DIY Camping Comfort Kit – Camping Must Have Items- What to Pack For A Camping Trip

DIY Camping Comfort Kit – Camping Must Have Items- What to Pack For A Camping Trip

DIY camping comfort kit make a comfort kit for camping must haves hi it’s alaskagranny do you have friends
that you wish that they would enjoy camping as much as you do well maybe you
need to tempt them with a camping comfort kit and then I’m going to show you what
I made I took one of the 5 gallon buckets I got from the grocery store and then I found
this cool lid at cabela’s and it fits right on the 5 gallon bucket and it’s a nice little
padded seat spins around and you can load the bucket with things to make your camp
trip comfortable insect repellent don’t go anywhere without that trust me then
everybody needs their own roll of toilet paper no matter what it is give them
their own so they don’t worry that somebody is using too much you’re
wasting or whatever wrap the toilet paper in its own zip lock bag so it stays dry and
comfortable because everybody wants to know they have enough of that wet wipes
that’s the biggest complaint about camping there’s no showering or bathing
sometimes I want wet wipes and no one better touch mine so I figure someone
else would like those to make sure you include a nice bottle of lotion some sunscreen a
little bag of Kleenex what if it gets cold at night put in some hand warmers
so they can slip him in their sleeping bag my own little hand towel everyone
wants their own small towel get a dirt colored towel get an old dirty colored one
put it in the camp comfort bucket so that it doesn’t show the dirt and you don’t even realize
you’re getting comforted from it and you don’t realize if it’s getting dirty
looking you just wash it when you get home then make sure you include a
little first aid kit I have some hydrocortisone cream some antibiotic
cream some allergy pills some will you call them pepto-bismol there’s band-aids
in here all kinds of little comfortable first aid items that
you might want in case you have issues at camp include a flashlight because
these are one of those things if you lose or forget yours or your batteries
go out you need one put one in the comfort kit another an extra one is
always nice then I have a little bag of toiletries I have some toothpaste some
q-tips chap stick a nail file and some dental floss there’s nothing worse than
having something stuck in your teeth and you’re out in the woods and of course a
toothbrush put in a hairbrush people might forget that or they just want it
and there’s nothing worse than creepy hair in camp and then I don’t know a flask
someone sent this for me at Camp one time so I find that is necessary in my
camping comfort kit so figure out what’s special about the person that
you’re trying to convince to come to camp and you can also include things like a fly swatter
depending on how many bugs are where you are figure out how to make the person
that you want to come camping enjoy it the most what are the things that they
love most and keep those in a kit for them just for them so that then when
they come to camp they have everything it takes to make them more comfortable more
enjoyable and everyone will have a better time so try making it comfort a
camping comfort kit for someone that you enjoy or for yourself please subscribe to
AlaskaGranny channel have a wonderful day

3 thoughts on “DIY Camping Comfort Kit – Camping Must Have Items- What to Pack For A Camping Trip

  1. I camp solo, so my comfort kit includes, but not limited to, a bottle of fine Kentucky sour mash whiskey, several good cigars, and fine rich coffee…hahahahaha.

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