Denver Post Weed Critic || Job Goals

Denver Post Weed Critic || Job Goals

Wooooah. Oh my God. Beautiful as ever, man. I never get sick of doing this. Hey, I’m Jake Browne, and I review pot for The Denver
Post for a living. I started smoking weed my… It’s always bad when you can’t
remember when you started
smoking weed. I was a sophomore in high
school and I was on the debate team and debate team is a huge party and so we had a… just a
little Coke can with some holes
poked in it and smoked the weed in the
backseat of my friend’s car, listening to a Ben Folds
Five album. I came out to Denver for school
and lasted about a couple years, so I was a bartender for
probably eight years. When I stopped bartending, I
started working at this
dispensary and before I knew it I was
working as the buyer, so people would bring duffle bag
after duffle bag of pot in and I would have to be able to
look at it and say, A, Is this any good? and,
B, Can we sell it? so I was learning so much
about all of these different
strains and then I just started writing
about it. In December of 2014 The Denver
Post launches this site called
The Cannabist and that’s where all of their
marijuana coverage is going
to live and it still remains the focal
point for anything The Denver
Post does with cannabis. When I got the interview for the
job I was super nervous there were hundreds of
candidates that had applied. We talked a little bit about
what the column could look like, and then he just said,
“Go write one.” This job changes all the time. I look at whatever column
might be due that day. I look at some dispensaries
that I might want to shop at, see if they have something
I’ve never tried before. Then I’ll go in. I’ll talk to
the bud tenders, see what they’re excited about. The biggest misconception is
people think I’m high
all of the time. I couldn’t be stoned all day
to do my job, and frankly, I am way too busy
to be as stoned as people
think I am. When I went to Amsterdam
I was really, really excited
to smoke weed. That’s like weed mecca when
you’re, you know, a teenager. And then when I went there I
found that most of the bud
had mold, had pests on it, had no flavor
or smell. Basically, they’re selling
mids there. Because Amsterdam’s been so
underground for so long and
it’s not regulated, they have crappy pot. The weed that Colorado grows
right now is like a nice
Central Coast pinot whereas Amsterdam is
Mad Dog 20/20. It’s, it’s swill and it’s
really disappointing. People there are super
passionate about it but it just goes to show
what happens if, you know, they can’t regulate it
and grow it responsibly. Dispensaries all used to be
the same… You’d go in and it would be like
some guy in front of an old
jewelry case with a bunch of jars of weed. Now, you have dispensaries that
look more like an Apple store versus some that look more
like a day spa. You can really find any kind of
dispensary experience you’re
looking for now in Colorado. This is probably the best P.F.
Chang’s for happy hour and getting high in the
parking lot. You just have to make sure you
do it between valet runs. So we’re in the heart of
downtown Denver at Native Roots. It’s one of the biggest
dispensaries. We’re going to go find
some weed. -Hi there.
-Recreational shopping? -Yes, please.
-I’ll take a look at your ID. -Cool. You are good to head
on back. -First door on the left right
around the corner.
-Awesome, thank you. -Hey.
-What’s going on man, I’m Ben. -Hey, Ben, I’m Jake. -Nice to meet you. Let me just
grab that ID one more time.
-You got it. What are you looking for
today, man? I have to go do a creative
writing on weed class, so I’m thinking sativa,
sativa-dominant hybrid,
something in that range. When I do a review, I always pick an activity I feel
like would pair well with the high that I’m going to
get from that strain cause each strain has a really
unique effect. I’ll smoke something energetic
for a hike or for seeing live music or weed that’s more focused if I’m hosting a dinner party. I need to find a specific strain
that I can use for a review later on today where I’m going to be getting
high and then writing, I think,
short fiction. Sour Amnesia is a good one to
go with. Want to check it out? -Ooh.
-That is funky. -Nice little cheese kinda smell. -Oh yeah that’s got that Dairy
Queen Blizzard kind of… Or like the fruit… the fruit
ice slushy with the ice cream
in it. -You got it, man. Ganja, reefer, marijuana, pot, cannabis, Cannabis sativa,
Cannabis indica, Cannabis ruderalis. You’ve got bhang. You’ve got… The Devil’s Lettuce… The Jazz Cabbage. Those are
probably my two favorites. -And this is Chiesel, so it’s
Big Buddah Cheese by
Sour Diesel, so it’s a pretty much 50/50
hybrid. -It’s going to test around
eighteen percent.
-Is it super funky? -It’s pretty good. I definitely
smell a little more of the
Sour Diesel. A little bit more of the top of
the nose smell. What would you like to get? Can I do an eighth of the Sour
Amnesia and caulk it? Two things everybody wants
to know: “Do you get weed for free?” and
“Can I have weed for free?” I absolutely get free weed from
private growers, not dispensers. And I give out weed all
the time. -Here you go.
-Thanks so much. Take it easy. So this is my first time
actually trying Sour Amnesia. The way it should work is the
Haze should give it a super
creative vibe whereas the Sour Diesel is
going to kind of mellow out my
body a little bit and so we’re going to see if
that’s actually how it
goes down. Hey everybody, uh, thanks for
coming out to Lit on Lit, Cannabis Creative Writing Class. The whole point is don’t
overthink it and just have
a good time. -Hey, I’m Jake.
-Hey, I’m Terry.
-Terry, nice to meet you, man. I don’t know if you’re like
into, um, kind of speedier
sativas. It’s Amnesia Haze. It’s got
that like good like hazy kinda
like mentally creative… -That’s what we need tonight.
-That’s what I’m saying.
-Perfect. If anybody wants to smoke
anything, feel free. Aw, thank you. I hope
you like this. “There was no soundtrack. No Wu-Tang Clan or The Beatnuts
or The Who. All there was and seemingly
would ever be… was sand. White as pearl, fine, and covered in the beach grasses
that had died on impact, soon to be blown away by the
evening breeze from the south. There sure as fuck was sand. What he would’ve given
for a soundtrack.” And I just wrote, “Hell.” And then I will go home. I’ll take some notes on exactly
what I’m feeling, how long it lasts for, smells,
all of that good stuff. And then I try not to write it
up while I’m high. I’ll usually just take those
notes the next day and start
processing it. But there are certain times
that I’m like, “Hey, I’m high,
I’m having fun, I’m going to write this
strain review right now.” Being a pot critic’s tough in
that there’s no rubric
to follow. There’s nobody who’s done
this before. But if you want to take my job, start smoking a lot of pot, and go, like, put some words down. Oh my foot is so asleep.
I need to eat.

64 thoughts on “Denver Post Weed Critic || Job Goals

  1. Lol the callout on Amsterdam is real. So true. Jamaican weed is Reggie from what I hear but they have no shortage of it lol

  2. @1:55 Jake says he's too busy to be high all the time. Looks like he's too busy to do yard work. 😂 But neighbors aren't complaining because he's probably the most happy and chill guy on the street…and all the free weed of course. 👍

  3. Great job Thrillist; I loved this video! Jake, you seem a mellow dude. Loved the short bit of fiction you wrote! I'm not much of a pot-smoker but anything to open up a dialog revolving around the misdeeds of judicial law is up there for me!!!

  4. far out I can see in the future a big market for pot and restaurants all over with different styles of foods and cakes and sweets drinks etc
    it's going to be legal in Australia soon then we will start to see people getting creative with it. and people will be making money from it that's the main reason it will be made legal

  5. not to mention the health benefits people will replace some medication for pot.
    10 years from now you will be able to go eat at a pot restaurant and get high buy eating a great meal no need to smoke it. it will happen I no it sounds a little crazy now but that's the plan.

  6. The thing with amsterdam is; over the years it just turned from "a mekka for stoners" to "a mekka for people who want to get fucked up".

    There are some places with great weed, but you have to know where to look now a days. Most the shops sell unsophisticated weed that has maximum THC, tons of (shroom) truffels and amazing lounges. For a place to hang out or get some legal psychedelics it's still great. But if you're looking for a borderline culinary weed tour it's not the place for you.

  7. if you have this job you should also being giving a shit about all the poc in jail for doing exactly what you are, but didn't get paid.

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  9. Lol what a BS, if you can't find good weed in Amsterdam. Then you haven't been looking that hard or that good :D. Sure alot of shops will see you are a tourist and they are just in for a quick and easy buck. Because they keep the good stuff for returning costumers. Those tourists only come by once every so years, so there really isn't a big incentive for many of them to sell you the good stuff. I'm from Belgium, but i'm half dutch and they won't notice my accent and i can assure you, if you find the good shop with the right people in it. You get the prime stuff each and every time. Also Amsterdam is just one city in the Netherlands. I suggest going to Den Haag or Rotterdam, where there aren't as much tourists, so the chance of getting ripped off is much much lower. I "never" buy the same stuff twice and i have kind of smoked every strain i could get my greedy hands on and never did i smoke something that was bad or even described by him. It's not because 2 bars gave you a bad beer, that the entire country sells bad beer you know. I have smoked pot in the States and Canada and usually it was very much watered down, not that strong or flavourfull. It gave me a buzz though, but usually because i didn't toke for a couple of weeks, before finding something or getting out of nature. When i'm in ur continent i rather spend time in the National parcs and in the beautifull nature you guys have up there. But offcourse those buds didn't come from dispensaries, so my opinion on that matter isn't totaly justified. Don't worry US & Canada, good stuff is coming! See/taste you soon 😛

    Also to make something clear, for the moment pot is legal in the Netherlands. But the growth of it isn't, so shops have to buy their stuff illegally, this should be changing in a year or so. The Dutch government made plans to fully legalise and regulate it. So very ironically they have "underground" plantations in the Netherlands or Belgium that produce this for them. And in Belgium it's totaly illegal, so basically I buy Belgian pot in the Netherlands as a Belgian. I might be travelling 2 hours and buying something that grew right next door to me ^^.

  10. Yet another person that thinks Amsterdam is The Netherlands. The best weed is not even in Amsterdam but in a different town.

  11. the best deal for the consumer is when its completely legal but theres still street sellers that are cheaper than store and taxes

  12. Live in Amsterdam. Job goal boy's attitude to Nederland is totally incorrect and a load of bullshit. Write on soy boy. Idiot!

  13. This is garbage they locked up black men for this now all of a sudden they legalise it and white men making money off it. If black men like it so much why do they have white guys doing these jobs god damn government hypocrits. Still arresting black men for having it.

  14. Hii bro can u help me get a similar job
    I am from India I have been smoking weed from the age 15 now I am 24 I have been smoking weed in an cultural way I am looking forward to hear from you I have lots to say after watching your video
    Look forward..

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