DATING our GIRL-Selves?! | Minecraft Playground – Roleplay

DATING our GIRL-Selves?! | Minecraft Playground – Roleplay

– Thank you Mum bye! Thank you for the lift! Oh Chad, Chad hey, hey! Oh my gosh. – [Chad] Took you forever to get here. Golly! – We haven’t been here in a while okay? I had to get like, convince my Mum to give
me a lift back here after you know,
– [Chad] Yeah. What happened last time right? – [Chad] I know, I know.
– Yeah. – [Chad] Yeah well it’s been what? Like a few years? Since we’ve been here. Same old playground,
same old girls bathroom. – It’s a lot less, don’t you be going inside
the girls bathroom again ’cause I pft.
– [Chad] What? What?
– What? (stammering)
– [Chad] I’m not! – I bet you it’s still as fancy, (record scratches)
yeah they’ve still got it, they’ve still got it better
than us haven’t they? – [Chad] Sorry I need a moment. (door clicks closed)
(snorting) (farting) – Chad no!
(door squeaks open) – [Chad] I just did one. – Right oky doky (sighs). Yeah it’s been a bit, it
seems kinda empty I guess. It seems kinda–
– [Chad] No ones, yeah, no ones using it. – Same I mean after– – [Chad] Maybe ’cause it
was in the news so much. What not.
– Yeah after we fell in that vat, I mean luckily we survived. – [Chad] Yeah. – I mean for the most part.
– [Chad] I would say you know, helped my school scores and I do better at my SATs now and… – Shall we go and like check it out? See if there’s anything? (banging) – [Chad] Heck, heck yeah. Whoa okay well there we go.
– Sorry. – [Chad] Yeah of course!
– You know me, I’m always a little but–
– [Chad] Old times sake! – Right exactly! Hold on is this a good idea though? I mean this is where we died before. – [Chad] Probably not. – But it would be a lot of fun right? – [Chad] Did you, did you say we died? – Well no (record scratches) we well, I don’t know what happened,
I just kinda blacked out. Do you remember what happened? – [Chad] I don’t remember what happened. – No? Okay. – [Chad] I remember my Mom was
not happy that it happened. – Mm hmm.
– [Chad] Whatever it was. – Yeah exactly, right well, ladies take the lead then
you can lead the way inside. To the plant. See what’s happened. – [Chad] Someone here.
– What? What? – [Chad] Someone right over there. – Wait what? – [Chad] (stammers) look right there. – Dude is that?
– [Chad] Somebody here. – Dude, dude.
– [Chad] It’s creepy. – Dude is there?
– [Chad] What? – Is that us? Is that a mirror? – [Chad] There’s a clone! – You think it’s a clone? – [Chad] It’s a clone (gasps)
it’s definitely a clone. – Someone cloned me
I’m honored, thank you! – [Chad] The robots have taken over! – Thank you, oh I’m honored
to be a clone actually. (snorts) – [Chad] That’s not a good thing. – What? – [Chad] How’re you gonna tell whose who? How’re you, what if your Mom
loves the clone more than you? – Hold on.
– [Chad] And then you don’t get any, any, anything. You don’t get any Christmas presents! – Hold on, look, do you not know the first
thing about cloning? There’s always something wrong. There’s always something that
is wrong with the clone right? – [Chad] With the clone, yeah! Like they have murderous tendencies? Or possibly they’re better at pool than you.
– Wow. – [Chad] Yeah always something wrong. – That’s not what I’m getting at but you know we’ll go with it. Lets just, this must
be from the vat right? ‘Cause we haven’t been here in so long. – [Chad] Yeah.
– Maybe they never left. – [Chad] I mean do you think that they’ve been standing here for years? – Maybe. (gasps) Shall we go say “Hi?” – [Chad] Go ahead yeah you first. – All right I’ll say “Hi”, Hey, hi, whoa! – [Chad] Whoa! Wait a second. – Did I eat? – [Chad] Oh my God look… – Chad!
– [Chad] Hi! Oh hi! (stammering) – I told you there was
always a difference Chad! – [Chad] Look at those eyes. – Chad!
– [Chad] Oh my gosh. – Chad! (snorts)
– [Chad] Look at those boobs. – Chad!
– [Chad] On that Tycer one. – You can’t!
– [Chad] Right there. Look at those boots. – I know we had our first lesson in that a couple of weeks ago okay? – [Chad] Listen!
– Look! – [Chad] Hi! So how long (stammering). That is, you are creepy,
well that’s just weird. – (exclaims)
– [Chad] And then hi! Hey do you wanna, I had
something in my backpack earlier that I think that you might like. One second. Here you go
– Chad, Chad! it’s a gift for you. – Hold on, I mean to be honest (stammers) what’s your name? Do you have a name? – [Chad] No hey no! You don’t come on to me! No way, that’s not happening! – What are you? – [Chad] But hi Tycerina how’s it going? – Tycerina (laughing). – [Chad] Aw thank you. (Tycer snorts)
Thanks hey Tycerina. (laughing) Whoa look you have some pigtails
in the back look at that. – Oh my god what? Are you, are you serious? Wow, wow! Well at least there’s no way
my Mums gonna get confused which ones the real one of me. But why you flirting with me? Her? – [Chad] Because you’re hot. As a girl.
(record scratches) Hot. So anyway you have any plans on dating me? – What!
– [Chad] Or things. – Chad! What? So as soon as… I feel like you haven’t told me– – [Chad] Look at her eyes, so much better! – We have exactly the same eyes! (chirping) – [Chad] No, no.
– Her face! – [Chad] No Tycerina is
so much cuter, way cuter. – Well okay fine if you’re
gonna be like this then fine. Chad, Chader, Chader,
oh this is difficult. (laughs) Chader (snorts) I wanna say Chadersaurus Rex but it’s just (laughing). – [Chad] Chadina hey do you have any plans on dating my friend Tycer here, Olga? – Look if you’re gonna be
dating me I’m gonna be dating, fine you know what, you
know what, you know what? I’m gonna interrupt. – [Chad] Tycerina lets (door clicks open) – Hold on, hold on, hold on.
– [Chad] Find someplace quiet. What, not allowed?
– Lets have a date out in the public and you two can actually
have a date together, how’s that sound? – [Chad] Oh yeah I like that, a plot. – Yeah I’d like that too. Look she speaks. – [Chad] Oh oh yeah, oh yes. – All right.
– [Chad] What about you Olga? What do you think about
having a date with Tycer – Well–
– [Chad] Yeah I’m interested. (record scratches) – Hold on, that was, wow. – [Chad] Olga okay (laughs). – Those are such succulent tones. Could you, could you talk more to me? – [Chad] Yeah sure. – Wow maybe–
– [Chad] Olga’s– – I wanna hear–
– [Chad] Olga’s a diamond in the rough.
– Yeah I know (stammers) Tycerina how, how do you sound? Yeah I love you Chad, oh no! This is going terribly wrong! – [Chad] Oh wow! – Let me fix this, bare with me. This is, this is definitely
not the female version is it? (high pitch squeak) – [Chad] It’s fine, it’s fine. – She’s got something in her throat. Oh hello, hello oh! Yeah I love, I love you Chad. All right fine if you
two are into this so much I’m gonna put down a table
and you two can date. (clear throat) Of course Chad will be
the one to you know. – [Chad] This is a horrible
romantic atmosphere, can we move out of the noxious waste dump? (thudding)
– Fine! Yeah we can blow that up (clears throat). – [Chad] Whoa!
(thudding) – Oh look, look.
(Chad screams) – [Chad] Nice opening. – Yeah I know.
– [Chad] This is great. – I’ve got you, I’ve got you. – [Chad] You know what’ll be, oh I know the most
romantic area, oh I don’t, oh I know it, I know it, I know it. I think it’s right over
here I remember when– – In the flower field? – [Chad] Look at this!
– Oh perfect. – [Chad] Look at this,
right next to the lake. – Little paddling pool.
– [Chad] This is great. – Okay. (thudding)
Look I’ll get you set up, (thudding)
right here look. You two can have your date with each other and do all the kissy
kiss and stuff you know. (gentle music) – [Chad] Kissy kissy? What are you talking about? I will respect–
– Respect woman? – [Chad] Yeah. – Oh good good, well go on then, go for it.
– [Chad] Okay doky Tycerina. So Ty, whoa!
– Sorry big table. – [Chad] Whoa nice pink table. Hi Tycerina, my name’s Chad and enjoy long walks in
Fortnite and sometimes Roblox. – What’s a Fortnite? (romantic music) – [Chad] It’s a, oh it’s a video game, oh you probably haven’t gotten out much. It’s a (stammers) a romantic video game where a couple they spend
the fortnight together and then they fall in love. – Oh okay. – [Chad] Oh look I got you this. Right there, that’s for you. And I would just like
to say that your hands are you best feature. – Oh. – [Chad] They really speak to me yeah. – Oh.
– [Chad] I just love your hands. – Sorry to interrupt.
– [Chad] No. – I’ve got the main course. – [Chad] Oh thank you oh. (gun blasts)
(shouting) – Oh no!
– [Chad] Wow! What did you do that for? – Genuinely an accident actually, I’m so sorry (laughs). – [Chad] You’re ruining our date! – No, no, no please sit
back down on the date. There we go right. – [Chad] Oh my gosh.
– Sorry. Please continue, continue please! – [Chad] Okay you know what this needs? – What? – [Chad] Some special music. – Oh wow! – [Chad] There we go. (gun blasts)
So Tycerina, (gun blasts) ever since… (gentle music) – I don’t like music.
– [Chad] Ever since the moment I saw you… Wow, okay! Apparently no music. Ever since the moment I saw you, I knew that we were meant to be together. – Oh yeah?
– [Chad] And in order to show my devotion to you.
– Yeah. – [Chad] I am prepared to ask my Mom for permission to get
a tattoo of your face. – Of my face? – [Chad] On my face. – On your face? – [Chad] Your tattoo of
your face on my face. – You want my face on your face? I think that’s called kissing (laughs). – [Chad] No, that’s,
not when it’s a tattoo! – Hold on, hold on, hold on doesn’t that mean that
you’re getting a tattoo of my face on your face? (fast paced music) – [Chad] No this is Tycerinas face! – This means you have a crush, I knew (gun blasts) I knew it! I knew you had a crush on me.
– [Chad] No! What?
– Yes you did! – [Chad] What, no!
– You have a crush on me! – [Chad] I have a crush on Tycerina! (blasting)
What are you talking about? – I knew it, I knew it!
– [Chad] Get out of here. (blasting)
Tycerina, we’re meant to be together. This man is holding back our love! – Lets run into the sunset together. Hey no, no you can’t, guys. – [Chad] I agree, lets go, this way. – Guys please.
– [Chad] The sunset, I think the sunsets this way. The sun is setting.
– No! – [Chad] Tycerina lets go! – Okay.
(fast paced music) Well I guess I’m left with… Hey. (fast paced music) So you single?

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  2. This kinda reminds me of cloak and dagger where the cop falls into the waste and her bad side leaves her body and forms as a copy of her just meaner

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