Deuter ACT Lite 65+10 Internal Frame Backpack

Deuter ACT Lite 65+10 Internal Frame Backpack

Light and fully featured with an anatomical
shape, the Deuter ACT Lite 65 Plus 10 is a great backpack for trekking, backpacking or
some lighter mountaineering adventures. Let’s take a look at all of its features. First thing I want to do is turn the pack
around and take a look at its suspension system. So we have got Deuter’s Air Contact Lite
Suspension System. It is a really unique sus-pension in that it is very adjustable and the adjustment
is extremely easy to make. But talking a little bit about the shoulder straps and the hip
belt, you have got nice contoured shoulder straps with some soft edges so they give you
really good comfort against the skin and a contoured hip belt as well to fit anatomically
very comfortably. All throughout the back panel we have got a 3D air mesh. So it is
a really nice kind of beefy and thick mesh that allows for good air ventilation. So each
time you kind of push on it, it forces the warm air and allows cooler air to circulate.
So it really regulates temperature well for being very well padded. It has also got this nice air channel on the
middle to allow for even more ventilation. So really well ventilated, but padded backpack
system. The Variquick Harness is a really nice system as well. You have got really easy
adjustment there. All you have got to do is break this Velcro here and you can adjust
it up and down on these tabs. You just undo the Velcro, kind of fold it down and you can
see that you have got kind of its linked loop behind those loops. And all you have to do
to adjust it for your torso measurement is to take it out and place it where you need
it. So it is a very simple, quick and easy adjust-ment system there. Throughout the rest of the back panel you
have got load lifter straps. You have got a slid-ing sternum strap. You have got nice
hip belt, easy closure on the hip belt so you can tighten it up and get a snug fit even
with the heavier load. Two hip belt pockets down low for anything
like granola bars, a cell phone or anything you want to keep close at hand. And the system
is hydration compatible. There is a port at the very top of the backpack here and there
is a sleeve on the inside where you can hang the hydration system. It doesn’t come with
the ACT Lite, but it is compatible. So it routes back right through there and you can
attach it to wherever you prefer. Nice suspension system in the back panel in
play with the ACT Lite. Turning the pack back around we will take
a look at some of the access points for the backpack. It is a traditional top loading
style backpack, so you do have a floating hood here. So we will tilt the hood back and
check out our access. It is just one large access point at the top. So you do have a
traditional spin drift collar. And that is where that Plus 10 naming comes in. The pack
bag itself is 65 liters, but the spin drift collar can extend and it adds that additional
10 liters. So if you need to over pack the bag, you can certain-ly do so uphere with
the spin drift collar, really easy to store plenty of gear up there. And when you are
ready to cinch it down, it has got a nice easy draw cord, so you can just cinch that
bag down. On the hood we do have some pockets, so underneath
we have got a really nice pocket. It is just kind of a valuables pocket, easy to throw
things into if you need to, small pocket under the hood. So it is kind of hidden, tucked
away, a little more protected. There is also a nice SOS label there. So it has got some
really neat indicators on how to kind of alert people if you are in an emergency in the backcountry.
So additional safety bonus with the Deuter bag there. On the top of the hood we do have another
pocket. So on the back side there you have got fairly sizable pocket. Got some small
items in there. You can easily throw maps or books or anything you might want to keep
a little closer at hand, first aid kits and what have you, so good pockets on the hood
of the ACT Lite. Taking a look at some of the other pocketing
we have got, we do have a stretchy front pocket here so a very sizable front stretch, mesh
pocket. You can easily throw extra layers in there if you choose to or some other items
you may want to get to. We have got two water bottle pockets, stretchy water bottle pockets
on the side or gear pockets, whcihever you may prefer to put in there, but nice stretch
pockets on the side. And there is compres-sion as well. So you have got top and bottom compression
to really cinch down the load if you aren’t carrying as much as the bag is capable of. We do have a lower sleeping bag compartment
on this bag. So if you clip out the sleeping pad straps there, you do have one really large
U shaped zipper and it opens up to a nice sleeping bag compartment. So you can store
pretty sizable sleeping bag in there. It is a pretty large one I have got here. So you
can definitely take a bigger, kind of heftier or lower temperature rating sleeping bag and,
as you can see right here, there is a nice zipper divider. So if you choose to, you can
make both of the pack bags one continuous section or you can section it off to have
this sleeping bag compartment. So it is a really nice addi-tional bonus to the bag there.
A very sizable sleeping bag compartment. I am a really big fan of that. At the bottom of the bag we do have tool loops
and we do have bungee tie offs as well. So we have got some good system here for ice
tools, mountaineering axes. If you want to do trekking poles, you can certainly do those
there. We have some other attachment points on the
bag. There are these kind of loops here and that is for an accessory helmet holder. So
you can definitely mount that accessory helmet holder to the front of the bag, keep your
helmet really ready at hand, but that helmet holder doesn’t come with the backpack, but
there are loops to lash it on there. On the top of the hood we do have some other
additional loops for gear storage, so you have got a couple… there is like four loops
on the top of the bag there for additional gear lashing, nice addition. Another thing I like about this pack is that
it is very durable. The materials are very dura-ble while still being lightweight. So
we have got a 210D rip stop nylon and it is a really nice abrasion resistant material.
And the bottom of the pack is actually double layered. So you get additional durability
where it is going to see probably the most wear. So a nice, durable build with the pack,
while weighing in around four pounds six ounces. So it is still fairly lightweight for a bag
of its size. And there you have it. It is the Deuter ACT
Lite 65 Plus 10, a great backpack for trek-king, backpacking or some light mountaineering.

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  1. I’m very very confused. For a load of 30 to 35 pounds which pack is most comfortable? Deuter aircontact , act lite or the futura vario? I’m going on a trek to the Himalayas . Nice review .

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