which this side actually has some that are
designed for pins the other side does not they’re just large pockets and
pretty decent size side pockets in my opinion for a bag like this and pretty
much you can put anything in here I’ve used it for tripods
and and that kind of thing come around this side and this side has a strap for
you to attach your keys you need to put your keys in here while you go
backpacking whatever it’s there now get to the back get the strap well let’s do
the straps first straps you do have a sternum strap that is adjustable and you
do have webbing all the way down your shoulder straps and these are pretty
padded these are pretty nice I really enjoy now I’ll tell you
this is not my first pack approximately this size however this is the most
comfortable pack this size that I have used hands-down bar none this is by far
the most comfortable between the pads here and the pad on the bottom airflow
is amazing you don’t sweat when you’re wearing this thing
so on the back well let’s say this these clips here that hold that front kind of
brain on you can shorten them down you cannot remove these clips without
cutting the nylon but that’s kind of my only problem with this bag is that if I
want to take that off I can’t remove these buckles and they serve no other
purpose so on the back you have a spot for a hydration bladder and it does come
with a hard plastic kind of support framed kind of thing I took that out it
just didn’t serve me well I took that out and but it does have that in there
it is bladder compatible for I think up to a two and a half liter bladder and
that opens that zips all the way down to here that back pocket so all right so
your main compartment best thing in my opinion about this bag is your main
compartment your zipper starts up top and it goes all the way to the bottom on
both sides so this pack is a little basically clamshell it’ll open up all
the way I’m gonna try to do this without dumping all my stuff out all right so
when you open this pack up you have a couple different things you have a slot
back here that will fit a laptop and it has velcro closures here that you can
lock that down but a little mesh pocket here
on this side you have two zippered mesh pockets one fairly large and then one a
little bit smaller but easy easy to organize with this pack absolutely love
the way it opens like this it’s really easy to access what you need in here so
for me this pack has been really a game changer as it comes to me doing these
reviews outside gives me a chance to pack everything into one bag and get out
in the woods and film some review for you guys because initially I was
carrying more than one bag just things loose just carrying them put them in my
pockets and it became a major burden this thing is pretty awesome
I would potentially carry this for a day hike wouldn’t carry it much longer than
that it’s just too too heavy for me for it for a long hike in my opinion what I
do but something along the lines of a bug-out bag a get home bag a day hiking
bag this would be perfect the clamshell aspect makes it easy to get to stuff
that you have in the bottom and it’s just it’s just a great design so and if
you keep the Molly attachment on the front you can add some stuff as you saw
it in my Instagram picture I put some these pouches right here I had strapped
to the front and just kind of made the balance off a little bit in my opinion
because I didn’t have as much stuff inside so I had room inside so I took
those off put them in and it worked out really well so highly recommend this bag
man Condor I’ve used Condor stuff in the past this is a condor pack and use
condor stuff in the past and absolutely loved it that’s why I went the direction
of this this is the sole vac gen – like I said and it’s on its own Amazon I’ll
put a link in the description below you can check that out for yourself and I’m
gonna do a video in the future on what I pack in and everything I’m gonna blow it
up and explode it out everything I carry to come out here and film these reviews
for you guys and that’s definitely gonna feature this
bag but I wanted to go ahead and do a review on this bag in case anybody was
interested in a in a backpack like this make sure to StayTuned make sure you hit
that subscribe button hit that thumbs up if you found this video helpful useful
in any way and until next time stay bearded get outdoors and god bless

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  1. Taking a look at the new Condor Solveig Gen II backpack. Condor is known for awesome gear and backpacks, so I thought I would give you guys a review. Not mentioned in the video but I believe this backpack is reasonably priced for the amount of functionality.


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