Dinah Jane & 2 Chainz Kick Off All New Wild ‘N Out VMA Edition 🙌 | MTV

Dinah Jane & 2 Chainz Kick Off All New Wild ‘N Out VMA Edition 🙌 | MTV

– We’re gonna take it to another level with a classic improv game. It’s called Got Props. But since this is a VMA edition, each prop is gonna have
a little VMA spin to it. The Wild ‘N Out girls are
holding them as we speak. We got the moon head over there, we got the red carpet over there, and it’s a timed game. So we gotta use that prop in
as many funny ways as possible. Team that does it the best
wins the game. You ready? (crowd cheering) – (mumbles) Wild out! – Excuse me, I said I
wanted my bun this big, this too little. (crowd laughing)
(bell ding) – Uh-uh girl, I’m telling you, I’m gonna be ready in
about 5 more minutes. (crowd laughing)
(bell ding) – D-Wrek tried to put
this on his big ass head but there wasn’t enough space. (crowd laughing) (buzzer) (ladies screaming) (crowd laughing)
(bell ding) – How much longer do
I gotta be under here? – Girl, about 10 more minutes, your hair needs to thoroughly dry. (crowd laughing)
(bell ding) – Y’all like my brand new Yeezy’s? – [Crowd] Yeah! (bell ding) – C’mon bish, we twins now, hoe. (crowd laughing)
(bell ding) – Hey Nick, Nick hold this. It’s not the first time
that I gave Nick head. (bell ding)
(air horn blast) – [Nick] That was pretty good. Back to school. You get stuck, you mess up the rhyme, you say the same thing, you get kicked out the
classroom in this timed game. At the end of the time, the team with the most
people still at the desk win the game. D-Wrek! – Yeah! – [Nick] Let’s get to it! (tapping) In the classroom. – [Crowd] In the classroom.
In the classroom. – [All Cast] Hey, what we
doing in the classroom? – My Versace so fresh in the classroom. – You already said that,
nothing left in the classroom. – Man, I be trying to see
some chicks in the classroom. – Sharpest (beep) since
(mumbles) in the classroom. – Man these (beep) so
pressed in the classroom. – Man yo’ weave is the
best in the classroom. – Boy, you know I’m fresh
to death in the classroom. – You know it’s checkers,
not chess in the classroom. – God bless in the classroom. – Hey, I’m under stress in the classroom. – Justina, can I please
have sex in the classroom. – All these boys is really
pests in the classroom. – That ass, I’m not
impressed in the classroom. – (Mumbles) in the classroom. – Charlie Clips ain’t got
no neck in the classroom. – My back got breasts in the classroom. – I brush with (beep) in the classroom. – Hit man hit and I’m
next in the classroom. – Ain’t dude to the left in the classroom. – Don’t nobody really
have sex in the classroom. – [All Cast] Kick him out the classroom! Kick him out the classroom! – Hey, what we doing in the classroom? – A turkey burger in the classroom. – [All Cast] Kick her out the classroom.

100 thoughts on “Dinah Jane & 2 Chainz Kick Off All New Wild ‘N Out VMA Edition 🙌 | MTV

  1. Me and Karlos face was the same when she said ts about Nick & I fw that in the classroom game . It’s fye af

  2. I used to watch wild ‘n out with my family and I didn’t really like it because I didn’t get it when I was younger now watching this I wish I could watch the full episodes and I have to wait a couple weeks to go back home so yeah

  3. Anyone noticed that Los had already said “nothing left” and Nick said “do it to the left”😂 ahhhh kick him out the classroom

  4. Conceited:b.simone weave is the best inna classroom


    Group:(what we doing in the classroom)

  5. Nick was really supposed to leave the Classroom before Karlous. You're not supposed to repeat rhymes.

    Karlous: "You already said that, nothing LEFT?" 1:53
    Nick: "Ain't dude to the LEFT" 2:39

  6. I'm not American, I don't watch Basketball, yet I could swear I saw Kawii(not sure how to spell the name) there… It's so weird that I "know" him 😅

  7. How you gonna have this game, and not include Rip’s best line on Justina? “You got a lot of male features! -in the classroom.”

    Gets attacked by Justina

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