Cruise Packing Tips – Folding vs Rolling

Cruise Packing Tips – Folding vs Rolling

Hey Cruisers, it’s Sheri with CruiseTipsTV
with some more packing tips! Frankly; packing isn’t my favorite part
of cruising. Me, I just want to get it done. Grab everything I need, toss it in the bag,
and boom! I’m done. But … yeah, that method comes with a few … wrinklely consequences.
So today we are going to look at, and compare, two less wrinkley methods; folding and rolling.
Now, here’s a little tease; in our next packing episode we are going to look at a
third cutting edge packing method. (What?! A third method? – I know, right.) So stick
around, and we’ll let know what that’s all about. Now, let’s cover some basics. Lets starting
with rolling. Rolling works well for:
Packing a duffel, backpack, tote or similar soft bag
Using all available bag space – rolled clothes are just easier to CRAM into nooks and crannies.
And for Clothes that don’t wrinkle easily – like knits, jeans, t-shirts etc’ Rolling supposedly leaves less creases, but
in our experience rolling can turn some clothes into to wrinklely little nightmares. Now we
know there is a technique for rolling clothes, that when strictly followed can eliminate
or minimize wrinkles, but really …. I mean really. I’m not going to do that.
We typically reserve rolling for tanks, T’s, and smaller items like socks. You can roll
these things up and just MASH them in anywhere. Now lets move on to folding.
Folding works well for: Your good old hard-sided, shell or structured
suitcase. Rayon, silk, linen, or basically anything
that wrinkles easily and, Elegant night gear – Dress shirts, pants,
skirts etc’ Folding is the tried and true traditional
method, and typically works well. If you take the time to fold at the creases, you’ll
likely still get wrinkles, but they’ll be in places people expect to see them … if
that makes sense. Ultimately, we’ve found a combination of
both methods seems to fit our style the best! For us, it just comes down to what gets folded
and what gets rolled. So now, what was this “third method” stuff
all about? In our next packing episode we’re going to take a look at something called “Bundle
Wrapping.” Sounds fun right? Well, no not to us either, but we’ll try to make it fun.
So check back in for more packing excitement. That’s it for this episode. As always, thank
you so much for watching and subscribing. If you like this video, please remember to
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9 thoughts on “Cruise Packing Tips – Folding vs Rolling

  1. My method of packing probably doesn't save on how big a suitcase I need to bring, but I never carry on my luggage (I'm weakling that can't manage to get my suitcase into those stupid luggage compartments!) I've never been on a cruise though (leaving on the first one in 8 days!) so maybe having a large suitcase is an issue?

    Anyway, I hang everything that can be hung on hangers and then I take the whole bunch of hung clothing I plan to take straight out of the closet, hangers and all. I then hold them all over my suitcase with the longest things touching the bottom of the suitcase at the back edge. Then I lay everything down in the suitcase until I get to the front edge, then fold everything back on itself in an S shaped movement, essentially folding everything in a stack and ending so that all the hangers are on the top and laying flat in the center of the suitcase. Everything else fits around the edges or in the compartments in the lid. When I get to my destination, all i have to do is grab all the hangers, lift everything out and hang it up again. I've seen very few wrinkles this way, especially if you put the stuff most likely to wrinkle so it's on the outside of the bundle. I used to use the bundling method, but once I realized the weakling thing I gave up on space saving and moved to easy!

  2. i always pack my clothes in zip-loc bags and lable them then my shoes go on bottom toiletries go in carry on and my formal clothes are layered on top never had a problem with it

  3. OK fine this is totally off-topic, not that I don't appreciate the content here, but I can't stop watching your videos because you sound like Kate monster from Avenue Q! Your voice and the intonations are spot on…

  4. What about packing cubes? Some people roll and fold and they keep clothes from shifting around in your suitcase. Thanks for the video.

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