Death in a Can: Australia’s Euthanasia Loophole – VICE INTL (Australia)

Death in a Can: Australia’s Euthanasia Loophole – VICE INTL (Australia)

Hi, I’m Ben Anderson from Vice-New York-office our friends are the vice Australia office And the company that sells products that help people end their own lives this is death, in a can. I can run you through how you actually use it if you like . the whole process [alright] the way the process works Connect the regulator and then with the plastic bag you put the hose that connects that to the bag? Inside the bag and stick it to the inside of the bag You put the bag on your head first of all and let it fill up By switching it on it’ll fill up. It’s full of nitrogen No, oxygen, then you breathe out totally get rid of every bit of gas in your lungs best you can Hold your breath a minute Pull this down and take the biggest breath you can and you’re swapping the gas in your lungs from air To nitrogen within fractions of a second you faint you faint straight away then you’re just in a fainted state , continue to breathe quite easily the bag just Expands and contracts and the gas is flowing into the bag, but you’re in a 0% Environment and you’ll die in about 3 or 4 minutes after that Max dog is a company we set up it really is a way to facilitate the distribution of these Nitrogen cylinders Which can be used for brewing which is why we call ourself max dog brewing but of course the main use for these cylinders is For people who want to have access to a peaceful and reliable death at the time of their choosing Hello I’m Betty from exit In my last piece of film I showed you how balloon helium gas could be used to provide a peaceful death This time I want to show you a new system. That’s now available One that has several advantages over the previous method The movement of Nitrogen as a gas to dispense beer with has become more and more of an issue over the last Few years I’ve been to a number of beer festivals around the world where they have nitrogen nights. We’ve got this idea that instead of using One of the traditional means for peaceful death was to use a gas, and I’ve traditionally people are using helium Why not use nitrogen and so that’s what we started to do so we set up a company to make [sure] that people have access to nitrogen. It’s very peaceful, and it’s totally legal and it has one other unique phenomena a unique characteristic and that is ,that it’s totally undetectable. I’ve seen several autopsy reports, and they’ve all come back cause undetermined Undetermined or inconclusive is how they describe it well? I’m going to ask yourself a question How does it do that if I’m in a room by [myself], and I’ve decided to use this [Mac’s] dog brewing I have to kill myself and I have a quick quick a glass of IPA And then I put the hood on and get on with it somebody’s going to find my body sooner or later with it with Paraphernalia on my head and it’s an empty cylinder next to me and it’s quite clear, then what happened So what we’re talking about really is where someone actually removes? The evidence the gas bottles and other stuff after the event for the sake of effecting this Undetectable death we’ve involved not one person But at least two and that’s in fact why I reported it to the medical board. I thought well You know it seems to me to be quite irresponsible to do that. Yes. I’m 63 years old. I’ve got a Chronic lymphocytic Leukemia, and I’m in the last stages of that disease and I’ve also got breast cancer. Well, I’m very sad but naturally, I’m very anxious about the end and Would like [to] have total control over The end of my life, I’d like to die at home. I’d like to die with my family Supporting me and I’d like to be able to say [goodbye] to them but unfortunately that’s not possible because of the way the law is they could be under suspicion [for] assisting me to suicide, so Unfortunately, I’m going to have to not include my family in my death [and] that’s very makes me very bitter suicide is not a crime But anyone who might attempt and might help you [end] your life That’s assist you advise or counsel you Can suffer serious criminal Sanction in fact two states of Australia still have a possible penalty of life imprisonment? For assisting someone to take that legal step of ending their life, and this is an anomaly. There’s no other example in law Where assisting someone to do something which is legal Attracts any penalty leave alone a penalty of such savagery if I came along and gave you the drugs and said here If you take these drugs you will die that [would] be assisting Giving people Mac’s dog nitrogen and saying you can use this and go and brew yourself some beer if you want to Or you can use it if you want to end your life Takes it right on the Edge because what we’re saying is that this can be used in that way But it can be used in other ways and because we’re not telling people to do this is effectively our defense] No one can tell you how long you’ve got but I know that I won’t live for much longer if I’m lucky enough to be home. I’ll have Probably a nice meal. I’ll probably have a drink of some Baileys Irish cream and I’ll settle myself into my [favourite] chair with my cats and I’ll peacefully go to sleep I I Think [sometimes] I do get painted as a bit of a ogre in the suggestion [that] I want people [to] live [on] indefinitely and you know at all costs and regardless of the pain that’s just not the case and Certainly that’s not the case in palliative services . palliative care is defined by two elements : that one is Reducing + relieving pain and one is to neither prolong nor shorten life So when we are talking about a natural situation, and we could care people get good advice as well So they get to weigh their choices maybe they do want to get another round of chemotherapy because of x y zed or maybe that’s enough so it’s not as if You know getting that kind of support is the end of choice. It’s not it’s actually an opening-up of choice Knowing you’ve got something in the cupboard That will give you a peaceful reliable death is immensely Sustaining in the context of serious illness people and we’ve know a number [of] them and to wake up every day with their serious cancer And say you know it’s dreadful But [if] it gets too bad, then I’ve [just] got to go to the cupboard get up my nitrogen cylinder And I can have a peaceful death and what that does having that knowledge having that ability is That it gives them the courage to keep on and I think it’s entirely consistent with harm minimization as a good medical principle Look, I’m not afraid of dying, but I am I am afraid of being forced to endure suffering and the indignity of being of being Totally dependent on other people while I’m dying and for that reason I [think] it’s my , should be my choice to actually Say enough s enough, and I want out Simple as that. It’s just a choice You can buy these cylinders we’ve been selling them all over Australia increasingly We’re selling them around the world once you’ve got them. You keep them forever infinite shelf life , it is not a prohibited substance Provided you’re comfortable of the process it will work well you

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  1. Re: 4:50 — sure you can use the nitrous to home brew — but the fact that you sell it with a bag to put over your head seems to suggest its real intent

  2. Wonder if they offer a breathing mask as an option? I’d imagine some people would be too claustrophobic to put bag over their own head.

  3. And to think, 1,000 years ago elderly, disabled, and sick people would walk off cliffs to keep from becoming burdens to their family and community….. Now, the government requires these people to live so that they can leach every last penny from them while they are suffering. Its despicable. Assisted Suicide should be common place in every country on this planet.

  4. It would be so reassuring knowing you have something in the cupboard that can give you a peaceful death if you're suffering in pain.

  5. As humans beings, having the choice to end our life on our own terms is a fundamental right that we all should be entitled to.

  6. your free will is always present ! in sickness and health if you want to end it….do it! it's not for no one or no laws or delusional beliefs to stand in your way! life is suffering! death of your mind and body is freedom !.

  7. He said that you'd be criminally sanctioned if caught assisting someone to commit suicide… and he does so plainly infront of the camera. Somebody sue him¯_(ツ)_/¯

  8. I was thinking of doing this but couldn't find a true user review to let me know it works properlt. Is there someone here who has tried this "death in a can" and can tell me it works?

  9. It's illegal to help someone kill theirself because you can't probe that you didn't just kill them and made it look like a suicide.

  10. whether it is legal or illegal who cares everyday someone does something illegal, anyway my life is hell on earth in the 21 century, not about dignity so much more about ending my suffering, I am looking for a professional that can help me end my life, I just was hurt to much, disrespected too much by strangers, looking for right pills, can't wait to die, mercy killing is better, they can even take my internal organs, don't care

  11. that granny talking about her family. theyl just find her covered in baileys and food with bag over her and cats licking it up..

  12. I wish this was more widely available, I think of Suicide Every day an my anxiety an depression is tiring I just want to end it, I’m 23 an caught an addiction to opiates thro my own mistakes wen I tried to live alone I was preyed upon by dealers to hold hard stuff, that was when I was 19 an iv ruined everything an have no future im so young an have demolished my life i just want to go

  13. Well, we can do it humanly like death by can or we can just splat our fucking brain matter all over . You choose , because either way we will end our life on our terms

  14. When my mom was catatonic in the hospital, they just did not give her food or water till she died. This is legal, but if she chose to do this and we assisted, this would be a crime? So much consitency in Australian law.

  15. He doesn't want people to live in agony and pain for an "undetermined " amount of time.
    He simply wants people to live in agony and pain for a "determined " amount of time. The determined amount of time being when the agony and pain finally kills you.
    What a fucking asshole that guy is.

  16. i crave true american accent on videos now when i hear this dialect i either fall asleep or literally x out of the tab. lol he said he was from ny right off the get go

  17. Interesting topic. Another pop up on my suggestions. I did not know this and what the seller said was odd. He said. "If I give you some pills to someone and tell them it will kill them, I am assisting their suicide." Then he's selling the gas to people for making beer or killing themselves and knows it? I'm the USA and we had this debate with Dr. Kevorkian and suicide was legalized as assisted in 1997 with the applicant meeting the requirements and ingests a certain drug on their own, 3 to 5K USD. (Death with Dignity act) Personally. If it was painful to get here and be here, it is proper to be painful leaving naturally. If I'm a vegetable and not going to be right if I wake up or am not going to wake up, I've taken care of the prime directive. There is definitely honor going out the hard way…

  18. Once again this is Vice misleading people with false information. This is not euthanasia look it up this is just suicide.

  19. 2 points, # 1 suicide is a sin against the holy spirit and hence unforgivable. #2 this is a perfect foolproof way to murder someone without getting caught. Go figure…….

  20. I understand the pitch…..but he's profiting off their death. What happened? The beer business realized he was a whacko and stopped buying nitrogen tanks from him? Criminalize this. All of it.

  21. Attempted suicide is illegal, but suicide is not. The only reason it's not is because who can you try. It does leave your family ineligible for any life insurance that would pay out, and the family is stuck burying someone out of pocket….

  22. @7:05… there’s a lot of ppl in that room and I assume some are without ailments but refuse to go on without their spouse… SO SAD… but I get it.. I’m only 38 been married 17 years, 2 kids and loss has been the story of my life BUT selfishly I couldn’t imagine life without my wife.. my moms is currently dying, I’ve lost my pops (police), my nephew (police), both of my older brothers and stepdad (gang violence/gun) making me a patriarch since the age of 17, 2 close battle buddy’s (US Army/Iraq 19k)… the list goes on but with every loss you lose a bit of will and faith in humanity, I guess.

  23. Whatever happen to running a hose from tail pipe???? Hybrids really screwing that up??? Is this one of them onion things?

  24. wait a second
    if one enough strong to commit suicide then that one going to do it

    what will be the next invention?
    walk in this chamber close the door and take a shower?

    you know, you open the faucet and gas coming out from the shower..

    thank you i dont need this future
    people need to realizing something

    only the live can suffer, and let them decide if they want to go really
    dont try to help people to die..
    first this guy should show us how effective his ""invention""

  25. I think it's a bit sadistic, but I'm in between on it. Honestly though, we should let the people who'd want this option speak their piece and reasoning behind it and see what they want. I'm pretty sure it'd be worth hearing before making a final say on anything.

  26. Before you think twice on this.. this is what happened to me at the end of 2016. It will be worth a minute or two of your time.

    I found myself in 'That Storm' the one where ya ain't coming back from, call it whatever you like, but it was darker than any dictionary word could describe, blacker than black, no hope at all, just an episode of pure darkness.

    I'm telling you this just in case some of you are going through something similar, because I ran away when that heavy fear washed over me, depression and pain has nothing on it, pretty much evil hounding you like a hungry beast. It haunted me, nightmares, it felt like I wasn't allowed to live anymore.

    So I ran, cried, fought, and all my hubris, Earthly wisdom, every tamed religious rebuttal on the spectrum board of theism and logic couldn't yank me outta of this mucky pool I was drowning in. I sought doctors, thinking it was a mental breakdown, or spinal nerves, any brain disease, holy moly was my back against the wall here for help. I ended up at my brother's house, and was at the end of my road..

    Can't say it was the best place in the world, they couldn't help me either in the slightest. That night it felt like this was the last time I could put up with what ever was hounding me, call it what ya want, darkness, evil, or just the damn Devil, seriously screw that clown, but with such bravado I threw the towel in. I went to sleep that night not intending to wake up. I gave a knock on that big door up there, to the Big man, and that fellow they call Jesus and admitted I was out of league on this one, this was it, I'm going to sleep, I don't know why you don't help me, but I know you're there, behind those gold gates, beyond space, beyond this box we're all in, but either way, "I give up." and then I closed my eyes in tears.

    Next moment I dreamt.. The second I did I was struck by a pillar of gold light hitting my body; glittery and misty. The darkest snakes and insects scattered out of me. Then out of this light came out three angels blowing long trumpets in their hands. Yeah, it's just as big as the spectacle you're imagining right now in your head. Then suddenly I became a child in the dream..

    I was now in an old stone house, a table of tools on one side. Before me was a door, the latch was missing on it.. I could see a sunset with a field of tall grass, and what sounded like children playing.. I pulled on the door but it was locked, no doorknob. The door wouldn't open, but then something came through the door, it transformed into Jesus. Within his hands he was holding his heart which was on fire, he then handed to me.. I took it and placed it inside of me. The feeling I felt was a blissful happiness that blinded everything, very blinding, nothing mattered at all, except the feeling which was one of unconditional love. Think of winning 100 mega lottos, having the perfect gal, family, someone brought back, flying in the sky, every perfect thing that can make your life and smile in the world and multiply it by a million, that was this unconditional love from this fiery heart. It is a love that is untamable. And then.. I woke up!

    I never had read the bible up to this point in my life, but the things in my dream were directly from the New Testament, that little section at the far end of the bible. I picked up the book, searched it, researched it as fast as I could. But there it was.. everything from the dream.

    JOHN 10:9 "I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture."

    Even the Old Testament

    EZEKIEL 36-26 "Moreover, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; and I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh."

    EZEKIEL 10:4 "And the glory of the Lord went up from the cherub to the threshold of the house, and the house was filled with the cloud, and the court was filled with the brightness of the glory of the Lord."

    And lastly.

    REVELATION 3:20 "Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with Me."

    Since then, I've had a burning fire in my chest, an assurance of knowing the Truth, what is Truth? It's knowing the Jesus is Lord and he has already paid for your way to Heaven, for your sins. It's up to you whether you believe my testimony or not, you have free will and ultimately you must decide, you took a chance reading this and that means you've cracked the door just a little bit to let Him in, so thanks for reading, truly you took a chance in it and He will reveal Himself to those who call out to Him. LIVE!

  27. Hey if you can make the choice to create life why not end it? I also feel like maybe they didn't quite understand Fast and the furious in Australia😂😂😂

  28. Suicide is not a crime because you can't be charged if you're dead ! I live in Australia and I will be using this at some stage !! The minute I am not able to wipe my own ass I'm outties, I don't want to be a burden on anyone especially my kids !!

  29. here in australia young kids have been doing this now in those warehouse parties for years they just do alot less with those nangs ( soda canisters of Co2 for "the Whip cream gun device" you see them all just nod off for a few seconds then come back to life and they think its not bad for them

  30. Hi, I'm from Peru. Can someone tell me how I can buy that nitrogen gas product for a peaceful suicide? because I have a degenerative disease and I wish I could kill myself while I still can, because then I could not. I wrote to the mail of exit international but they don't answer me. I need help.

  31. We should all be able to decide how we leave this life. I can see those consumer shows reporting on fakes flooding the market.

  32. i need 22 million cans of this for marketing to the communist democrats….. going to open up retail store for it beside my wobbly chair and rope outlet

  33. I SWEAR TO FUCKING JAH DO YOU PEOPLE NOT SEE THE PROBLEM WITH THIS? IT IS PROMOTING SUICIDE AS AN EASY WAY OUT AND A PERFECTLY REASONABLE WAY TO DEAL WITH PROBLEMS TO PEOPLE OF ALL AGES. This means that teens with depression will see this and have a ray of hope that suicide is normal and knowing American society that is nothing short of horrifying.

  34. Its sounds good and all but the bad part is suicide is a serious sin and you cant repent because your dead God wants to see if you are strong enough like he made you to be to deal with the pain and problems you have till you make it out tour body by his hand then he will shake your hand and say good job i knew you had it in you to not take your life and deal with it amd not sin.Because when your standing at the scale and your heart is placed against sin you want it to be equal or your heart to be lighter than.js

  35. Paul Russell? What a great piece of shit. People who are suffering have the right to decide whether they have had enough and it’s not up to some Self centred arsehole to decide what’s best for other people . I bet he changes his mind when it’s him who is the one who’s suffering and begging for the pain of it all to end . Have some compassion for others and get off your throne and join the human race and have some humility instead of being such a Righteous bastard.

  36. Totally irresponsible! I wonder how many people have used this process to commit murder? Since it’s “totally undetectable” I wonder how many infant SIDS deaths (commonly used term for death of an infant when an autopsy shows no obvious or detectable cause) have happened. Or will happen?

  37. Honestly I always felt if a person is I'll and ready to die the hospital should assist in that but every one has a different opinion so idk

  38. This seems like quite a bad business model. No repeat customers and evenn if you do have a possible candadite for a repeat customer they will most likely try something else because of a bad experience with the product.

  39. It's not that we want to deprive dignity you muppets, its that he's profiting off of suicide. Make a lil more room in hell.

  40. Man, im really having the most difficult time trying to figure out if the lady in the beginning is the same person at the end in her house but I started writing this comment after seeing lady #1 so I'm just going to still post what I was typing before I made it to that end part.. What I was initially saying is I can't help but to wonder if the lady he was talking to in the first part explaining how to use it is no longer with us, or was someone who either was being taught how to use it to help a family member unable to understand it or that she is a new employee of Max Dog Brewing being taught how to do it so she can tell the person wanting to pass what to do… Now on one side I'm like nah that isn't the same lady, the lady in the end had glasses and the other one didn't and second lady seemed a tad bit bigger then the other one and had a bracelet with a different color and also lady two had a watch on and I couldn't see one on lady one. The second one also seemed to have a bigger nose. What's fucking me up is the hair of them both that's whats causing me not being able to positively identify if their same or different. Nonetheless this is a crazy story. Reminds me of that dude in here in the US back in the day that did the same thing but different ROA. Dr. Jack Koverkn or someting like that. It's just crazy knowing that if you are sick of things going on and it's the last straw then you can walk to your cabinet get it out and 5 minutes later your slumped on you living room floor just waiting for your family to come find you with a bag over your head with a tube pumping nitrogen into it. Shits crazy just to zone out and think about this shit.

  41. Suicide …. Fate in the beyond …. The path of the flesh has to be taken until the end, that is, every being also has to experience the embodiment as a human being. The earthly path prior to this cannot be deliberately shortened or interrupted. The forcible termination of life is, however, spiritually a great step backwards.[1] "Every human being is personally responsible for his soul."[2]

  42. They should've easily been shut down years ago. They get away with it by claiming "it's for brewing beer". So how many beer brewing companies do you know that requires you to be elderly AND produce proof of old age? Phillip is such a freakin hypocrite. He advocates suicide to escape pain but only allows the elderly to access it. The elderly have the most government etc support available of all age groups. Not only that the Peaceful Pill Handbook specifically says it's for suicide and even sells special connectors and bags for doing it. For those who are in pain and want a decent way out buy a 4 kq bag of Charcoal Briquettes, a BBQ, and duct tape. Bing search is your friend. Just make sure no one is in the house with you and leave warnings. Also, try to mitigate the potential mess. The Bathroom is the best bet given it's an easy clean. 1-2 kg should be more than enough.

  43. Is this guy serious? He gives a full explanation of how to take his product and kill yourself with it, turns around and tells us it's illegal to do what he's doing, but then says he's safe because you can make beer with it. Oh, and it's all on video..

  44. but for real, the law is so stupid right kill someone they kill you. suspected of a killing they kill you then realize they fucked up and say sorry. if people want to end their own life because of a disease or some other things that happened in their life they should have the right to end their own life. the good thing is that the person can have a peaceful death and hospitals and other medical operators can free space for other patients

  45. nobody should have the right to dictate to someone what
    to do with their life. if one is suffering he should be able
    to end it when he decides to do so !

  46. Sadly if people could be assured that their pain will be managed their might be less people requesting these kits.
    In the US they are starting to recommend no pain killers for post op pain because you might get hooked.
    It its hard and getting harder to find treatment for chronic pain.

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