Crazy Inventions & Amazing Machines That are at Another Level

Crazy Inventions & Amazing Machines That are at Another Level

welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new
world of science fun and machines hover glide the hover glide backpack helps
prevent spinal injuries resulting from improperly used backpacks did you know
that using heavy backpacks improperly could lead to both muscular and spinal
injuries scientists have speculated that this is due to the inconvenience
swinging movements most improperly fastened backpacks make as we walk in
order to combat this there have been efforts to deploy straps and extra belts
to help reduce swinging but these added paraphernalia showed no significant
positive effects the hover glide backpack attempts to
compensate for these movements using a special spring suspension between the
backpack and straps made in the form of frame with guides which help dampen the
vibrations resulting from walking the hover glide has been demonstrated to
help reduce the load on the spine by about 80% which drastically reduces the
risk of injury and possible disability ninebot go kart the ninebot go-kart is
the exciting results of a collaboration between Shia me and ninebot this
innovative racing cart makes use of a hoverboard as a rear axle which provides
the power for motion and can be connected to the ninebot mini and
ninebot pro gyro scooter it comes with three speeds designed for entry-level
racers enthusiasts and experts with speeds of five 11 and 15 miles per hour
and a reverse gear which functions at 3 km/h the reverse gear is typically
activated by pressing the activator twice
although riders may also use the manual brake there are some restrictions as to
who can make use of the ninebot go-kart however as use is limited to people
under 220 pounds and users between 51 and 75 inches in height mentis XE 1 the Mantis XE 1 is an
exciting new vehicle which combines the best features of an electric bicycle and
a boat it is a relatively new invention and at the moment it is only available
for personal use we anticipate a lot of demand for this device as well as a lot
of potential uses in other more competitive areas the Mantis works using a couple of
hydrofoils which help to give it its aerial capabilities as well as with the
use of an electric motor with a propeller which grants at a speed of up
to 21 km/h on water this specially designed vehicle functions in total
silence and can be directly written from the shore to the road as well completely
disassembled when not in use in order to conserve space as a matter of fact the
only downside to the Mantis that we’ve spotted is that it requires about three
hours of charging for a ride of about 60 minutes not a craft the Nauta craft claims the
sea as its territory this Australian made sea craft is ideal for people who
suffer from seasickness but once you enjoy the sea in all its glory it makes
use of special hydraulic suspension which serves as a shock absorber and
reduce the impact of the waves against the lower part of the vessel and
consequently leads to a smoother ride and this smooth sailing persists even at
high speeds and the notic wraps coordinated turning function allows the
boat to lean into a turn without loss of speed the suspension equipment of the
NADA craft can cost between 120 to 150 thousand dollars pontoon boat the
pontoon boat combines style and elegance with its bold design it is operated by
two motors and has a total of two pontoons and has a steel base
complemented by aluminum sides covered with shiny varnish to further compliment
its retro look it also comes with ice headlights and versatile side lights it
was designed for six passengers and is equipped with super comfortable seats it
also comes with a multimedia and entertainment center a roomy
refrigerator a sink for washing hands and fruit a wine holder a retractable
bar for guests and an ultra-modern torpedo control with 10 functions for
the captain the pontoon boat is powered by 150 horsepower giving it enough
strength to fly across the waves Kangoo jumping shoes the Kangoo jumping
shoes were designed by Canadian orthopedic surgeon Gregory elect Minh
for the purpose of restoring function to patients who had undergone surgery on me
joints lower legs and back it works through the use of a unique spring that
increases calorie consumption by about 30 percent and protects the back end
joints while doing so it has also been demonstrated to help improve and correct
posture with the use of its semicircular sole which prevents the body from taking
the wrong position this improvement in posture then leads to a positive change
in calorie expenditure as well as general body function call Marty 10,000 FSC the coal Marty
10,000 Road loader was designed with the idea of a super mobile crawler excavator
the design bore fruit as the call Marty 10,000 FSC Road loader which can move on
a caterpillar track by Ram it has adjustable railway wheels on its
front and back that can be raised and dropped in order to move on and off the
ramps the caterpillar wheelbase can spread out to the required distance and
an adjustable center of gravity gives the tractor the ability to carry a
significant amount of weight it moves at a maximum speed of 24 miles per hour and
it can go anywhere where there are tracks or a trench Haven shield or barricade the Haven
shield or barricade grants you protection when you need it the most we
all know that it has been increasingly difficult to guarantee safety even in
the most urban areas with stories of deadly home invasions and shootings
ruling the airwaves The Haven Shield can be applied to practically any door
granting it an added layer of protection to guarantee your safety the makers of
the Haven shield guarantee that it has been designed to provide the best
possible protection against thieves with a speedy door leading company and an
easy to activate system once you’ve activated the safe lock mechanism for
extremely strong patches are deployed along with a metal plate which
essentially bars all entry into the room this barricaded door was then subjected
to stress tests standing up to about 98 hits in five minutes even though it gets
significantly damaged by heavy attacks the Haven shield still maintained its
structural integrity and prevents it all entry there you have it folks a list of the
eight most amazing machines and inventions from all over the world which
of these machines and inventions did you think were the most insane tell us in
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  1. The Criminals and Drug Dealers will be Ordering the HavenShield Door Barricade to keep the Law Enforcement at Bay … Sadly … It can be used for Good and Bad.

  2. Those stabilizing systems would be great for ribs weapons systems when in rough seas..I'll design a couple of ideas based on pbr length and width, can be a platform for lgr caliber such as 40 mm and 105, gun configuration could similar to ontos of Vietnam era only waterborne.

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