DHGate.com | Legitimate or fake?

DHGate.com | Legitimate or fake?

Is DHgate.com a reliable wholesale
source for you and your business? Hi guys it’s Sam day here from deytips.com and
in this video I’m speaking about DHgate and whether or not it’s a reliable
wholesale source for you and for your business now I’ve personally used DHgate
and I haven’t had you know many issues or many troubles with it but if
you’re someone who’s tried to sell either name-brand goods or electrical
goods stay away from DHGate and make sure that the goods you’re selling
are authentic goods because you could get yourself in a lot of trouble whether
you’re selling it online or offline but apart from that DHgate
is and I’ve found it to be a really reliable wholesale source for me I’m not
getting paid to actually endorse DHgate this is just my personal experiences of
using it the platform itself is really easy to use its really quite intuitive
and reminds me of shopping on Amazon you know it’s just searching for
products is easy finding household supplies is easy and you know and the
buying process as well is really easy. Another thing that I really like
about DHgate is how you can track your products so you can literally track
your product from when you purchase it to when it’s been sent to the courier to
when it’s been set up to you and you actually have to confirm that you have received
it and received it in a good manner before the wholesale supplier actually
gets paid. I really like that about DHgate it helps you to
know that the wholesale suppliers you’re using and that you’re working with are
actually going to deliver otherwise you know they won’t get paid you can send
the product back. One thing that I would actually recommend this is just my
personal recommendation but you might go for something else is to not go for the
China Post don’t go for the China Post because it tends to be sometimes cheaper
but it will take such a long time to arrive in my experience whenever I go
for the China China Post it takes ages to arrive on DHgate you know
would recommend going with either FedEx or DHL when it comes to the options of
choosing your courier those ones will come really really quick
choose the the China Post, man you’re going to be waiting a long time and
especially if you’re running a business that needs you need your inventory quick
or you need two products quick pay the extra buck to get there quick car you
know pay for the DHgate especially if you’re ordering a massive bulk you’re
going to get a discount anyway on your unit cost so you know make sure you you
you you pick one of those to 2 so DHL or FedEx those are the quickest
ones so hopefully this video helped you to know whether or not DHgate is a right
fit for you or for your business if it did then please click the like button
down below if you have any comments or questions then leave them for me in a
comment section but until next time guys what some of my other great videos
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you soon

100 thoughts on “DHGate.com | Legitimate or fake?

  1. awe man, I found the Orphe smart footwear on DHGate and I've been wondering if they're real. They are Japan made shoes and are selling for $125.

  2. i have a question,I Ordered an item and it got some decent reviews,But he/she never shipped to my country,is it safe for me to order it ?

  3. When I go to DHgate i see stuff and when i look at it. It says the more pairs of shoes you buy the cheaper the price. Is this site a scam plz answer?

  4. what about http://www.dhgate.com/product/2016-basketball-shoes-kd-9-ep-ix-premiere/388784735.html#s1-15-1b;searl|1480644556

  5. omg guys DHgate is just like another alibaba or aliexpress . it's legit and real website but mostly the product they sell is knock off , fake or whatever you call it. if you expect something real original product like yeezy or something else, stay away from this website . you know everything made in china are super cheap but "fake"

  6. The problem isn't just the sellers because we know that buying anything super cheap from china is a risk, the problem is Dhgates system. If you want to cancel an order before the seller ships your item good luck with that. You'll have to file a dispute for a refund BUT the seller has to AGREE to the refund. If the seller does not agree, you're shit out of luck. Dhgate will tell you that they can not step in within 5 days so to keep messaging the seller to convince them to agree to the refund which they won't do if they didn't the first time OBVIOUSLY!! & GUESS WHAT? Within those 5 days before Dhgate can step in the seller can shipped the order anyway and since its been shipped you'll have to wait a week to request a 'return and refund' which you'll have to return the item with your own money to possibly receive a refund. A lot of the time you'll only receive partial refund. If you just want to order one thing and don't care if you lose your money then give it a try. Otherwise, STAY AWAY!

  7. Man you are great I found your channel on another YouTuber!!! ❤️ I'm a new subscriber and looking for tips to grow my channel you are great 👍 and a cutie lol new sub 😉

  8. Tired of ppl saying their shoes are fake, no they aren't fake they are the defective or irregular items that couldn't pass the quality control spec. The volume of shoes they sell would definitely warrant a shutdown or lawsuit from Nike if they were fake! Copyright/bootleg or whatever you want to call it (infringement) is a serious crime, and DHGate has been in business for quite some time now… you're not I repeat you're not getting as high a quality of shoe as the top end retailer but you are getting the same shoe just not pristine grade A quality condition!!

  9. I got scammed on a Backpack, They took the Money and did not send any merchandise, even though the seller has very good feedback …

  10. I don't know whether Sam or DHgate would reply to me…but I'm your old subscriber and recently I got to know about DHgate and I want to order a single pair of Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 headphones…got a seller with 1000's of transaction and good reviews…but the money they are requesting is my 2 years savings…So should I trust them and take the risk and give it a shot? Coz the seller has guaranteed me that the quality will be A+++ and they are the replicas of the original one's. They don't sound like the original one, but their sound quality is also good including the mic.
    Please help me get through this

  11. i couldnt cop the PG2 playstations back in february. should i get the fakes on dhgate or will they scam me?

  12. Do not buy the shoes if you are expecting them to be real or authentic, like come on you can’t expect if there 30-40$ for them to be real

  13. Anyone ever buy a taylormade m2 from here I want to buy it but it but I have a strong suspicion that it’s fake

  14. I use DHgate all the time i will rather pay 50 dollars for jordans then 180 and to be honest u cant even tell the difference even shoe heads cant even tell

  15. Why can't you just tell us some of the legit sellers or let me guess you don't want to actually help us and we have to figure it out on our own?

  16. How’s the size chart I’m trying to order some shoes but they only sell 81/2 or 91/2 I’m 9US? What you recommend I’m not trying to get a big shoe help please

  17. Definitely not legit been waiting 2 weeks to receive my Order hasn’t arrived seller vogogirl I’ve been texting them and still haven’t got no response

  18. Hello Sam, i'd love to ask you.
    i want to Buy a phone just one piece for me and i'm really confused which seller should i buy from can you assist me with checking this Seller can i trust him ?


    Don't buy at Dhgate!!!

    My parcel never arrived. Now Dhgate forces me to provide them with one evidence after the other and it's never enough. They are never satisfied. Then they put you under pressure giving you only 2 days to provide them with valid evidence or they close your case automatically and you'll never hear again from them.

    Sometimes they ask here for the order no. so that the world might think they are willing to help but don't get fooled. This is just a facade. After you provided them with your order no. you will never hear again from them.

    These criminals designed this complicated refunding process on purpose to assure that you'll never ever see your hard earned money again.

    Taking your money but don't send you anything in exchange…that is how they work. It's obvious that Dhgate and the sellers on their platform work together to rip their customers off!!!

  20. If I choose China mail (ePacket) it says it will come between 9-25 days. Is this accurate or will it likely take longer? If so, how much longer will it take? Thanks.

  21. I wanted to get a phone case from DHgate and my mom said “ok let’s do it” and, it didn’t go through with her card, we tried it like 4 times. My mom called vet card company and they said that dhgate is a flagged website and to not order from there! So please, be careful ordering from this site. 🙂

  22. Plz… Do NOT use DHgate.com. I never return money back. They are scammer. I never had a problem with other site. Amazon, ebey, Aliexpress etc.. But DHgate??? Hell NO…

  23. I have noticed that some of the jeans that are modeled are directly from companies, like they went to the website saved the picture and used it as what they are selling but what you are really getting is a knockoff I have never used it again and never will

  24. dhgate is just a platform for MANY FRAUDULENT AND SCAM SELLERS .
    possibly you will actually get delivery but don't hold your breath

  25. Lol I bought a item and the delivered me a empty package from China never used it since the help system is to much like they don’t believe plus they just release your money that’s crazy …


  27. LEGAL SCAM COMPANY. I ordered 5 items (during a short time), NOTHING ARRIVED. they use hacked (stolen) track numbers and keep you waiting 2-3 weeks, and then you have to open dispute and get a refund.

  28. I got caught selling dhgate.banned on Facebook.they need to be closed down.all fake shit half the things you buy is a mess

  29. I just got scammed there. It's been 70 days I haven't received my item. I asked for a refund and the seller is rejecting the refund request can you believe it lol. Dhgate wants evidence from me that I didn't receive the item and the seller is proposing a partial refund.I'll stick to buying US and UK items.

  30. They scammed me and want give me my money back I bought size 12 off white desert shoes and they sent size 11 switched tag I went through dispute and they closed it after sending me the email in 7 days they took 3 weeks to send me my shoes but closed case i think they dor the sellers I'm going threw my credit card

  31. We have DH-gate seller account , so can tell from the vendor's point of view. DH takes around 20% or more ( depends on the price of item ) from the actual price we require ( last order we sold 5$ tea and got 2,5$ after deductions 😉 , yep , that's how ridiculous it gets there ) . They also offer some discount coupons to customers which they use towards to the orders without letting seller know. So we lost some $ in profit because those coupons. Same as Ebay , Amazon or others, this is also THE PRICE DRIVEN platform….means – cheaper sells better. Also if you want to be more visible on their search engine as top seller or something , you pay. That all adds on to the sellers costs and naturally added to the item price. So the effect is that items sold on DHgate are very high up-marked. – means the low price is even lower quality , that's why issues with the fake stuff u can read all over the internet.Like there are some ridiculous claims ( fake labels ) on teas on DH and there is nobody who would filter this out ( like 30 years old puerh for 10$ or something 😉 Genuine stuff like that starts from $$$$ ) . We sell the tea and found out there is no way to sell high quality tea there ( high quality can not be cheap ..even in China ! ) , so we deleted the most of our products and now re-valuating ( thinking ) what kind of grade we should be selling on such a platform. Many people say : "Don't buy from sellers without feedback " …that's all beginners strategy. New sellers can be the best option , coz trying hard to reach competitors and old sellers can afford to pay promotions on the platform ( which are involved in the product price after ) . We have our very own website and keep DH only for random customers who order cheap tea and give us an opportunity to send them some high quality samples with the package they get.Yet, we don't pay any marketing tools to be recommended / visible so in 2 years we have like 30 something sales ;- ) They also have very poor customer service for sellers , almost non. Shipping from some cities like Kunming…no , you don't want to order DHL , Im pretty sure. I can send parcel to US for 10$ by CN post but it would cost you 50$ with DHL. For small parcels we use EMS and EMS 2kg parcel. UK has a good prices for EMS 2kg parcels. Yes, it can take 1 month or more to deliver. But somehow our customers are Ok with that.

  32. I bought maaany items from this site (more than 100 for sure), mostly clothes and never had a problem with it . dope replicas for very low price.
    i just saw many negative comments about this site and im like wtf?!

  33. I've read shit load of complaints on trustpilot about these sites (aliexpress , dhgate), Particularly dhgate. I heard buyers getting scammed out of their money, and there are even videos of people on youtube opening their packages only to find empty boxes. Are most of the chinese sellers scammers?

    You said they only get paid once you confirm that your goods have been received. I've read it's exactly the opposite. They get paid anyhow, and they and rob your money. I've heard that ALIEXPRESS has that safety measure, NOT DHgate!

    Also these shipping methods are so slow. I need max 5 day shipping, but he price for that quoted on their sites isn't worth purchasing the product. It's high!

  34. I ordered something 3 years ago and it still never came 🤔any help?? They won't respond back to me. And I need to know when they will arrive!!

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