“Cornerstore Caroline” Falsely Accuses a 9-Year-Old Black Boy of Sexual Assault | The Daily Show

“Cornerstore Caroline” Falsely Accuses a 9-Year-Old Black Boy of Sexual Assault | The Daily Show

Let’s talk
about white ladies. There’s a lot
of things they love: bottomless mimosas,
being on their friends’ boats, and pumpkin spice anything. But this year’s biggest trend
for white ladies is calling 911 on black people. It’s a scenario
that’s become all too common, where a minor incident results
in a white person calling the police
on a black person. In this case, a nine-year-old
black child was accused of sexually assaulting a
white woman at a Brooklyn deli. There are officers
down the block. They… “Cornerstore Caroline.” I love that now black people
are giving white ladies their nicknames on the spot. No. ‘Cause it used to take
a couple of days, but not it’s instant. It’s almost like black people
are thinking of nicknames for every white lady they see just in case some shit
goes down. It’s like we’re walking
around like, “Okay, “she would be, ‘Lower
Your Voice Laura,’ all right. “That one’s ‘Bathroom Betty,’
oh, ‘Rooftop Rachel,’ I actually hope she calls the
cops so I can use that one.” So “Cornerstore Caroline” joins a whole bachelorette party
of white women who have called the cops
on black people in 2018. “BBQ Becky,” “Permit Patty,”
“Pool Patrol Paula,” and just like them,
“Cornerstore Caroline” was not gonna let anyone talk
her out of calling the cops. (audience reacts) Okay. First of all, “Good-bye 911 operator”? White ladies call 911 so much they just talk to them
like they’re dating? Is that what it is? “Oh, 911 operator,
you hang up. “No, you hang up. “Okay, on three. “One, two, three. “Are you still there? “Oh, me, too. I love you, 911 operator.” And you know a white lady
is going too far when other white women
are trying to stop her. (laughter) So wait. So wait. Now white ladies are using the
term “white lady” as an insult? “You cut me off, white lady.” “Hey! Who are you calling
a white lady, white lady?” “You’re about to get
a face full of rosé.” “Oh, yeah? What year?” “2013!”
“I love that year.” “Me, too. Oh, my God,
me, too. “Oh, my God.
I totally love that year.” “I love it, too.” No, but kudos
to that other woman for stepping up;
that’s an ally. And here’s the thing,
here’s the thing: If you’re an adult and a nine-year-old kid grabs
your ass, you don’t call the cops, okay? It’s a kid. Kids grab things all the time. I’ve been in the subway
and felt a grab, and I looked down and it was a
kid holding on to my leg. Yeah. I wasn’t like,
“Ah, sexual assault.” I did what any adult does,
all right? I picked him up,
told him his mom chose me, and I took him home. (laughter) You don’t call the cops. And here’s the thing,
I’m just saying, like, even if we never knew
what really happened, she was in the wrong,
in my opinion. Except, we do know what happened
because there’s a video, and it turns out that kid
wasn’t grabbing anything. TV REPORTER: The store
surveillance video tells a different story,
clearly showing the boy’s backpack accidentally
brushed against Klein. (audience reacts) Yes. It was a brush
by a backpack, not a sexual assault
by a nine-year-old. Those two things should be easy
to tell apart unless this was the kid’s
backpack, then I’d understand. (laughter) And, honestly, like,
we can joke, but it’s hard to watch the story
and not be reminded of Emmett Till way back in 1955. False allegation against a
black child by a white lady. It’s the same ingredients. But, the one silver lining
in this story is this: Two days later,
“Cornerstore Caroline” went back to that same store
and somehow, the whole hood
was there waiting for her. TV REPORTER: Back in Brooklyn,
last night a dramatic scene. Klein returned to the store
and reviewed the footage, taunted by a crowed. (indistinct shouting) (bleep) You can put that on WorldStar.

100 thoughts on ““Cornerstore Caroline” Falsely Accuses a 9-Year-Old Black Boy of Sexual Assault | The Daily Show

  1. That child's innocence was taken at that moment. He now has to be educated on what sexual assault is because this idiot accused him of something that was not on a nine-year-old baby's mind. And he has to be taught how to protect himself against fake out accusations. SMH

  2. So are you going to call the police on the backpack??? 😂😂😂😂 9-1-1 I was just assaulted by a backpack I WANT THE FULL PENALTY AGAINST IT😂😂😂😂.

  3. My husband always saus I do this… Yes, I am white, my husband is black and I have called the police many times because he was abusive….I'm not supposed to do this💁

  4. You know what black women like? Chicken and watermelon. If i hadsaid that on national tv you think i would get away with it? Fuck no. But when the black guy makes ridiculous generalizations about white women, raucous applause.

    The tone trevor uses in this video would have got him fired if he wasnt black. Just saying.

  5. Cant help but think, if this was exactly the same but with a white boy, I bet this story eighter wouldn't be told, or it would be about sexual harassment, period. Justice for all the man, white and black and etc, that are being wrongly acused of assault by evil ladies, white and black alike.

  6. The age of Emmit Till has ended. Give up racists. Good hearted people are onto you and won't support or put up with your shit. They WILL call you out as they try to protect innocent people.

  7. U know how man black people have died in the past over some white bitch lying and there was no cell phones back then, and the blacks were just hung without trial just over some bitch white bitch words. ???? This what they been doing we just now able to show the true proof of they lies.

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    Search Bloody Chicago on YouTube.








  9. Wasn't the lady that accused Emmit Till named Carolyn?

    That's probably why bro pulled it out his pocket on the spot.

  10. Trevor's live audience appears to be massively White. So it's interesting to me how when he unapologetically talks about these issues, you can hear some of them moaning in the audience. 🤣

  11. I love the follow-up to the story where Brooklyn showed out. I wish she'd have said made that smart ass "worldstar" comment in front of them.
    Would live to see a black woman beat that bitch into a blond stain on the floor. One can only dream

  12. I've seen all of the videos mentioned, this one has nothing to do with race. She would have called the police on a white kid. The writing on the mans hoodie says it all. Conveniently it's not shown, here it is, go to two:35 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTYGgl4MTk4

  13. This is a case where anger got the better of reasonable judgement. We all should learn from this.
     It can happen to anyone of any color where we get angry before we ask, with an open mind, what just happened.
    It's often a case of 'Thought Speeding' as I call it. Where we just speed through from idea A to idea B and we think that's it.
    If it's the shortest distance then let's go with that. It takes practice to not operate that way.

  14. yes! the nasty bigot who lied about the child should have been run out of town! good for the one who stood up for that innocent child! we need more people to stand up!

  15. Some people are just neurotic AF, once while going to work I was about to cross the street and was waiting for the cross signal a lady was standing 2 people in front of me and someone brushed against her, she turned back and as I was the tallest there she came towards me and slapped me in the face cursed at me and tried to make a scene, luckily another lady saw what happened and told her off. I thanked that other lady and went on my way to work the one who slapped me just ran off as if she had done nothing wrong.

  16. Black people have suffered abuses like this for many, many years. What if there were cameras and smartphones back in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s? I feel that child's pain. Many people in my family, including myself, have been guilty of nothing more than barbecuing, shopping, or driving while black.

  17. imagine how emmett till felt when he heard that bird whistling in the southern heat and that look on that evil bitch changed instantly..

  18. This lady wanted someone to sexually like her. No white man or any man has looked at this ugly woman in years and that is why she's so sick, sad and old and nasty on the inside and out! Eww, the child was so confused about what happened. It is sick that this woman tried to take his innocent away. Hopefully she didn't succeed!🤔🤨👁😲😱😡🧐

  19. I just discovered this video Of course she is nuts but, I was thinking maybe she has no se x life and figures that if she makes a big deal of this, maybe some guy will see this and think that she is worth grabbing. Who knows

  20. So, I gotta say, even WITHOUT THE CAMERAS, the main thing about sexual assault is u know, the sexual part. Which implies intent…9yo sexually assaulting by itself should be HIGHLY SUSPECT report

  21. Oh, i see how this lady has the same mind of some police officers continuously killing black kids falsely. Covering themselves that i was threatened

  22. Yet black folks need to "get over slavery", realize that "racism is dead" and stop saying that allegations made against them is "racist" because "we are all equal" 😅😂🤦🏾 ya, okaaaaay…

  23. Why does this not happes in Europe? Let me guess, she is one of the Crazy Trump voter with no common sense, like the person she vote on?😅

  24. Ol pancake faces mouth running again. What are law abiding folks to do…just not bother with blacks breaking the law?
    They're ALL innocent…just ask them.

  25. It s the white thing I always been talked of makes them proud while they re peele skinned pale trash it s just like a dog calling an other dog who lost all of his hair(pigment) "white"

  26. Really need to make it against the law for white people to falsely accuse anyone. Give them one year in jail or a 30,000 dollar fine. For taking cops off patrol/real calls. For wrongly/falsely accusing people/Americans of anything. Needs to be a law now.

  27. Now wait just a damn minute here. That beautiful white lady had every right to be pissed off. Ain't no telling where that backpack has been. Rubbing up against that fine sweaty asshole all lubed up for a good dicking. Anyways I would have called the law as well. That colored used farm equipment was polluting the air by breathing our precious oxygen. Nasty mthrfkrs.

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