DIY GliTTer Pumpkins! (Haschak Sisters)

DIY GliTTer Pumpkins! (Haschak Sisters)

hey guys it’s Gracie and Olivia and
Sierra and today we will be decorating pumpkins with Glitter three two one and
action so basically we each chose a pumpkin to decorate I chose this white
big one she chose a little white one with like orange and then she got a orange one with like some long stem and we are going to be decorating them with our own
patterns with glitter yep I’m so excited because it’s fall and
we got all the colors that correspond with fall kinda yes and mine are gold orange thats like bronze mine is pink kinda like rose gold so let’s get to it can I see the orangish one I’m just like brushing this glue all over so I can stick the glitter no I’m not
putting too much so it’s not like a glue mess I’m putting a good amount so I mixed my glitter and look how pretty it looks guys I don’t know if you can see it with the light I love these colors this my glitter mixture
come take a look it has a little bit of like the rose gold the orangish and then
the gold so right now my pumpkin looks a little funny because the glue is white
but actually the glue is gonna dry clear so it actually is just your just going to see the glitter that’s it so it’s going super cool so we to tell you this step but the
first step is to put vinegar on your pumpkin to get all the excess dirt or
anything that might be on it off so that the glue will stick
guys I just add the glitter and look how cool looks I love it the mixture like the color mixes looks so cool and starting to turn out very well so I hope it ends good
also I’m working on the most solid part of my
pumpkin and I just poured out a bunch of glitter so let’s pour it off pretty so I drew a line across my pumpkin because I only want to put glitter up to the halfway mark
and I didn’t want to messed up Now I’m putting glue all over the sides because I already did the bottom let it I’m just like letting it sit but
I’m putting glue like on the sides now so I can put more of the gradient part of the whole pumpkin you know honestly I may just end up doing a full pumpkin with glitter
because the gradient might not work but I’m keeping my hopes up guys this is
working out perfectly I found a way to do it basically I get the Mod Podge or the glue and I get little drips of it I drop it down the pumpkin and then I let it drip
all the way down and after that and after that I put the glitter on and it
should stick I hope it does we will see Screams Oh my, okay I’m just going crazy now Oh yes I love glitter so my struggles right now are putting are covering up the line that I made probably shouldn’t have made that line but at least it’s gonna be straight guys it’s working look it I’m so excited to see how this turns out I
love glitter and I love pumpkins cuz they’re so cute
so I’m gonna be waiting for my to dry and then I am going to come back and put more glue on the parts that dont have enough glitter there there’s never too much glitter
guys hmm we’re gonna finish these up and we’ll
come back to you when we are done here they are we finished our pumpkins so let’s start over here mine just has glitter on the bottom half and I mix the glitters to do this it has this really cool stem that kinda makes it unique and then mine I just put this gold like holographic glitter all over and then my
stem is like silver glitter so my pumpkin basically is kind of like a pool
of glitter and acting like it’s dripping down so that’s what I was
trying to go for but yeah red glittery and I love it so we hope
you enjoyed and comment down below whose pumpkin you like the best and what other fall crafts you like to do yes and it’s so crazy that we can just get like a
normal pumpkin like this and turn it into this like it’s so pretty so you need
to try it at home yep so thanks for watching bye vote for me vote for my pumpkin vote for mine like and subscribe choo choo make sure you turn on your post notifications lalalalalalalala [laughter] click one of these
videos to keep watching we love you guys!!!

100 thoughts on “DIY GliTTer Pumpkins! (Haschak Sisters)

  1. Hey guys! We had so much fun creating these cute after school DIY glitter pumpkins! Comment down below which pumpkin you think turned out the best! Be sure to tag us on social media if you decide to create one, too!

  2. Olivia won then Gracie and then Sierra all of the pumkens were great love your videos 😄 #olivia # Gracie # Sierra # Madison # forever💕🙂

  3. i like them all
    olivia i love the drips
    gracie i love all the colors of glitter
    sierra i love the stem

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