DIY LEATHER BAG [ Giveaway! ]

DIY LEATHER BAG [ Giveaway! ]

okay so we’re here in the inspire to
make space Igor is going to explain what what what
we’re doing actually cuz I don’t actually know yet he’s a kind of
surprising me with what’s going on so what’s the deal. We’re gonna make stuff
today. I like to work with different materials and one of my favorite
materials is leather. Today we are making a bicycle bag out of
leather. It will be awesome, glamorous maybe like a Gucci or Louis Voitton style bag at the back of your seat right here. So I want this bag to fit a cell phone,
keys or maybe something like a bicycle tools So this is this is the goal. We need
to retrofit something that goes right here. The trick working with leather is just
basically its a flat paper you design with paper first you just do your mock top on
paper you can cut your paper take make Make little stencils for yourself put it
together see how it works idea behind this design… its leather but
there will be no sewing involved only screws so we can put it from three
pieces. Super simple. You can replicate it from different materials not only a
leather maybe they can make it other plastic as well though they are awesome
idea. KIDEX this weather with the KIDEX you have to
eat bend the elements so it will be vertical like this will be one piece of
Leather it goes around this from the side like this and the walls are going to be
like separate pieces and everything mounted together with screws so let’s
start cutting stuff let’s start making stuff it’s gonna put it this away and a
first prototype I’m gonna make out of paper I still have like a vague idea how
big this thing should be and prototyping out of paper will save us time and money
and actual expensive material a look at this Ive seen it in the video somewhere or related to like DIY and
And look at this Lanyard. Get to work I want this thing to be tapered towards
the bottom yeah so and just sketching out the the taper it’s gonna be made out
of like a solid piece of leather that wraps around itself like this with the
pocket open in this there that looks awesome
it’s a hipster dream it’s a hipster dream honestly yeah
would you are you gonna are you gonna use it of course you are you have to
what you’re gonna give it to me yes or would you make a giveaway for your
subscribers oh oh my good that would be actually gonna get you to subscribe to
your channel and my channel mix and then we perfect then we make
magic together okay dude that’s an awesome idea I’m so freakin stoked here’s the design I came up with this is
our layout we’re gonna cut out of leather as three pieces three main
pieces and like a probably like a small one as well to connect it to the bicycle
oh super simple it’s all you need to do because we find like stiff leather that
you can cut it this design out of. let’s transfer to the letter everything cut in leather we gonna do
a rough assembly of our pouch right now and then we’re gonna finish with
leather die we we did it it’s done look look proof
is in the pudding that took us and by us I mean Igor this
took Igor basically eight hours today eight hours of non-stop work to create
this final product what’s with shooting and we shot the
whole thing yeah so I made it a little bit longer but I mean generally this was
a huge project undertaken one day no it’s done what for me it is I don’t know
I’m impressed he does this all the time I’m just like I’m saying like I made it
a condo an hour this is very cool design it does not require any sewing just bolt
assembly super simple pattern you can download the pattern check out the link
in the description will be like a link to the pattern so you can make one for
yourself and surprise we’re gonna give this away this is the final product and
we have decided that instead of me putting this on my bicycle we’re gonna
give you the opportunity to win this nice little cell phone bag for your
bicycle so all you need to do is follow inspire to make follow lead by
Hildebrand’s subscribe units earth all you need to do is subscribe to both of
our channels and leave a comment on this video and the correlating video that I
have on my channel as well and you’ll be entered into the contest and you could
win this bag you could take it home slap it on your bicycle and ride away into
the sunset Handmade!

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  1. hello, my name is akmal. im a genuine subscriber of yours. i started subscribing to your channel since the early days you guys started to upload very few videos. i think it was 3 or 2 years ago when you first uploaded the leather wallet video, and from that video i was a subscriber until this very day. i really am a fan of this leather bicycle bag of yours and i really want it please.

  2. Have been following your channel for a few months and I’m obsessed with it. Your style of making things is much like my own! #Giveaway

  3. Algún día sabré thacer las cosas como tu o mejores pero no creo superarte jaja 😂 me encantan tus videos encerio que siiiiii😱❤️

  4. I like both formats to be honest. Its nice cause this is kind of like the behind the scenes while your old videos were straight to the point. Would be cool to see 2 different playlists for these types of vids!

  5. Thank you for breaking the steps down. I always wanted to work with leather… honestly you make it look soooo easy. I love this format! Keep it up 😊

  6. Guys, let's do this: You send me this bag for my bike, that I send something from here (Araxá Minas Gerais Brazil) to you. Everything at no cost ok !. Hugs.

  7. Brother In India we are not allowed to use bullets unless it licenced. So can you please make a giveaway

  8. Beautiful work, but I think what the bag behind the seat its a place to easy steal wathever you put inside. Its an idea only. Again, amazing work!

  9. Holy balls u guys are amazing at what u do I love it so much and would love this bag to show my friends .. and I’m sure they’d be so jealous 😶 .. speechless

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