Deuter ACT Trail PRO 38 SL Women’s Day Pack

Deuter ACT Trail PRO 38 SL Women’s Day Pack

Offering a lot of versatility of a multitude
of adventures, the Deuter ACT Trail Pro 38 SL Pack is going to be perfect for anything
from day hikes, day trips to multi day backpacking trips for ounce counting backpackers. There
is a lot of different features here and we will take a look at all of the different features
and what makes this pack so special. The first thing to talk about with any back
pack is the suspension system and how it carries the load. So I am going to turn the pack around,
talk about the harness, the back panel. Here you have got Deuter’s Aircontact Trail back
system. So if I peel back the shoulder harness here you can see that this area right in the
middle is really ventilated. This is the air contact system. It allows the middle of your
back to have a lot of breathability so you don’t develop hot spots. It is going to
keep the heat down. It is going to help you not sweat as much. So this is, you know, definitely
really important. But on either side of that ventilation you have really nice padding.
And the padding is supportive, it is cushiony, but it also has a lot of breathability. So
that also helps with perspiration. And you do have a rigid, but very lightweight and
also flexible back system, you know, behind the scenes here. So that is going to transfer
the weight really well to your hips. It is a sup-ported Delrin frame. So, you know, they
keep they weight down with that, but it offers a lot of support. So you can’t really see
that there, but it is back here behind this back panel. Your shoulder harness, very nicely formed
shoulder straps here. I do want to point out that the SL in the naming of this pack stands
for slim line and any Deuter pack that has SL in the naming is referring to a more of
a women’s specific pack. So here what they have done is the torso length in general is
a little bit shorter. It is going to accommodate torsos from 15 inches up to 19 inches. You
don’t have actual adjustability with the torso length, but you do have adjustability
with these load lifter straps. So if you need the torso to be a little bit longer or a little
bit shorter, you have adjustability there. But with this light weight of a pack, you
don’t necessarily need all of that dialed in fit. Again, with the SL you have got shorter length
in the actual shoulder straps here. You have got a little bit smaller buckles and the actual
distance between the shoulder harness here, the two different straps in the shoulders
are a little bit more narrow. Going down to the hip belt you have a little bit more shaping
in the hip belt. So this is just going to accommodate women’s frames a lot better.
I have found these packs to be very comfortable and just with all of the padding here, you
have got really nice padding and really nice ventilation in these straps as well. On the straps you have an adjustable sternum
strap, really easy to adjust. It has a little bit of flex to it, which is nice as you are
hiking and as you are breathing. Down at the hip belt, it is a lightweight
hip belt, but it provides padding in the places where you need it the most. So it has got
a little bit more padding up here, a lot of ventilation through that hip belt. And it
is definitely a more substantial hip belt than I have seen on packs in this size, 38
liter pack. We would normally have a smaller, maybe not as supportive hip belt, but this
is going to support a lot of weight. It is going to carry the load really comfortably.
And the way that they have designed these traps on the hip belt, it is really easy to
cinch down, really easy to make adjustments. While we are back here, we might as well mention
there is a pocket on either side of the hip belt. This is a stretchy pocket. So it store
small items that you want to get your hands on quickly. And the top lid of this pack also
has an accessible pocket right there. You know, shallow pocket, but easy to get your
hands on your light weight gear. If I turn the pack around we can see all the
other features. I will mention that it is hydration compatible. So you can route the
hose out of the middle of the back here. On both sides of the pack you have got a…
you have a stretchy pocket here where I just have a water bottle. On the other side there
is a nice pocket here. You can store a water bottle in that side or any item that is a
little bit smaller that you want to get your hands on. So it is really nice, easy access
pocket there. When you are not using it, it is really stream lined and out of the way,
but it is nice to store some extra gear there. Here in the front you have a pretty shallow
pocket. I call this a map pocket. So I just have a little map in there. The pocket is
about that big. So small items, shallow items in that pocket. And this strap right here
is really convenient for compressing the size of the pack. I mentioned this is a great pack
for multiple different uses. So if you are just going out for a day trip and you don’t
have this packed out completely, you can really use this strap to cinch down the pack and
cinch down the load so it doesn’t look like a big pack. But I have got it packed out pretty
well now and you can really get a lot of use and a lot of volume out of this pack. So lots
of great uses. It is also compression straps here on the bottom and here on the top. If I open this lid, there is a pocket underneath
of this lid, so a nice little hidden pocket there. And it is a top loading pack. So really
nice open pocket there. Can get hands on your gear really easily. And then this is where
the hydration sleeve is as well. So easy access to that hydration sleeve. Here on the front you have a really nice stash
pocket. And right now I just have an extra layer in there, but you can see there is a
lot of space for gear. I can see this being a great space for a helmet or a harness or
something like that where you want to get your hands on it quickly. It is really easy
to stash away. And this pocket is stretchy, so, again, a lot of volume right there. But
if you are not using this pocket you can cinch that down. Stand out feature here I really like about
Deuter packs is you have a really big U shaped zipper and access from the bottom is really
easy. So you can just open that up and expose the gear that is in the bottom and the top,
on the sides of your pack. So you can really get your hands on gear all throughout the
pack. It eliminates the need to have like a lower sleeping bag compartment. And this
is also great for travel. So it opens up like a piece of luggage. And then you can cinch those buckles down,
really easy access there. And then down on the bottom of the pack there is an integrated
rain cover. So that adds a lot of value to this pack. There are plenty of attachment points to lash
gear on the outside of the pack and the strap here in the front is extra long. You can really
open this up. And because this lid is adjust-able here, that would be a great spot to either
drape a rope or put a sleeping pad and cinch that down. Great strap right there. And then moving to the bottom there is tool
loops down here. There is places where you can attach trekking poles. So right here you
have got a nice trekking pole loop. There is also a tool loop and some loops on the
other side. So definitely multi use. You can put a lot of different types of gear onto
and inside of this pack. With all the different features of this pack,
you can use it in many different ways. It will be the perfect companion for your next
adventure. It is the Deuter ACT Trail Pro 38 SL Pack.

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  1. Does anyone know how tall the frame of the backpack is, I can't find it. I can only find the total height of the backpack, which is 66 cm. This determines whether I buy the 38 or 32 liter

  2. Can men use this backpack? Or is it specifically for women..? Is there a same make/model in men category too??

  3. Thank you for putting this excellent review out. I have been looking for info on this pack and this showed me what I needed to know.

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