Deuter Kid Comfort 2 Child Carrier

Deuter Kid Comfort 2 Child Carrier

A favorite of on the go parents, the Deuter
Kid Comfort 2 Child Carrier employs German engineering and extensive testing to ensure
that your young adventurer enjoys both safety and comfort. Let’s take a closer look at
its many features. As you can see, the Kid Comfort 2 is a fully
framed child carrier. So you have got alumi-num materials, some of them out of view, some
of them in view, that give the carrier its structure and its stability. Don’t have
one of my children here today, but we do have a little teddy bear volunteer filling that
space. It is going to enable me here to fold down this kickstand, something that you wouldn’t
want to do if you had your actual child in here and had the pack resting on the ground. You can see that folds away. It certainly
makes it more convenient for throwing this in the car, for storing at home when it is
not in use. Do want to spin that around, though, so we
can take a closer look at the Kid Comfort’s suspension system. Deuter, of course, is renowned
for building performance backpacks and they are bringing that same technology into play
here on this child carrier. So you have got a full foam cushioned back panel, some really
nice ergonomics here. That carries through onto a fully padded hip belt and across the
contoured shoulder strap. So really nice comfort for mom or dad, whomever is wearing the carrier.
And there is adjustability here as well. So by reaching down behind the back panel there
is a simple strap that can be pulled to adjust the height up or down so that this accommodates
torso lengths ranging from 15 to 21 inches in length, so a really broad range of adjustability
there makes this the kind of carrier that you can kind of swap between various users
and have it be comforta-ble for each of those users, rather than it fitting one person really
well but not the other. So definitely a nice feature there. There are load lifter straps. There is an
adjustable, sliding, sternum strap The hip belt is also adjustable. So lots of ways in
which to really dial in that fit and make sure that this is carrying in a very stable
fashion. I am going to spin the pack again so we can
take a closer look at the way in which the child actually settles in to the carrier.
So you can see the buckle here. Your daughter or son is certainly safe inside there, tucked
away. But also, because of that design, it is easy to get your child in and out. You
have got a five point safety harness here, again, a lot of adjustability, just like you
had for yourself as a wearer, but now for the child to ride com-fortably, too. So the height of seat can be adjusted. The
straps can be adjusted as well. Key point to make here is child really shouldn’t be
riding in a child carrier like this until he or she is able to hold their neck upright.
Probably maxing out here around maybe 40 pounds. I hate to put a specific age on things, because,
again, so long as the child can hold its head upright, it can ride comfortably here in the
Kid Comfort. Also want to point out the stirrups here.
So little legs dangling in this seat all day long can get fatigued, can tire out. They
can fall asleep. The legs here, so the integrated stirrups are a really nice feature. And there
is height adjustability to that as well, so a lot of com-fort to be had here for your
child. Also wan to point out some of the organizational
features and the storage capacity on the Kid Comfort. So let’s spin that again and here
you can see you have got an extremely large storage compartment for diapers, for anything
and everything you might want or need on your everyday adventures, whether that is around
town or is actually in the back-country on day hikes. You have got some additional storage
up above. I have got a water bottle thrown in there, a little zippered pocket, too, which
is nice of any essentials. You do have some stretch storage pockets here on the side,
put any number of things there. It can be a nice place to keep some toys handy for your
kids, too. Deuter actually throws in this smaller teddy bear with each of the Kid Comforts.
So a little something for your ad-venturer to play with there. Also want to point out that the Kid Comfort
is hydration system compatible. You don’t find that on each and every child carrier
that is out there. there is actually a tucked away pocket here. It sits in front of your
child behind the back panel so, really, it is out of the way. It doesn’t eat into any
of the other storage capacity and it also just keeps that out of the way, handy for
you to run a hydration hose over your shoulder and have that water at the ready. So that
is a nice feature. Another thing to call out here. There is a
nice, soft cushioned chin pad here in the front. So, you know, whether your child is
falling asleep during the day and just needs kind of a headrest there or just something
to make you feel more comfortable about that separation there. It is a nice feature. It
is really plush. It snaps out, can be replaced or cleaned, which is probably more important.
It is machine washable. Unsnap that, throw that in the wash-ing machine and off you go,
especially smaller children that can get … that can pick up some dirt along the way. The Kid Comfort 2 does not come with a sun
roof or a rain cover, but that is available separately from Deuter and there are connection
points built right into the Child Carrier to let that work efficiently and easily. As you can see, there are a ton of great features
built into the Deuter Kid Comfort 2 child carrier. Perhaps more importantly, you have
got comfort for you, you have got comfort for your child and also safety for your child.
So the two of you can enjoy your time together outdoors.

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  1. i own a red one and i love it! i take the boy on hikes all the time and my daughter before that. even in the Swiss Alps!

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