CROWN LAKE | Season 2 | Ep. 1: “The Haunting”

CROWN LAKE | Season 2 | Ep. 1: “The Haunting”

(eerie music) – [Heather] Did you really
think you could just pass me on to the next girl? It’s not over between
me and you yet, N. Not by a long shot. – [Boy] What is this? – [Nellie] I found it my
first day here in the closet. I think it belonged to
Tiffany’s old roommate. What happened to
your old roommate? – I didn’t like her,
so I kicked her out. – [Nellie] It’s about
how to survive Crown Lake with challenges. – [Boy] Like joining
the Scavenger Hunt? – Why is everyone laughing? – Well if a girl joins the
winning Scavenger Hunt, she has to give everybody
on the team a kiss. – What? – Why would someone write this? – I don’t know,
it’s so confusing. I just wish we could
find out who it is. It’s you. It can’t be. Why didn’t you tell me? – If someone tells you about
Heather, you become Heather. The girl who goes home. Everyone gets a Heather
book when they first come. Tiffany did it to me and you’ll have to do
it to the next new girl. – This is Lucy Quinn,
our new student. – But you got through
it, it’s over. – [Heather] Now, are
you in or are you out? Welcome back, Crown
Lake students. I hope you got everything you
asked for this holiday season. A big pile of gifts, and enough R and R to get
you through the next semester because surviving at Crown
Lake is not going to be easy. ♪ Strings all choked with rust ♪ ♪ Can’t play that
sweet song any more ♪ ♪ Haunted by a memory ♪ The unwritten rules and
secrets of these halls could fill volumes. Lucky for you, my advice is
the best present you’ll get. ♪ Trying to light a fire ♪ ♪ Soft to the skin ♪ ♪ All you can do is lay there ♪ ♪ And go over it again ♪ ♪ Your soul’s on the line ♪ ♪ You don’t know where to hide ♪ ♪ You’re running, running ♪ – Everything you need
to make it at Crown Lake is within these pages, so follow my rules, be loyal and you and I will
get along just fine. After all, the most
coveted gift of all is to survive your first year. I should know; I didn’t. Good luck. ♪ Hush my loves
now, don’t you lie ♪ ♪ Karma’s got a way of
making things right ♪ ♪ If you think your
words aren’t nice ♪ ♪ Better close your mouth,
shut your lips real tight ♪ (slow pop music) (slow orchestral music) – Young people file
in, quietly thank you. (slow orchestral music) – Everything on track? – Yeah, just great. – Silent, quiet. Miss Porecca, your hat.
(girls giggle) – Ladies, decorum. I have some announcements. First, everyone will be meeting
with our guidance counselor, Miss Rose, to see how things
are going here at Crown Lake and to make sure you
all fit with the milieu. Next, we have a new
student this semester. Everyone please welcome
Miss Lucy Quinn. She’s from Connecticut and I’m sure you will all
make her feel at home. – Hey, welcome.
– Oh, thanks. (tense music) – Hey, how were your holidays? – Fine, thank you. – So we’re not gonna
talk about this? – There’s nothing to talk about. I just thought you
were my real friend. – Nellie, I’m sorry, again. I couldn’t tell you the truth
about Heather, you know that. – Why? You’d get in trouble,
she’d find you? She’s not even real!
(voice echoes) – What’s wrong?
– I have to go. (students laughing) (students chatter)
(slow orchestral music) – How’d it get up there? – I guess your
friends wanted to see if my backpack could fly? – They’re not my friends. – [Nick] Is there anything
fun to do around here or is everyone
always this uptight? – I mean, I came last semester so I’m maybe not the
best person to ask. – So you’re still learning the
ropes around here too, huh? – You could say that. – I mean, Crown Lake isn’t
that hard to figure out. – Says the guy who’s had Crown
Lake alumns in his family for the last six generations? (tense music) – I’m Ryan.
– Oh, Nick. What’s the dating
situation here? – Well, dating is allowed
but she’s spoken for. Ryan here is with the most
popular girl in school. (pager beeps) – You late for
surgery or something? – Nah, though I’ve been known to provide some
cures now and then. Midterms can be stressful. Sometimes you need an extra
boost, you know what I mean? – Almost, almost… Yes. – Thank you. – What can I say? I’ve got mad rake skills. I like your haircut by
the way, it suits you. – Thanks. Hey, could I sit with
you at dinner tonight? I promise I will not make you fish anything else
out of the tree. (soft singing) – Hi.
– Hey. Long time no see. – Yeah, how was your break? – Fine, just helped my dad
at the coffee shop, you? – I went to Michigan, and I don’t know if you heard but I got back together
with Tiffany, officially. – Oh, no, I hadn’t heard. Congratulations.
– [Ryan] Thanks. – Well, I’ll see you around. – Yeah, I’ll see you around. – [Heather] A good Crown
Lake girl follows the Always’ and the Never’s. – Has she stepped
out of line yet? – Not that I’ve noticed. – [Heather] Always
wear knee socks, ankle socks are for grandmas. – They’re a tad short, but okay. – [Heather] Never speak to
Merriweather unless spoken to. – Here comes Merriweather. – [Tiffany] Looks like
everything’s copacetic. – By the way Tiffany, I
love the new earrings. – Oh, aren’t they gorgeous? They were a present from Ryan. I picked them out, obviously,
but he paid for them. (tense music) – What’s going on? – So far everything’s
on track with Lucy but you better be
ready to up your game. These cards should
get you started. Go with the top one first. – I don’t want to do this. – It’s for her own good. She has to learn
how to survive here. – [Heather] That’s right. Once you’ve shown you
can play by the rules, it’s time to pay your respects to the fallen girls
of Crown Lake. – Dessert’s on me. – Sweet, although are you sure
this stuff isn’t poisoned? I’ve never actually
seen anybody eat it. – It’s the best food here. Everybody bans it because
they’re all lemmings who share a common brain. – Hmm, tell me how
you really feel. Oh my god, it’s perfection. – Right? ♪ Don’t call for better days ♪
(slow soft music) – Is this seat free? – Yeah sure Nellie. – I hope there isn’t
too much homework yet. – Just nerves. This place isn’t
exactly what I expected. – I know, that’s how I felt
when I came here last semester. – Only last semester? How did you get over it so fast? – I’m not sure I
really have yet, but just try and
think of the positives because it makes the
negatives feel less negative. ♪ It’s louder than I would
have thought it’d come out ♪ ♪ So don’t cry for better days ♪ ♪ So don’t cry for better days ♪ (tense music) – Is that the famous
Tiffany St Martin? – One minute. Nick? What are you doing here? – I thought you’d be a
little happier to see me. Dad enrolled me at Boys. How long has it been? One year, two? – Welcome, or whatever. (Nick laughs) – Who was that?
– He’s cute. Is he new?
– He’s nobody. I mean, I already vetted him. Loserville Central. (tense music) – [Heather] Long ago, a Crown Lake girl called
Charlotte Wellington passed away and it buried in
this very cemetery. Go tonight, find her grave, knock three times
on Charlotte’s grave and wait until she knocks back. If you leave before
you hear the knocks, you’ll be kicked
out of Crown Lake and CharloQtte’s
ghost will haunt you. Forever. (owls hoot)
(crickets chirp) (musical box chimes) (knocks on wood) (wood knocks)
(music intensifies) (shakers tap)
(girls giggle) (wood scratches) – She’s stood there long enough. – A little longer
won’t hurt her. – Why did you guys call me here? – Get down! We’re doing the old
Charlotte Wellington trick on the new girl. I remember you almost fainted
when you had to do it. Don’t you want to watch
the new girl flail? – Wait, you’re in on this? – Of course she is. You know the rules. – How could you be mad
at me for being Heather when you’re doing
the same thing. – Chloe, if you’re going
to be a downer, please go. – No, she’s right. You guys are on
your own for this. – [Tiffany] I’m
gonna remember this. – What are you doing? (knocks wood three times) You’re just as bad as Nellie. – [Heather] Careful N. My friendship is a gift, and you shouldn’t look a
gift horse in the mouth. I might bite. (musical box chimes) (music intensifies) – You’re Heather? Oh no, no. (upbeat rock music) – [Heather] Next
time, on Crown Lake. There’s a hierarchy
at Crown Lake but just because
you’re royalty today doesn’t mean you own the crown. One misstep and
everything you’ve built can come tumbling down. – [Lucy] What are we gonna do? – [Nellie] We find a way to
get rid of her, together.

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  1. I love crown lake! At first I didn't think I was going to like it, but when I started watching it and realized it was connected to a girl name jo, I totally fell in love with it also, who thinks the 90's hairstyles are way cuter than some of the ones today 😂


  2. Anyone else notice when the new girl had to knock 3 times at the cemetery it linked with the chicken girls Halloween episode 👻🤪

  3. Omg is the part where the new girl knocking at the door the story astrid from cg.was it her and the girls.are her friends

  4. I'm so excited to have this back. It's been long admired since I first watched it! Thx for making these awesome shows, Brat TV love forever❤❤❤❤❤💯💯💯💯💯

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