DIY 90’s Transparent Alien backpack

DIY 90’s Transparent Alien backpack

Hey my internet friends! How are you today? I hope you’re not tired of the DIYs because this is another one! this week we’re making a 90’s inspired vinyl backpack in the shape of an alien face with a jelly alien face, right in the front!! this is going to be a long tutorial, so let’s not kill anymore words and jump right into it! step number 1 just like most DIYd you need to make a pattern of the shape you want to give to your backpack I chose an alien face ‘coz I was browsing through tumblr that day and I got carried away… but you can choose whatever you want, preferably something simple! ..took a piece of cardboard, fold it in the middle.. etc.. and because I’ll be using a zipper for closure I made sure to make the top part big enough for it! don’t forget to leave room for seam allowances, cut it out and you got yourself a pattern! Moving on, let’s transfer it to the clear vinyl material, I didn’t go for the thickest verity but since it’s for a bag , maybe I should have picked something a bit more durable oh and we need 2 alien heads, a front and a back! so keep those aside and let’s work on the opening grab 2 pieces with a straight edge, mesure how long it needs to be and sew them on both sides of the zipper in a manner so the zipper is tucked under no need to cover the unfinished edges cause this fabric doesn’t fray But here are a few tips when working with water resistant fabrics use a wide stitch to eliminate the number of holes a very tight stitch may operate as an ”easy-to-tear-notebook-page-line” these types of fabrics DO NOT like being stitched more than once in any given spot so back stitching is not really an option! leave yourself some long tails on your threads at the end of each stitch so you can tie them into knots to lock them in place! when you have the zipper ready measure the alien head to see how much more you need to cover it all around cut a long strip and attach it to the one with the zipper for this one I actually put good sides together and then did a top stitch only because I think it looks better! run your measuring tape along the strip to make sure it’s the same width all over and you may need to trim it a little without using any pins sew the side strip to the front make sure to have the zipper facing down so you can turn it inside out later and go slow I found it super easier to have the curvy piece on top when you reach the part where the two ends need to be joined fold one backwards let the other one cover it and sew them in place and now you have something that looks like a baby’s plastic water pool! cut four square pieces, fold them in half stitch them, open and press them flat so the seam line is underneath and these are our loops for the straps of the backpack use bobby pins to keep them in place and put tiny marks on the back alien head indicating where these are supposed to go like I’m doing here lastly sew close the whole thing again go slowly and make sure to go through all the layers and turn it inside out this…is…not…so…easy just sayin’ now that we have our backpack ready let’s go ahead and make the jelly alien face cut out the same shape but smaller, or you know, do something else.. do a heart or whatever this guy’s name is Vinilio btw I drew the eyes using puffy paint and let me tell you this stuff stayed on like it had nowhere to go decide where on the bag you want to place it, put glue around and glue it on but take notice, not just any glue will do companies that make these have machines to heat up and fuse the vinyl together ..or what I believe to be true is that they use magic!! I ended up using epoxy which comes in two compartments that you have to mix and you have to run your fingers through to get rid of all the air bubbles the smallest amount of air can ruin it I actually went back with a toothpick to fill in any small gaps don’t forget to leave a two inch gap so you fill it with soap yeap soap, it works! I made a cone with some vinyl to pour it in, because, this is important you don’t want to let the soap touch where the glue is going to go because those two don’t get along, I know.. it’s sad! finally glue the gap shut and you’re done! oh and I outlined the alien face with some puffy paint, but this is optional! so I hope you guys enjoyed trhis video, if you are thinking of making a bag like this or something similar with jelly inside, please share your agony while making it with me! or if you post it anywhere on social media give the #sailorDIY so I can see it or post it to my facebook page, all the links to my social media will be in the description down below if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a like and if you’re new hit the SUBSCRIBE button what are you waiting for? we do lots of diys beauty related videos, fashion, tags and sometimes I post videos that make absolutely no sense but what can we do? life makes no sense sometimes! so I’ll see you really soon, take care take extra care now and put a lot of sunscreen because the sun is evil and thank you so much for watching! bye!

87 thoughts on “DIY 90’s Transparent Alien backpack

  1. Great idea =) Looks so cool =) Genious with the soap as gel! No danger in case of a leak. Thanks for sharing =)

  2. (You can also use gel Aloe Vera instead of soap if you have it lying around and no use for it. )

  3. I've just subscribed to your channel and I love it. Keep up the good work! You have good taste in music, btw. 😀

  4. this is really cool but can you do the stitching without a machine because I really want to try it but I don't have a machine

  5. Can you use a regular foot to sew vinyl? It doesn't stick? (something I heard. I don't really know what I'm talking about!!!)

  6. Hi, I love this video! Your amazing at diys!! But, do you know where to buy the clear fabric? Also, can you buy a bag similar to the one you made but just add a Alien?? Btw ur gorgeous😍💙

  7. So cute! If I had to make a change, for my personal taste, I wouldn't make the bag clear because Idk I don't like other people knowing what's in my bag ya dig? haha.

  8. Ciao ho creato un nuovo canale, sarei molto contenta se qualcuno si iscrivesse, faccio HOUL e Diy GRUNGE

  9. Nossa ficou linda ! eu vou fazer uma na versão masculina. Gostaria de poder te manda uma foto do resultado. você tem alguma hasteg que eu possa te enviar no instagram?

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