Dad FiNDS Brooklyn a BOYFRiEND!

Dad FiNDS Brooklyn a BOYFRiEND!

100 thoughts on “Dad FiNDS Brooklyn a BOYFRiEND!

  1. Leave a comment down below letting us know when you guys start school? Check out our favorite school supplies HERE: 💋's -Mindy

  2. AH I saw myself in line in the green shirt at the first meet and greet!! So fun!!
    You guys are going to have blast at Baylor, I actually saw one of my guy friends in the background of one of the clips, which was awesome! Maybe Brooklyn will get to know him 😉

  3. These are the best videos to watch when you're feeling down. They are just such a beautiful family. You can't get through their videos without smiling.

  4. Ha it's e when Brooklyn nice💁💁💁 cute life is like a box of chocolate and you never know what you get ( this is forest gum p signing of)

    Hi, I would really like to order the products you sell. But I live in the UK. I, and on behalf of anyone else that lives outside of the US, would really appreciate it if you could ship worldwide! I hope you have future plans to do this because you have so many international fans who would love to buy it!!
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  6. omg!! my name is kinsley just like the girl kinsley mindy was asking how long she was there for!! Haha ive only ever met one other kinsley!

  7. Hi… this really Brooklyn and Bailey ???!!! Am seeing after a long time …. couldn't catch up on ur videos… now when I see Brooklyn and Bailey are looking totally DIFFFEERREENNTT!!!!

  8. yu know that vid u did a while ago about the mermaid tails? well, someone named
    Anano Fuxashvili
    on yt C0PIED IT! U NEED t0 FIND this vid and fiIe a compIaint!! I hope u see this!!! every true fan try to tell them pls

  9. love you! i have a fanpage for b and b and its called brailey.cupcake! hope you like my edits! i start school september 3rd! <3 ' s Tara

  10. How is Dax turning 10 already?? 😳 I’ve been following your channel since before you even adopted him. I didn’t realise it was that long! 😅 Back then the kids were still getting their hair done in the sink. It’s cool to have see your family grow and become more successful. All the best for the girls in college ☺️

  11. I’m already in school I’m your biggest fan ever Brooklyn and Bailey you both are gorgeous remember don’t let people hurt you Brooklyn I know you broke up with Parker but your better without him girls rule boys drool I promise you that your better single Brooklyn

  12. Am I the only one who cried at the end of this…? I just love how they’re all such a loving family, and it reminds me a lot of my own!

  13. This is Brooklyn
    She is now with her boyfriend. One like is one day they stay together. lets see if they can marry . They marry at 200 likes

  14. Nice overall video, but it would have been nice if paisley would have gotten a nice girly book bag versus the flat and plain she got. There are a lot of super girly, "unicorny" type book bags that would be great for her. You guys should definitely look into getting her a more girly and cute backpack. but great vid…

  15. Who are you?????
    Brooklyn 🤓
    Bailey 📸
    Kamri 🐶
    Daxton 🎩
    Braidy 🐕
    Ash 🐶

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