Disneyland Outfit Ideas for Curvy Girls!! Disney Lookbook!

Disneyland Outfit Ideas for Curvy Girls!! Disney Lookbook!

(upbeat pop rock music) (computer mouse click) – [Sierra] Hey guys! It’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel. And today I’m going to be showing you some of my favorite outfits to wear to Disneyland or honestly
just like amusement parks in general. So I’m going to be showing you guys five outfits, is it six? Five or six, I’m not sure, ranging from the most casual, comfy, laid back look all the way to the most
pretty, dressed up, girly kind of style. If you are new to my channel, make sure to subscribe. And if you want to watch
more Disney videos, I will have a link in the description to my Disney playlist. I make a lot of Disney videos and I love making them,
so if you want more, make sure to let me know
down at the comments. (electronic beep) The first outfit is
definitely my most casual and what I typically
wear if it’s warm outside and I’m planning on staying
in the parks all day. These denim shorts from
Target are perfect for a Disney day because
they are long enough that they stop the “chub-rub”, very important, since there is going
to be a lot of walking. They’re light-weight denim, so they won’t be too hot or heavy,
and they’re high-waisted so they still flatter
my hips and my curves. I’m wearing a basic tee from Express that’s tied at the bottom. I really like tying my shirts like this because I feel like it
makes me look less frumpy. You know, like it kind of
shows my hips a little more. I decided to wear my
Monsters University hat since it matched so well with this outfit. And I tied a flannel around my waist. Now, I love wearing a flannel like this at theme parks for a few reasons. First, it adds a pop
of color to the outfit, makes it a little bit cuter than just a basic t-shirt and shorts. Second, it adds some coverage to the back of my thighs so if I’m sitting on a ride my skin isn’t, like,
touching the seat, you know? I just don’t like that. And third, when it gets cold at night, I take the flannel off
from around my waist and wear it as a shirt. It will keep me warm enough
through the fireworks especially on summer
night so I don’t have to lug around a big jacket with me all day. (computer mouse click) Now if it’s a colder
day, but I’m still trying to be comfy, I’ll usually
go with something like this. I’m wearing my blue
Disneyland spirit jersey, black leggings, sparkly, silver ears, and my Adidas sneakers. This spirit jersey is
obviously from Disneyland. I love it. It’s so comfy. And this color is my favorite. But if you do buy one of these, I would definitely recommend sizing down as they are very loose fitting. I got a medium and you can you see, it’s still perfectly over-sized for me. And the spirit jerseys are longer, so it’s perfect to pair with leggings since your booty will be covered by the spirit jersey. These leggings are from lululemon and they have a little pocket on the side which is great because
then I can just slide my phone, and annual pass in there for quick access throughout the day. (mouse click) This third look is a great Disney outfit for when you want to try
just the slightest bit harder than the first two, but still be pretty comfortable. I’m wearing this pink,
soft shorts from Madewell. This cute little Disney
tee from My Oh My Supply that says “Everything is Satisfactual.” My go-to denim jacket, also from Madewell. And black, sparkly ears
with a metallic, blue bow. Soft shorts like these
are awesome for Disneyland because they literally move and feel like running shorts, but make
for a really cute outfit paired with the right top. The elastic waist is also great for girls with a curvy figure or hour-glass shape because you can size up for shorts that are loose enough in the legs while still ensuring a good fit in the waist. I think the gray Disney
tee is so adorable. It’s a reference to Splash
Mountain, by the way, if you didn’t get that. And layering the denim jacket over the top really ties the whole look together. Also, what’s great is
that the outfit looks fine with and without the
jacket, so you can always take it off and shed a
layer if it’s too hot during the day. (mouse click) Okay, so I love Disney bounding. In this outfit, I’m
Disney bounding as Jane from Tarzan. Can you see the resemblance? If you didn’t know, it’s actually against the park rules for anyone
over the age of 12, I think, to wear a costume
in the Disneyland Parks. So adult Disney fans,
like me, have taken to Disney Bounding. Which is when you wear modern clothes, not a costume, that reflects
the color, the style, or the essence of a character. Jane’s dress is yellow,
so I went with these flowy, yellow shorts
from Urban Outfitters, and she’s also wearing
little, white gloves and a white a collared
shirt, so I wore this white v-neck tee. Jane also has her little purple neck tie so I incorporated purple into my outfit with my backpack and my bralette. Jane wears a little bucket hat throughout the movie, so I went with a more modern style that still captured that jungle, adventure, type feel. And that’s really what Disney bounding is all about, capturing
the feel of a character with your outfit, without dressing in an exact costume. (mouse click) My last outfit gives off
all the fantasy land vibes. I think this look is so cute. I’m wearing a red romper
from Urban Outfitters. Floral kimono, from American Eagle. And these flower crown
ears, that look DIY, but I actually bought them in the park. I think they are the perfect way to tie this outfit together and kind of, “Disney-fy” it. Like I said earlier, I am all about comfort at Disney. So, if I do feel like dressing up a little bit more, I’ll go with a romper like this instead of a dress. Light-weight kimonos
like this are also great to add a fun pattern to
a more simple outfit. And, they protect your
shoulders from the sun which Disney sunburns
can be pretty wicked. (giggles) This outfit is definitely the cutest of the bunch, but still comfortable and perfect for a Disney day. (electronic beep) Which Disney outfit was your favorite? Which one like fits your
personal style the best? Let me know in the comments. And if you want to see more Disney videos like this, click that card right up there, for my ultimate Disneyland and California Adventure parks guide. It has a lot of tips, and life hacks, and just kind of how I like, do the parks, because I am an annual pass holder. I go a lot. Anyways, thanks for watching, and I will see you guys on Tuesday with another new video. Bye! (upbeat electronic music)

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